Rocky & Bullwinkle

Cum Shot

Rocky & BullwinkleI just spoke to a Lana, heard a great story and she asked me to write. Lana was out with a large group, all Iowa alums, with one black guy in the mix. The guys are all super good pals. In this bar/club there were a whole lot of southern boys up north participating in some outdoor sports promo. One funny guy is getting on Shawn saying stuff like “stay close to us, these guys might see your size and want to take you back home” Another adds on something like “big neck, that ought to be a strong one”. Shawn is taking it well when a southern stranger decides to pipe up with these words “Boy, put on those white gloves and get us a cold drink.” Well, that started it. One of the guys in the group (Doug) is a former Iowa wrestler, heavyweight. He came in real high in the Nationals a few years back. And one of the kindest gentlest guys in the world, until he gets his game face on. Well, he gets up, walks over to the redneck and tells him “You will apologize to him right now.” All sorts of words followed with redneck saying stuff like “Just having fun”. Doug adds on “He is our best friend, if he ever needs a k**ney I’d give him mine, we can mess with him, you can’t.” Shawn got involved telling Doug to let it go. Redneck understood what Doug meant and did actually give a sincere apology. Even sent over a couple rounds of beers and shared a few laughs later on. So they were not that really evil, just bad judgment. The night goes on, everyone gets a little lit, folks are starting to head out. The boys are still thinking they don’t want to leave Shawn there without big support. And Shawn is pretty drunk too. Doug then tells the guys he is chatting with “I’ll show you how much we love this guy”. So he hollers up across a couple tables “Can we get two ladies to take Shawn back to my place, fuck him good and put him to bed?”. With that a bunch of girl huddle up and Doug gets 3 volunteers. One of them being Doug’s wife Lana. They all collect Shawn and pack into one car with a sober driver.Doug gets home and his wife avcilar escort tells him Shawn is in the spare room with the two girls and she thinks they took his request literally cause there was a lot of noise and giggles. Doug and his wife look in and find them all asleep together under the comforter with a big pile of clothes on the floor. He lifts the comforter to peek and sees they are all totally naked and under Rosie there is a big wet spot. Next morning the two girls say that they don’t recall much but swear nothing happened asides from some good clean fun. Shawn says he remembers just about everything and he is not saying any else except for asking “Did you enjoy me? Tell me I was good.”. They both swear to know nothing. Shawn then tells them both “check your lady parts” since he had a awesome finish, one of them took it raw and deep. Then he adds his pubes are all crusty with dried spunk. They both still swear they did not partake. The dirty blonde of the duo (Peg) takes a trip to the bathroom. She comes back in no time, walks up behind where Shawn is sitting, bends over him, deliver a peck on the forehead and says “Nice try, maybe next time stud”. Shawn then looks at Rosie the strawberry blonde and blows her a kiss and says “wonderful”. She immediately runs off to the bathroom and in less than a minute she is yelling “Lana, need you.” The four of them started laughing so hard. Lana goes to the bathroom door to learn she is looking for douche. Well, she might need a little more than that !!Shawn asks her “Was I your first black guy?” She answers with a “NO, YES, I don’t know.”. She wants to know how she got all that spunk in her. Then Shawn tells his side of the events. He was going along with it and playing dead drunk. Especially when the duo discussed doing me during the car ride back. Lana pointed them to the spare room and they got him to the bed. It was pitch black in there when they decided I’d sleep better without clothes. He said having them both undress him in the dark şirinevler escort was kind of exciting, so he just laid there, with a huge hard-on. Next thing he knows is a hand is on his cock, which quickly turned into four hands caressing his balls while stroking him. A lot of oh’s and ah’s were whispered and then he has a pair of lips down there. Next he has two pair of lips taking turns. He is loving this. And he does not know who is who, nor does he care, he is just enjoying the moment. He is figuring on blowing a big load into someones throat. The girl on his right side went to take him deep and started to gag. She gave up, laid back and immediately fell off to sleep. His left side kept working him and tried waking the sleeper. Peg injected “You mean I sucked you?” Shawn answered “Like I was dessert, till you gagged”. “No way” she said. Then Rosie gave up the gig when she added “That’s all we planned on doing!” Peg demurred and responded with a “Oh yeah, you’re right, I kind of forgot. Come on, how do you ‘forget’? Shawn continued, after Rosie realized Peg would not wake, she started moving him and pushing her to make room. Then she got on top and that is when all the noise started as she mounted him. She was all giggles until she ran into difficulty. That’s when Shawn let her know he was awake and helped her with his fingers spreading her lips. Giggling gave way to moaning and by the time he was fully inside, he knew exactly which girl it was. Yes, it was pitch dark but he knew her from her weight, smaller perky tits, tiny waist and skinny ass. Then she whispered to him “I always wanted to fuck you”. The voice confirmed it. He said she fucked him good, did all the work to take all of him, slow deliberate and deep, she let him jack rabbit her from below. He then told her how good he thought they were together, how he always liked her very much, found her sexy and should get to know her better. Even suggested they take to seeing each other out in public. Apparently she was a lot more taksim escort drunker than she had thought he was. Her response was to sort of moan the word ‘cum’. We are guessing that when she is starting to peak, she does that. Shawn took it as the all clear signal, and he was close. He got her up, switched her to the bed on all fours and took her from behind. He said “I took you slow, I held in you un-moving to regain control over myself for a minute or two, then I started deep stroking tip to base, your response told me you enjoyed it and then you started again to moan ‘cum’ as you buried your face in a pillow to muffle the sounds of your climax. I could not control myself with you doing that took and gave you everything, pumping you repeatedly like I was trying to cram in the last inch while never pulling out even a little.”. Rosie admitted, “yeah, I kind of remember that” and “we were pretty good” as she offered up a smile. Her climax was too much for him, he just grabbed her hips tight and held himself deep and still as she bucked while he delivered what he called a 5 day load. “I held you tight in that position for a long while, hoping to stay hard enough for a second go. I thought I could have but you were having no part of it. You went right off to sleep.” Then she asked “So you are telling me you seeded me big and deep and I went off to sleep?”. Shawn just smiled at her, nodded. Her response that she did not remember any part of his happy ending. This happened a couple weekends ago. Lana finished up by letting me know they are now an official dating couple. Everyone knows except her parents. Lana was asking her about her menstrual cycle and the calendar. It’s something she never paid attention to as she really does not screw often and always uses both a condom and foam when she does. Both Lana and I were laughing like little k**s throughout this retelling of events. It could be I’m not the only one of my pals carrying a dark secret inside!!I have to add, I know both of them and I still can’t see it. The pieces just don’t fit together. She is so tiny, claims to be 5 foot tall but I suspect that is in heels. Probably 90 pounds, when wet!! Shawn is about 6’1, maybe a little bit taller and around 250 pounds. Thus the Rocky and Bullwinkle tag! I do hope you got a chuckle or two.

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