Saturday morning ABS visit


Saturday morning ABS visitAs my wife was busy this morning (still at another man’s house from the night before), I decided to hit one of the local adult bookstores. There are 3 active ones in my area with video booths.Anyway, my first stop was the oldest ABS. It’s dirty and dark, but there are 12 booths in 2 rows of 6, and most booths have more than one gloryhole. It’s also usually busy, especially on the weekend – this is the place that all the older men tend to gather (often while their wives are shopping or at church or whatever). So I parked around back and went in the back door of the store. I walked up to the counter – this old place is run by an old grouch. But I got my tokens, and headed back to where the booths are.It was especially busy – all of the booth doors were closed, and as usual there were men older than me (I’m 44) lurking in the halls on both sides of the booths. They usually watch intently, waiting for some signal or opportunity. Today was the first time in a while that one of the older men in the hallway was openly stroking. The owner usually cracks down on that (among other things), but he was going at it, with a few other guys watching.Since the booths were busy, I walked over to watch the old man stroke in the hall, and started to run my hand along the erection in my jean shorts slowly as I watched him. Someone else asked him a question I didn’t catch, but he replied, “My wife is home, my k**s are visiting, with grandk**s. I had to get out of there for a bit!” Learning this dirty old man in his late 60s was a grandfather here stroking publicly instead of spending time with his family got me real hard. I thought about reaching out there in the hall to stroke him, and get mine out, but there were some people there in the hall I didn’t recognize, so I was a little reticent. I did manage to slip behind him though, and leaning against the wall was fairly comfortable. So I reached around and took his cock in my hand and squeezed it, then started stroking it while the other men watched.Before I knew it, an unrecognizable bursa escort stranger (hat, dark glasses, long coat, you know the drill) slid behind me, and as I stroked grandpa, the stranger behind me quickly unhooked and dropped my shorts and boxers. I was feeling quite exposed and a bit nervous, but I kept stroking grandpa, and the stranger wasted no time grabbing and stroking mine while spreading his coat slightly to let his own cock be seen.Grandpa had an average cock, that stranger behind us was just a bit smaller. We stroked a bit, and since no booths opened, the stranger figured he would move things along. So he reached up ahead of me and slid grandpa’s sweat pants and underwear to the dirty floor. Then he gently applied a bit of pressure against my back, making me slowly move up closer to grandpa, until finally I had his cock in my hand stroking, and my own hard cock was now folded up and pushing against his back.i was emboldened, even with the other strangers watching, so I started sliding my cock slowly up and down his lower back, and with one hand, I reached down and just spread grandpa’s hole, to see what would happen. Grandpa started adjusting to help move my cock, and quickly it was between his old cheeks, resting there. I said to the men on both sides of me that I didn’t have a condom, and I don’t bareback at the ABS.The two men responded by working in unison – grandpa reached back and guided my cock head to his hole, and before I knew it, the stranger behind me had thrown open his coat and I felt him against MY back door. My mind was spinning! No condoms, and I feel grandpa’s hole against my cock head, and I feel the man behind me rubbing his on bare cock head along my own hole. So many things went through my mind, but mostly all came back to the fact that I don’t bareback strangers, and certainly don’t let strangers bareback me! But……before I could do anything at all, it happened. Grandpa pushed back, the stranger pushed forward, and I felt my cock head pop into my old man’s hole as the stranger behind bursa escort bayan me popped his cock head into my married hole. I was kind of shocked, stunned, wasn’t sure what to do… I was bare in an old man I don’t know, a stranger was bare in me behind me, and I noticed a few of the men watching were now recording or taking pictures… I got scared, and knew I had to get OUT of there. And that’s when the stranger behind me reached up, grabbed grandpa’s hips, and pulled him back hard… and just like that, I was all the way in grandpa bare, and my stranger behind me was balls deep in my hole!As the other men are watching, recording, and jacking, the two men started to move, making my hard cock slide in and out of grandpa, and feeling the man behind me slap his balls against mine over and over. It didn’t take long for grandpa to cum – not a huge load, but a few good ropes that hit the floor, the wall, and the nearest man recording our dirty gay bareback orgy. After he came, he got down on his knees in front of me, and quickly took my whole cock in his mouth. Clearly he has sucked cock before, a lot.I was enjoying his mouth, and the stranger riding my fuckhole, and suddenly before I knew what I said, I leaned back to this total stranger barebacking me and said, “You can fuck my unprotected married hole harder, can’t you?” I don’t know what came over me… but I bent over, arms on grandpa’s shoulders, while the stranger behind me grabbed my hips… and then he really let me have it. I was bent over, he was slamming his hard bare cock deep in my married boicunt… right then, I was this stranger’s bitch. He owned me right then, and if he didn’t decide to pull out at the end, I was going to go home to my wife with my hole full of a stranger’s cum… someone who I didn’t know, didn’t recognize, didn’t have protection for… and didn’t fucking CARE.i started pushing back, and gave up hiding myself, telling him in my own voice to fuck me hard baby, yes, I want your hot fucking seed dumped deep inside my hole… I looked in the escort bursa cameras and told them that I was about to take a bare stranger’s load home to my wife. Suddenly I heard him say in a raspy voice, “here it cums, boi!”, and he grabbed my hips hard, digging in his fingers, and plunging as deep as he could into my man womb. And then he exploded… loudly… I felt his bare unprotected unsafe unknown stranger seed completely flood my hole, rope after dirty rope. He stroked out and in deep once more, and that was it for me – I COVERED grandpa in my own load. Whoever he was going home to, I wondered how he’d hide my cum all over his shirt…. and while thinking that, the stranger pulled out of my asshole, leaving me full of his cum.As I started to realize what I had just done, Grandpa climbed up behind me (the stranger had basically forced me to the dirty floor as he abused my hole) and before I could do anything, I felt grandpa slide his bare dick up my hole, using the other stranger’s cum as a nice lube. My mind went blank, though I did notice the two men with cameras were now focused on jerking off. As grandpa fucked me, he would say things like how much he likes r****g his grandson… and hearing this dirty talk, the two men stroking moved closer to us.i went to stroke my own cock, but grandpa said,”NO grandson, don’t touch that little clit!” And that did it…grandpa started shooting his bare load inside me too… and to my surprise, the two men stroking who I thought would blast the floor, instead aimed right at my face and they both blasted my face together with their two bare stranger loads. I managed to catch the last few ropes in my open mouth, after which I collapsed on the dark dirty floor outside the booths. I only rested there for a few moments, but when I started to get up and look around, I was the only one in the hallway. Everyone who had just abused me left, leaving me there alone – dirty, sweaty, and with multiple strangers’ bare loads inside my hole, in my mouth, and all over face and shirt. Suddenly it dawned on me what just happened, and just how many risks I took.But to be completely honest, I’m not sure those men would have given me much choice if I said no…I’m going back tonight to see what’s going on… and this time, I know what I want.

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