Sadie’s Necklace


Sadie flashed her hazel eyes at every boy that walked by in the hopes of snagging one that would love her.

She used to like to jog and that kept her frame petite and slender with muscular, curvy thighs and hips.

Sadie found herself her first beau and he was pretty hot. But, he was the kind of boy that had parents. His dad owned some golf club company. He knew how to play golf, too. Just like his wealthy father. He was the kind of boy that drove a new car without ever having a payment to make. He had come back from Michigan State on a football scholarship that didn’t work out and he couldn’t understand why she didn’t have any nice clothes. He still thought she was hot anyway.

She wanted that rich boy so bad that she decided to give him her virginity. She just wanted to get rid of it anyway. It may as well have been to that boy with the nice house, car and expensive clothes rather than some poor guy. She already knew about being poor. When she pulled down his zipper, she could smell his expensive cologne waft in her face. That was nice. Who knew guys sprayed their crotches with cologne? And at his age? Only a rich kid would do that.

“My mom will be back in a couple hours. You want to go in my room and do it now?” Sadie didn’t answer. She just followed him and undressed. He had a condom and Sadie guessed that his mom had given it to him. He probably even told his mother to go out for a while so he could have the house empty for the occasion. She was a “cool” mom.

They rolled around in his bed for a while doing not much of anything and when it was done, Sadie stayed on the bed naked looking at him. It hurt, but, it was intimacy that she never experienced before and that was enough to put a smile on her face.

“Um… we don’t lay around our house naked. You should probably get dressed before my mother comes home.” Again Sadie didn’t answer him. She just sat up and began to dress.

“You don’t have a lot of clothes, do you? Look in my closet.” He pointed to a shelf above his rack of shirts and pants and she could see stacks of expensive sweaters. Probably thirty. All of the slacks below the shelf were dressy and from Bullock’s department store.

She felt humiliated for a second time that night. First, he had nonchalantly taken her virginity, the one that she thought was not worth keeping, and now he had just rubbed her poor background in her face.

Something caught her attention, though. There was blood between her thighs.

“Look. There’s blood,” she spread her legs just a little so he could see.

“No, that’s not blood. You’re fine. I’ll take you home now. ‘kay?” He was dressed with his keys in his hand in no time. And again, Sadie said nothing.

That boy didn’t stick around long. Sadie moved to a seedy part of town, it was all she could afford, and he didn’t want to drive over there to see her anymore. She had a few cute guys take her out here and there after that, but she didn’t give herself to anybody again for a long, long time.

She worked two jobs and her baby face lost some of it’s roundness. Her hotness cooled. Long hours and desolation from affection had hardened into chunks of ice around her. No one could find her in there. After a while she got used to working so hard just to put a roof over her head and she did okay.

To her credit, and no one else’s, she never went hungry. Not once. That was a blessing, because it could have been much different for her. She could have easily slipped onto the streets and made a living out there. No one needs to eat if you’re out there selling yourself to get by. Drugs or alcohol take the place of food for those poor souls.

Sadie stuck with her dead end jobs and quietly worked while other girls, some of them her friends, would go out and have fun. And her hotness cooled a bit more as the years drudged on.

She was still young, just not really young anymore and she looked older in her eyes. Her face and body could still look like her true age, twenty-two. But, in her eyes she looked decades older. That comes from having a string of disappointments early on in your life. You can’t look at the world like a sweet young thing when you’ve been through so much so soon.

She cooled.

She lived in a permanent state of winter.

Her jobs and crappy apartment were all she could get for herself and that wasn’t much to other people. To her, it was the best she could do. She tried her hand at community college. But, two jobs and school don’t really mix well when you’re a young kid on your own. She passed out flat on the floor in the back of her art class one night trying to getting over the stomach flu.

As a grown up, so much of life has to do with money. It was too hard and she dropped out. When it means that you have to choose between paying your rent or buying books, it’s a natural choice to make. School was another disappointed she just wanted to forget about.

So, she worked.

Part 02 When she was twenty-five she felt like time was canlı bahis running out for her. She had to do something with her life.

