Sara , Teri Ch. 05


This is the final installment of this series. To fully understand the moment and the characters, it is best to read the first 4 chapters, but at least try and read Ch. 03 and 04. Hope you enjoy, and for those that have read throughout, thank you. Also thanks for voting.


“Emily,” I started.

I had made up my mind rather quickly. It really was an easy decision.

Emily was all smiles as she crawled across the bed toward me. Teri, meanwhile, looked bitterly disappointed. I hated having to tell one of them I would only be able to fuck one of them in the ass.

“Emily,” I continued, “I’m sorry but I pick Teri’s for tonight.” Imagine being able to actually choose between two women’s asses to fuck.

Emily’s smile quickly faded. Of course, by saying “tonight” I meant to imply another go at it with Emily for another evening. This, I knew, was a long shot.

“That’s okay,” she lied.

“But I’m not done with you yet,” I added. “I wanna lick your ass while Teri goes down on me.”

“Ooohweeee!” she exclaimed.

It was the best of both worlds, for me at least. And apparently for the two women, too, since I now had two smiling and willing partners. Emily nimbly turned herself around and offered her ass to me while Teri moved closer and took my member in her hands, caressing it and my balls below. Sara was nowhere in sight.

My hands were on Emily’s butt and stroking it.

“What a fucking fine ass,” I mused. “Isn’t it nice, Teri?”

Teri, who was still stroking my cock, looked over at Emily’s ass and said, “Oh yeah, very nice.”

Soon though, Teri’s attention was elsewhere as she bent down to take my cock into her warm, wet mouth, teasing at first the underside and then rolling her tongue across it before engulfing the whole head into her mouth. I had to be careful not to disrupt Teri’s work as I leaned in to kiss and pepper Emily’s sweet cheeks with soft nibbles.

Low guttural noises emanated from Emily and I felt a surge swell deep within my loins. Teri was doing an incredible job on my cock and it was not long after this euphoric feeling that she must have thought the same because she pulled her mouth off my swollen rod.

“I know you want to cum, baby,” she said. “But you’ll love it much more when you cum in my ass.”

Meanwhile, my cock was hard and ready to go. I had just begun kissing and licking Emily’s ass. I knew this was new for her and I wanted it to be an exhilarating experience for her as well as for me.

My tongue was running through her crack, running over her little puckered asshole. She would moan throughout and jump when I traveled over her most sensitive area.

Teri was patiently waiting and said to Emily, “Is Steve making your ass feel good? Licking your sweet little asshole?”

Emily was screaming uncontrollably now. My mouth had her entire asshole covered and my tongue was encircling erotik film izle it. My hands were clamped onto her ass and fingers digging in trying to hold her steady as she bucked underneath.

“Ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhh,” Emily yelped. “Lick my nasty asshole! I love it!”

“Oh yeah, Emily. And Steve loves licking your ass. He just loves them young and tan. And your ass has never been tongued or fucked before, huh, and it won’t be fucked tonight, either, ‘cuz he’s gonna fuck mine.”

“Ugghhhhh,” she moaned. “Feels so good, baby,” Emily said.

Emily was apparently ignoring Teri’s comment about not being the one to get fucked in the ass and concentrated on the sensations my mouth and fingers were doing instead.

Teri went back to my manhood and clamped her mouth around my cock, getting it nice and wet. Teri also reached underneath Emily and grabbed onto her boobs and began roughly squeezing them.

My tongue had returned to Emily’s dangling, puffy clit as my thumb penetrated her virgin ass.

“Oh yes. Oh yes,” Emily gasped.

I pressed my thumb further up and into her rectum.

There was a chorus of oohs and ahhs from the three of us. We had not known where Sara had gone off to but she returned with quite a flourish. We heard a smack and I felt Teri move forward on my cock. She removed my cock from her mouth yet again.

“What the fuck?” Teri blurted out. And then Sara slapped Teri’s ass again.

She was standing behind Teri brandishing a long thin dildo along with a tube that read “Anal Ease”.

“You want your ass fucked, girl? I’ll fuck it,” Sara declared.

I was smiling even though I would have preferred to have seen a big old strap-on hoisted around her waist. Sara had gotten dressed somewhat, putting her lingerie back on. But she looked so sexy getting that dildo covered with lubricant. And then she took a generous amount and reached underneath to run it along Teri’s waiting asshole.

“Yeah…yeah Sara. Fuck me. You can fuck my ass, hon,” Teri panted. “Go slow, though.”

I was also smiling because now it meant that I could fuck Emily in the ass, which is what I truly believed I wanted to do in the first place. Sara read my mind and leaned over to hand me the lubricant.

“I want to watch you slide your cock in my sister’s ass,” she told me.

With that comment, Emily suddenly realized that she was indeed going to have her ass invaded by more than just my thumb.

With strands of her blonde-streaked hair strewn across her face when she looked back at me, she said, “Shove that hard cock up my bubble butt and spray it inside of me!!”

I was only too happy to comply. I positioned my cock behind her, took the tube of Anal Ease and squirted a small heap in my hand and laid it thick on my cock, concentrating a heavy amount around my bulbous head.

