Sophie gets payback


Sophie gets payback“Do you get your kit off like the others?”“Yes but I have to pay for these, so its sixty.” Trixie said bouncing big new her tits up and down in their elasticated top designed to show most but not all that was on offer. Just to encourage him she popped one out.“Gawd inflation nowadays OK its worth it I reckon.” Three twenties changed hands but the savvy East Ender wanted more since he was paying extra and pulled down Trixie skirt. Underneath the long skirt he found very tall red boots and a microscopic thong which he also reached for but a hand stopped him. Another twenty and the hand went away. Thong and top dispatched and he admired the naked woman. In many ways a sweet innocent girl next door type, middle class accent, middle class appearance and beautiful big boobs but combined with a gleeful adventurous streak.The other server came in dressed similarly to the new tart. His mates produced three twenties between them and busty girl next door stripped her mate down to the thong in a very sexy fashion.“Shall I or does anyone want to invest a twenty for the pleasure.” One did and he got to remove Jill’s thong. For the rest of the meal the two girls served naked and allowed the guests to fondle and grope them in between the odd kiss which was accompanied by wolf whistles.The plan for the evening had been look and a bit of touch but no fuck however Alf was feeling expansive. Pulling Jill onto his lap and giving her left tit a stroke.“For an extra grand could get your mum and a couple of your mates to spend the night with us old codgers, if possible the two of you for me.”“I can’t stay Alf. But you lot enjoy.” Sid was taken off back to the station leaving just the other three men.It was less than the going rate but Alf was a fun old reprobate and good customer. A quick phone call got Tricia to join them. The three remaining guys whistled when she removed her coat to show that she hadn’t bothered with anything else. “Let’s hope you don’t croak taking on two lusty young tarts Alf, you greedy bugger.” “If I do then I will die happy and get a lot of street cred from beyond the grave.”The three of them did a pretty creditable job on the wenches considering that the oldest was a quarter of a century young than her bloke. Though all of the girls had the sense to do as much of the work as possible saving the ego’s of the man whose minds were willing even if the bodies were questionably not.The two girls certainly tired him out but Alf survived ‘the ordeal’. The girls found he was a surprisingly considerate and capable lover. As he explained money only gets you so far if you want something then give something in return.The next morning Trixie was a bit nervous about explaining to Jack that she had organised an orgy on the fly and without consulting him at a discount“Hey well done Trixie. Ok we don’t want to advertise he got your bodies cheap, but Alf the randy bugger is good for business in more ways than one. How about you become my assistant you’re a natural. Look at those sexy uniform things.”Trixie’s other half was still working for the same firm and still had the job of arranging entertainment for important clients in Lesser Plumpton needless to say. The big boss companied them and of course wanted a girl. Frankly the man was a dick and none of the girls really wanted to deal with him so Trixie served him. It did stick in Steve’s craw that she got about the same for a night as he did for a full weeks work. But on the plus side whilst his wife was at home with dick head, Steve spent the night with Julie and CathThe four of them had become very good friends. Cath generally preferred women but was comfortable pendik escort with mild-mannered Steve and they enjoyed some very enjoyable foursomes. Such as when Steve fisted Trixie and Cath whilst Julie gave him a blow job. Or Trixie wearing a strap on fucked Cath as Steve fucked Julie doggy positionThe next morning which was Saturday Steve was wandering home after giving the girls a passionate good-bye kiss. Steve returned home cautiously to avoid being seen and in so doing spotted a woman hiding behind some bushes watching the house. Problem was he recognised her as his bosses wife.“Can I help you Mrs Thorn.” Steve asked watching her jump out of her skin.“Oh God it can’t get any worse. My husband who is supposed to be in Dusseldorf just left that house.”“You had better come in, that is my house.”Sophie Thorn sat at the kitchen table looking at Trixie who whilst she now had on a dressing gown was still visibly nude underneath other than her kinky boots.“Look is it me or your husband you want revenge on?” Whilst quiet, the look on Mrs Thorn’s face was murderous.“Bob of course, I don’t even have much against you as I am sure you’re not the only one.”