She still worked the same dead end job at the department store. Though, now she’d gotten a lousy promotion that afforded her enough cash to quit her other miserable job. This gave her a few extra hours to rest and think about herself. She decided it was time to make a change. If she was ever going to go for it, it had to be now. But, she didn’t really know where to start.

One of the girls she worked with wanted to join a gym together and Sadie jumped at the chance. If nothing else, she would get her body back. She hadn’t jogged in five or six years and wanted to feel the freedom running gave her before– like you’re flying with no cares in the world. She worked out every chance she got and soon her butt was toned, and yes, heart-shaped. Her stomach was flat as a board and her medium sized breasts were the star attractions on her chest. No flab or tummy bulge to take attention away from her perky breasts. She was a perfect, yet slightly athletic, hourglass.

The men she worked with and worked-out with noticed right away. Sadie was a bit rusty at this and she hadn’t really noticed the stares from her co-workers.

“You know, Robert was behind you and he had his eyes glued to your ass!” said one girl.

“What? No…really?” Sadie was actually surprised.

She had gotten used to being luke warm or even cold as a defense from anyone that might want to hurt her. Now, with all the work she’d done on her body, her engine seemed to sputter back to life. Her sex drive came back and she started imagining which other guys might be looking at her and what they might be thinking about doing to her. It showed in her strut. She felt good about herself.

Maybe for the first time in her hard life. The first time she felt hot about herself, she was too young to realize just how beautiful she was. With a little bit of age on her, she now saw that she was smoking hot and beautiful.

She started out by teasing anything that went by with a dick. Her job required her to straddle atop a ladder much of the day dressing manequins and fixing ceiling banners in full view of customers, janitors, security guards, managers, and she wore the tightest pants she could find just for this purpose. Up, fix that corner, down, legs spread wide, pull that tight, up, squeeze that ass, down, sit on the top and grind, before getting up and doing it all over again.

“Did you catch the way my ass tensed and relaxed just then, boys?” She thought to herself with a big smile as men walked by drooling. Sometimes their wives would turn their faces with a hand to the chin and give her a dirty look. This was more fun than she’d had in so long and she could do it all day long.

Not surprisingly, she got another promotion shortly after that. She was managing the jewelry department now and a lot of the customers were men– big surprise.

It’s amazing what a little money in your bank account and a rocking body can do for your confidence. Sadie was a new person. She was still the same hurt little girl inside, but she flowered when she started appreciating herself for the first time in her life and it opened up a whole new world for her. She wasn’t cold anymore. Her warmth and smile lit up the faces of a lot of her customers. This particular evening she was called down to her department by one of her employees.

When Sadie arrived, she went straight to the sales girl that paged her. She didn’t notice the gentleman at the end of the counter looking at her, waiting for her.

“He keeps asking me questions about the jewelry that I don’t know. He’s getting impatient with me–that he doesn’t have time for this.” Sadie’s new confidence had found some usefulness in the way she could handle people now, especially men.

“Don’t worry. I’ll take care of him.” She patted the girl on the shoulder and sent her away.

Sadie always wore heals to work and her bras had thick molded cups only because she didn’t want her nipples flashing at everyone all day. Her breasts sat atop her chest drawing plenty of attention, so the nipples would have been total overkill at that point and she knew it. She felt powerful and corseted from her feet to her tits. Pulled together taught and tight. Still, she had a jiggle that she couldn’t work out enough in a million years or wear tight enough clothes to stop from swaying and shimmying in those high heals. She really didn’t want to stop it, either.

The man at the end of the counter caught every jiggle and bounce coming at him from the other end of the jewelry case.

The confidence showed in her eyes, too. She had gotten into the habit of lining her eyes in smudgy charcoal eyeliner. Smokey makeup to match her new smoking hotness. The dark gray shade of eye shadow made her eyes look like clear sparkling amber. When she was close enough to him that he could see her face and eyes, that’s what stopped him dead in bahis siteleri his tracks: her eyes.

He forgot why he was there. He forgot what he was shopping for. It was his girlfriend’s birthday. He forgot he had a girlfriend.

