Sissy Emma is Turned chapter 2


Sissy Emma is Turned chapter 2At that point I was allowed to go back upstairs and remove everything and go home. As I was walking out towards the door, John said he would see me the next week. Not if I can help it I thought.Once I got home, I quickly got into the shower and washed away the thoughts of what had happened to me and was soon in bed and fast asleep.Over the next few days, I began to forget of my ordeal and resolved to keep away from any of the chat rooms. I hoped I had learned my lesson.That was before I received an email from him. Attached was the video of me, but it had been edited. None of the parts where he had forced me were there. All you could see was me dressing myself and then begging to suck his cock, begging to play with myself and it really looked like I was enjoying it. Also attached was a list of all the contacts from my phone including numbers and email addresses.The email read;Emma,I hope you have recovered from our little meeting the other day, but as promised, it’s time for you to think about your next visit. As you can see from the attachments, I have all your contacts and a lovely little video showing what a little sissy slut you are. I’m sure you will follow all of my instructions to save that going out to all of your contacts.So between now and Saturday this fethiye escort is what you will do;1. Go to the tanning salon and tan your self for 9 minutes in a skimpy bikini.2. You will wear panties, holdups and your little butt plug at all times. I may text you at any time and demand a photo to prove you are doing so. Failure to comply will have consequences3. You will visit a salon and have both of your ears pierced.On Saturday at 10.00, you will present yourself at my front door naked and Beg Master to let you in for your next training session. Once inside, you will act as a complete sissy, begging me to train you to become an even more simpering sissy. Remember, any failures will result in the video being released. Do not try and attack me or bring in the authorities, the email is set to time release and can only be stopped by me.Looking forward to seeing you,Master John.I stared at the email in disbelief. This really could not be happening to me. There must be some way I can get out of it. I thought of going to the Police, but I thought about what would happen if that email got out, especially to my ex-wife. I’d never see my k**s again. A dark realisation came over me. I’d have to play along. At least for the time being.I sat in a state of bemusement for a good couple of hours until escort fethiye eventually my phone beeped. It was a text message.Here is your first stockings/panties/plug check. Send a photo back within 2 minutes or there will be consequences.Oh my god, I’d forgotten. I rushed upstairs and grabbed the suitcase I kept my stuff in. I quickly found some stockings, panties and plug but a minute had gone. I had no lube for the plug. I put on the stockings and just pushed at the plug, I hurt so much but there was no time. I pulled up the panties and took a photo and sent it back by text. I hoped he would not realise the plug was not in.A minute later, I got a reply. As the plug could not be seen, I would be punished at the weekend, but he was not going to release the video for just that. I realised just how serious this was getting.The next day, I left home complete with panties, stockings and plug and made my way to the tanning salon. I had a bikini in a bag and changed once in. I tanned for 9 minutes and faint lines were starting to appear.I also went and had my ears pierced. This was also a little embarrassing having to ask for both ears to be pierced whilst sat in front of a young girl, in panties, stockings and a plug.Finally Saturday came around and I knew I had to drive over to Master John’s fethiye escort bayan house. I did this with a large amount of trepidation, still trying to think of ways out of this but coming up with no solution. I pulled up in front of the house and walked up to the door, realising just how exposed it was.And now I was going to have to strip to my panties and stockings and knock on his door. I glanced around in disbelief at what was expected, but again could think of no way out. I decided to do it as quickly as possible and get inside. So I stripped and banged on the door hoping for a quick reply. ‘What do you want’ came from behind the door.’Let me in’ I squealed.’Tut tut tut’ was all I heard and nothing more.I could hear a car engine approaching and talking coming from the house next door. I had no choice but to degrade myself to prevent public exposure. Between a rock and a hard place.’Master John, please let this sissy in to continue his training’ I said’Louder sissy and let me know exactly why you want to come in’Footsteps were approaching, it was now or never.’Please Master John, this little cock-sucking sissy presents herself at your mercy in the hope you will use and abuse her and teach her how to be a better slut’I heard the key turn and with some relief I fell onto the hall floor.The relief was short lived as I opened my eyes and saw what was before me.To be continuedThanks for all your comments on part one, for those that read but didn’t comment please do as your feedback helps me write the next instalmentEmx

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