Big Dicks

John Lewis on a Tuesday morning was surprisingly empty, given the season. Not the most street credible place for buying a new case for Cyril, but we headed for Electrical on the top floor anyway.

Enjoying the trip on the escalator, I cupped your tight little bum beneath your coat, caught a sniff from the back of your neck, and remembered lovely things. The gentle metallic smell of your tiny gold chain mingled with the warm scent on your skin – making it feel like my nose was floating in almonds and milk. You looked down and to one side, the outline of your cheek disappearing into a gentle wave of long, straight hair.

Your hair can be so effortlessly exciting, and it’s the best hair… I gave your bum another squeeze.

Electrical was all flat screens and neatly arranged laptops in rows. There was a small rack of Apple things, and with them the accessories. Silver blue Chamois leather? Red velveteen? Puce pink would not be a good colour, but it does have interesting pockets inside. In the end, you choose a dark green leather embossed floral design, with a built-in stand. We wander round some more, looking at things and talking about the iPad 2 rumours. I’m mostly looking at you though, but I don’t think you notice. You have the best hair.

Almost lunch time, and we work our way down through the other floors. Furniture, menswear, a pretty thorough investigation of womenswear, but nothing looks that good. Soft furnishings, and we’re talking about fabrics. I’ve always liked the smell of that floor: fresh gun-tuft, a sort of familiar, clean, dustiness. One wall houses a row of curtains hanging in long tresses from the ceiling – a sort of fabric rainbow. We walk slowly illegal bahis past these, feeling the more interesting ones as we go.

There seems to be nobody around. You pause in front of an expensive-looking, soft ochre number and look up at me, smiling. With a wonderfully sexy wiggle of your hips, you take my hand and pull me close to you as you dart backwards. In an instant we disappear inside the rainbow wall. I worry that there’s not going to be enough room for both of us, but in fact there’s plenty of space. The curtains close silently around us with a puff of warm air and we’re folded there together, giggling quietly in the muffled darkness, kisses providing little jolts of excitement between stifled giggles and getting our bearings, swaying in the sudden darkness.

You shed your coat and pull mine to the ground, quickly followed by belt and trousers. “Get naked!” you whisper. I do, and try to kiss you but miss, instead feeling your hands inside my shorts, fingers sliding between my legs. I’m getting very hard and my heart is pounding as I’m naked now in the darkness, feeling heavy fabric on my back and around my shoulders, your hand around my cock. At last you plant your sweet lips properly against mine for the first time, and we hold still to kiss. I love the silence, your hand gripping my erection while my balls swing gently and the smell of your lust drifts around me. Now the tip of your tongue flicks wickedly over mine, making me tingle gently as you masturbate me firmly, hungrily. I want to do the same to you but don’t know how, so I just kiss you deeper instead and explore your beautiful body.

Your other hand returns the squeeze I gave you on the escalator, illegal bahis siteleri and my heart is really beating like crazy now. I’m also harder than I think I’ve ever been before. Meanwhile, your teeth gently nibble my nipples, making my hips push forward, feeling the firm softness of your thighs and knickers sliding up against me.

I manage to get a hand inside your blouse. Finding your utterly squeezable breast is almost enough to make me come where I stand. A smooth, pert nipple bounces between my fingertips and I wonder at how you really have the most perfect little tits. Catching my breath now, I moan slightly as you take your hand and lips away from me to swiftly remove another layer of clothes. The unmistakably feminine yet wonderfully aggressive scent of your sex wafts up between us, telling me that you’re naked now too – I can sense your pussy breathing beneath me as I trace down the outline of your hips.

Trying to control the waves of lust, I almost lose control as I thrust my hand down and up between your legs, my fingers slipping inside you. Oh, god you’re wet, warm and inviting like never before. If only I could speak to tell you how grateful I am to you for that. Getting wet for me is the most wonderful compliment a man can have. You’re sighing and kissing me and feeling me all over as you open your taught long legs and guide yourself down. Closing my eyes to feel your utterly tight wetness breaking over the tip of my cock, I’m almost feinting as you opening up to me, riding me in one fantastic movement. I meet you at the bottom and you move up, and then – oh god – down again with a deep, dark thrust in which we both sigh together.

In silent canlı bahis siteleri agreement, we stop for a moment to feel it. Feel your inside me. I’m in the grip of your pure femaleness, and it takes me further still. We start to fuck hard and strong together. And through the warmth and the scent and the sounds of what you give to me, I’m hoping you will come, hoping I can satisfy you and give you want you want while desperately trying to make sure I don’t ruin it all. The urgently luscious rhythm speeds up. Hands around your waist, behind me, breathing coming in short spurts of greedy joy as it begins to call me – teeth clenching, starting to push me too far. But I feel you coming first – pulling my hair, a short cry as you judder and buck your sweetness forward. And before I know anything more, I’m hit by it as well. I’m coming and I want it to both stop and to last forever, but all I can do is come – pouring myself out into you with all the lust and heat and salty sweat of the most wonderful orgasm I’ve ever had. We’re both shaking with it, your legs pushing up into my hips as I jam myself as deep as I can inside you feeling your clitoris rubbing through the beautifully slick friction between us. All those nameless feelings are washing through me, and I want to explain through gasps and panting – how it’s only you, and you’re the only one and the only woman forever. But I can’t.

Your head buried in the crook of my neck as it all fades slowly, feeling you squeeze me in indescribable waves as warm little trickles of happiness run out from inside you and down my thighs. I pull you close to me, kissing you, smelling our sex as it covers us completely. The feeling of filling you with myself makes me feel so proud and warm.

I’m so glad you did me, in John Lewis. And I’m laughing and sighing and panting and sweating as I hold you and kiss you and want more and more and more from the most perfect girl in the entire world.

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