Road Trip with In Laws


Road Trip with In LawsHeres a real story. Its from right after me and my MIL started fooling around together.So my wife said she wanted to take a trip to Colorado. My wife hates flying and had mentioned the trip to my in laws and they both thought it would be fun to do. So we loaded up the car and hit the road. I thought perfect my MIL will have to interact with me which she had be reluctant to do since I found out about her affair and been very distant ever since we fucked for the first time. We’ll about half way into the drive out west my FIL and Wife started feeling sick. We thought it was road sickness but by the time we got into Nebraska they both had horrible stomach issues and we were having to stop constantly so we decided it was best to get off the road and get a hotel. We got two rooms got everyone settled, my wife and FIL both exhausted and running in and out of the bathroom mentioned how horrible they felt and how they didnt want my MIL or I around them encase it was a stomach bug. So my FIL suggested they stay in one room and my MIL and I stay in the other to avoid us all getting sick. My heart started to race and after about and hour of my FIL convincing my MIL it was best she finally agreed. So she grabbed she things and came to my room while i got my wifes stuff and room them next door. My MIL and I talked about how horrible we felt for them and how gross we felt being in the car and being around them so we both decided we should get cleaned up and grab some dinner. So I jumped in the shower got changed then she did the same. We went to the hotel restaurant and got some dinner said we hope they felt better since we had gotten a great rental out in the mountains and didnt want to have to turn around. We made other small talk but it wasnt anything about us and our situation. After dinner we went up and checked on our partners. Still sick we decided we should just turn on the pendik escort TV and get some rest thinking it was going to be a long day tomorrow of driving. Little did she know I wasnt planning on sleeping much that night.We grabbed some drinks from the bar to have while we watch a movie on the room TV. Me in gym clothes my MIL in PJ’s we proceeded to sit on out individual beds and watch a movie. About half way in things room a turn for the best. My MIL spilled her wine all over herself. She wasnt pleased with this and said she was going to shower quick and just get ready for bed. While she was in the shower I remember she hadnt had any more towels. I knew I was going to get a shot to see her sexy ass body again. I heard the water turn off and her ask if I could “put a towel outside the door.” I proceeded to open the door and saw her naked standing in the bathroom looking at herself in the mirror. She immediately turned to me and said “LEAVE WHAT ARE YOU DOING!” I told her I thought she said to bring a towel in.She got herself dried off and when she came out she straight up told me dont you dare tell anyone about this. My wife messaged me and said she heard my MIL scream was everything okay. I showed my MIL she said just tell her she slipped in the shower or something so I did and my wife said “okay gonna try to sleep.” It was at that point I knew we wouldnt be disturbed. So once my MIL grabbed a shirt and panties and crawled into bed we laughed about the situation and I told her “God I hope your daughter looks like you when your older” she laughed a little and said she will. She noticed me adjusting my cock in my pants and said “you know that was a one time thing right we wont be doing that ever again. Just keep your mouth shut about my situation.” Anyway I said fuck that. I told my MIL “I was hoping to have some time with your daughter on this trip but with her being sick thats not gonna escort pendik happen we havent done the deed in months and I’m about done with it.” She laughed and said “I dont need to know that but I will said me and your FIL havent been intimate in a long time I literally have to take “care” of myself but that doesnt mean we can do anything.” At that point we were both standing talking to eachother and I said lets just fool around then and Ill keep quiet. She said “No” well to late I had her hips in my hands and went in for a kiss. She turned away but I kissed her neck and whispered “Just do it or I might have to say something about the shower” She said you wouldnt dare and I said Oh I would. She said fine but no sex just touch my tits, jerk off, whatever but we arent fucking again. I turned her around and grabbed both tits through she shirt and she let out a moan. I knew she was mine. I went up her shirt and pulled her nipples out playing with them, pinching them, and her knees started to buckle. Her ass pressed again me and I slid my right hand down between her legs to feel her dripping wet, shaved pussy. She pushed off me and said “No go jerk off nothing more.” She was serious she laid back down and pulled the blankets over herself. So I laid in my bed took off my shirt, turned off the lights, and laid there watching TV for a bit. After about and hr I noticed some movement under the blankets she was pretending to be asleep but I knew she was secretly playing with her pussy. I stood up full erection and walked to the “Bathroom” not even trying to hide my cock sticking out in my pants. When I came back out the movement had stopped but I took my shot. I pulled the blankets off, this woke her up instantly, her panties by her knees she freaked out slapping me saying “What are you doing!?” I said I knew it why are you hiding it lets just do this (I took my pants off). Her eyes got big and she pendik escort bayan said Ugh no we cant do this. I said the fuck we can’t. I pulled her to the edge of the bed and buried my face in her pussy. She was pushing my head away like she didnt want it but after about 5 seconds she grabbed my hair and pulled my face into her slit harder. I slid my tongue over her hard clit, down into her pussy, then licked her tight little asshole for a moment. She moaned like a whore. I felt her building to a climax and I made she I got her off. When I did she pushed my head away and rubbed her pussy herself then showed me the cum dripping off her fingers. We didnt speak I laid on the bed and she got up, turned around then grabbed her ankles bouncing on my cock. She doesnt have much of an ass but she was moving it like she did.I stood her up and threw her on the other bed and fucked her from behind going balls deep while she screamed. She put her knees on the bed and I grabbed her nipples, then started slapping her ass which she loves by the way. I licked my thumb, spit on her asshole and started to rub it in she said no do… don…. donnntttt…. AHHHHHH. As I slid my thumb in her ass. I could feel my cum building so I told her I was going to cum. She said “Not inside dont do it inside” I said “then you better swallow me because Im going to fill you up or come on your big fake tits my FIL bought you.” She said “okay just tell me when”. I pulled out and she turned around and proceeded to suck my cum out of my balls. I unleashed a giant load in her mouth right when she started and when she gagged I cam again. She couldnt swallow it all and spit some of it out. Exhausted she both laid there and laughed saying we couldnt believe we did this again with my partners next door. The next morning things got pretty interesting when we talked to my wife and FIL. Apparently my wife had called the front desk saying someone was having sex and they could hear them going at it pounding away. Little did she know it was me and her mom we played it off as we were sleeping and didnt hear anything. As always true story have proof of it.

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