Sissy slave weekend part 2


Sissy slave weekend part 2My weekend continued….after being shocked and bagged I was walked over to the bed, pushed face down and tied, hands and wrists to each corner, my thong pushed to one side, ready for whatever is next. It must be over an hour now with nothing happening, suddenly I hear heels walking towards me, something swishing, a whip? a cane? I would soon find out, without warning a quick swish of a cane strikes me, it’s so painful I let out a scream but as I do another strike and another! I’m told that for every sound I make I will be caned or whipped!She walks over and pulls her panties to one side, grabs her massive cock and forces it down my throat, gagging and struggling to breath I moan with pleasure but receive a whip on my back, I’m told again…any gaziemir escort sound, good or bad will result in pain! Now I’m nervous, every touch could lead to a caning or whipping, fuck it, let’s test it out! I speak, I say…come on bitch, whip me! She doesn’t, but she does cane me, I wished I never spoke, she unleashes on my ass, 20 of the most heartbreaking swipes I’ve ever had, tears running down my cheeks, screams coming out of my mouth, which ultimately leads to more caning! I can’t take it, I’m trying to break free from the shackles but I can’t, my ass is burning, I can feel the heat with every stroke, she carries on, it’s killing me but I control myself and don’t make another sound, it stops, then she says….finally, you understand, gaziemir escort bayan no more sounds!I hear more heels, another playmate? Another cane? I don’t get to ask who this is, I just get to taste her cock and feel the dildo she shoved inside me, I forget I can’t say a sound and get whipped to remind me, it’s difficult to suck a cock and not make a sound, something I wished I’d mastered, but sadly I didn’t!Because I couldn’t stay silent I was whipped and caned more and more, at times two canes at once, it hurt so much I had no choice but to scream, regardless of the consequences, I’d never felt pain like this before, I was crying uncontrobaly but they didn’t care, even laughing at times. I’d stopped thinking about where I was and escort gaziemir what was happening to me, my sissy weekend had turned into a nightmare, I was tied face down with a dildo in me and getting the caning of my life!It was strange, I didn’t know what to feel, pain or pleasure, it was mixed in to one and was new to me, at the time I didn’t like it and wanted to be free but looking back it’s something I liked and would want more of in the future. They kept going and for each sound I made they whipped and caned me more, it went on for hours, slowly whipping and caning me, I tried not make a sound but it was impossible, in the end I gave up trying not to speak, I laid there and took it all until I couldn’t scream or cry anymore, my ass burning, no more tears to cry, dildo in my ass and still tied to the bed, I was ruined, in the end they gave me over 250 stokes of the cane and countless whips, I have perminant marks on me that would remind me of my Sissy slave weekend forever!I told myself I would never do this again, but that didn’t happen ;)Sweet dreams xxx

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