Sir’s Angel, The Weekend. Part 4 The final da


Sir’s Angel, The Weekend. Part 4 The final daShe wakes up knowing it is Sunday morning, her last day with Sir. He isn’t in the room, but she feels he is nearby. She gets up and walks to the bathroom… There is a note,that simply states, Get a shower, put on the bathing suit then the dress over it. She sees a box but decides to jump in shower before looking at it. After a quick shower she pulls out the skimpy string bikini and laughs. As she puts it on it is more like pasties with strings for the top, her C’s over fill it bad. The bottom barely covers her pussy lips, and a three inch wide strip up the back. She pulls the dress on realizing it is so thin it is more of a bathing suit cover than a dress. Knowing he will not take her in public like this she sets off to find him. He is waiting in the kitchen ready to go! She asked, and where are we off to dressed like this? “Anywhere I wish” is his reply. They get in his Jeep, no top no doors, and set out for a ride. She feels naked riding with the wind, hardly any clothes at all, thin this cover up was blowing up into her lap. They stop at waterfront resort, where he has a room reserved. They go in without talking to anyone, he already has the key. She feels everyone stare at her and she wonders if they think she is a whore. Who else would dress like this anyway? They go to the stairs, and she follows him up three flights of stairs to the top floor; wondering why they didn’t take the elevator? She knows the strip of cloth covering her ass crack has slid together working like a T back but feeling like a wedge holding her ass cheeks apart as she climbs the stairs. They enter the room and he has wine chilled and waiting. He pours two glasses and opens the curtains bursa escort then the sliding glass door to the small balcony. They sit outside on the balcony enjoying the beach scenery. Just as they finish the bottle of wine three men in their early twenties enter onto the balcony next door and keep looking at her. He goes in and gets a second bottle of wine and the remote control toy, which is wrapped in a towel. He pours a glass and tells her she has two choices. He will slide it in or she can step inside and slide it in. Also, choose between the cover up and the bathing suit. She steps in the door and removes the cover up and pulls the bikini bottom to the side. There has been no hints or talk about sex today, and she is still a little sore and not very wet. He ask her to hand it back out to him and he splashes some wine over the toy in plain sight of the three guys then hands it back to her just inside the door. She gets it started in and has to work a little bit to go all the way. She ask let’s go inside, they know you’re going to fuck me, isn’t that enough? He laughs and tells her come out and sit down. She pulls the thin bottom over her snatch and shyly steps on the balcony hearing the jeers from eight feet away of the three guys. She sits down as one ask, hey lady, where did that go? Sir turns the toy on a slow pulse from the remote, with slow wiggle. She thinks OMG, he is going to make me cum right here with them watching? She tries to look as normal as possible as one says show me them tits. He takes her hand and stands her up turning her to face the guys placing her hands on the balcony rail, then grabs her hips and starts grinding against her ass. The guys start rubbing their crotch yelling show me bursa escort bayan more. He whispers in her ear “keep eye contact and tell them to ask nicely”. She looks one in the eye and states they have to be more polite and show her something first. Not believing those words just came out of her mouth she sees three aroused cocks come out instantly. She feels safe with the eight feet of air keeping them back, but this is further than he has ever pushed her. He spins her around and starts to kiss her, first slowly with a hunger building. She was uncertain what was stronger the intoxication of the wine or his kisses, but she was not in control. He gently pulled her arms behind her back, then before she knew what was happening; she had been handcuffed! She wanted to protest, but before she could get a word out, he spins her back around. He turns the remote viberator to a hard pulse and pulls the string untying her top at the same time. He squeezes on her hips and grind her ass while the three guys stand on the opposing balcony stroking their cocks while the toy does jumping jacks inside her pussy, she stares right into the eyes of one of the boys, bites her lower lip as she starts convulsing and her body tries to go limp. He leans her forward with her tits hanging over the rail and she feels his dick rubbing her pussy… rubbing against her dripping lips. That’s when she realized she is fully naked, she never noticed he had pulled the strings on the bottom too. He has not turned off the toy and she can’t speak, one wave after another totally out of control, trying to beg him to take her inside. He hears her cries for him, “please,,,take me,,,” and at that point slams his wet dick deep in her ass. Her body escort bursa and mind are now in shock, she had been trying to beg to be taken inside for a break. She screams once as she sees one of the guys shoot his load towards her missing by several feet. The other two are still stroking away as she gets rammed in the ass, while her snatch is still stuffed full of vibrating pulsing delight. He pulls her hair back so she sees the two guys and hears them begging to come fuck her. Now she gets scared, how far will he let this go? Finally she see another one shoot is load as the other one says for him to fuck her mouth. He pulls his dick out of her ass and then the toy from her snatch, but then stuffs the toy up her ass as he pushes her down to kneel. He commands her to sit in the kneeling position and she feels the long neck of the wine bottle enter her quivering sloppy wet pussy. He stands up and stuffs his cock to the back of her throat as she continues to have uncontrollable oragasims. She feels herself open like she is giving birth as he pushes her shoulders and the bottle goes past the neck and becomes more than she can stand. She feels tears on her face dried, taste cum in her mouth and her pussy stretch to where it feels like fire as she passes out from hyperventilation. When she awakens, she is laying flat on her back on the dinette table. He is washing her body with a ice towel from the ice bucket. She can’t speak, and still trembles, part from the ice water and part from what she has been through. He smiles as he sees her eyes open. Her ass, throat and pussy feel like she has been through a porn flick. She knows it’s time to go home, but feels so used and abused she is ashamed to go back. He slides his face down and gently kisses her swollen clit. She says” no please, I cant”. He smiles and says wrong, I’m hungry now my love, after I eat we can leave. She winces as her stinging torn pussy lips open again for his lips.

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