Strip Club MFF


Strip Club MFFSaturday July 25, 2015This is the true story of my first MFF and I credit it with helping to expand my sexuality and simply make me feel better and more comfortable as a man.My girlfriend and I had been talking at great length for some time about bringing another girl into the bed. We had exhaustive conversations about how it would go and how to handle it. I don’t think it was a bad thing, just something that was always going to be relegated to conversation, rather than actually happening.It was a warm muggy summer evening in Downtown Detroit and Ashley and I had just booked our room at a central hotel. The idea was that we were going to bounce around from bar-to-bar in an attempt to find a sexy girl to bring back to the room. We hit up a couple of places without much luck. The girls either didn’t fit the profile Ashley and I sought or we simply didn’t feel the vibes from anyone.Several hours into the evening, a heavy rain rolled into the city, forcing us into a tiny bar that smelled of foul-dishwater. I’ll never forget the smell. It almost made me want to pack it up for the night and forget it. In our waiting, Ashley suggested that we visit the strip club a few blocks over. We had talked about going to a strip club together but actually putting it into motion was different. The fact that she wanted it this bad as was asking me if i wanted to sit in a gentleman’s club together reignited my drive and I could feel my balls swelling with excitement. We waited for the rain to stop and ventured out.The club was moderately busy when we arrived. I paid the cover charge for us both and we found a seat next to one of the stages. Looking around I noticed that Ashley seemed to be the only one in the place that wasn’t working. That made me feel so happy and special that my girl was on my arm in a place full of lone men. At this point I cut myself off from any more alcohol as I didn’t want to spend my night drinking only to succumb to whiskey-dick. Ashley ordered a drink and sat eagerly waiting for it with a grin on her face that I can still picture.Ashley is a very bubbly fun person to be around and her aura is magnetic in that I knew, it would only be a matter of time before one of the dancers took notice to us. Each dancer would rotate past our table and we would talk about things we liked and didn’t like about them. They were all quite attractive in their own way but nothing was really getting us straight-up horny, yet.Around an hour in a tattooed, dark-haired dancer climbed on stage and began dancing on the other side of the joint. She caught both of our attentions very quickly and we both waited for her to rotate to our table. Ash and I very much liked her look and we whispered to konya escort one another, giggling about things and rubbing ourselves, still looking at the dancer as she undressed on stage. We hoped that we could send a message that we wanted her. The song ended and the girl walked off stage, but she had this glance as she walked off, like I could tell that she could tell that we wanted her.Ash and I sat and talked about how turned on we were while we waited for the girl to pass by our table, hopefully ending in a position for a private dance. A few minutes went by and the tattooed beauty approached our table, it had worked. Ashley and the dancer struck up good conversation very quickly and it was almost at this moment that I knew it was going to happen. Now, I had never been involved in a MFF up till this point and i knew the sex would be amazing, but truth be told I just wanted to savor this moment of anticipation as long as I could.Ashley excused herself to the bathroom, so it was only the dancer and myself at this point. She smiled and asked what we had planned for the rest of the evening. That’s when I came right out with it; “Honestly, we are out looking for another girl to bring into the bed and we we’re hoping it would be you.”I wasn’t even nervous when I said it, perhaps because I knew I had a beautiful woman in Ashley in my corner. Regardless, I said it. She looked taken back, but flattered and turned on.”Seriously?””Yes.” I said letting it all sink in.Just then Ashley came walking back to the table. I had the biggest grin on my face and I think Ashley knew right then and there that I had said something to the girl.I didn’t give Ashley a change to say anything. “I told her, babe.” I grinned rubbing my cock through my jeans “I think she’s into it.” Ashley looked at the dancer and we had this weird quite moment.”So what do you think?” Ashley asked in sexy-as-hell tone.I could infer what her answer was going to be before she said anything.”If you guys are serious I would be totally interested!”It was at this point that the three of us headed upstairs to get more properly acquainted. The