Sahara: A Star Wars Story – Chapter 1: Command &am


Sahara: A Star Wars Story – Chapter 1: Command &amThe black expanse of inter stellar space above the moon of Jedah glitters with the diamond bright light of distant stars. Suddenly a grey, knife like prow cuts across the void, heralding the impossibly vast bulk of an Imperial Star Destroyer as it powers into view. The characteristic whine of twin ion engine or TIE fighters precedes a patrol of three Square winger star fighters in tight formation. The Imperial military are here in force, and that can never be a good thing for any system.*************************************************************************************************************************************Sahara pulled herself out from underneath the bulky Lambda class shuttle craft, wincing at the sound the wheels of the trolley made in the empty hangar, pausing to see if there was any response to the sound before standing back up.Her first task completed she wiped a forearm across her face to try and wipe away some of the sweat but left a line of smeared engine grease across her right cheekbone as she did so. She caught her reflection in the mirror bright wing panels of the nearest TIE Fighter and noticed that it only added to her signature grungy look.Sahara stood 5f’8” tall, and had beautiful dark tanned skin as did many human natives of Jedah. Her naturally athletic body had been honed by years of military training in the Imperial Academy until it was both supple as silk and hard as steel. Her petite 32B breasts were pert underneath the close fitting black bra top, exposing her subtly muscled midriff above black flight suit pants which seemed more like ¾ length shorts which at first glance were surely non-regulation. In truth they were part of her flight cadet uniform from her 2nd year at the academy. She was just as trim around the waist now as she had been then, but her legs had lengthened considerably in her late teens and now she liked to wear them to show off the long curve of her calf muscles above her favourite black commando boots. Scuffed as always.She knew she had to move quickly, her work was not yet done and the routine patrol of the ‘Mouse’ MSE-6 Repair Droid would bring it back to the hangar bay within the next 5 minutes.Sahara moved swiftly to her own ship, a TIE/In ‘Interceptor’ the newest designs from Seinar Fleet Systems. The ship had only been in production for three years and Sahara had been assessed as good enough to qualify for the advanced pilot training programme at the Skystrike Academy, becoming one of the first in a new generation of pilots to train in the superiority star fighter.While still lacking shields or a hyperdrive, the Interceptor’s four laser cannons mounted in the wing tips gave it massively increased fire power over the standard TIE line fighter, and it’s top speed of 1250 kph was unrivaled in the Imperial fleet (although still did not quite match the RZ-A1 Interceptor or A-Wing used by the Rebels). She loved her ship, designated ‘Raptor Six’, and ran her hand over the name plate on the side of the craft almost sensually. The tapered and angled solar panels in the wings gave the ship a more sophisticated yet aggressive profile than the standard TIE fighter. Sleek, sexy, dangerous. Just like her.Reaching into the side pocket of her flight pants Sahara retrieved a small cylindrical device with what looked like a complex set of electronics along the side and a set articulated metal claws folded back into the casing. She lent under the incline of the upper left wing and located the auxiliary launcher next to the barrel of the laser cannon. She carefully loaded the cylinder into the chamber and slid the locking bolt closed.Letting out a long breath she hadn’t realised she’d been holding, Sahara stepped back and considered once more the path of action she was embarking on. The risk was exceptionally high, the cost of discovery even higher. Yet she knew it was the right thing for her to do. She was no longer able to sublimate her feelings of disgust for what she was coming to realise the Empire was all about. “Peace through order” was the slogan she remembered from her youth, blaring from the sirens on the streets of Jedah city after the Imperial occupation. In reality that meant “obedience through fear.” And even that wasn’t enough to save you if the Empire decided there was a greater purpose to be served through your destruction. The silently blinking alarm on her wrist communicator told her the Mouse Droid was probably only a minute away, assuming it hadn’t had to swerve too many times to avoid patrols of Storm Troopers, or been kicked over by malicious crew member taking out their own misery on the only thing lower than them on the pecking order.She activated the blast door to leave the hangar and gasped involuntarily as she came face to face with the thin pale face of the hangar’s Deck Officer, Captain Arkus in the corridor outside. Neither could she keep the gaziemir escort slight flush from her face, and she knew he must think her to be acting suspiciously.