Meanwhile, Sara had placed the tip of this particular black film izle dildo, which was different from the one she was using before I showed up, to Teri’s backdoor opening and with help from Teri pushing back against it, slipped it into her inch by inch.

“Oh my Teri, is that cum I see?” Sara asked.

From my angle I could not see, but apparently as Sara plowed the fuck toy up Teri’s ass, a white creamy substance seeped out of her anus in contrast to the clear lubricant.

“Ummm, yeah,” Teri replied.

Her face was a combination of pleasure and pain. But she continued to explain nonetheless.

“I told you all Bob fucked me over the dining room table when I got home earlier. What I didn’t say was that he fucked me in the ass.”

I was especially happy then that I was going to give it to Emily as Teri would have been greedy to have received it in her ass twice in the past hour or so. I took my thumb, which still had some lubricant on it, and slipped it into her ass again, although a little easier this time than when it was just wet with my saliva. I then pushed against her hole while pushing her back towards me with my hands on her hips.

“Relax, sexy,” I suggested. “Play with your clit.”

When I felt her body relax more, I plowed in another inch or so.

“That’s it, Em,” I added. “Your ass is so tight.”

I bucked my hips forward and with the last thrust, my cock was completely embedded inside Emily’s teenage ass.

Sara, meanwhile, had been slowly pushing her dildo in and out of Teri’s ass, but looked up and exclaimed, “Holy shit, Em!! His cock is all the way in your ass! Fuck my baby sister’s ass, Steve!”

Emily’s was face down into the bed sheets and she was gripping the sheets in her hands as her ass gripped onto my dick.

“Owwwwww!” she cried out. “It hurts so good!!”

I kept up the motion and was very slowly sliding my cock in and out of her. I loved watching her asshole swallow me up. Teri could not stand it anymore and was feverishly pumping her pussy with two of her fingers while Sara fucked her ass with the black dildo. Emily had gone from fingering her own pussy and clit to reaching out for my balls every time I plunged all the way in. She would run her fingertips across my sacs and when I would pull out, she would return to her clit.

“Oh my god, Emily…your beautiful ass feels so fucking good,” I said. “I’m going to cum soon.”

Just then with her fingers fucking her pussy and Sara poking her ass from behind, Teri’s body started to convulse. She started an orgasm that lasted for more than a minute.

“Oh my god you two…this is so fucking hot!” Sara exclaimed.

She had removed the dildo and sat back to watch Teri’s orgasm and also to better see her sister’s ass get fucked.

“Come on Em, milk that cock.”

“Give it to me, baby,” Emily gushed. “Give me your hot cum and shoot it inside seks filmi izle of my ass!”

Emily had a hold of my balls now and I was pushed completely inside of her and she was not letting go.

“Come on, baby,” she said again.

This request from Emily coupled with having just watched Teri cum and now watching Sara slip her panties aside and play with her own pussy again proved too much for me. I unleashed what felt like a truckload of semen into Emily’s butt, although after having already cum more than a few times already, could not have been that much.

I reached down and put my arms around Emily in a bear hug. I filled my hands with her C cup breasts and emptied the last of my seed inside her ass. I fondled her tits, kissed her neck and then nipped her right earlobe.

“Help your sister cum again,” I whispered into Emily’s ear.

Emily was very tired but seemed only too happy to do so. She crawled over between Sara’s legs.

“Em, you gonna make me happy again and lick my pussy?” Sara questioned.

“Uh huhhhh,” she sounded.

“Eat me then, Em. Make me cum. Please?!?”

Teri had put her jeans on over her bare ass and stood behind me topless to watch Emily lap up the juices flowing from Sara’s slit. Teri massaged my shoulders and tickled my back with her nipples.

“So hot, watching two sisters, one eating the other out,” Teri mused.

“Uh huh,” I agreed.

“Let’s go Steve and leave them alone,” Teri suggested.

“No, stay,” Sara pleaded.

“There’s no room for all of us to sleep, hon,” Teri stated.

It was just past 4:00 AM and Teri was anxious to go to sleep and she had decided that I was who she wanted to be with. If her marriage was crumbling, she needed my strength if not my love to help her through it.

She and I dressed quickly as Emily continued to eat out her sister. Emily paused long enough for the four of us to kiss each other goodbye. Sara even told me that maybe another time soon I could try her ass again. This made me smile but Teri clutched onto my arm and pulled me away as if to say “no, he’s all mine.”

So we left Sara’s apartment amid a chorus of moans and grunts from Emily and Sara.

Unfortunately for me, I was right, as this evening was my only opportunity with Sara and Emily. Emily was back with her boyfriend the next week and within two weeks, Sara had been given a great job opportunity by her uncle in one of his companies he owned in California. As for Teri, she had reconciled with her husband and they had started to go to counseling. And this after I had decided I was okay with having an affair with a married woman. Teri even decided to quit her job so that she would not be around me and tempted, and her husband caught on with another company in his field, because his affair began at work, too.

Two weeks after Sara left the company, her uncle promoted me to an executive position, which resulted in a tremendous raise. I was making almost as twice as my previous salary! All in all, things were working out pretty well for me, save for the fact I never did get to nail Sara’s ass. Perhaps that day will come.

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