Sophie Pays Her Poker Debts


I looked over. Sophie was totally naked except for the skimpy black bikini thong that we had chosen for her, and her heels, far too high for comfort, but that, forcing her onto her toes slightly, gently accentuated the arc of her calves. Her body glistened slightly in the warmth of the room. Light shone gently on the curves of each plump, firm breast; her stomach was taut, her hipbones faintly perceptible, the outline of her pubic mound visible against the black of her thong. Her dark brown hair, cut in a vaguely French fashion, came down to her shoulders, framing her face and delicate neck. Her collarbones were slightly pronounced.

From behind, the thong accented the lines of her pert, shapely ass perfectly. We’d made her up, but been sure not to go too far: mascara, a little eyeliner, a touch of blusher to bring out her cheekbones, dark red lipstick. A small cross hung from her neck down between her breasts. Her hands on her hips, she pouted slightly. For all the world she looked like a glamour model, extremely confident, a little slutty, and somewhat bored with the wait before a shoot. But there was a faint quiver in her frame as well, a shiver of anticipation. And what was that look in her eyes? Lust? Or fear?

Sophie really was a stunning young woman. Me, I’m like other girls. Sure, I’ve had my experiences, the odd fumble, or a sloppy, drunken kiss at a party to turn the boys on. But I’m no lesbian. And yet Sophie, something about her — her trim Asian physique (she was half Chinese), her perfectly formed c-cup breasts, the curve of her ass — in a different life, I’d have worshipped her.

One of the boys came forward — Jon, I think — and grabbed her with one hand by the throat. With the other, he began groping her chest, tweaking her nipples hard, and slapping her breasts up and down with the flat of his hand. She held his gaze, affecting a kind of cool indifference, but whimpered a little against her will. He leered at her, and pressed two of his fingers into her mouth, making her suck on them. She gagged slightly as he forced them into her throat.

Then Rich appeared behind her. He groped and pinched one of her butt cheeks and she flinched in embarrassment. In one deft movement, he peeled her thong away, exposing a cute little triangle of public hair, and manoeuvred her so that she was leaning forward slightly on her hips, Jon’s grip on her throat maintaining her balance, her ass sticking out behind her. It can’t have been very comfortable; I suppose that was the point.

Rich pinned her arms firmly against the small of her back, and, forcing his hand between her cheeks, made her spread her legs. He began doing something to her ass, I wasn’t sure what to begin with. Then I realised that he was applying vast quantities of lube in anticipation of what they were about to do to her, fingering her ass and cunt roughly. He spanked her occasionally; she yelped or groaned, and the other boys standing around her — there were about a dozen in total — smirked and laughed. Sandwiched between Rich and Jon as they began to go to work on her — tottering unsteadily on her heels as she took their abuse at either end — her perfect, toned body looked appallingly fragile. Sophie was a goddess, but I’m not sure they planned to treat her like one.


I should perhaps pause for a moment to give you some background. Sophie and I are fresh out of school, two college girls, eighteen and a bit, serious about our studies, but out to have a little fun on the side while we’re still young. But money is always the issue. We like nice things, but a student loan will only take you so far. So when the boys across the hall from our apartment — Rich and Rob, two big athletic lads in their thirties — invited us over for a game of poker with their friends one evening, we jumped at the chance. Or rather, Sophie did; she was good at maths, and had the idea that she’d be able to work out the probabilities or something. For myself, I thought I might win a little by luck, but wasn’t particularly bothered either way. And a quiet night in, a few beers with those nice gents, it would keep us out of trouble, I thought. How wrong I was. How wrong we both were.

By 10pm, I’d lost the little money that I’d brought with me. I pouted a little, but whatever, I could take it. So I got chatting to some of the lads there, had a few too many drinks. It was great, a nice night in with good company. Perhaps I’d even feel the spark of romance, I thought to myself. But I must have got distracted talking to one Rich’s friends, because when midnight came around, it sounded like Sophie had got herself into some difficulty.

‘Deal me in,’ she said

‘You don’t have any money left,’ Rich replied. ‘And I mean — look, sorry, but you’re in trouble as it is. For fuck’s sake, you’re four thousand down.’

‘Four thousand?’ I said. ‘What the fuck? Where did you get money like that?’

‘It’s my student loan,’ she murmured sheepishly.

‘What the fuck?’