“Oh it’s you Raptor Six.” He sneered, deliberately using her call sign rather than her name and rank. “For a moment I thought you were a deck menial. Dirty, and out of proper uniform.” For a moment Sahara thought about saying something she shouldn’t to the pompous ass, but she fought the urge down and quickly realised there was going to be a way to avoid confrontation and an official write up when she noticed how much attention he was paying to the dark flesh of her body.“What are you doing here anyway? Not even members of the elite Raptor Squadron should be in the hangar outside of a scheduled drill or when at battle stations.” His tone was harsh and she knew he was right. Being here with no reason was not only a disciplinary offense but was going to look potentially suspect after the fact…Sahara pressed in close to the officer, and saw him swallow nervously as his hopes seemed to be coming true. She leant forward and gave a breathy little pant over the rank insignia on his chest before making a show of pretending to polish them carefully with her the inside of her wrist, as if they were precious to her.“Just polishing my wingtips Captain,” she replied sultrily. “You know how I love my ship and I always want my wingtips to be nice and shiny before combat” she added moving her hands to hover over her nipples, her fingers circling slowly as if she were polishing them. The deck captain swallowed hard. This wasn’t the first time he had caught the pretty but ill-disciplined young pilot of Raptor Six in breach of regulations and he had a fair idea of what he was going to be able to get out of the situation.“On your knees Lieutenant. That’s an order.” He was too preoccupied with checking that no one was coming to notice that Sahara’s smile didn’t reach her eyes as she slowly ran her hand down his chest as she sank to the floor. He gulped again as he felt her unzip his grey uniform trousers and took out his half erect cock.For her part Sahara knew she needed the job done quickly and that feigning hunger for the officer’s distinctly average looking manhood was going to get him in the right frame of mind. She took him in her mouth and began to swirl her tongue over him as he swelled in response. Sucking the head to get him fully erect, she suddenly had to catch his shaft in her hand to stop him thrusting into her throat. She let him thrust back and forward in her hand as she kissed and licked the head of his cock before taking it back in her mouth. She wanted him to cum as fast as possible alright, but she wanted to be in control of exactly when and where.It wasn’t that Sahara didn’t like taking a man’s cum in her mouth; it was more that she suddenly found her normally submissive tendencies to be receding. Years of mental conditioning at the Imperial academy had continued with constant indoctrination once she was in active service and had instilled in her a seemingly natural subservience to authority. That included a willingness to please those of superior rank in any way required. Now though, that way of thinking seemed less and less acceptable to Sahara. This was happening on her terms, and she was going to use this man’s willingness to exploit her for her own purposes.She could feel his breathing getting faster and heard a simpering sort of sound that told her he building towards a big orgasm and was unlikely to be able to be quiet about it. Her hand increased its motion as she started to disengage her mouth from the deck officer’s cock, using just the tip of her tongue to tease him to completion. The deck captain started to groan…Just at that moment the tell-tale beeps and whistles of the approaching Mouse droid filled the corridor and Sahara had no choice but to act quickly to prevent the captains jism squirting all over the deck as had been her plan. Instead she turned her body into the captain’s hiding her face, and whipped her bra top over the bulging member so that it rested against her bare breasts. She cringed inwardly as she felt his balls contract and a hot squirting sensation spread across her chest. Before the deck captain could make a sound to give them away Sahara had thrust her hand up in a flat palm strike, forcing him to bite his tongue and cutting off his ecstatic cry into a grunt of pain and frustration. Mere seconds later the Mouse Droid was gone and the immediate danger over. Sahara stood swiftly and rearranged her bra top as best she could, despite the obvious sticky mess that was seeping through in places, before turning to leave.The deck captain rubbed his jaw and spat blood to the floor. “Bitch!” he called after her with spite in his voice.Sahara looked back at him over her shoulder with that same smile that never reached her eyes and blew him a kiss. “Oh, you gaziemir escort bayan don’t know the half of it!” she thought to herself. As she made her way to her quarters and a hot