“I can guarantee that is the case. What if we helped you to catch him out, well away from here I might mention. One of my friends fancies herself as a detective and has a camera with an incredibly long lens. I bet we can stitch him up like a kipper, we will even provide the divorce lawyer.”“Why are you helping?”“Well apart from the obvious that we don’t want trouble here. I know quite a lot about your husband, from mine, none of it good.”“OK if you know him that would do it. Yes please, I know I am going to need help because he would probably deny everything and brazen it out at present. With firm evidence he will give in and pay without much problem as he is a moralistic bloody hypocrite. Tell me about your tame lawyer.”“You probably saw her, bouncy brunette with curls and big boobs.““What she fucks along too.”“Just about the most enthusiastic. Would your revenge extend to swinging.”“Hell yes, also I gather than some of you get paid. I have spent my life so far being a good little arm ornament and mother. I not only want to live a bit, but be naughty whilst doing so”“All of us take money on occasions, it’s quite a lot by the way, whatever else we are we aren’t cheap whores and if the next question is if you could join in if you wanted, then absolutely.” Sophie had been a trophy wife, married at eighteen, pregnant with the twins at twenty now at past forty she still looked very good having taken good care of herself knowing that she could and would be replaced if she let herself go. Only now, she was going to do the replacing. Sophie went back home and mostly waited. Only mostly though when Bob was away supposedly on business she would come visit Lesser Plumpton. Sophie was careful not to break her marriage vows until she had proof of Bob’s infidelities but sitting drinking in the public bar of the Cock was fun. Sophie knew that all kinds of sexual activity was going on elsewhere in the pub and the village. Just being a part of it and increasingly accepted was fun. The really exciting thing for her was that Trixie let Sophie keep some outfits in her spare bedroom. These were far more daring than Bob would approve of like the leather jeans she was wearing tonight.For her the incredible thing was that she had friends, her own friends not bob’s or business acquaintances but hers. Trixie was the closest but everyone was friendly and she felt at home in Lesser Plumpton. It took a few weeks but they kept a track of their victim got to kartal escort know his habits. Then they had him, he was caught fucking his head of HR in his office clearly visible through the window if you had a fifteen-hundred millimetre lens.Sophie looked at the shots with interest. They were undoubtedly her husband and equally clearly Pam Riley in various positions, best of all of them were his cock in her mouth and another where she played with her front hole as he fucked her back one.“Well at least the bastard is consistent, blond, half reasonable figure and younger than him. I hope they are happy together but quite a bit poorer.”“Literally an old bugger.” Do you want to come and live with us whilst you sort out somewhere to live?” asked Steve, Trixie’s husband.It was Ron rather than Liz Marston who handled the divorce and proved a capable negotiator. Sophie let Bob keep the business and family home in exchange for him buying her a house outright and substantial investments. The house was one on the edge of Lesser Plumpton that had become a bit run down having been empty a while. Jack, who inevitably owned the property signed a contract that required him to refurbish it more even after the sale. Sophie got a pretty four bedroomed house and the freedom to do what she wanted.Whilst the work was being done and the legal stuff handled Sophie decided that she had to tell her girls what was happening. Fenella and Selene were identical twins who enjoyed their unusual sameness and were incredibly close. Sophie was surprised but relieved at their reaction.“Good.”“Now we can be honest about him.”“Evil old sod, your well off without him.”“Enjoy life Mum.”“Live a little.”“No live a lot, where are you going to live?”“A lovely village called Lesser Plumpton and yes I intend to live it’s a very liberal place and I have made friends with some very cool people.” Sophie thought about last night when she had brought herself to a climax masturbating to the soundtrack of Trixie and Steve fucking like bunnies.“Ooh mum using a word like cool.”“Get used to it darling.”