‘Look, I didn’t mean to. But ankara escort bayanlar here we are. And my luck’s about to change, I know it. I just need this last hand, that’s all. All or nothing, Rich, go on, you know you want to.’

‘It doesn’t matter what I want, you don’t have any money left.’

‘But look I — Christ, I need that money. I’ll do anything. I’ll, I don’t know, I’ll take my top off or something. Whatever, I want to make my money back. You want to see my tits?’ She went to unbutton her blouse.

‘You’re four thousand pounds down, Sophie. You can hardly expect me to write that off for a flash of your tits.’ From across the room, Rob cleared his throat awkwardly. The atmosphere had changed perceptibly. I was suddenly aware of how hot it was.

‘Well what, then? One more hand.’

‘Why so confident?’ murmured one of Rich’s friends, I thought his name was Jon.

‘One way to find out. Deal me in.’

‘Well fuck, I don’t know. I’m not interested in your tits — ‘

‘Wait a minute bro –,’ one of the other boys said.

‘I mean for four thousand pounds. I’m going to need more than that.’ Rich’s tone had changed. There was something business-like about him suddenly.

Sophie shrugged. ‘Fine’, she sighed. ‘So fuck me.’

‘WHAT?!’ I exclaimed.

She rolled her eyes. ‘Look, give us a minute, would you?’

She took me next door, to the bathroom, and in hushed tones explained that she’d been counting the cards and that her next hand was a winner, for sure. There was no risk at all, she said. Those dumb Neanderthals were sure to take the bait, then boom! She’d get her money back and we could forget about the whole thing. And if not — well, she needed the money one way or another. She pouted at me. ‘Play along, Sarah? No risk, I promise.’

I had my reservations still, but Sophie could be a real stubborn bitch when she wanted to be. And what did I know? Maybe she was right and she’d make her money back. Somewhat reluctantly, I followed her back through to the poker table.

The mood had shifted for sure now. A few of the boys were pacing up and down, a few were fidgeting. More than one was breathing heavily. The air was thick with animal lust.

Rich cleared his throat and stroked his chin.

‘The lads and I have discussed things, Sophie. Hope you don’t mind. The thing is, four thousand is an expensive fuck for anyone, even, if you don’t mind my saying, your charming self.’ She nodded graciously. ‘But we are not in principle opposed to some sort of arrangement.’

‘Who is we’? I asked weakly.

‘Shut up,’ said Sophie. ‘What are you suggesting?’

Rich turned to one of his friends. ‘Mike here works in film lighting. He’s done some work in pornography. There’s something you didn’t know about him, eh?’ He chuckled to himself. ‘How much does four thousand pounds get you from a girl these days, Mike?’

Mike’s voice was extremely strained. ‘A lot, Rich. A hell of a lot.’

‘You see my predicament, Sophie? I’m going to need a lot.’

‘I said whatever, are you fucking deaf? I lose, you do what you want to me.’ She leaned over, her breasts resting on the table. She held his gaze. ‘You can put it anywhere you want,’ she said, in a low, sultry voice. She must have been very confident, I thought. Maybe there was nothing to worry about after all.

‘Don’t make promises you can’t keep,’ I heard Jon murmur from the other side of the room.

Rich sighed. ‘But you see, one dude fucking you, it just doesn’t cover four thousand, not even close. Mike said a lot. He’s a gentleman, but I’ll spell it out — I think he meant a lot of cock. Do you see what I’m saying? I’ll deal you in, sure. But you’re going to have to… Christ, let’s not beat around the bush. If you lose, you’ll have to fuck every one of my friends here. I mean every single one, and we can do whatever we want to you. Whatever the fuck we want, one night only, four thousand pounds’ worth. That’s the offer, take it or leave it.’

‘I said –,’ Sophie began.

He held up his hand and spoke softly. ‘I do mean whatever, Sophie. I like you. But you should think hard about what you say now. There will be no going back. My friends and I are fair, but firm.’

You could have heard a pin drop.

‘So deal me in.’

And that was her fate settled, really. I don’t know if she was drunk, or counted the cards wrong or never knew what the fuck she was doing to begin with, but Sophie got two of a kind or something, something really pathetic, to Rich’s flush, it wasn’t even close. And that was that. We said our shocked goodbyes to the boys — they were agog, couldn’t believe their luck — and wandered back to the flat in a daze, shell-shocked and bewildered. It was only gradually dawning on Sophie what she had signed herself, her body, up for. But give her her due, she was a woman of her word — a stubborn bitch like I said. So she agreed to return to Rich’s place the next evening at 6pm on the dot, and she’d be theirs until midnight, to do with ankara esmer escortlar as they wished.

