Samson Inspired…


Samson Inspired…Sachar Lewis browsed the website. He chose a nice ½-carat diamond solitaire ring set in four prongs. The band was rose gold. It was the right size for Allyn’s slender manicured fingers. He added it to his cart and purchased the $539 ring. He hoped it would all go well.Sachar was named after one of King David’s heroes – from the Bible. His mother had been a 19 year-old lady. She did her best by him.Her name was Mary Lewis. She taught Sachar to read by the time he was only 26 months old. It was so funny to everyone else that she refused to read him bedtime stories when he was three. Mary made Sachar read them to her. She was trying to make him successful.And, Sachar was successful. He had gone to Coppin State and then earned a Master’s from Stanford. He now taught social sciences at a large community college in Illinois, just outside of Chicago,Sachar had once been married. Her name was Donna. She had birthed him two sons and one daughter. Donna had figured out that Sachar needed halkalı escort something else. She left with no qualms. She actually still lived next door to him in a tiny house on their property. She wanted him to be happy. Their k**s did not get it. But, that was not Donna’s business. She was now making love to a retired corrections officer and praised her ex-husband for being with Allyn. “They are wonderful,” she extolled about the non-binary brown-skinned bottom with a warm rose undertone. “Who cares what anyone else thinks,” Donna said. “You need to be happy!”“Do I,” Sachar was scared.“Yes! Own your truth,” the second grade teacher told him.“Thank you!”“So…How will this proposal go,” she inquired of the deep-brown man with a full goatee.“I was going to do it at dinner.”“No,” exclaimed the woman with an educational specialist degree. “Do it here. They love you.”“You think?”“Yes! Charles and I will set it up. I’m thinking taksim escort lamb chops and privacy.”“Donna, you are crazy.”“No, I’m for real,” the 52 year old lady shared.Sachar gave in to what Donna suggested. It made sense to him.Allyn arrived at the two-acre complex where Sachar lived in the larger 1900-square-foot home with three bedrooms and Donna had the 920-square-foot 2-bedroom, 2-bath cottage. Allyn drove their white hatchback Volkswagen Beetle. Sachar walked out of his home to greet the gender fluid young person. “You look so beautiful,” he gasped.“Thank you, daddy,” Allyn said. “What’s going on,” inquired the certified nurse assistant.“Nothing,” lied the post-secondary instructor.Allyn went inside and smelled rosemary and thyme. “Did you cook for me,” they checked.“Yes. Yes I did,” Sahar shared.They dined on the medium-well-done lamb chops. Donna had made a green bean casserole and some smashed red potatoes. Allyn sopped it up.Sachar cleared his throat. şişli escort “Ahem!”“What is it, handsome,” Allyn quizzed the five-foot-eleven, athletic-bodied 52 year-old.“Uhhhh, Nothing,” Sachar intimated.“That’s not true. You know I know you well enough …”“Okay, sissy! Be quiet,” Sachar interrupted.“Mmhmm,” moaned Allyn.Sachar dropped to his knees. “I don’t know if I’ll be able to get back up,” he chortled.“You’re crazy,” giggled Allyn.Sachar pulled out the ring. “Will you marry me?”It took Ally less than three quarters of a second. “Yes!”Sachar was thrilled. He bounded up and grabbed his lover. He kissed them with great passion.Allyn sucked on Sachar’s nicely thick 7¾-inch meat stick, Sachar stuck it in after eating Allyn’s corpulent 38-inch ass.“Fuck me, husband,” purred Allyn.“You like that,” asked Sachar.“Yes, sir!”“Give me that pussy,” the prof ordered.“Oh my god,” they whined. “Fuck me!”“You are really going to be my sissy wife,” the older man declared.“I hope so,” wailed Allyn as he took every inch of Sachar’s big fat dick.That night had been epic.Today, Allyn and Sachar were in Key West. On the beach. Donna was there too with her boyfriend.Their youngest c***d, Julien, was also in attendance.The officiant asked, “Do you, Sachar Lewis take Allyn Weaver to be your lawfully wedded spouse?”“I do,” Sachar smiled.

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