He just couldn’t stop looking down into her eyes. He was perched on the glass case with his face resting on one hand. A crisp white dress shirt peaked out from under a nice blue suit jacket and under that, a nice gold and black watch barely showed under the cuff.

She didn’t care how he was dressed. The only money that impressed her now was that which she had earned. He had the same confidence she saw in her own eyes now and she was instantly attracted to him. He could have been wearing a tee and shorts and she still would have felt that spark.

“Hi, how can I help you?” She said, looking directly into his eyes and smiling. She used to swing the keys hanging from her wrist in circles and was doing that now. He didn’t notice the keys.

When his eyes finally broke from hers, he moved on to her cleavage. He even stood up tall just to judge the difference in their height and, of course, to get a better look down her thin button-up blouse. He could see the pink floral pattern on her bra through the cream fabric of her top. And when he stretched to his full height, taking in a deep breath, he could see down her cleavage to the top of her smooth stomach underneath the bra.

She caught him doing all of this and continued to smile at him with unblinking fiery eyes.

“Was there something special you were looking for?” she prodded him.

“Special. Yeah.” He had to snap out of it. He pretended to scour the jewelry case for something to have her show him. He moved half way down the display case and when he looked back at her, he caught a glimpse of her tight rear in a black pencil skirt with a slit in the back.

“Well…I was thinking about buying a diamond ring for someone special,” he motioned to the diamond case. These would be the most expensive things in the store. He wanted to show her that he could have anything he wanted. She was a working girl, after all. He figured she’d have to save up all year to afford anything in that case, so he was going to dangle it in her face and see what happened.

“Can you pull out the most expensive ring you have for me, Sweetie?”

“Sure. Here you are.” Her nails were natural pink and buffed shiny clean. He didn’t like the fake plastic claws that so many beautiful women think make them look more feminine. This showed him that she was her own woman. She didn’t follow anybody else’s lead when it came to being sexy. She had it and it was her’s.

This girl knows what she likes… he thought as he rolled the ring she gave him around in his fingers.

“What do you think of this ring?” He looked at the name on a badge pinned by her collar. “Say-dee…cute,” he said squinting. He was a bit older than her, but refused to wear contacts.

“It’s big,” she, her eyes surveying him, all the while smiling.

He stared back at her blankly, trying to register what she meant. She didn’t mean…

“The ring,” she reminded him.

“Yes, it certainly is,” he answered with a deep laugh and he had to look away from her to keep from blushing. She had already gotten to him.

“Would you like this if I bought it for you?” he asked.

“I buy my own things. But, I guess it would be a nice thing to have someone care enough to buy me something like this.” She wet her lips a little. All she wore to complement her brilliant eyes was clear lip gloss and it made her lips look like a sweet pink rose bud. He wondered if all of her parts were that same shade of pink under her clothes.

“What would you pick if you were buying something here?” he asked. She was proving to be more complicated than he first thought. “The prettiest thing here, besides yourself, if you wanted it– what would it be?”

She put the diamond ring back in it’s place and walked over to the other side where the silver jewelry was. She pulled out a necklace with a red stone pendant and brought it to him.

“This is probably not what your ‘special someone’ is used to getting from you, but I think it’s beautiful.”

The pendant was a large blood red garnet gem set on a linked silver chain, long enough to hang down mid-chest.

“Wow! That is beautiful. Could you put it on for me? I’d like to see how it looks on a woman before I buy it.” She knew he was just playing with her. She knew that he wouldn’t bother buying jewelry for a woman unless it was expensive. He was sure to get something out of it that way.

She moved to put it on anyway. She was an expert at doing things herself. When he motioned to the back of her neck to hold her long dark-auburn hair back so that he could do the clasp for her, she pulled the chain to the right and did it herself.

The heavy stone fell just between her breasts and they both looked at it sit there, bobbing with her every breath.

“Why do you bahis şirketleri like this so much, besides the fact that it’s stunning? Why did you pick this, out of all the other things you could pull out? Don’t you get commission? I would think that a good saleswoman like yourself would show me something a little more pricey.” He winked at her as he said this.

