You move into a room which is secluded, a space where there are no prying eyes. I come to stand before you and gaze, deeply into YOUR eyes. I am drinking you in, savouring the love which I see there for me, giving you love, freely and reflected. Our eyes are locked together and still, but my hands are not.

You keep your eyes fixed on me, but you can feel that I have run my hands down your arms, feeling the softness of your skin, then holding your hands in mine. I take your hands and place them on my hips. And there they remain. You are the solid walls, holding us together, holding us upright. You feel my hands move between our bodies. I release your belt (I am presuming that you are wearing pants this day). My fingers hold your pants tight as I release the stud which fastens your pants together.

Then slowly, deliberately slowly to tease you, I move the zipper down, down down, until it is fully released. As I do so I can smell the strength of your arousal, I draw you in, delighting my nostrils with your scent, opening my mouth to the taste of you on the air, the hot air rising between us – that heady perfume of your heat. You shuffle your feet from side to side and I almost imagine that I can hear the slick lip-smacking as the wetness between your legs increases, as your pussy calls out to me. Still holding your eyes in mine, locked together, I ease your pants down across your hips and slide them down to the floor. Look at me! Look into my eyes. You cannot see what I am doing, you can only feel my hands upon you. And you feel me there.

My hand cradles the sodden scrap of cloth which was your underwear. I squeeze your pussy with my hand, teasing you with one finger running deep under your body, pressing the material up between the drenched wetness of your lips. My hand moves higher again and slides under the band of your underwear. As I let my fingers dance downwards across izmir escort the silky softness of your bare, naked olive skin I moan – this is almost too much for me to bear! I can feel the pain of my own arousal, my hardness straining against my jeans – but not yet. Do not look down! Look into my eyes. Feel what I am doing with you, for you, to you. Feel it and see the passion reflected in my eyes. You do not need to see – your body can read my fingers and the message of love which they are tracing across your silken flesh.

I slide lower and as I begin to encounter the top of the folds of your delicious, beautiful pussy I also encounter the first hint, the first taste, the first feel of your amazing wetness. So slick! So much! It is as if you have already climaxed and this offering is being drawn upwards by my fingers. Quickly, I slide my finger down among the drenched folds of your exquisite pussy, wiggling side to side so that I contact all the folds, entice all the senses, tease you to a higher place of erotic delight. For a moment I remove my finger. The pleasure does not end there, but I take that finger which has plunged your pussy and bring it to my mouth, savouring your nectar, delighting in your earthy offering to me, licking that finger until all traces of your juices have been transferred to my mouth – and I drink you in.

AAAAH – I delight in your savour. I lick my lips, so that not a drop is lost. All the while I am gazing into your eyes, gazing and drinking you in there also. My hand returns between our bodies and my finger returns to caress your pussy. As I had before I cradle your pussy in my hand, yet this time there is nothing between your flesh and mine, nothing but the rich sweetness of your juices. They gather in my cupped hand, I can feel them there. I want to bring my hand again to my mouth, to drink the juices which have pooled in my hand – but that would bayındır escort be to cruel – to remove my hand from your pussy would be to satisfy myself, but I am here to bring you to climax and to delight in you being aroused.

So there I was, standing there, looking into your eyes. My eyes locked on yours. Your hands on my hips, holding me close. Perhaps they were even resting in such a way that they helped to hold you upright. It could be that you were beginning to have a little difficulty in standing, your knees beginning to weaken as your arousal increased. So there I am. My eyes fixed on yours. Your eyes fixed on mine.

My hand between your legs, cupping your pussy, cradling you, with the palm of my hand against your soft bare mons and my fingers curling beneath. And your juices … OH your juices, dripping through my fingers. As I move my fingers I feel them contact with your flesh, delighting in the touch of your bare skin. And as I move my fingers they slide across each other because your juices are dripping constantly now, flooding my hand!!!

My fingers curl upwards and I begin to tease the entrance of your vagina. I run my longest finger back across your perineum then slide it forward, gradually increasing the upward pressure so that when it reaches your opening it immediately slides in, plunges upwards, my finger curling to match the shape of your flesh. I feel the walls of your vagina gripping my finger tightly. I slide my finger in then withdraw, but only for a moment — I slide in once again and plunge deeper and deeper inside you.. With my fingers, my hand, with my whole body I feel you shudder and shake as I plumb your depths, plunge inside your sacred space, as my finger penetrates towards your womb and the core of your being. You are so wet, so open, so ready that I move another finger alongside the first.

I feel the stretch bayraklı escort of your vagina as my fingers, side by side, dive in harmony and consort, as they share the delight of the soft slick wetness, the tight palace of your pussy. And more While plunging within you with these two fingers, deeper and deeper, on and on, again and again, my thumb has moved to hover over your clitoris.. With each stroke I allow the ball of my thumb to touch, lightly at first, gently stroking and stroking, teasing your hard knob of pleasure. Keep your eyes on mine!! Look into my eyes. You are not to look down but only to feel what I am doing. You are to feel this and to sense all that comes through the movement of my hand and through the window of my eyes, locked on yours.

My fingers continue to thrust inside you and my thumb begins to move more firmly against you, rolling around so that with each stroke I trace a revolution around your clitoris, rolling you in my hand and sliding my palm across you so that the lips of your pussy, parted, penetrated, violated by my fingers — that these lips slide across the palm and my hand is full of you and your juices. I look deep into your eyes and I can see that you are close. I hold you. I hold my hand against you. The movement of my fingers and my thumb and my palm matches the ragged bursts of your breathing. Then, with a suddenness which squeezes a cry from your lips you come to a climax.

My hand is suddenly drenched with a torrent! My fingers can no longer move upstream. I hold your pussy firmly in my hand — supporting you as you stagger and collapse against me. And our eyes are still locked together, yet now, as the fog of our climax begins to clear, I see the hint of a smile in the corner of your eye. You wink at me and lean forward, whispering into my ear a breathy “Thank you.”

Then returning to take my gaze again firmly in yours you look deeply into me. Boldly, brazenly, with your eyes on mine, with my hand still cradling your sopping pussy, you take one of your hands from your hip and squeeze my hard and throbbing penis through my dampened jeans. You look into my eyes and say — “And now …?”

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