Sex Slave to the Neighbours – Part 5 – The Finale


Sex Slave to the Neighbours – Part 5 – The FinalePart 5 during which I meet new friends who touch my cock and encourage me to ride my bike more.These weeks with my anonymous couple in the nondescript house on my bike route have been disturbing. Getting sucked off by both of them and accepting commands from them without any control on my part has been humiliating – and very exciting. I jerked off at home after these episodes and the orgasms were explosive. I had become a willing participant not knowing what would happen to me the next time I was called to their home and ordered to “strip.”A few weeks later, after no contact from the couple, I went back. I had avoided my bike rides to their home out of fear off being disappointed but this special Saturday night, I was lonely and horny. I rode the familiar route to their house and when I arrived, the house was dark as usual. I knocked on the door and this time it was unlocked and swung open. I walked into the darkness to see the same glowing TV. There was the smell of pot and strangely, the murmur of people trying to be quiet. The lights slowly brightened and I found myself in the middle of a crowd of eight men and six women, all new to me and – all naked. The men were all stroking their cocks and the women were pushing fingers in and out of their cunts. I almost expected to hear “Surprise!” as if it was my birthday party but instead, I hear a familiar male voice.”Strip!” And I did. My dick hardened as it popped from my pants. I was left standing in front of those cocks and cunts with my own penis in my hand. A hand reached out and replaced mine stroking Mr. Happy gently. I saw that it was the wife’s hand. The husband’s voice came out from the middle of the crowd. “Now, you get a treat because you peddled your ass over here so many tines.. Each of us is going to suck istanbul escort your cock.” Almost instantly, a mouth was on my cock and I saw an elderly man, stroking and sucking me, his other hand on his own cock. He passed me over to a younger woman who stroked fast then sucked gently at the tip. I was becoming very excited by this woman with the saggy breasts and the lovely mouth when my cock was inserted into the mouth of another woman. She was older and when I saw her exposed breast, I recognized her as the next door neighbour who had flashed her tit while I jerked off on the welcome mat of this very house. She stroked and sucked so gently and with such care that I didn’t want to give it up. Others insisted and my cock was soon in the mouth of a tall thin middle-aged man with an exceptionally long cock. I reached down and took his cock in my hand to feel it grow longer and harder. I had literally gone around the room and surprisingly, hadn’t cum. Each person’s gift was so unique that it was like starting all over again each time my cock went into hands and mouths.The husband’s voice took over. ” My wife chose you and then enticed you here by sucking your cock. She deserves a treat. It’s a lady’s choice and you have to do what she asks.”I want him to fuck my ass” she said in a seductive voice. ” His cock is hard and it’s gotten thicker and longer since I first sucked him off. Maybe he’s just got so much cum in him because everyone here sucked his cock and he hasn’t cum. He’s ready.” Then she bent over the dining room table, her asshole all lubed up. “Come and push that cock head into my arse.” I looked over her buttocks and the hole I was invited to push my cock into. I was excited by the puckering of her anus.I regained a momentary sense of control. “Does avcılar escort anyone have a condom. I want to do this with a condom so I can enjoy it. I don’t like to mix cum and shit.” Immediately, a bright red condom was rolled over my cock by the neighbour woman. In that brief moment, I had demanded and been given some control back. My dick remained confidently hard.I shoved myself into her ass and she moaned. Slowly, I pushed further into her. It was smoother than I had expected and this encouraged me to pick up the pace pushing deeper and more vigorously in and out my thighs pressing comfortably against her bum. I thought she’s be keeping up with me but she was strangely quiet. I slowed down and reached around to cup a tit. As I squeezed her nipple, she pushed her ass back onto my dick. We went on like this for at least fifteen minutes. I thrust fastest and harder and each time she would slow down and make me enjoy they feel of her bottom against my thighsJust as I might have cum, she pushed me out and turned, peeling the condom away clutching my cock and stuck it into her mouth deeply then withdrawing it to let it slip slowly back in. She jerked and sucked this way and I went out of my mind with every movement. I was about to come but she stopped suddenly taking my cock from her mouth and holding it in her hands like a trophy. She turned me to the crowd and began to stroke me very slowly as the crowd watched keenly. Her hand crept up the shaft, under the helmet and over the tip and back down until I was nearly mad. The crowd was getting excited too. Hands on cocks and fingers on clits made sloppy wet sounds to match her strokes. I was holding back because I didn’t want to cum and I didn’t want to become a spectacle but her hand was so convincing. So I bucked and thrust with her strokes şirinevler escort as the room filled with moans. I came and there was so much, it was so white and I couldn’t stop. It was almost painful and laster so long. And I wanted to put it all back in and do it again. The crowd orgasm must have gone on for fifteen minutes. I wandered around the room meeting my new friends and jerk buddies placing my cock in a mouth here and there and feeling an attentive hand cupping my balls. I bent to lick crotches that were wet with cum from one or more men. It occurred to me that I had been seduced into an erotic block parents group. These may have been neighbours who had watched my comings and goings and probably shared all the videos and would share the one that had surely been made this night. I smoked some dope and moved into the fucking, sucking crowd looking for yet another cunt to fuck or mouth to suck me off. I was surprised by how long it took but eventually, I couldn’t come any more nor could I pretend.I walked home wanting to relive the past weeks and this night as I walked. When home, I went to the computer and the website the husband had given me. I watched tonights video, cum being pulled from my cock before an appreciative audience followed by somer amazing close-ups of mouths on my cock. I put my hand around my red, raw, soft-hard cock and I stroked until I came again. The new vid had been posted on their private site. The neighbours will be reviewing it and I can now expect calls to ride my bike to a new house on the route where an older woman with large hanging tits ail demand that bI lick her cunt and then fuck while her husband waits his turn to have me suck his dick. I look forward to cocks in my mouth or licking a pussy. It’s part of a threat to my privacy that I protect by having private sex with some people on my bike route.Control is reassuring but having it taken away can send you into altogether new pleasures that I intend to enjoy, maybe tomorrow morning during my bike ride with the lady who flashed her tit at me after I came behind the lilac bush.End of Part 5 and this story. Thank you for reading it.

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