She Awaits


As you near the door your thoughts are on your last instructions for me. Opening the door you find the room dimly lit with flickering green candles. The scent of jasmine mingled with ylang- ylang, and rose blossoms greets you as you step into the room. Glancing through the shadows at the room, you are angered that your instructions weren’t followed to the letter, you don’t see me anywhere. Stepping inside you kick off your shoes and coat, quietly planning your punishment, blood thundering through your veins as you picture my forgetfulness and disobedience.

Slowly you undress planning to allow me to think you had forgotten and were not upset. You walk around the couch, thinking to call to me from a deceptive, seated position comfortable and reclined from your chair. It is that moment you see me where the coffee table appeared to be nestled in the shadows…and your breath catches in your throat.

Your eyes cover me in adoration, as your manhood begins to harden. There I am, on my hands and knees, head bowed. My hair hangs straight on both sides curtaining my face, my back straight and unmoving. In the middle of my back sits a crystal wine glass half full of red wine. Next to that almost on my buttocks rests a matching crystal plate filled with an array of cubed hard cheeses, fruit and flat bread.

As you draw closer you see, as commanded, a small dildo peeking out of my stretched, dark, little hole. Not only does it appear well oiled, you see that my whole body is oiled as well, and is covered erotik film izle in small flakes of green.

You sit down in your chair, without a word, moving the glass and the plate aside. Your hand flashes across my ass in a series of angry, openhanded slaps. It sounds almost like lightning on a stormy night, as my reddening buttocks begin to burn. Then as suddenly as it began you stop massaging the oil into my warmed red bottom. I hear your voice softly ask why I couldn’t follow the simplest of instructions, and then give me permission to speak freely. Tearfully I explain that I thought I was close enough inside the door, and I wanted to have something special for you to come home to. I finish speaking and sit quietly awaiting your judgment, knowing my first punishment was well deserved for not following your exact instructions.

You pick up your wine glass, and sip the dark red wine and lay the plate back down on my back, admiring the table I set before you. Massaging my red bottom while you take a bite of cheese, you tell me I have done well in anticipating your desires and will leave my punishment as it stood with the first spankings for disobedience

Sipping your wine again, you pick up some bread. I risk your wrath again, as I speak out of turn. “the oil covering my body is olive oil, seasoned with Rosemary, basil, and oregano for you to enjoy your bread with .M’Lord” Another smack sounds out as your hand meets my red bottom. “Are you forgetting your manners Pet?” “no M’Lord” I reply. film izle Which earns me another series of harder smacks on the bottom. “those are for your lying mouth, next time it shall be across it” you growl at me. I decide that is enough “earning” my spankings and sit quietly while you eat your meal.

As your anger cools, you take a piece of bread from the plate, slowly run it down my back, to my bottom and trace the marks your hand left moments before, slowly eating your bread and sipping the wine. As your glass empties you notice the rest of the bottle set to be easily reached on the side of your chair, and you refill the glass. Taking your time, enjoying this new aspect of my servitude, you admire my oil glistening body before you, feasting on the bread and cheese, taking especial pleasure from eating the oil from my body. Finishing the food, you set the plate aside once more, careful to keep the wine in your reach.

Rising from your chair, your manhood painfully erect, you kneel behind me, positioning yourself carefully, and slowly remove the dildo from my dark little hole. In one stroke you are buried inside my tight hole, and I am struggling for control of my senses. Tears stream down my face, and I bite my lip so hard blood flows freely into my mouth, but I do not cry out.

Pulling back ever so much slower then you entered, you pause before plunging back into me again, running your hands over my oiled back then gripping my hips. Pain/pleasure rushes out from my stretched and torn hole, seks filmi izle as you pound into me, harder and faster. Heat spreads over my body in waves as tingles of electricity shoots throughout my body from my cunt. You haven’t even touched it!! As if reading my mind, or my body, or both, you reach underneath us, and strum your fingers over my clit in time with your strokes.

Your pace slows and you reach over for your wine, taking a sip. Taking another sip of wine in your mouth you hold it there for a moment and then spit it across my back, watching droplets form on the oil and run off my sides. I tremble as the liquid warmed from your mouth pours over me, and cum again, on your fingers squeezing your cock even tighter in my asshole. Faster and harder once more, you grab my hips and slam into me watching my shining oiled body squirm and wiggle under you.

Soon I am at last given the first reward for the night, as I feel your hard cock pulsing and throbbing in my ass. Your hot cum shoots out in thick strands covering my insides. It quickly fills me, and pours out of my tiny hole, dribbling back onto your cock, sliding down my slit and covering my pussy.

You let your semi hard cock slide out of my ass, and sit back in your chair. I quickly kneel upright at your feet awaiting further instructions. Your hand comes around me, pushing me back onto my hands and knees. I feel your finger in my stretched and sore asshole, and then at my mouth, offering the ultimate gift of your cum. I await, mouth watering, to hear the words. Then at last you say them. “You may taste me, my pet.” I open my mouth and wait for your fingers, as they enter my mouth and rub along my tongue, I sigh in my happiness, and taste your love for me.

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