Rodeo Roundup


Rodeo RoundupI was raised on a 1200 acre ranch where my dad and older brother raises and breeds horses. Our part time hobby is competing in rodeos. My dad only watches anymore. My brother competes in team roping and I barrel race. I met this guy about a year ago at a rodeo in Wyoming. We have been friends, meeting each other about 4 times a year at rodeos. That’s the only time we see each other. He lives in another state so we keep in touch through social media.Last spring my family and I went to Huston Texas to compete. After my competition was over, I walked around to see if I saw Cody, my friend from Montana. It was dark by this time with nothing but lights around the arena. I walked over to where they kept the bulls and I saw Cody standing there eating a hot dog. I walked up and grabbed his ass. He jumped and almost chocked on his food. He looked around to see who it was pendik escort and his face lit up when he saw me. After some short chit chat we held hands and walked towards the horse trailers on the back lot to be alone. There were about 100 or more trailers there. In the very back was his. It was so dark it was hard to see until our eyes adjusted to the dark. Out of sight from everyone with nothing but the distant nose of the rodeo crowd he backed me up against the trailer and started kissing. Making up for lost time, we worked fast. I know what he wanted and he knew I wanted it too. While I kissed him my hand was rubbing his cock through his jeans. I could feelit getting hard in my hand. With both hands I unbuckled his jeans, dropped to my knees and shoved my mouth on his thick hard cock. My mouth was filled with a hard, thick cowboy kartal escort cock and I was loving it. With one hand I gently rubbed his nuts while my mouth suckedon his throbbing cock. He had to practicly pry my mouth away from it as he raised me up and kissed me. “I want your cock inside me” I told him. I pulled my jeans down to my ankles and put both hands on the trailer and spread my legs. Standing there, my naked ass shining in the moonlight I was ready to be fucked.”Baby, I don’t have a condom” he said. I wasn’t on any birth control,being only 17 at the time, my mom thought I wasent ready. She just don’t know what a slug I can be or she would. I wanted to be fucked so bad, “Ok, fucked me in the asshole” I told him. I had never been fucked in the ass but I was so fucking horny I just needed a duck in me and I didn’t care where. He didn’t maltepe escort question me, he just grabbed my ass check and pulled them apart and I guided his hard prick in my ass. As it penetrated my tight virgin asshole, my legs stiffened as the pain shot through my ass. I let out a small moan because it hurt so much. “It won’t fit baby” he told me. I was frustrated and turned my head around and told him, with anger in my face and said “Make it fit you motherfucker” I guess that triggered a switch in his mind because he nailed my ass to the horse trailer and I felt his cock break through my asshole and filled me up.I screamed like a school girl. “Fuck me hard” I told him. He was pouring my asshole so good. His entire cock plunging deeper and deeper. It wasent long before I had an organism with His cock in my ass and I could feel his cum shooting deep in my bowels. We got dressed and hurried back to the arena.I had one race then I was done. With my asshole still hurting some, I mounted my horse. I sat on the saddle and could feel his cum runnig out my ass. After two rounds I came in 5th oh to 15. Not bad for a girl with a sore asshole and and chum filled jeans.

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