shagging mom


shagging mom[A naïve son tries to help his father get a reluctant mom to expand their tiny family. He makes several mistakes; thank heaven for mistakes.]*Never in the history of the world was there a better little boy than me. Well behaved, devout, celibate before marriage, it was truly an admirable litany. That all changed after I turned 18, but it wasn’t my fault…really.My name is Pete and I was the only c***d of David and Sara. My mother Sarah was religious and did enough home schooling where I was concerned to instill that in me too. I did not go in for ‘casual sex’, hand cranking, or anything before marriage. My mom ‘walked the walk’ too; she dressed like Mother Theresa. I didn’t have the slightest idea what she really looked like. My father was not nearly as strict; perhaps because of her conservative demeanor, dad went out of his way to be open with me. God, he even told me that they were getting close and had to try for that elusive second c***d, hopefully a daughter. He indicated that mom wanted that too, but never seemed to have the time. From that I gathered that mom needed some ‘motivation’. I never forgot that.On my 18th birthday, my mom was preparing a great dinner for us for after the big bowl game. Dad and I were watching it. His beloved alma mater (and my school next year) was playing. It was the last quarter and we were down five points. The other team was closing in on a clinching touchdown. At that point, dad got up, saying he was going to take a shower before dinner—he just couldn’t watch any more. He left, but then he remembered that mom had asked him to bring home her favorite wine, and he had forgotten. He jumped in the car and sped off.A few minutes after he said he was going to the shower, our team picked six. The cornerback intercepted and ran it back 89 yards, turning the game around. I was so excited I ran upstairs to the walk-in shower to tell dad. As I poked my head in with the great news, I was thunderstruck. I hadn’t known that dad ran out for wine, or that mom had decided to take a break from baking and grab a shower. But there she was. As the steamy water cascaded down, I was there with my mouth agape. My mother stood in the altogether. The hair that normally was in a tight bun (straight from the 19th century) was free, long, and luxuriant. Her beautiful face now seemed in context; it was above a beautiful body. Her hands quickly covered them, but her breasts were large, the most intoxicating sight I had ever seen. The nipples on them, excited by the shower stream, were erect like thumbs. Her figure was perfect, with a slim waist, motherly hips, smooth thighs, and legs like a Hollywood actress. Even her lovely feet were a revelation; she had never so much as gone barefoot before. I was so mesmerized that she literally had to push my head out the shower. I came to my senses instantly, explained what had happened, and left, retreating to my room.I was hiding in my room when mom stormed downstairs to meet dad coming back from the package store. She blew up and told on me; thankfully, dad filled in the gaps. Mom understood, at least. She still was steaming. I breathed a sigh of relief. Lying on the bed, I noticed that something was awry. I undid the fly on my pants, opened the jockey opening, and found that a part of me was enormously swollen. As I let it out, it sprung above my belt line. Once freed, it even went above my navel. I got out a ruler and measured almost ten inches from root to base. Talk about naïve. I of course knew that this was my cock. Somehow I didn’t connect the fact that I had just seen my gorgeous mother in the nude and my furious erection.It was the summer before I was to head to dad’s alma mater to start college. I was into archeology and paleontology even in high school. Since dad was an honored alumnus of our school, they offered me a slot in their trip to the ancient pyramid ruins in Mexico. I leaped at the chance. Before I left, dad wished me well. Then, for reasons I never understood, he told me that I should have a sister on the way soon. He had a particular date lined up, which coincided with mom’s cycles. It turned out that I would be home by then. All in all, it was much more information than I wanted to know. In Mexico, I was such a ‘downer’ that the other students (all male) hated me. I got up early and finished late, never going to the night spots. The other guys, thrilled they could drink at 18 and not 21 like here, got tanked every night. On our last night, they all carried paper bags with bottles wrapped within. My best friend, Roger, brought me one too. On the flight home, the bottles safely stored in our luggage, I asked what they contained. He said they were ‘spanish fly’, the so-called aphrodisiac to end all that would get the most prudish babe to rip off her clothes and volunteer for anything. I hadn’t known that, or I would’ve left it at the airport. Thank goodness I didn’t know.I took the limo home from the airport. It turns out that this was the day that dad had indicated they would make their last effort to make that daughter they both hoped for. Like a lightning bolt, it struck me. That ‘spanish fly’ probably