What was six hours, after all? And the rate — it worked out at almost seven hundred pounds an hour — if only, alas, it were not in settlement of this debt. Who wouldn’t take a little gentle cock-sucking for money like that? And how rough could they be, really? Maybe it’d be candles and roses, you never knew. Boys were so shy anyway. They’d probably be too nervous to touch her and settle for a striptease or something. Sophie was no virgin, anyway, however innocent she looked. In fact, she’d slept with three different boys — although not, I supposed, at the same time. But probably it would be a piece of cake. Probably. I agreed to act as a sort of chaperone and to intervene if things got out of hand, which they wouldn’t, probably. And so, early the next evening, we made her up a little, dressed her in a skimpy little white number, had a few glasses of chardonnay — for courage, you understand — and crossed the hall.


And now here she was, paying her debts, preparing, or being prepared, half against her will, to be violated by this group of strange men. Because it was clearly violation they had in mind. The white dress was gone in seconds — I don’t even know why we’d bothered with it to begin with — as the boys clawed and groped at her in their excitement, backing her into the corner, a deer in the headlights. Her bra hadn’t lasted much longer. They hadn’t even bothered to say hello; they’d simply started mauling her.

I sighed to myself. They’d seemed like such nice young men before. I didn’t know at the time if they were drunk, or drunk on lust, or looking to get their money’s worth, or just keen to take advantage of the situation. You don’t get many shots with a girl like Sophie; in a thousand normal lifetimes, you wouldn’t get one chance to rough her up the way they were evidently planning. I learned afterwards that they were on all manner of pills to keep them hard and to keep the cum coming; they had clearly planned to make the most of this rare opportunity, to make a real whore of this beautiful young woman. And in their heightened animal lust, there was a violent streak, and everyone could feel it.

Jon still had Sophie by the throat. He had stopped abusing her breasts for a moment, and was now lightly slapping her face and squeezing her cheeks together.

‘We’re going to make you into a sloppy little slut tonight, you dirty bitch,’ he growled in her ear. Breathing heavily, her breasts quivering and her nipples rock hard, she went instinctively to slap him as at an insult. But he grabbed her forearm before she could make contact. ‘Oh no you don’t, whore,’ he sneered. ‘There’ll be plenty more where that came from.’ And as punishment, her yanked her forward by the hair, prized her jaw open roughly with his fingers, and stuck his tongue deep into her mouth. She groaned into it, kissed him back as best she could, and took the humiliation well — she would have to get used to it, there was a lot more of that to come. But she closed her eyes and visibly shuddered when he forced her head to one side and licked the length of her cheek.

He buried his head in her neck, nibbling on her collarbone slightly. Then, turning his attention to her chest again, he slapped her right tit from below, hard, leering as it jiggled. She inhaled sharply at the pain and humiliation, gulping down her panic, but trembling slightly nevertheless. He began mauling and squeezing her breasts once more.

Rich had been busy sliding his fingers in and out of her ass and cunt from behind, slapping her quivering buttocks up and down and groping her smooth, tanned inner thighs while her breathing got heavier in lust and apprehension. Evidently satisfied that she was sufficiently wet, or at the very least lubed up, he forced his fingers into her mouth, making her taste the juices from her ass and cunt. She grimaced a little, but did her best to look sultry as she sucked his fingers, eyes wide in submission and holding his gaze, moving her mouth up and down his fingers as if she were sucking cock, taking them deep into her throat. He merely laughed, tugging on her nipples with his free hand while she squirmed in discomfort. Then, wrapping both hands around her throat, he forced her to her hands and knees on the floor, directing her to humiliate herself for their entertainment and arousal.

‘Spank your ass for us, you little slut,’ he instructed her, his voice dripping with cruelty and lust. ‘Crawl over there on your hands and knees, to the middle of the floor, and moan for me, like a bitch in heat.’