“Is there room for us two. We don’t want to live with Dad and only have two months to our finals.”Sophie hadn’t thought of that aspect she had assumed the twin would live in the family home. They had always seemed such dutiful well behaved girls their real opinion of their father was a surprise. Sophie wondered how actually innocent they were because they came over as unworldly in which case Lesser Plumpton was going to be a shock.The first thing she wanted was to get a good screwing. The day she moved in she was down the Cock Inn to meet her new friends. Though no paying clients were present that night all being up at the manor, six couples sat down to dinner with Jack partnering Sophie. Almost immediately, clothes started to go awry. Needless to say Trixie who had acquired the nickname ‘tricky Trixie’ for her love of games and plotting, started it all. The top she wore had been quite demure before her breasts were increased to forty inches now it bulged and she released a button and then another. Liz and Tricia were as bad and were soon sitting there in corsets. Joanna was soon showing of her corset as well. Penny just went for topless by removing her angora wool sweater. This of course left Sophie, who had been warned removed her top to show the sheer body stocking underneath. The food was being served by Val and Jill who progressively lost clothing every time they returned from the kitchen. Starters and mains served they were down to thongs and boots. The diners couldn’t let this go so off came skirts and in Tricia’s case silk maltepe escort harem pants. The others were a little curious because though Sophie had pulled her skirt over her head they couldn’t see what she was wearing below. It was only when desert was finished and they decided to have coffee in the private bar which in this case was a euphemism for an all out orgy. They found out. What Sophie had on a crotchless full length body stocking with black velvet boots.“No wonder Jack was looking pleased, you are going to get on so well here Sophie.” Said Martin. In response she just gave him a beaming smile and put his cock in her mouth sucking away happily. With her bum sticking in the air it was a perfect target for Jack who ran his finger around her slit for a while before entering her. All around them they everyone was enjoying each other in all sort of ways kissing and caressing , anything that would stimulate and excite.“Please all of you do more. I didn’t have many partners before my bloody husband and he was rather staid with me. I want to try out things. How do you deep throat?”It was difficult to think of this woman who was over forty as being inexperienced but having been faithful to a single partner who did very little, she was. Joanna, the doctor gave both a helpful and practical instruction of deep throating with Tricia demonstrating gleefully.“Do we have to waggle our bums like that?”“No it’s just that Tricia has a more than passing resemblance to a mischievous spaniel and wags her tail because she can’t do anything else.” That received an obscene gesture in response but Tricia did not stop taking her husband’s cock all the way in demonstrating she had learnt to deep throat. Sophie followed instructions and managed it on Jack who was well hung having got all of him in she kept going until he sent his load down her throat as she swallowed madly. All the time this was going on Trixie was fingering her as she herself was fucked. As they were taking a break they chatted about what would likely be required of her if she did go on the game. Doing it with other girls was not a problem as that was one of the few things she had tried out before marriage, fingering likewise. Anal however was way beyond her experience though.“Look don’t try that now but use a butt plug.” they explained the purpose and Bess went off to find one. Returning with several of different sizes and something else over her arms.“Here they are start with the smallest first. Also I remembered these.” These were velvet gloves that matched the boots and went the full length of Sophie’s arms. With them on she caressed her body.The next week she felt able and ready to take the next step, getting paid. Jack ever considerate made the first time one of those meals with a small group of clients ending back at the manor house. One of the regulars called Alf was involved so he ensured it went to the pattern he so much liked. Trixie and Jill who were serving were bribed to do a strip and serve wearing nothing other than a short apron. The girls were quite open to being fondled. Of course this meant that the paid tarts had to compete they were all wearing fairly racy dresses that easily came down or off. Sophie had the pleasure of the man either side of her sucking on her breasts. When they were finished back to the Manor House with minimal attempt at covering up. This last bit being topless in public really turned Sophie on and when she got to her room she pulled off her own remaining clothes and the client’s in double quick time. The client was a man probably about forty but quite shy and nervous who was only too happy not to have to take the imitative. They both had a very good time with enthusiasm substituting for lack of experience.Over the next few weeks Sophie became more and more certain that this was her idea of a fun life. Whatever was required she was game for and mostly enjoyed. Lesser Plumpton had acquired yet another tart.

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