Shari In the Afternoon Ch. 01


Shari turned around in the kitchen, idly inspecting the sink and fingering a bottle of dish soap. She said, “You can call Sara if you want; we already talked about it and she said it was okay.”

He had to stare at her in disbelief, or more accurately at her back in disbelief. He couldn’t help looking down at her rear and staring bluntly at her ass. Then he shook his head and bounced a little on his bare feet. “Uh…” he began, then stopped.

Shari laughed a little and said, “She volunteered you, actually. Seriously.” She rearranged the items on the sink in a pattern he recognized from her own house. Whenever he and Sara went to hang out with Tony and Shari the bottles and things were always in certain places.

“Go ahead and call her. I mean it,” she said, wandering around a little, turning her head and looking at him.

He walked into the living room, found his phone on the charging station, and sent a text message, glancing at Shari out of the corner of his eye. This was all too incredible. He asked, “Shari: for real?” The reply came back in seconds.

“Yep 😉 gotta run love Sara.”

Shari walked towards him in the living room. She said, “See?” She smiled. “It’s all good.” Then she was close to him, looking up at his face. “We can’t use your guys’ room, and both you, and me, have to tell her everything.” She lowered her head and looked at him threateningly from under her brows. “…and nobody tells Tony. Ever. Fucking EVER. Get it?”

He nodded a little, looking down at her, and almost reflexively he lifted his arms and moved his hands towards her sides and her slender waist. He asked, he had to ask, “Are you and Tony having this level of problem? You seem fine to me.”

Shari shook her head. “No, we’re fine otherwise, but since the baby he’s just, like…” She frowned, and he could see where wrinkles would show up on her forehead; it didn’t matter, she’d always be pretty. Shari continued. “He just totally shouldn’t have been there for the birth. It totally freaked him out, like completely.” She lifted her face a little, then frowned again. “He won’t really touch me, or fuck me, and it’s making me really,” she paused, “angry, and I hate, I HATE, being angry at Tony.”

She moved close to him and bumped against him a little. He moved back against her, touching her sides with his hands, lowering slightly to her hips, trying to make a final decision. He couldn’t believe his wife would volunteer him to fuck her best friend. He had to triple check. “Are you sure? I mean…”

Shari huffed at him, face tipped up. “What do you want? Sara okayed it, she wants you to do it, and it would really, really help me out.” She waited, looked sideways, then said, “Look, if it makes you feel any better, it would help Tony, too, because I’m getting illegal bahis really fucking frustrated and I’m getting actually angry, and then we just fight.”

She continued. “I love Tony. He’s a great dad, he’s involved and loving, he loves Connor to death, and he’s being great about everything but, but, you know, fucking me.” She looked at his face again. “It’s just a fuck to get me by until Tony and I can work things out and he gets over his little trauma about watching a kid plop out of my cooch.”

That made him recoil a little, remembering his alarm at watching his own child be born, and then he started laughing. Shari watched his suspiciously, then smiled. He kept laughing, remembering the first time he and Sara had had sex after their own birth, and how nervous he’d been, and how irritated Sara had been about his trepidation. He remembered being yelled at and told to get over it. He sighed. He had a clue what Tony was feeling.

He said, “Just a one time thing, right? Right? Tony’s my friend, too. You’re both my friends, our friends.”

Shari said, “Yep. Just help me out, get it done, and nobody says anything to Tony, because it would kill him. It would absolutely kill him.” She glared at him, suddenly threatening. “…and if you ever tell him, it will kill him, and then I will kill YOU. Get it?” She glared with even more intensity, then said, with the steely kind of incipient pure hate only women can get, “If you ever tell Tony SARA will kill you.”

Shari raised her eyebrows, asking for an acknowledgment without speaking.

He nodded and said, trapped between his wife and his wife’s best friend. He was trapped. He sighed and said, “I get it.”

Shari said, suddenly smiling, “So fuck me, already.”

He took Shari’s waist, gripped a little, and when he did she placed her hands against his chest. He guided her around and positioned himself to sit down on the couch. He remembered that Sara and Shari had gone shopping for it together, and had it delivered without so much as asking him. He sat down and Shari came right after him, straddling.

She sat on his lap on the couch, arched her back, and pressed her crotch against him. He reached around and cupped her ass, lifting and grasping. She reached out and kissed him squarely on the mouth, opening her lips and toying with his tongue. She tasted like green tea.

Kissing him, she unbuttoned her shirt and exposed a shiny black pushup bra, holding small breasts. He fondled her, rolling and caressing.

She said, “Take off your clothes,” and stood up in front of him in her black work slacks. She shrugged off her sandals and took a step back.

He looked her over while he stripped naked, half sitting and fidgeting out of his pants and T-shirt. She looked good, damn good, illegal bahis siteleri especially for a woman who’d had a baby six months ago. She had nice, firm, wide hips, narrow waist, and a fine, round, utterly delectable ass. He’d always loved her ass, and when he was around them he had a difficult time keeping his eyes off her backside. It was actually embarrassing, and he worked hard at being cool; but here she was, right in front of him, asking for it.

