Strengthening The Friendship


Strengthening The FriendshipStrengthening The FriendshipBy: Londebaaz Chohan Alvin and Irvin were both close to 30 almost. They grew up together on the same block and went to the same elementary, middle and the high school. They were very good friends. Alvin was over 6’ tall with broad shoulders, big and hard muscles weighing 250 pounds. Irvin was also a burly, husky man. With 6’ 2’’ height, he weighed 245 pounds. Alvin was married and had never considered himself as gay or bisexual but often fantasized about other men as most men do but not to the point of wanting to go out and try it.Irvin had an elder brother named Ores. Ores was an openly gay man but he never made advances towards Alvin but he would take his younger brother Irvin to several gay bars when Irvin was younger. Irvin always told Alvin when his brother took him to a gay bar and narrated the stories, how the gays at the bar hit him but he had refused their advances. Somehow Alvin did not believe him and always questioned Irvin, if he really refused the advances of the other gay men because Irvin continued to go to these bars with Ores for many years plus Irvin got married almost a month or two earlier than Alvin but his marriage lasted for no more than a year or so. Although Alvin never told Irvin but most of his gay fantasies included Irvin. The thought of Irvin being at a gay bars turned Alvin on for some crazy or stupid reason. They had fallen into their respective lives knowing Ores as gay and Alvin and Irvin being straight. Recently, Alvin got a new job, driving an 18 wheeler truck, between far off points delivering anything and everything from food to cement or the solid waste. Alvin was very excited for this new job and asked Irvin many a times to join him when he was on a short 1 – 2 day trip on the road. Irvin was also excited and wanted to see the land but he was always busy with his job, life and had to refuse Alvin, until once he came to the time with couple of days off from job and he agreed to ride with Alvin for an overnight trip. Alvin halkalı escort picked up Irvin and off they went.During their trip they talked about a lot of things. Being good friends they did not hesitate to tell each other everything there was to know about their jobs, their women, life and all else. Irvin mostly talked about having difficult time with women and his girlfriends’ not giving him enough sex. Alvin never had such problem but he always tried to pretend, as if he understood the problem very well. Alvin told Irvin that his wife enjoyed a finger inserted up her ass while Alvin ate her pussy. They both laughed and Irvin warned Alvin to cut it off before he got a hard on. Almost immediately, Irvin told Alvin about the cunt of his present girlfriend, getting extremely wet when he fucked her pussy in a doggy position.As Irvin talked, his cock began to get hard in his shorts. Watching him had the similar effect on Alvin and he also got a hard on. Alvin asked to stop talking of sex or he would have to crawl back in the sleeper cabin and masturbate for relief. They laughed out together but silently Alvin started thinking of seeing Irvin’s cock and giving him a blowjob. This was getting Alvin turned on tremendously and it was getting difficult to endure it. Even looking straight ahead on the road from the passenger seat was not helping at all. As the conversation lingered, Alvin noticed from the side vision that Irvin was lightly rubbing and adjusting his cock through his shorts. With extremely stiff cock, Alvin could hardly sit still in his seat and specially after listening to Irvin’s confession of masturbating during his driving trips.Alvin just could not resist or control himself and although, he did not expect Irvin to do it in front of him, he told Irvin not to stop because of him and he should go ahead and do it. Hearing this, Irvin flipped the cruise control on and pulled his beautiful cock out of his shorts. Just as Alvin had taksim escort anticipated, Irvin’s cock was no less than 10’’ long and extremely thick uncut. Without wasting a sec, Irvin wrapped his fist around his fat cock shaft and began stroking it up and down adding the second hand to cover the full shaft length. The seeping pre cum was already glistening his rod as he increased the speed. In about 5 minutes his cum was lathering on his hand. Now Irvin looked at Alvin and asked him, not hesitate with a friend and go ahead. Alvin simply did not understand, what Irvin asked for. Did he want Alvin to help him for jerking off or he wanted Alvin to start jerking himself. He was so much turned on to think deep and unbuckling his seat belt, he stood up in the middle of the truck cabin. Next he knelt to Irvin and began working his meaty cock. Irvin did not flinch for a second. Irvin’s monster sex muscle was warm and wet. It was feeling heavy and impossible to bear. Alvin was slow stroking it from thickest base to the uncut foreskin still wrapping his helmet. Alvin just could not resist his curiosity and soon he lowered his mouth over the excessive cock head, slowly pushing his mouth over the cock shaft but could not get a lot of it in his mouth. Trying again, Alvin wrapped his lips around Irvin’s cock head and forced his cock to go deeper until Alvin gagged. Now with bobbing of his head, Alvin was making Irvin to moan. It was not the time to let up and Alvin kept going with a steady pace. Irvin’s hand had come behind Alvin’s head, to help him suck deeper. Soon the truck engine began to slow and stop eventually with brakes engaged. Alvin took Irvin’s cock out of his mouth and sighed, “Fuck man! I cannot wait. I need to fuck or …..”! Without a delay of a heartbeat, Irvin told Alvin to fuck him and walked to the sleeper cab opening to sit there on the edge. Irvin stepped after him with his equally huge, healthy and hefty cock poking out of his shorts. As Alvin approached him, Irvin began to şişli escort unbutton his shorts and Alvin helped to pull them shorts off Irvin’s ankles. Irvin took his shirt off and pushed himself in the sleeper cabin to be there naked.Now, Alvin also ripped all his clothes and Irvin signaled him to the drawer near his head. Alvin opened the drawer and pulled out the KY lube tube but left the condom laying there citing that good friends did not need anything to come between their bare skins. Gently Alvin worked the lube on his cock while Irvin smeared some at and around his ass hole. Laying there calmly, Irvin pulled his both knees with both hands, exposing his awesome ass to his best friend Alvin. Slowly, Alvin stuck the head of his cock into Irvin’s ass. The size was hurting Irvin really bad but he did not want Alvin to stop. Irvin was finally revealing his long time feelings to his best friend Alvin.Alvin pushed his cock all the way into Irvin’s ass making him feel it reach to the end of his rectum. It was filling Irvin all the way up. Now Alvin began plowing his cock gently in and out. Soon the pain began to go away and they kissed each other passionately. Irvin said that he was waiting for this for at least 10 years almost and it verified all of the Alvin’s suspicions. Alvin informed Irvin that he too wanted to make Irvin happy. Irvin thanked Alvin and requested for a hard fuck but then cum in his mouth instead of his ass. This made Alvin to fuck him faster and faster, getting closer to his climax. Hard slamming into Irvin’s ass was hurting Alvin’s balls as they were swinging and crashing under Irvin’s ass. In mid stride, Alvin pulled his cock out of Irvin’s ass and bean to jerk off fervently and Irvin sat up straight to catch the manly load in his mouth. After about 5 minutes, Alvin gasped and shoved his cock head in Irvin’s mouth and let it loose to ejaculate, squirting on to the tonsils. Irvin held the cock and began squeezing it from base to head for milking out all of the remaining juice in the pipes for swallowing. Once done, they were both very sweaty and tired. After a few minutes, Alvin smiled and asked Irvin to reciprocate and cum in Alvin’s mouth for tasting. This trip ended as planned but it opened all the other possibilities to strengthen the long held friendship.The End, Your comments are appreciated. Londebaaz Chohan July 17, 2020.

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