Spalding’s Dominant is enraged that he tried


Spalding’s Dominant is enraged that he triedSPALDINGSpalding Tyll walked home disconsolately, his knapsack hanging off his arm. It had now been 103 days since Mother had allowed him to masturbate, and it was hanging heavy on his young balls.At school, the girls pranced past him; many of them were his good friends and gave him friendly hugs, which made Spal just crazy with lust. He wasn’t grounded, after all, and he’d actually been on a few dates where there had been lots of necking in Dad’s 2005 Acura…and when Jennifer had wanted to go further, Spal had of course had to demur.Shit, he couldn’t remove his pants, right? He couldn’t let the young people of Buttermilk Falls know that he was in a chastity belt. Jennifer was a hottie, but she was also a powerful gossip, and that would ruin whatever “rep” Spal had, and all his luster he’d gathered from being a point guard on the basketball team, for playing bass guitar in his band “The a****l Keepers”, from being tall and handsome, all that shit would be irrelevant!But Mom was adamant. She wasn’t going to let Spalding masturbate unless he did it in front of Whitney Ponds, the hot cheerleader that Spal had all those pictures of…the girl he would NEVER have a chance in hell of going out with…but he’d always lusted after.And all this because Spal had had the nerve to try and break into his chastity belt with a bobby pin, because he was so desperate to masturbate. It wasn’t like he had a chance in hell—the damn belt was really secure, but Mom was so insulted that Spal would even try…“I am so disappointed in you, Spalding” she’d said grimly. Mother had made Spal strip naked and she’d bound him over a hassock and whipped his buttocks with her wooden spoon and then the lead tipped flogger that she used on Dad.Spal’s sister Maisie had watched with amused contempt, and then when Mother’s arm had gotten tired, Maisie had taken over and used the flogger until Spal had been weeping bitter tears.Maisie was a beautiful girl—she had rich russet curls and full breasts under her snug pink cashmere sweater…but she was a bitch on wheels, and many times Spal had had to bribe her with his allowance and the money he made mowing lawns to keep her from telling the k**s at school about the way their family “operated”.Maisie was his younger sister, but she had a later bedtime and no curfew…and he’d never seen HER naked, but he was routinely stripped for discipline and punishment, had been his whole life, and she’d seen it all!She’d seen it when Mother dressed Spal in a pink dress and high heels and made him parade with a parasol in front of the house after she’d found his computer porn, and she’d seen it w hen Mother had used a strap-on dildo on Spal, to cure him of “attitude problems”.And Maisie had found it hilarious that Spal was so horny. After 103 days of not getting to jerk his dick—nearly four months! She was always tantalizing him by walking around in tiny little tops gaziemir escort and short-shorts, and sometimes she’d climb on his lap and kiss his neck when he was trying to do homework or program his mp3 player.It was absolute hell. And Spal knew that he would only get a brief jack-off period, even if he did agree to humiliate himself in front of Whitney, it would only be a brief spurt, and then Mother would probably go back to the old rule—that Spal could next jack off when he got his quarterly report card, and showed up at least a B average!This had spurred Spal to take summer courses—while his friends were surfing and getting drunk on Buttermilk Beach, Spal was in class—just so he could jerk off in September, instead of waiting for the November report card!One of Spal’s buddies, Nick had pointed out that Spal now had more than enough credits to graduate early, and get away from his strict family, but the truth was, Spalding loved his Mom, and loved Maisie as well. He was planning actually to attend Buttermilk State, and live at home.“You don’t have to, dear” Mother had told Spalding. “I’ll give you your keys if you really want to go off to college, but I’m going to supervise you as long as you live here at home.” She had been pleased when Spal had told her that he really wanted to live with her…he had been locked up in chastity since seventh grade, and didn’t know what he’d do if he had unlimited orgasms!One orgasm every academic quarter, usually jerking off in front of the laughing Maisie (who did give him occasional tit-flashes) and Mother…he’d actually probably not jerked off more than thirty times in his adolescent life!And now of course with Mother’s restriction because Spal had tried to break into his chastity belt, it had been even longer. She’d just ignored his latest report card, which had been very good, and told him, “You lost your chance to onanize dear, when you violated my trust by attempting to break into your belt. You can only masturbate now if you do it in front of the Ponds girl.”And Maisie had thought this was HILARIOUS. She constantly teased poor Spal about it, coming in his room and laughing. “What’s Whitney going to do when she sees what a pathetic little perv you are, Spal? She’s gonna tell the whole school about it…you’ll be in the Friend Zone, if that, for every girl at Buttermilk Falls High!”Maisie was so cruel too—just last night she’d sneaked into Spal’s room wearing only a little T-shirt, no bra, and panties. She’d ordered Spal to take off his clothes, and she’d tied his hands to the bedposts.Then she’d taken the chastity belt key, which she’d filched from Mother’s keyring, and she’d unlocked Spal’s belt and played with his penis, running her long purple nails up and down his stiff dick for an hour and a half.This wasn’t Maisie’s first visit—she’d done this a number of times…Mother probably knew about it, and didn’t mind, because gaziemir escort bayan after all, Maisie didn’t let Spalding cum! She just teased him, and sat on his chest, and then would pull back and rub her little crotch up and down over Spal’s stiff, suffering cock…he was so young, and so full of semen, and SHE KNEW IT!