Road Trip! Ch. 03



Day 3…

Okay…eyes opened, still a little groggy but…what’s that sound? What’s that noise I was hearing?

That was how I greeted our third day on the road.

Leaning up on my elbow, I realized that Marni’s side of the bed was empty and, smart broad that I am, I figured the sound I was hearing was that of the shower.


“Want some company?” I asked, opening the shower door, and stepping in.

“Just in time,” Marni answered, handing me the soaped up wash cloth, “Do me, do my back,” turning around after saying it.

I took my time, my sweet, delicious time, both of us making chit-chat while I soaped and washed her. This time though, when I washed between her thighs, I purposefully brushed up against her pussy.

And no, there was no ‘Heat of the Moment’ thing going on now, I touched her because I wanted to.

Rising after washing her feet and ankles, I turned her around and handed her the soapy cloth, saying, “My turn,” turning around afterwards, anticipating her touch, wanting her touch.

She was thorough, soaping, washing and touching every nook and cranny of me. When she quickly ran the soapy towel between my ass cheeks, just brushing across my butthole, I felt a nice little tingle in my pussycat, surprising me, but not in a bad way. Turning me around, she said, “My front was already done, yours isn’t.”

Silently, with a hint of a grin, she soaped and washed me slowly, sensuously, making sure, in particular, that my titties were very, very clean. I was starting to feel the fires of arousal from her touches to me, from her gentle caresses of me.

But, we did nothing to douse the flames.

For my part, I wanted to tease myself, and her I guess, by not succumbing to those desires. Saving it, letting it build up throughout the day. Was I hoping for more sex with her tonight?

Probably, I remember thinking.

Was I really thinking this way about having sex with another woman?

Yep, I was.

What did it mean that I was feeling this way I wondered? Were there some hidden ‘lesbian genes’ that had been buried within me all of these years?

In the end, I’d decided that I was evidently hornier for sex with another human being than I thought.

We’ll ride this pleasure train for as long as it continues to feel right, to feel good. Its all about the sexual release, nothing more sinister or mysterious than that.

Yeah. That’s it. We’ll go with that…

“Hungry, Jules?” Marni asked as she, like me, stood in her panties, sans bra, looking between the clothes in her bag and those hanging in the closet, trying to decide on what to wear.

“I could eat,” I replied, finally deciding on shorts and a tee for clothing.

“Yeah, me too,” agreed my travel-mate, “Why don’t we grab some breakfast downstairs in the grill before heading out for the fifty-cent tour of Denver?”

“That’ll work,” I answered, shimmying into my chosen tee afterwards, the material tight across my ta-tas, accentuating their fullness. I rarely go braless, never at work for sure, but this day I decided to do just that.

Out of the corner of my eye as I was applying a bit of gloss and makeup, I noticed that Marni was sorta’ eyeing me as she did the same, both of us standing in front of the large mirror in the bedroom of the suite. She had a small smile on her face, and a little twinkle in her eyes as she darted her eyes to the reflection of my boobies in the mirror.

Kinda’ made me a little bit happy, yes, it did.

Lots of coffee and a little bit of a shared fruit plate met our need for ‘food’ that morning, both deciding that maybe we weren’t quite as hungry as we thought.

She would drive we had decided since she was familiar with Denver and I wasn’t, and tipping the valet gal-cute little thing, by the way-when she delivered the ride, off we drove.

It became quickly apparent to me as Marni drove us from one historical neighborhood through another that like Portland, Denver’s citizens cherish their history, respect their heritage. The old, but immaculately restored, turn-of-the-century homes were pleasing to the eye, to the senses. The area known as ‘Capital Hill’, in particular, sucked me into its charm. The ‘Molly Brown’ house, the Governor’s Mansion, and countless others, brought warm feelings to the heart, at least, for me they did.

She took us through the areas around DU, then into the foothills, through confines surrounded by the majestic stepping-stones of hogbacks and ridges that lead to Colorado’s many majestic peaks. Shortly after noon, as we wended our way down the foothills from the quaint old mining town of Idaho Springs, we had decided that, by then , we were both hungry and in need of food and drink.

“What’cha hungry for?” Marni asked with a quick glance to me as she drove us down the curvy highway back into Denver’s metro area.

“Well…since you asked, I was just thinking that a ‘Dive-Bar’ burger and an ice-cold beer was sounding just about right to me,” I replied smilingly.