She did as she was told, spanking her ass a few times, moaning faintly. Then she crawled forward, her gorgeous, firm ass high in the air, the light glinting on her curves and her hips swivelling from side to side in an exaggerated parody of sensuality. The boys — they’d all stripped off by now, and were masturbating themselves erect — formed a circle sincan grup yapan escortlar around her. Still on her hands and knees, she gazed up at them, demure, doe-eyed, innocent. Was she getting off on this a little? Did she know what was coming? She raised herself to her knees and bit her lower lip — was it nerves, or flirtation? She looked so vulnerable there, the men towering over her and dwarfing her petite frame. But she was no fool, and must have known how sluttily she was behaving, even if she didn’t have much say in the matter.

Then Mike, the pornographer, grabbed one of her tits and the nape of her neck, positioning his cock, rock hard and thick, in front of her face.

She opened her mouth expectantly, nodding slightly and murmuring her assent as she gazed up at him. That’s how it began. ‘Suck my cock, you sexy little bitch,’ he snarled, ramming his cock into her mouth.

She stayed on her knees like that for a while, sucking them off one after another, one cock in her mouth, one in each hand. Occasionally, one of them would make her push her breasts together and would fuck her tits while her mouth was occupied. She was quite professional about it, fluttering her eyelashes up at them sluttily as they took turns with her, sometimes jacking them off into her mouth, sometimes playing with her nipples while they fucked her mouth, their hands around her throat or holding her hair in a tight grip.

They would force her to place her hands behind her back and alternate between wanking into her mouth and slapping her face with their cocks, raining blows down on her cheeks and open mouth, the faint thumping sound of flesh on flesh filling the air as she closed her eyes and accepted her humiliation. Or they would hold her in place by one of her bare, slender shoulders, and slap each of her breasts up and down in turn, the boys jeering as her tits jiggled and as Sophie cringed and wriggled in embarrassment and discomfort. Each man was a little rougher and meaner than the last, fucking her mouth, groping her tits, spanking her ass and slapping her face whenever she gagged or paused to gasp for breath. They obviously got off on verbally humiliating her, each of them letting her know what they thought of her as they abused her pretty little face and squeezed her tits and ass.

‘You like that, you dizzy tart? You like having your whore mouth used like that?’

‘That’s a good girl, keep sucking those fucking cocks.’

‘You’re a dirty little slut, aren’t you?’

‘You posh little bitch, suck my fucking balls.’

This last was Rob, who was sitting back on the sofa and had been forcing her to service his cock on her hands and knees there. He had her face pinned to his crotch by her hair, and was making her lap at his balls with her tongue and take them in her mouth submissively. He reached down periodically to finger her cunt or ass, rubbing her juices over her face when he brought his hand back up.

Then he stood up, and placed the head of his long, thick cock in her mouth, ordering her to wrap her lips around it and wanking furiously into her mouth like that, leering at her as his wanking hand thumped her lips rhythmically. She tried to pull away, a little alarmed at how nasty things were quickly getting, but he held her there by the back of her head, and started to jack-hammer his cock in and out of her mouth, hard and fast. He’d rip his cock out of her mouth just long enough for her to take half a breath, then ram it back in to drive her humiliation and helplessness home. ‘Take it, you little fucking bitch. Take my fucking cock in your throat,’ he growled, slapping her face, her hair balled up in his fist. She whimpered and choked, gasping for air.

When Rob had finished with her for a moment, Jon yanked her head back by the hair. She opened her mouth expectantly for his cock; instead, he spat in her face and mouth, slapping her face and rubbing it in roughly. She closed her eyes and panted a little, shocked at this violent development, still catching her breath. I suppose it had begun to dawn on her that this was not going to be an evening of wine and roses; that they had real plans for her, and meant to get their money’s worth.

On the whole, though, Sophie was taking it like a cock-sucking champ, doing her best to maintain a kind of doe-eyed innocence and batting her eyes up at them, even as they took turns stretching her throat and verbally abusing her. But her violation had barely begun. Two of the boys, over-eager and unused to such first-rate service and submissiveness, blew hot, sticky loads of cum early into her mouth and on her face. Rich tutted, sternly scolding her for being a such a greedy little bitch, and forced her to scoop their spunk off of her cheeks with her fingers and to slide it into her mouth or rub it into her skin like some vapid, decadent whore.

Looking up at her tormentors coquettishly, she showed them the cum in her mouth, two thick loads; then, tilting her head back, she let it slide down her throat. ‘That’s a good girl,’ Rich murmured, ‘a good little whore,’ as she licked her lips and looked up at them for more. Perhaps she thought that if she really put on a show, she’d get them all off more quickly and her ordeal would be over. But they were erect again in seconds, and back for more.

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