She was pretty, with delicate features and lush brown hair cut short. Her tits were tiny, but that was okay. He imagined she wore a bra mostly to cover the nipples rather than hold up her tiny tits.

“What’s the matter with Tony?” he asked, knowing what was going on but interested in what Shari would say about it. “He’s not into you anymore, or what?”

She shrugged. “Since the baby he hasn’t touched me. Almost a year.” She took off her shirt. “I guess being in the delivery room was too much for him. I’m trying to get him to a counselor but he won’t go.” She breathed hard and he watched her chest heave. “…yet. He’ll go. We’ll work it out.”

She shook her hair and unzipped her pants. “I love Tony. He’s a good father.” Then she flipped forward and mounted him again, panties peeking out of the opened pants. He grabbed her ass and squeezed, hard. She kissed him again.

Shari said, playing near his mouth, “So what’s up with you? You get the blonde with big boobs, and Sara says you’re really into skinny little brunettes! What’s up with that?”

He had to confess, “I don’t know. I really don’t know.” He kissed her. “I’ve always liked thin, dark-haired girls, and none of that ever worked out. I always got, you know, the zaftig kind of lady, and, and, it’s not really my thing.”

He felt Shari’s ass. He said, “Not a boob man.”

She pulled back and regarded him. “Well, are you what, an ass man, then?”

He reached around, fanned the air, and slapped her ass playfully. Shari giggled and pushed her pussy onto him, rubbing hard. His cock went stiff and he wanted to fuck her right then with no further play. She took her bra off, exposing nice, tiny tits. Flicking and tickling her nipples with his teeth and tongue, he smacked her again. She laughed and reached for his cock, stroking gently and thumbing the tip.

“You’re a nice size,” Shari said. “Nice.” She shifted around, holding his shaft in her fist and rubbing the tip against her cloth-clad pussy. She leaned over to his ear and said, quietly, “You should get that cock in my pussy and fuck me hard.” She bit his earlobe. “You wanna do that? Fuck me?”

“Yes,” he grunted. “Oh yeah.”

She continued nibbling and whispered, “On our vacation two years ago Tony slipped lube on his cock and fucked me in my ass.” He gasped canlı bahis siteleri and grabbed her ass, pressing in between the round, solid cheeks. “I bet you’d like that, wouldn’t you?” She bit down, harder than before. “Fuck me in the ass?”

“Yes,” he whispered back at her, looking into her face, noting her eyes with lowered lids and glowing dark eyes. She was pale but pretty, with porcelain skin and wide mouth. He couldn’t stop himself from kissing her again, and pressing her against his cock. She laughed quietly and kissed him back.

“Come on,” she said. “Let’s get you in me.” She got up on her knees and let him hurriedly and awkwardly remove her pants and panties. She had nicely trimmed hair, dark and equally lush as the hair on her head. She kept herself above him, teasing a little, while he fondled and gripped her fine, broad-ish ass. He crept between her cheeks with his fingers, and she pushed her belly against his chest.

He nibbled at her tits and felt her up, moving his hands to the insides of her thighs and pressing gently against her body.

Shari said, “Hold still.” She gripped his cock, held it still and upright, and bluntly lowered herself onto him, slowly and carefully taking him inside her body. He grabbed her hips and pushed, but she stretched it out and kept him just barely in her pussy for a while. She felt fantastic and he told her so.

“You like my pussy?” she asked, and he had to nod silently in desperate agreement. She leaned in again and kissed his neck, whispering, “You want to fuck me? Fuck me hard?” He nodded again. Without any warning she slammed down on him, roughly, taking him in entirely. He grunted and grabbed her waist.

“How does that feel, fucking your wife’s best friend? Huh?” Shari asked, in a laughing tone.

He groaned out an answer, feeling her amazing body taking him. “It- you- feel great.”

She raised up and slammed down on him again. “You don’t care a baby came out of there, do you?”

He shook his head from side to side, mumbling, “No. You feel like wet, warm, silk.” He grabbed her ass, slid his hands around on her naked body, and lifted her up by himself and shoved his cock inside her pussy. She put her arms around his shoulders and let him fuck her. Shari fucked him back, slamming on his cock and kissing his mouth and neck, whispering words to him. She murmured and gasped while they fucked, and when he put his arms to her waist she fell back, exposing her small tits to his mouth.

“Fuck me!” She stage whispered, and he did. His cock slammed into the pussy of his wife’s best friend, feeling her deep.

Shari moved her hands and gripped his shoulders, and the changed balance allowed him to really pound her hard. She responded, slamming violently on his cock and exhaling loudly with each thrust. He felt like he was going to come, and told her.

“I’m gonna come too fast, Shari, I’m gonna come.”

She smiled and said, “Too much for you, huh?” and immediately lifted off. The air on his cock made him gasp.

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