“Know escort sincan just the place and its not very far from here,” Marni said, stepping on the accelerator as the highway flattened out and the western edge of the metro came into view…

I, for the life of me, cannot remember the grille’s name though Marni must’ve told me several times. But, they served a green-chili bacon-cheeseburger that was ‘slap yo’ mama’ good!

We were finishing up our last bites of our food and the second of some seriously-cold Coronas, chit-chatting, enjoying the afterglow of a good meal.

“Well, we have a couple of choices from where we are…” Marni began to say when a voice stopped her cold, the sound and, familiarity?, draining the color from her face.

“Marni?…Marni, is that really you?

Turning towards the voice, my mouth stopped chewing, so stunned was I by the gorgeous woman walking towards our booth.

She was about my age I quickly judged, late twenty-something, and of mixed-race parentage, Afro-American for sure, with a ‘hint’ of Asian or Polynesian in her genes, but with crystal-blue eyes that seem to laser through you.

“Hi Beth,” Marni replied with a quick glance towards me and with a tired smile on her face, “Yep. Really me.”

“But, how? I mean, I thought you moved?” Ms. Drop-Your-Drawers Gorgeous was saying, her eyes darting quickly to me, a quick smile acknowledging me.

“I did,” Marni began, then stopping, shaking her head with a wry, embarrassed grin,” Shit, I’m sorry…Beth, this is Jules, my downstairs neighbor and friend…Jules, this is Beth, a friend from my days at DU.”

At the mention of the word ‘friend’ there was something, I’m not sure what, that passed across Beth’s face, her eyes flashing quickly and not in a good way.

“I moved to Portland, wound up living right above Jules, which is how we met,” Marni continued, her fingers nervously tapping on our table, tapping in a way that made me think that this was not a ‘meet-up’ that she particularly cared for.

“Oh, I see,” Beth said, her voice a bit nervous? Embarassed? Something, that was for damn sure, I judged.

“Please to meet you, Jules, is it?” Beth acknowledged holding her hand for me to shake.

“Julie, actually, but most call me Jules,” I replied, taking her hand briefly in greeting.

“How long are y’all here for?” Beth asked quickly, turning to look back at Marni.

“Not long…leaving tomorrow morning, continuing our trip, a little vacation road trip for tbe both of us,” Marni answered, short and to the point.

“Look, I mean, if y’all want to, a bunch of us are going to Charlie’s tonight…why don’t y’all come meet us? You could see a bunch of the old gang, most of ’em will be there,” Beth said, then turning to me, saying, “Charlie’s is a country-western club that we like to go to when we’re in a dancing mood,” obviously, she feeling the need to explain it to me.

“Oh,” I replied, “that sounds like fun,” saying that because quite honestly? I really didn’t know what else to say.

Marni shot me a quick look that was not a look of ‘happy’.

“Thanks, but we’ll pass, we already have other plans, but, thanks,” She replied to Beth.

“Oh, my group is ready to leave, hang on a minute,” Beth said quickly, returning to her table.

“Here, give me a call sometime, we have a lot to catch up on,” Beth said when she dropped a card on the table in front of Marni.

“Sure. Good to see you, have fun tonight,” Marni said in goodbye.

“Yeah…you too,” Beth replied, her eyes darting between Marni and I a couple of times, then turning, she rejoined her lunch-mates as they started leaving.

Picking up the card between her fingers, Marni just stared at it for a short while, tapping it on our table. Looking from the card up to me, she smiled and signaled our waitress for the check, saying, “Ready? Let’s blow this joint.”

On the way out the door, I saw her crumple the card and toss it into the small trash can near the hostess’ station.


“Wha…”I started to ask but Marni cut me short.

“I’ll tell you on the drive to Boulder, Jules, okay?”

“Boulder?” I asked as she entered the street in front of the grill.

“U of Colorado main campus, worth a look-see, the Flatirons, you’ll like it,” Marni assured me.

She was silent for the next few minutes as she drove and I didn’t push her for conversation or explanation. I would wait until she was ready to do whatever.

“Okay…the serious relationship I was in? Or thought I was in? That was with Beth,” Marni explained with a quick glance towards me, “She was the one I caught fucking on the couch.”


“Bad luck for them that we lost power at the Arts building that night which is why I got home much earlier than usual,” She continued, but pausing, pausing as if remembering.

“Did you know him, the guy she was fucking?” I asked taking advantage of her pause.