“It must be hard…get it?” Maisie had said as she rubbed her little panty covered crotch against Spal’s throbbing erection. “I know you just want to fuck me, your little sister, and isn’t that forbidden…forbidden by the Church?” Maisie was a Virtue Girl, in the choir at the Buttermilk Falls Salvation Temple…they had a virginity mission!Then Maisie had lay down next to Spal and just casually rubbed his hard penis and whispered in his ear. “What a hard life it’s been for you, Spal—I’ve watched while Mother gave you cold showers, and punished you by tying a pink ribbon to your dick and made you walk around with a book on your head so you’d learn to be a lady…just so you’d give up your testosterone driven passion…but does it work, no…”“Please, Maisie, can’t you just let me jerk off? Mom will never know.” Spal had pleaded with her, but his little sister had just laughed in his face as she’d continued to stroke his desperately bloated penis.“How much would you give me, Spal?” Maisie asked, as one of her adorable russet curls fell over her shoulder. Spal looked at her nipples coming through the tight Hannah Montana T-shirt she was using as a nightie.Spalding rolled his eyes. “I’ll give you twenty-five bucks, okay? I don’t have a lot, but I’ve been working part time at the Quik-Mart, saving for a new electric guitar…I can give you twenty-five, I think.”Maisie had laughed. “No no…that’s not enough. And you have more money than that. Uncle Howard gave you your Christmas money late, and I know Dad has been slipping you money, because he feels bad about your chastity…one slave to another…you want to cum, you’d better give me more money.”So finally Spal had confessed that he had about one hundred fifty dollars hidden in his sock drawer, and Maisie had taken it and tucked it in her panties…and then she’d called down the hall, “Mother, Spalding is trying to bribe me to let him cum! He got me to take off his chastity belt and I feel so guilty!”Maisie had given Spalding a wicked smile, and Mother had come into the room, and taken a wire coat hanger out of Spalding’s closet. “You just can’t keep your filthy mind off your penis’s satisfaction can you?” Mother had asked, with gritted teeth.SMACK! TWACK! WHACK! The coat hanger had come down quite painfully on Spal’s thick cock until it was bleeding and tiny. Then Mother had spun Spal over and whipped his ass with her trusty lead-tipped flogger until he was sobbing in his pillow.Mother and Maisie had derided Spal for being a “crybaby” before he’d been locked back up again…he was still covered with welts the next escort gaziemir day…Dad was in trouble for something else, and that morning the two of them had been forced to eat out of dog dishes while crouching naked while the rest of the family, fully clothed, had sat at the table.NowSpalding crossed the street to his house, and he saw Darrell Plunkett posting a letter in the mailbox. He recognized Mr. Plunkett from his ChasteBois support group and indeed, he’d mowed the guy’s lawn.“Hey Mr. Plunkett, how’s it going?” Spalding asked in a friendly voice. Darrell looked up and grinned.“How’s it going, Spalding? You missed the last Chastebois meeting.” Darrell lowered his voice when he said this, although the streets in their suburban neighborhood were deserted.“Yeah, we had an away game, and didn’t get back on the bus until seven Sunday night. Hey, it’s none of my business, but how did it go with your secretary?” Spalding was a little afraid to ask this out in the public, but he had to know, as he had a relevant problem.“I ended up doing as I was told!” Darrell said, smiling. “I really feel better now, and I have a new friendship with my secretary. She has keys to my belt, and we sometimes have a few sessions over lunch hour. Matter of fact, Thelma is currently indoctrinating her own boyfriend in our little lifestyle.”Spalding sighed. “I’m still holding out, but I don’t know how much longer I can. I think I’d die if Whitney Ponds, the cheerleader found out that I was a naked slaveboy at home…but you know, I love my mom and I know she knows what’s best for me, and I’m like, dying to pound my pud, Mr. Plunkett.”Darrell smiled. “I know. It’s hard to do the right thing, Spalding. But remember, your parents love you and know what’s best. And you love them…I remember you telling the group that you’re going to stay here to go to school because you realize that your mother’s chastity training and her physical discipline is good for you. And that’s important. You’re a very mature young man.”“So are you saying I SHOULD masturbate in front of Whitney?” Spal said, confused. “I don’t get what you think I should do.”Darrell smiled as he turned away. “You’re a smart k**, Spalding. I can’t tell you what you should do. I know that the decision I made to expose my submissive status to my work inferior did me a lot of good as a slave male. I love my wife and I’ll do anything she asks of me. I hope you can make the decision on your own.”Then Darrell stopped and smiled. “But you are eighteen years old, Spalding. If you like, I’ll take you down to Buttermilk Falls Hardware and we’ll buy a bolt cutter and cut the belt off. I’m sure your parents would understand if you want a different life. If you’re afraid of your mother’s retribution, I’ll even help you get an apartment and you can screw girls night and day, but is that really what you want?”Spalding looked terrified. “No no…Although I get tempted, I’d never want to rebel to that extent. My folks, except around chastity and discipline are really great people, and I know Mother has my best interests at heart. I think I’d better just do what she wants.”Darrell Plunkett grinned as he watched the boy walk off. That’s a k** with a good head on his shoulders!

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