Sleeping Beauty


She fell asleep without a word. No ‘good night’, no ‘I love you’, no words at all. She just slumped out of the bathroom, curled up under the covers and passed out.

I knew her silence came from fatigue and frustration at life, not anger at me. Her job had been unusually stressful and hectic that day. From what I understood, dealing with ACS was always frustrating, but today was worse somehow. She didn’t want to talk about it.

Then she threw herself into an intense dance class right after work that channeled her restless energy but drained her physically. The only reason she was at my place instead of going home was because she was too tired to make the long commute. Among my other qualities as a lover, I was often very convenient. So she slept restlessly, trying to gather strength for another day.

I watched her sleeping wishing there was something I could do to help her feel better. Her bare breasts rose and fell with her strained breathing, the dark skin still moist from her shower. Her hips twisted as she struggled to find comfort and I got a tempting vision of her firm, juicy ass before the sheets blocked my view. She was deliciously helpless in my bed.

That gave me an idea.

I slid into bed, curled up beside her and wrapped my arm around her shoulders. She pressed back into me instinctively, her ass brushing against my groin. That small movement ignited my erection, but I continued to focus on her. I pressed soft kisses onto her cheek and whispered encouraging words into her ear. Not loud enough to wake her, but hopefully audible enough to slide into her dreams. She let out a soft sigh and held my hand to her chest.

That was the signal I was looking for. My kisses pressed deeper on her neck. I illegal bahis licked and nibbled on her ear lobe; pulling more sighs and moans from her lips. Her breath came quicker now, pushing her breasts out farther. My hand cupped to squeeze the soft flesh and her nipple sprang to life in my hand.


She rolled onto her back to give me more access to her body. I stole a quick glace into her pretty face before pulling her nipple into my mouth. Her eyes were still closed. I decided

she was still sleeping and probably dreaming. I flicked my tongue to tease her and traced the outline of her stomach with my fingers, wondering which lover she was dreaming about as I stroked her.

Her legs opened smoothly as my cupped hand dipped between them. Her head rocked into my shoulder and her back arched. I offered soft kisses on her face to comfort her and long slow strokes on the lips of her pussy to excite her. It wasn’t long before her hips were grinding against my fingers and the first drops of moisture covered them. My lover still slept, but now she was riding out the wet dream I was giving her. I let her ride for a little while longer before I decided to wake her up.

I moved down her body, dropping kisses on her breasts, ribs and hips. Positioning myself between her legs, I slid my arms under her succulent thighs, raised my arms up and spread her hips wider. With one last look on her sweet sleeping face, I flattened out my tongue and slid it up the length of her pussy, leaving a trail of saliva as I went. Her eyes shot open, looking down at me in a haze of confusion and shock. Before she could question or protest, I devoured her swollen clit and sucked deeply.

“Oh shit…”

Her brain didn’t know what illegal bahis siteleri was happening, but her body responded willingly. Her hips popped off the bed, burying my face in her. The taste of her was so sweet to me. I gladly

lapped up her juices, hungry for every drop. She started to grind on my face, playing her pussy against my mouth. I stiffened my tongue to fuck her with it and was rewarded for my aggression when her head flew back against the pillow.

“Oh fuck…”

Part of me wanted to eat her pussy all night. Another part of me wanted to pull on a condom and fuck her brains out. My dick was hard beneath me and it was more than ready to go. But she needed to sleep. Now was not the time for 10 rounds of sex. I pulled my face away just long enough to dip my fingers into my mouth. I stole a few more delicious licks on her clit before I eased two fingers into her dripping sex.

“Oh yeah…”

Her wet inner muscles were tight against my fingers. I began to stroke her slowly, burying all three knuckles into her with a strong steady rhythm. She kicked off the sheets,

raised her legs in the air and held the back of her thighs to form a wide V with her lower body. Everything was open to me now. I increased the speed of my hand and licked greedily at her clit.


She was deep in the ride now. I looked up at her face. Her eyes were squeezed shut and her tongue rolled out of her mouth as if she wanted a taste of pussy too. Her nipples were stiff, her hips jerked violently in time with my finger fucking and her thighs shook with waves of pleasure. She was cresting, so I tried to take her over the edge.

With one deep thrust I curled my fingers into her G spot canlı bahis siteleri and sucked at her clit even harder. Keeping the pressure up with my mouth, I tapped her secret spot quickly with the tips of my fingers. I hoped that this inner and outer attention would give her the release she wanted.

Very soon, it did. Her pussy locked against my fingers as if she wanted to break them. Her legs clamped around my head, her nails dug into my triceps and her back heaved off the bed. Her whole body tightened into a powerful spasm and then, all at once, she collapsed into the bed.

I pulled my drenched fingers out of her body and let her roll away. She murmured something incoherent and then she was asleep again. By the time I came back from the bathroom she was deep into her slumber. The only move she made was to curl up beside me when I lay down so she could rest her head on my chest.


I woke up to a warm kiss on my cheek the next morning. “You are a dirty old man.”

“Good morning dear. Did you sleep well?”

Her tilted grin admitted what she wouldn’t say. “Is that what you were trying to do? You decided to tuck me in with your tongue?” She laughed. “Who does that?”

“I thought it was a good idea at the time.”

“You think that’s a good idea all the time because you like to eat me. You’re nasty.”

“You’re delicious.”

“You’re crazy.” There was another kiss on my cheek. “I’d love to reciprocate, but I have

to go to work.”

“No worries. You know where I live.”

She looked down at me shaking her head and smiling. There was warmth in her eyes that was missing the night before. It was exactly the look I was hoping to see. “I love you. Go back to bed.”

My lover got up and walked towards the door. I took in one long look at the perfect shape of her ass before I closed my eyes, curled up under the covers and passed out with her voice in my ear.

“…and stop staring at my butt.”

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