konyaaltı escort didn’t work, but if it did… Dad had told me that mom was as desperate as he was to have that daughter now, before it was too late. He said that the problem had been mom’s reluctance to actually make the effort. My brilliant idea was to give mom the Spanish fly; by the time that dad got home from work, she’d be crawling the walls, and my k** sister would be all but certain.It was 3:30pm. Mom betrayed her English background by having tea and biscuits (cookies) promptly at that hour. That was perfect, the tea would mask the ‘spanish fly’. She was thrilled when I offered to make her teatime treat for a change. She thought I was a dunce when I served her two cups of tea at once in a large coffee cup. Of course, I had to have more tea to conceal the added liquid. Thankfully, she drank it.At 3:45pm, dad called. There was a crisis in their European office. The Greek monetary crisis threatened their whole operation; he had to fly out immediately for about a month. He’d be in Brussels. After he hung up, the shock hit me. I had tried to prepare mom, whose cycle was at its peak, for dad’s onslaught as he tried for that baby. Now, he was gone for 30 days. What if that stuff actually worked? I re-assured myself: none of those things work, it’s all a fraud. I convinced myself that everything was cool. I went downstairs to grab something from the fridge.I was wearing my official NBA warm-up fleece shorts and nothing else. Mom, I presumed, was still in her room. From her room, I heard a crash. It sounded like that bed tray I used to give her afternoon tea in bed had fallen. I knew that mom didn’t like me in her bedroom for any reason, so I didn’t bother running to see what happened. Now I heard a thump, thump on the stairs. It wasn’t the sound of someone running or quietly padding the stairs. It was a deliberate stagger, as if someone was drunk. (For those keeping score, my mom never ever was drunk) I almost jumped ten feet when my mother appeared at the kitchen threshold, her face looking odd. What was even odder was that she was NUDE, my mom, NUDE man. My jaw dropped, my eyes popping out. Mom: [Sounding like a stoner or a drunk] “Is your father here?”Me: “Na…no mom.”Mom: “What do you mean NO?! He promised that he and I were going to look into your missing sister problem”Me: “He called me; a crisis at the European office made him fly out to Belgium; he will be back in about 30 days.”Mom: “30 days? 30 FUCKING DAYS?! I can’t last 30 days; I’m ready NOW. Do you understand ‘ready’, Pete?? I don’t know what it is, but I have never ever been so ready for anything in my life. Baby, I don’t understand myself, but all I know is that your baby sister is waiting…inside me. I need a man to help her come out. I was hoping your father would be here to do it…I mean, that is what marriage is supposed to be, isn’t it? Marriage means you stay with your man, even if he has problems getting excited, and even if his maximum is 3 lousy inches. Marriage means you are loyal and stay.” [At this point, I was slowly backing away as mom slowly approached. She won. Her hands started to caress my upper body, which was overdeveloped due to a cheap gym membership.]Mom: “God, Pete, I never noticed that you are so different from your daddy. What muscles. Oh, looky there, in your shorts. That thing is gigantic. What a man! I think that little Pete wants mommy, doesn’t he?”Me: “Mom, the job of the man of the house is to make the babies, and the man of the house is dad; he was just called away on an emergency. I am going to turn around and do these dishes and I expect you to be back upstairs when I turn back.” [I turned on the hot water and grabbed the Ivory Liquid. Just then, I felt something indescribably fantastic. Mom had nakedly closed on me; she rubbed her throbbing nipples against my back, moving side to side. I moaned in pleasure. In spite of my self-control, my cock lurched, bobbed, lurched, and sprang to iron-hardness, ten inches of tempered steel. My balls swelled, soon hanging down, drooping with an excess of pent-up passion and potent seed. In spite of all of this, I was going to be that good little boy I always was. I wouldn’t betray dad, or do something with mom that she herself would regret tomorrow. I turned to tell her one last time to back off. Unfortunately, I turned quickly. As a result, my huge erect cock slapped her on the thigh.]Me: “Mom, I will say this one last time; I don’t want to betray dad or do something with you that we will both regret tomorrow.”Mom: [Naked, mom closed up to me. On graceful tiptoes, she put her feminine parts against my ten inch cock, straining to burst out of the workout shorts. Her pussy lips hugged that cock as she went up and down on barefeet, rubbing it frantically.] “Please, Pete, I am so ready…mommy is so fucking horny. Please, honey, this may be the last cycle I have…I am so fertile, so very fertile. This may be the last time I can have that k** sister you want…that we all want. Please, Pete, be that man you always dreamt of becoming. Prove to korkuteli escort me you are a real man; make love to me. Breed your mommy, give me a baby. Please honey, I am so ready, ready to have a baby. Make