“You asked me what I like. I know what I like, and it has nothing to do with how much a thing costs. Besides, if I sell you something hideous, like that ring, it’ll only get returned tomorrow. That ring is the most expensive one here. The stone isn’t at all yellow and it’s clearer than any other diamond in the case, no inclusions in it. But, it has a square diamond. That shape stone is not flattering on everyone. The sharp corners take away from it.”

She played with the garnet necklace and showed it to him as she leaned forward. “See how it catches the light? It looks like a beating heart. It’s almost alive, it’s so beautiful. That’s why I like it. It suits me.” She wasn’t smiling anymore and he was looking in her eyes again. He wasn’t smiling either.

“Uh…” he paused. “I think I’ll get that diamond ring after all. You know what they say about diamonds and girls,” He watched her nod and complete the sale for him.

“I’m sure she’ll love it,” Sadie told him with a warm smile on her face again. Their playtime was over and she had work to do.

Walking out of the store: “Claudia, hi. I need you to pick something up for me at Mercer’s Department store. I need a gift for someone. Yeah, it’s in the jewelry department…”

He had the diamond Sadie sold him tucked into the inside pocket in his jacket, but he had no intention of giving it to his girlfriend. He only purchased the thing so the girl could get her commission. He didn’t know why he did it. He laughed at himself. This flirtation had proven to be his most expensive to date and the girl hadn’t even gone out to dinner with him yet, let alone anything else.

His assistant would pick up the red necklace later that night for him as he’d requested.

Part 03 “Hey Mark, here ya go.” Claudia came in and delivered what he wanted that next morning.

“Oh. Thanks, Hun. You’re the best.” He was on the phone. He opened the box with the beating heart necklace and he pictured Sadie wearing nothing but that.

“Yeah, I’m a doof. I forgot Bett’s birthday yesterday.” Mark was always getting into big trouble with one lady or another and that kept the flower shop guy busy cleaning up after him and also kept him rolling in Mark’s money.

“Send her what I sent last year and I have one other delivery for you. But, can you pick something up from my office to take with the flowers for this other one? Yeah, but double the order for this one. Yeah, I have my hands full.” He joked with his flower guy.

He wrote out the card in confident lawyer’s script. “You’re right. It does suit you. Think I suit you too, but I’ll leave that up to you to decide. Mark Quinn” He added his phone number at the end and tucked it in with the necklace box.

“Mark, Bett’s on line one,” Claudia informed him through intercom.

“Bett! Hey, Hun! Sorry ’bout yesterday. Heavy day ya’ know?” He took the diamond and locked it in his bottom desk drawer. The last thing he needed was Bett finding it and getting all worked up.

“Sorry? You’re not sorry, Mark. This is the last time. You’re a successful attorney, right? So you know what to say every time. Don’t you? Guess what? This is the last time! Oh, sweet of you to send the same flowers as last year. You don’t even remember that I hate gardenias, do you?” the phone went dead and it wasn’t soon enough for him.

He wasn’t exactly a cad. He thought of it as being a victim of his own success. He had precious little time to spend wooing and cooing women. Yet there were quite a few that he tried to juggle at any given time regardless of his own time constraints. He was always hungry for more of the good things in life.

For once, he only had Bett and now she was gone.


“Claudia, what are gardenias?” he asked leaning into his desk phone, fingering the intercom button.

“They’re really fragrant white flowers that kind of look like big full roses. They smell really lovely, actually. They have those at weddings a lot. Is that what you sent Bett again?”


“Roses may be cliche’ but they’re a stand-by. You of all people should know that, Mark.” She laughed when she took her finger off of the speaker button. “Who the hell talked him into sending gardenias?” Claudia thought, trying to stifle a loud giggle.

No doubt the flower guy had charged him double for the gardenias since they looked so much like roses. Mark would never notice the charges on his credit card.

Part 04 Sadie brought her own giant bouquet of gardenias into her small apartment with both hands. It was in a gorgeous vase and she couldn’t help flushing a little remembering how everyone in the back office had teased her about her apparent new admirer. She held the card in her hand again, noting the way he came straight to the point. No flowery poems or overtly flattering compliments here. It suits you. I suit you.

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