“Him? Wasn’t no ‘him’…it was the married chick that lived across the hall from ankara escort our apartment,” Marni snickered, “Yep, walked in and was greeted by the sight of Beth on her knees muff-diving on the neighbor.”

“That must’ve hurt a lot,” I said because I didn’t know what else to say.

“It did…for a long time. One of the reasons I fell into a fast friendship with you? I felt it was ‘safe’, tangle-free, two pretty nice chicks liking the company of each other,” Marni said in reply.

“Me too,” I interjected, “It just felt ‘right’ after we started hanging out a bit.”

“But, you know what, Jules?” Turning to smile at me when saying it, “I’m sorta’ glad we ran into Beth today because what I felt, actually felt today when I saw her? Nothing…not one fucking thing. No regret, no sadness, no…no anything.”

She stayed silent after that. So did I, respecting her, giving her this bit of privacy as she mulled all of it around in her head.

“See those rocks? No, over here, my side…those are the Flatirons,” Marni said, interrupting the silence, “pretty cool, huh?”

They were, they were very cool, and worth the drive to see, I thought. As was the campus of CU, old-school style, was my impression of the campus, and that was very cool, I thought as well.

“I’m going to take you for a short ride up Boulder Canyon and then we ought to think about heading back to the hotel. It’s almost four and with showers and shit, then dinner, the timing should be just about right for a little club hopping,” Marni decided.

“Charlie’s?” I asked because, well, because I didn’t know.

“Oh, fuck no! Not a chance…” Marni laughingly said, “No…tonight, Ms. Jules? Well, tonight we’re hitting the town, just you and me, my little chickadee,” then looking as if she had an afterthought, added, “Did you bring that red cocktail dress with you?”

“Yeah, I did, why?”

“Wear that tonight, babydoll, wear that and watch the temperature rise in this town,” smiling at me after she said it.

It was true.

If I owned one piece of clothing that did all the right things for my body, it was that li’l ol’ red cocktail dress. Especially if I went braless. And tonight? I quickly decided, I would go braless.

“So, clean up, dress up, have a good, but light, meal, then we’ll hit a few clubs,” Marni announced as she made a turn around in some bar’s parking lot for the return trip down the canyon, “sound good to you?”

I remembered.

I remembered what she said just before she dropped off to sleep last night, remembered it all.

“What?” Marni asked when she saw my face reflecting what was obviously some serious mind-shit going on in my head.

“That’s what you said last night…just before you fell asleep, when you described what the plans were for tonight,” I said.

“And?” She questioned.

“Last night, you also said something else.”

“What else?” chuckling a little nervously after asking, like she was wondering ‘what the fuck else did I say?’, that kind of nervousness.

“You don’t remember?” I asked.

“No, swear to God, I don’t,” She answered.

“Think about it a bit, it’ll come back to you,” I teased.

I’ll say one thing about the drive back to our hotel. It was quiet and you could almost see the smoke rising from Marni’s head as she desparately searched every nook and cranny of her brain for what else she might have said.

Kinda’ funny, actually…

We were both in the last stages of getting ready for our night out on the town and I was in the bathroom, finishing my makeup, and saving getting into the dress for last. Marni had already finished her makeup and was dressing and such, both of us making chit-chat through the opened door.

“So?” I heard her say as I put on my gloss.

“So? So what?” I replied, smacking my lips together afterwards.

“So, you haven’t asked the obvious,” was her cryptic reply.

The ‘obvious’?

“Give me a hint, Marni, my ESP is not up and running.”

Hell, I had no idea.

“The ‘Question’, the ‘Big Question’,about me, about me and Beth,” she said, “You know, are you a lesbian?” her voice mocking a shocked tone.


Never really thought about asking that I realized and I replied as much. Poking her head into the bathroom, she remarked, “Really?”

“Really…didn’t think about it, I guess,” I said to her image in the mirror.

“And now? Aren’t you curious now?” she asked further, her voice trailing off as she returned to getting ready in the other part of our suite, “I mean, you know, after the last couple of nights and all.”


She had me there…I had to think about that for a minute or two. Finally, I stuck my head out of the door and said, “Quite honestly, I’m not sure I care one way or another about what you are or are not. What I do care about, however, is our friendship, above all else. I’ve enjoyed the past couple of nights, don’t get me wrong, but if playing around puts our friendship in danger, I’m not willing to risk that.”

“Good to know,” She etimesgut escort bayan remarked, “But, for the record? I’ve been with both men and women in bed but dislike ‘labels’…so while most others would call me ‘Bi’, my own personal view is that I respond, sexually, to the person, not the gender, if that makes sense.”