shower her thoughts turned back 36 hours to the events that had led her to this cause of action, one that would no doubt change her life forever…*************************************************************************************************************************************Raptor Squadron were flying in close support formation around the Imperial Star Destroyer Executrix, from which Grand Moff Tarkin was observing the test of the Orbital Battle Station soon to be known and feared as the Death Star. Sahara, completely at one with the speed and rush of her Interceptor, Raptor Six, expertly performed a counter clockwise barrel roll to bring herself back in line at the back of the formation. Her role in this formation was as wingman to Raptor Three and she needed to stay tight to her senior squad member. This was active battle duty and her every sense was alive with adrenaline and the love of flying.The colossal silhouette of the skeletal battle station hove into view as the Squadron flew in formation over the prow of the Executrix. Sahara still wasn’t used to seeing it. The sheer size seemed to defy her mind’s ability to see it in proper scale. It’s rumoured ability to destroy whole planets too awful to contemplate. That it was stationed here, in orbit over Jedah City, made her distinctly uneasy.“Raptor Squadron, evasive manoeuvres! – Break! Break! Reform immediately on vector Sigma-9-5. Raptor Three will have point.” The harsh barking voice of Captain Garrick burst across the comm-net.“Oh no!” Sahara said to herself, not even realising she was speaking out loud, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this!”Just as she was preparing to execute a diving loop up and back under the looming bulk of the Star Destroyer she noticed the shimmering green light beginning to build along the central column of the deadly Superlaser at the heart of the station.“No!” Sahara almost screamed as the blinding actinic green-white beam flashed impossibly bright. She released the controls and threw up her arms to cover her visor, but she still knew what had happened. Jedah city, the only place she had ever called home before being taken off world and inducted into the academy aged 11, was no more. Her early life flashed before her eyes, her time spent in the care of the temple of the Guardians of the Whills, the joy of running through the markets, the colour and light of the holy festivals, the beauty of the crystal caverns beneath the city. Gone. Vaporised to prove a point. As her ship drifts she watches the destruction plume into space, ignoring the warning signs from her ships computer and reprimands from her squad, drifting dangerously close to the hull of the Executrix.She knows this is a disciplinary matter. It could have cost her and her squadron members their lives if they had been in combat. She doesn’t care. She’s numb. All the good she has personally ever known in the Galaxy was in that city. The only place she has ever known solace, and she fears she will never be able to find it again. She knows that she is no longer a believer in the Imperial doctrine. Strength through unity. Peace through order. Obedience through fear. She will no longer be part of the death of freedom. She must find a way to help. A way to… rebel!*************************************************************************************************************************************Later, even as she was secured in the hoist and harness by the muscle bound hulks of Jax and Varryn, Raptors Four and Five, to receive her punishment in front of whole squad Sahara realised something had changed. They couldn’t hurt her anymore.Squadron leader Captain Vos Garrik, aka ‘Raptor One’, did not hide his sadistic tendencies and having ordered Sahara stripped down to her regulation Imperial grey briefs with a leer and a slight curl of his thinly moustached upper lip, he was now obviously getting hard as he watched Rayven, aka ‘Raptor Three’, the female pilot Ace Sahara had failed to stay in formation with, prepare to her deliver the flogging. Rayven was slightly older than Sahara and was obviously very defensive of her position in the squadron, seemingly resentful that she was not the second ranked pilot despite her undeniable skill in the cockpit. Not being a graduate of the elite Skystrike academy as was her more junior female squad member, had seemed to set her against Sahara from the start and she was always keen to put her down wherever possible and so Rayven was throwing herself into the task with gusto. The electro whip snaked out to lash against her naked back, the fizzing blue line wouldn’t leave any permanent marks on her perfect, mid brown skin, but it was calibrated to deliver pain of the most exquisite escort gaziemir nature with every strike and Sahara felt her whole body tense in reaction. Her arms were held out to the sides, simply but tightly fastened by the harness she wore to two fixed points suspending her in mid-air. Her legs were fastened at the ankles and then chained to a single fixed point in the floor. So that she formed a cross position and as her muscles tensed in response to the first strike she effectively pulled herself up another 6 inches so that the chain holding her to the floor went taught. Her chest heaved and her bare breasts rose and fell several times as she recovered her breathing.The red ball gag in place in her mouth would have prevented her from making too much noise but Captain Garrik seemed half disappointed, half impressed that Sahara had not muttered so much as a moan.Sahara relaxed her arms and sank back down so that the harness was again taking her weight. Garrik stood directly in front of her now, looking straight into her eyes.