Slave Sanctuary #1: Sasha, Natalia and Ashtyn


Slave Sanctuary #1: Sasha, Natalia and AshtynI own an island at the outskirts of Samoa for my Slave Sanctuary for wanton women from all the worldI re-named it in English also as Slave Sanctuary, where I warmly welcome women who want to serve meI am so far the only male inhabitant as all mothers have given me more and more dear dirty daughtersI will introduce them bit by bit, in small groups of friends, working my way around all of the worldI start in Sweden, which yields the triplet of Sasha and her slaves nice Natalia and awesome AshtynI met Natalia first time exactly two years ago in old Amsterdam, where we both lived for a few yearsI know the other two from a lot of virtual sex before I decided to invite them together to my islandI will tell how our last time ended in a sexual collapse, where the youngest and yummiest took over!I always ask first at them “Who’s there?”, as all them three operate under the account of sexy SashaI almost always get to talk to Natalia, canlı bahis as Sasha fell in love with her blonde babysitter teen AshtynI often offer her some sex as I know the other two are making love and naughty Nat also gets very wetI often offer her my love as she is very sexy, pretty and by far the most eager of them three there!I tell her to imagine she sits between my legs in my large arm-chair with her back against my breastI tell her to spread her legs wide for me as I long to slap her hot snatch till her clit will pop upI tell her to imagine how she hears warm words whispered in her ear, while I squeeze her big breastsI tell her to twist her nipples for me as I want to bite in them to make her hot: scream and cream!I seduce her by my promise to reward her hotly, if she comes on my orders within three more minutesI start to count down, while I continue to talk nice and naughty to Natalia, who seems at the brinkI expect her to come any moment now … bahis siteleri I start to wonder what I will want from her in return for itI expect her reaction soon … but it never arrives, as Ashtyn takes over: “Natalia just passed out”I talk eagerly further with the tasty teen, only a babysitter blonde beauty so far, not a mother yetI talk about her visit to the Red Light District with her big boobed boss sexy Sasha for a few hoursI invite awesome Ashtyn to tell how her hot evening in dirty down-town went with her mighty MistressI invite her to tell me all the nice naughty dirty details but I only get a short sexy summary of herI stand outside at the street right in front of the largest central window for rent with Sasha insideI stand there and I feel nailed to the stones in the street as I see whom she has rented for her showI see she performs sex with two black boys with big pricks who take her in every possible penetrationI see soon sperm leaking from all güvenilir bahis her open orifices, down her lovely long legs and her beautiful boobsI hear from Ashtyn that Natalia fucked herself with a big dildo while she was chatting with her PeterI hear from her that the elder s!ster has carried the younger mother to her big bed to take her hardI try to imagine how sexy Sasha pumps in and out passed-out Natalia with her 12-inch strong strap-onI try to seduce Ashtyn to another round of awesome submissive sex with me remind her she is favouriteI know Ashtyn is terribly excited, completely wet in her tight tasty teen twat for her hot ProfessorI know she remembers well how she passed out at my lap last time we made love and how I took her againI decide to invite all three of them to my island in the sun so I can be in full control of them threeI decide to invite for their pleasure two tasty teens as well from Sweden together with their superiorI warmly welcome words of praise in Your commentsI welcome all ‘thumbs up’ of my dear readers hereI will continue this sexy series of short storiesI will inform my dear readers about all my slavesI claim copyright, May first 2015 – Poet PETER

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