“It sorta’ does,” I replied, “But, like I said, as much fun as we’ve had, I don’t want to risk our friendship for the sake of an orgasm.”

“No danger of that, Jules, no danger of that at all, baby,” her reply bringing a small smile to my face.

Okay, the downside of being five-ten is that wearing the 4″ ‘fuck-me’ heels that this cocktail dress deserved would have me towering over most others. Luckily, I had managed to find a killer set of 2″ heels that still said ‘fuck-me’. Slipping them on as the last touch, I did a quick turnaround in the mirror and decided that I looked good!

I’m not kidding, I actually heard her intake of breath when I stepped out of the bathroom and asked, “Well, I hope this works for you because its as good as its going to get,” then doing a little turn for her.

“Sweet Jesus, Jules…you are smoking!” She exclaimed, “I mean HOT with a capital H-O-T,” wolf-whistling at me afterwards.


“You look fabulous yourself, Marni,” I said further. She did. Her cocktail dress was a light greenish hue, hugging her ass most favorably, her low-cut bodice providing a nice showcase for her boobs.

“Cab?” Marni asked as we rode the elevator to the lobby.

“Probably the smart thing to do,” I agreed.



“Thanks for being my friend, I mean it.”

“Back at’cha, Marni, back at’cha.”

I meant it, too…

Safe to say, our choices of outfits turned a lot of heads, drawing admiring glances from both men and women including, but not limited to, flat-out leering, lustful stares.

And that was just walking across the lobby.

The bellman damned near tripped over the step-down curb of the hotel’s portico when signaling for a cab from the queque waiting on the street, his head looking like bobble-head doll as he kept turning to sneak leers at us without seeming to do so.

Giving the driver the name of the restaurant we were going to, Marni settled back into the rear, next to me.

“Your ‘girls’ look positively scrumptious in that outfit,” Marni said with an appreciative glance to my cleavage, her voice low so’s that the driver wouldn’t hear the remark. Didn’t really matter because his eyes spent as much time sneaking glances at the two of us in his rear-view mirror as they did looking at the road.

Maybe even more so.

“Glad you like,” I said in acceptance of the compliment, “yours aren’t exactly a pair of shrinking violets, yourself,” returning the admiration with an smiling nod towards her own pair of knockers.

“Look out, Denver,” She said out of the blue, “the Girls are back in town,” her emphasis on the word ‘Girls’ obviously a comment about our ta-tas, and bringing a chuckle to us both.

When the cabbie dropped us at the restaurant, he asked if we were going to need a ride back to the hotel after dinner. When we told him of our plan to go to LoDo for a few drinks, he handed us a card with his cell phone number, saying, “I need to fuel the cab but call me when you’re ready and I’ll be glad to take you two wherever you need to go,” smiling broadly while saying it.

“Thanks,” Marni replied, accepting the card, then chuckling, “You mean almost like our own private driver?”

“Yes Ma’am, that’s exactly what I mean,” smiling away as he said it, “I’ll take care of you properly, make sure that you get around safely.”

Glancing at the card in her hand, she replied, “Well, Eddie, that’s sweet…we will, we’ll call you when we’re ready, okay?” and with a wave of his hand to us, he drove away.

“What the hell, Jules, almost like having our own chariot,” Marni averred as we walked through the door being held open for us by one of the young valet attendants, his young eyes positively bulging as he tried to hide his ogling of us.

Kinda’ cute, actually.

So it went that night, wherever we went, admiring glances, several attempts to engage us in conversations, asking us to dance, the kind of attention that feeds one’s ego. Eddie was indeed the attentive, private driver he had suggested, taking us to a few different clubs and cocktail havens, returning whenver we called him to do so.

Dropping us back at the hotel near midnight, his eyes popped when we tipped him generously, after settling up with him. With a wave and a smile, Eddie drove off into the night.

“Good guy, not creepy at all,” Marni observed as we watched him drive away.

“I agree, it’s sort of a crap shoot when you call a taxi these days,” Marni nodding her head in agreement after I said it…

We did our usual rituals prior to retiring, talking like magpies about our delightful evening on the town, both of us sorta’ pre-packing our bags so that we’d not have that much to do in the morning. Holding up a small doobie between her fingers when those tasks were done, she arched her eyebrows in a silent question to me.

“Yeah, why not?” I answered to her un-asked question, “want to sit out on the patio?”

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