Sharon and Ian


Sharon turned off the bedroom light and crawled under the covers next to her lover. He was sated. But she wasn’t. A typical night of lust wasted on a man who didn’t know how to please a woman. Sharon ran her hands over his thighs to rest on his balls. She squeezed gently and then stroked his penis from base to tip three times.

She got up and threw his clothes on top of him. The failed lover didn’t wake. He snored. Sharon wrapped him in the sheet burrito style and tied a knot. Pulling him to the door of her home, she opened the door, still naked, and pushed him outside into the July heat. Still he didn’t wake. His car was not far, so Sharon used his keys to throw him in the backseat. Out of kindness she lowered the windows, beeped the lock and tossed the key in after him.

The next lover was an improvement. His cock was more pliable, and he enjoyed oral as much as she did. But alas, penetration was not his style, nor was putting his woman’s pleasure first. So she trussed him up and deposited him on the hood of his car.

Lamenting her lack of a suitable lover, Sharon enjoyed a single meal at a local restaurant. illegal bahis Other patrons were couples of all ages, some with children.

“What can I get for you?” the waitress asked.

Sharon said, “A smoothie, but I’m not sure what flavor.”

“Then I’ll come back.” As the waitress sashayed to another table, Sharon noticed that a gentleman at the bar was watching the waitress’ ass. Sharon met his eyes and he smiled, looking her up and down. Sharon flirted back, flipping her hair to one side and licking her lips. The waitress returned and Sharon said raspberry, and ordered a gourmet hamburger. When the food arrived, so did the stranger at the bar.

He sat down and put out his hand for Sharon to shake.

“My name’s Ian. What’s yours?”


Before he released her hand, he ran his thumb in circles. She shuddered, enjoying the friction. Sharon did not want him to pull away.

He took a long swallow of his beer. Sharon couldn’t help thinking of his tongue licking her ass clean.

“Pleased to meet you,” Ian said.

They ate and drank in silence, but their eyes and feet never stopped illegal bahis siteleri moving. Before Sharon had finished her fries, he had massaged her entire foot with his own. His eyes drank her in. She wondered not just about the size of his cock, but if he had the technique to please her.

When she finished eating, Ian paid the bill and tucked her hand on his elbow.

“Do you have plans for the rest of your evening?” Ian asked.

Sharon smiled. “Would you care to join me in some fun?”

“Yes, please lead the way.”

Sharon drove him home. When she opened the door, Ian came in and closed it behind them, locking it before kissing her on the mouth. Sharon kissed him back. His hands caressed her sides from rib to hip. His shirt no longer covered his body. He slid his hands underneath hers and drew it off. Sharon unbuttoned his jeans and treasured the sound of them falling to the floor.

With a snap of his fingers he unhooked her bra in one swift motion. He massaged her nipples with a hand on each breast. She drew circles over his shoulders and chest, moving lower and lower until her hands canlı bahis siteleri drew his cock toward her. She was a mime pulling the rope. It was a good size for her. He would fit nicely.

He nestled his lips on her neck, sucking until he was sure she would have a delightful bruise to showcase tonight’s fun. He enjoyed her hands on his cock and let her pull him closer to ecstasy. Before he released, he turned her around and pushed her against the door, lifting her. He pressed closer, relishing the feel of her skin against his. He sighed, kissing as much of her exposed skin as he could reach.

He dipped his fingers into her dew. She moaned. He rubbed her clit in circles with his thumb as his two fingers moved inside her. When he could bear it no more, he pulled his fingers out and replaced them with his cock.

Ian moved slowly at first, going in all the way and pulling out. Then he moved faster and faster before slowing down again. She moaned, gripped him tighter, wanting her ecstasy to rise. He held back his own release, wanting her to come at least twice before it was his turn.

“Please, oh please, faster, faster!” Sharon pleaded.

“As you wish,” he said. He plunged inside her, increasing his pace. He leaned his head back. Her moans increased in volume. With one final thrust, he was done. Sharon smiled. She found a knowledgeable lover at last.

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