mommy pregnant…do it now, or there might not be a next time…”Okay, I admit it. I am no saint. Here was a woman about 39, with a perfect figure, dragging her boobs across my chest with nipples popped. Meanwhile, she was either rubbing my cock with her slavering pussy lips or using her surprisingly able hands to keyhole my cock while cupping my swollen heavy scrotum. There was only so much a man could take…any man. So, I admit it, I broke down.Mom was rubbing me raw down there while wetly kissing my chest. I had had it! I grabbed her by the blonde hair on her head, bringing her face to mine roughly. I then kissed her so hard I was happy I hadn’t driven her jaw inward a foot. Finally, I picked up that (forgive me) piece-of-ass. No, not like some phony Hollywood movie, lying in my arms. Hell no, I picked her up, fireman’s carry, right over my shoulder. I ran up the stairs to her room. Like delivering a sack of mail, I dumped her onto her bed. I proceeded to remove those damn shorts. I proudly flexed my teen muscles, showing her who the man of the house was, at least for today.Me: “Mom, if you know what’s good for you, you will get flat on your back, with those fantastic legs spread. You started this, and now I am going to finish it! I am going to fuck the holy shit out of you; you are going to accept all my saved up sperm. It is going to fill your insides, cover your outside, and fill up your bath tub. It’s hammer time.”I got between those legs, something I had dreamed about doing since that incident in the shower. I glared at her; she got the message and put my mammoth love tool inside of her. I proceeded to toy with her, moving my huge uncut cockhead up and down, back and forth, in and out. I was naively doing it right, purely by mistake. I was touching everything that mattered and mom was about to bust. Finally, she held up her hand.Mom: “God, baby, STOP! I appreciate what you are doing, but I just want you to do me, and do me hard. I am so horny, so ready. Let’s both make this a night to remember…enough with hammer time…now, it’s baby time.”I pulled all the way out of mom till only the end of my cock lightly grazed her wet pussy, then I slammed it home. Mom winced. I withdrew it all the way, and then brought it forward. As I continued to pile-drive into my gorgeous mother, I carefully started moving her towards the bedpost. Finally, I had her where I instinctively needed her for breeding, with her legs on my shoulders, her slender ankles bumping into my ears, her beautiful smooth mommy feet dangling in the air. My ten inch cock was now extending far inside my beautiful mother, the sensitive head searching for the cervix opening. I knew absolutely nothing about sex, having been celibate before marriage. The fact that my cock was doing ‘all the right things’ was pure divine intervention or instinct (your choice.) Mom: “Oh, honey, you are doing great. I can’t believe you’ve never done this before. Now, just relax and let Nature do the rest. I just wanted you to know…mommy loves you so much.”She kissed me tenderly, her eyes a tiny bit teary. I never felt so much love for my mom; as I returned the kiss, I had the most incredible feeling of contentment in my life…my big uncut cockhead had found the right ‘doorway’. The tiny opening in my uncut cockhead now expanded to the size of a penlight, making way for all of the saved up lust from my period of good behavior. It really wasn’t a matter of a shot or two. It was much more like an industrial transfer. My hugely swollen balls were almost dragging on the floor, laden with baby-making sperm. As they slowly contracted into me, a shockwave went thru them nine or ten times. Each time, a slow but steady wave of potent seed was propelled into mom’s unprotected and incredibly fertile womb. Wave after wave, splash after splash, in an unending orgasm that lasted three minutes. Setting a new record that would never be matched, mom had a brief orgasm as I began, simultaneous with me. Later, she had a second one, just as I was ending. A record that would never be matched…eliciting two orgasms from my lover during one seeding. As we both laid there gasping for breath, we got a phone call. Mom took it. It was my dad (of course.) To my utter shock, she told him everything that had happened, in vivid detail! He then told HER a few things that only he and I knew about our plans. Suddenly, they figured out that I was an innocent pawn in all of this. As embarrassing as it might be, dad asked to talk to me.Dad: “I know you will feel funny talking about this, but I heard you did real well!”Me: “I, I don’t know what to say…this is all so very weird.”Dad: “I just wanted to talk to you; given all the unlikely things that had to happen to end up this way, I just wanted to tell you that I was cool with this. To be honest, your mom was never the problem; we didn’t have a second c***d because of my sperm kumluca escort count, not your mom’s religious upbringing. We never considered you as part of the solution, but frankly, since it did happen, your mother and I are delighted. I know you probably are turning red discussing this, but you have to know: it is likely that this is mom’s last