SpicyMy first time was different from others I guess. My best buddy lived next door to me and we hung out all the time. From the time we were little till we went off to college. It was his mom. She was a Hispanic woman, petite-not over a hundred pounds, olive color skin. Pert pointy tits and dark long hair with beautiful dark eyes and that amazing Spanish accent. She would flirt big time with me. Al the time, even in front of her husband. He would laugh and say “watch out, Marge will turn you into a real man.” Or “I think Marge can not wait for you to get hair on your balls” I would have to go home and beat my meat. She would dress very provocative also, sometimes if I spent the night she would run around in a half shirt and panties or little shorts. Her pert tits pointing the way, those hard nipples. When I did finally hit puberty Marge was on it. She seemed to flirt even more and the sexual innuendos, my dick still gets hard thinking of the things she would say. Then one morning, it was of those perfect mornings with the right temp outside. All the windows open. I had spen the night and my buddy had left with his father for something leaving Marge and I there. She was making breakfast for she and I. The smell, that woman knew how to cook among other things. She was standing there in her cute little shorts, smooth legs on show. Her hard nipples stuck out from her little shirt. Marge edirne escort was in a great mood and very flirty, more so than normal. We ate and she removed the dishes. Then she said “I am so horny. Are you ready for me to make you a man?” Thinking she was just flirty and joking I replied “Yes, Yes I am! Marge make me a man.” Marge grabbed my hand and lead me back to her bedroom. With a quick swoosh she was naked and had me naked too and laying on the bed on my back. My cock knew what was going on even though I did not, it was hard as steel and sticking straight up in the air. Marge moved quickly and smoothly as if I might change my mind and also as if she had this all planed out. Marge engulfed my cock in her mouth. Her tongue swirled about my cock head making my head spin and my balls ache. But I could not cum in her mouth. I guess I was too self conscious to nut in her mouth. She must have sensed this and tried to talk me into cumming in her mouth. I am not sure why I could not, those big dark eyes looking up at me as she sucked my dick. I mean I nut all the time in women’s mouths now, but that first time-no. Marge then straddled me and lowered herself down onto my cock. The feeling of her wet tight cunt sliding over my cock was something I will never forget. And the way my cock disappeared into her thick dark bush. She started to ride me ağrı escort hard. “I will get you to cum for me” Marge said as she worked her hips around my dick. Her little tits giggled with her movements. I held back as long as I could and then blew a massive load deep inside Marge. That first time to cum inside a woman, I thought I would never stop pumping cum in her. Marge came too moaning loudly as her pussy clamped tight around my pulsing cock. She collapsed on top of me with my cock deflating inside her gooey pussy. After several minutes Marge started to suck my dick again and this time I had no problem blowing my load down her throat. We took a shower together and dressed just in time for everyone to come home. I came over the next day and my buddy was not home. Marge took another load from me quickly. Then a week went by before I was over. This time I stayed the night and the next morning my buddy had to work early and was gone. It was just me, Marge and her husband. “Well so I understand ole Marge made a man of you last week.” Marge’s husband Paul said to me as he lifted Marge’s little shirt exposing her tits. I stood silent not sure where this was heading or how he found out I banged his wife. Marge flipped her shirt off and knelt down and pulled Paul’s little fat dick from his shorts and took it in her mouth. She would look up at him and then ardahan escort over at me as she sucked his dong. Then she stopped and dropped her shorts. Then as she faced me lowered herself down on Paul’s cock. She rode him right there in front of me. I watched his cock and balls slid in and out of Marge’s little pussy. Then Paul stood up pushing Marge so she was bent over the table and banged her hard doggy for a bout a minute, then arched his back and grunted as he filled her tight little snatch full of his jizz. As he stepped back his limp dick popped out of her leaving a little white trickle of cum. “Dang, this woman has a great cunt. Your turn, show me what you learned.” Marge turned around and spread her legs as she leaned back against the table. I was afraid to move. Paul pulled me up and pulled my pants down allowing my hard cock to spring fourth. I pushed into Marge and started to fuck her. The cum inside her made me last longer and I banged her for several minutes. As I was about to cum I pulled out and just as I was about to nut Marge pulled me back inside her. I exploded deep inside her with the thought that I would die at the hands of Paul when done. When I pulled out a glob of cum dropped out of Marge’s sweet pussy. She caught it with her hand and stuck it in her mouth. Paul slapped me on the back and thanked me. “I had always wanted to see my wife fuck another man and take his load.” I felt strange standing there naked with another naked guy. After that Paul and I would take turns fucking Marge. I would get to fuck her many times on my own. Paul seemed to get a kick out of watching the two of us fuck. I fucked her until I went off to college.

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