“You do understand why this punishment is necessary Raptor Six?”Sahara made no sound through the gag in her mouth, simply returning the Captains stare with one of contempt.CRACK!Sahara’s body heaved once more and she pulled herself up to the limit of the chain, turning the involuntary muscle spasm into another impressive lateral pull up. Her abs pulling tight sent the lines of her pelvis into sharp relief and outlined the curve of her sex against the tight grey cotton briefs causing Captain Garrick’s eyebrow to arch even further as he leered at her.“Some wingman you are! If we had been in combat I could have been dead you useless bitch!” Rayven almost screamed as she drew back her arm once more and the electro-whip crackled through the air to strike across her back for a third time.The truth was she could take much more of this sort of punishment than they probably realised, trained as she had been by her lover and Mistress, Fleet Captain Nadja Sinn. Unfortunately her training from Mistress Sinn also meant that despite her contempt for Garrik and his petty punishments, her body was responding by becoming sexually aroused. She knew her pussy was betraying her and that a small wet patch was beginning to show in the grey cotton briefs, and that it would be visible to anyone who was looking. She flushed hot at the humiliating thought and threw her head to one side. Sadly for her the sense of humiliation only made her pussy wetter.She knew Captain Garrik had noticed as his stare had dropped to the mound between her legs and the tell-tale dark patch, but as usual Jax and Varryn were more interested in staring at each other than anything else. It was the amused but condescending stare of Raptor Two, Dalken Krell, the youngest scion of one of the noble houses of Coruscant the Galactic Capitol world, which caused her the most concern. He never normally seemed to notice her or his other Squad mates, but now he was staring at her with a strange look in his eye somewhere between lust and when someone has just fallen into a trap you have set for them. She didn’t like it at all, but at least he was staring at her face.“My, my! Look at this!” crowed Rayven as she noticed the source of Sahara’s growing shame “The little bitch actually likes it!”The laughter of the others upon being directed to look at Sahara’s soaking wet knickers was too much to bear. She was wet enough now that the dark V shape of her well-trimmed pubic hair and the cleft of her pussy lips were clearly visible through the sheer fabric.Rayven brought the electro whip round for another strike, this time across the taught muscles of her abdomen finally breaking Sahara’s resolve as she cried out in a mixture of pleasure, pain, and humiliation. The feeling of her juices running down her inner thighs only adds the shame of having her pussy betray herSahara lost track of time as she hung there being abused, using her conditioning from Mistress Sinn to use the pain to focus her thoughts on a single goal, she forms her plan for revenge not against her twisted squad mates for this petty degradation, but against the whole Galactic Empire!She would deliberately use their own tools of repression against them. Imperial conditioning had turned her into a willing and submissive sex object for her superiors, but now she was going to use her training to achieve her aims and bring them low. If she had to lick, suck, and fuck every scum bag Imperial officer, male or female, from here to Coruscant then she would do so gladly.When she opened here eyes again there was a look of hungry anticipation that her squad mates mistook for wanton masochism. There jeers only added to her determination. She was staring straight at her own reflection admiring the strong and supple young woman she saw staring back at her. This wouldn’t break her. Far from it. It would only make her stronger, more determined. Every indignity would be visited back upon them ten fold with the pain of ultimate defeat.CRACK!Sahara didn’t even cry out as Rayven’s latest blow struck her across her reddened ass cheeks, she just smiled wickedly back at her reflection. That’s it, she thought, hit me again… only harder this time you bitch!

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