chance. So, you have my blessing to ensure that we as a family don’t waste this opportunity. Now, go. And kiss your mom for me.”I was stunned. Talk about unexpected! My own father was encouraging me to service his wife, my own mother! Worse, it wasn’t even dirty. I couldn’t think of anything less sordid or more beautiful than loving my treasured mother while bringing forth a new life that our family desperately wanted.Me: “Mom, I feel so much better now. I just wish I wasn’t completely and totally drained. I don’t want to disappoint you or dad, but the best I can do is sleep with you and hope I’m re-charged tomorrow.”Mom: “That’s ok, sweetheart. I understand. You had a lot of pent up seed and you blasted it into me; that takes a long time to re-fill.” She cupped my balls, now empty and light as a 1st class letter. She gently keyholed my soft cock, making it spring back to life instantly. She put her tiny hand back on my family jewels, waiting.Mom: “So, honey, if you can’t be a man again until tomorrow, that’s fine. I just was hoping that we could try one last time tonight, that much closer to my peak fertility time. It’s possible you already got it done, anyway. You pumped so much seed into me, filling my womb so fully like it never had been before. Your huge cock is so much bigger than your father’s, so much harder. I am so proud of you, so virile, so strong. Your muscles are so huge, it’s a good thing daddy and you get along so well; he wouldn’t stand a chance against you. Too much man for him…so very much man.” [She imperceptibly hefted my balls again; they were already half recovered.] “Bright and early tomorrow, we will try again; you will have your morning wood, you will get on board mommy, push it in, pull it out, again and again. Then we will kiss, you will tell me how much you love your mommy. Your big, hard cock will find that entrance to heaven inside of me. Finally, that oversized babymaker of yours will proceed to fill my womb yet again with all of your baby-making sperm. You will have planted all of your potent seed in a warm, moist garden, certain that something will grow from the fertile land you seeded. Sure enough, five or six weeks later, we will do a home test, showing that I am pregnant…with YOUR baby. Soon, my belly will swell. In seven or eight months, mommy will be walking around, her swollen belly huge with your baby, or BABIES. Mommy’s breasts will be engorged with warm, sweet mother’s milk. So very much milk, with no baby yet to drink. You will help me fill bottles with breastmilk, which we can actually sell for a small fortune. Of course, you might steal a few drinks yourself of that divine white gold.”Mom: [She felt the balls again; my testes were the size of a normal man; she wanted the oversized ones that I had the other day.] “Just think of the day of delivery; you will be up in the observation theatre, watching as the doctor pulls that baby out. As he spanks it and it starts to cry, you will know that your baby…YOUR baby…was given birth by your own loving mom. I bet that huge cock of yours will get rock hard. Here you just had a baby and all of a sudden, you are possessed by the idea of making another one. Two months after the birth, when mommy is okay and ‘ready’ again, you will ask daddy if it’s ‘still okay’ to ‘use mom while she still can bear c***dren for the family.’ You will ask him that. BUT A FUNNY CHANGE WILL OCCUR. Whatever his answer is, you won’t care. At that point, the only thing that will matter is whether MOMMY wants to keep on going. If she does, there is no force on earth, whether daddy or an entire army, that will keep you from putting a hard cock into a sopping pussy. Whether with daddy’s blessing or not, you will keep breeding with mommy, so that she has as many c***dren with you as you want, as many c***dren as she can physically bear.”Pete’s mom again weighed his balls. After her stirring ‘speech to the troops’, his balls were somehow bigger than they were before they ever had sex. Swollen to record size, drooping with the enormous weight of multiple millions of sperm, he was again supercharged and READY!!Sarah his loving mother positioned herself in the middle of the bed. She lifted her shapely legs up, her lovely feet pointed to the ceiling. She placed her graceful hands over her entrance, making a triangle, sort of a target. Pete was again in a daze, driven by overpowering sheer lust. He connected his hose to the wet excited entrance to his mother’s garden of delights. Plunging in as he gently rolled her up, his mom was again in an ‘L’ shaped position, legs high, pussy forced wide, and penis pushed deep. Again and again, he dragged the sensitive head of his cock against the tender tissues of his mother’s vaginal walls. She moaned almost steadily, her orgasms either measured as one continuous one or several dozen. After what seemed like hours (but was only minutes), his powerful organ emitted a dozen lengthy jets of his potent seed, all absorbed by her womb. If her ovum was still floating about, waiting for some ‘Y’ factor to join with her ‘X’ chromosomes, then it must have been done that moment.

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