lap-dance was the best I’d ever had in my life because I knew that in only a couple hours, I’d be fucking this girl while she licked my girls pussy. The girl danced for both us for several songs and I paid her for time. The two girls exchanged phone numbers and gave the name of the hotel we were staying at. It was 1:00am and the bars would be closing soon. It only a matter of time now.We arrived at the room and I jumped into the shower to get cleaned up. My balls were so swollen with cum that they almost hurt. I got out of the shower and threw some clothes on. I could hear Ashley kütahya escort in the next room talking to the girl on the phone. It was so hot to hear Ashley flirting with intention.Now the hotel we were staying at was a secure building and you couldn’t even use the elevator without a room key. Ashley asked me I could go down to the lobby and meet her when she arrived.”Sure, babe. Just let me know when she’s here.”I rolled a joint and turned on the TV, the anticipation was now at it’s highest.More time had gone by than I expected and almost thought at one point that it wasn’t going to happen.”She just texted me, she’s here!” Ashley exuded.I slipped my shoes on and hopped in the elevator. The first time in the evening that I felt like I had a moment alone with my thoughts. This was actually going to happen, holy shit I can’t believe it. I felt like a k**, no joke.The doors opened to the lobby and I spotted her in a sexy red dress across the room. We walked toward one other, she looked calm and cool but I couldn’t hold my smile back.”Hi, i’m Michael, nice to meet you.” I said. I wanted to properly introduce myself as I felt that it had never happened at the club.She smiled and nodded back.When we arrived at the room, Ashley and the girl began gushing over how beautiful the other one was. They stripped each other of their clothes and got into the stand-up shower. I laid on the bed and tried to relax pretending like I was watching the TV, when all I was focused on was the two naked girls in the shower, rubbing one-another’s pussy seductively.After what felt like forever I heard the water cease and after some rustling and giggling, Ashley and the girl emerged from the bathroom, still glistening from the shower.They only had towels wrapped around them as they laid on the bed and made small talk. We all talked for a bit, getting comfortable and what not. It was then that I felt compelled to take my towel off revealing my naked body. I snuck up behind ashley and began slowly pulling her towel away; she didn’t protest. The girl removed her towel almost instantly and then it was on.I laid back in the first few minutes as to let Ashley and her get comfortable and get to know each others bodies. My cock was already hard and had been hard for some time, if anything it was drooling at this point. Ashley lowered herself to the girls pussy and began licking without hesitation. Seeing my girlfriend tongue fuck a 19 year-old stripper was almost too much for me. She was absolutely loving lapping up her pussy juice. Ashley moaned as she licked and kissed the young girl. I got on my knees and lowered my cock into the girls mouth. She pulled it into her mouth and sucked it deeply while malatya escort Ashley licked her slit.This went on for a few minutes before I felt the absolute need to taste someones juices. I pulled my cock from her mouth and knelt next to Ashley, signaling her to switch positions. Ashley and I both licked her pussy together for a moment and kissed, sharing her scent before allowing me to have her pussy all to myself. It had the most musky erotic smell, like that of a girl who’s been horny all fucking night. She had a beautiful clit, the kind you can suck into your mouth and really play with and taste. I love sucking a girls clit into my mouth.After I had her cum in my mouth, she flipped over onto her belly and buried her face into Ashley’s mound. With her head down and ass up, I spread her cheeks and rubbed my drooling cock-head in between her lips. She moaned and pressed against me waiting for penetration. It took a little bit of pushing but I slid into her, falling onto her back so that my head was next to hers. I let my cock adjust to her pussy and just took everything in.I fucked her gently for a few minute, listening to Ashley moans as we all got off on each other. I pulled my cock out every so often to run my tongue across her pussy and up her ass-crack. I put my penis back into her, this time fucking her with authority, making her cum all over my cock. She loved every second of it.We took a break for just a moment and Ashley said that she wanted to see her ride my cock. I laid back onto the bed and let the girl climb up and ease my fat cock inside. It slid in without much hesitation and she began wildly riding my cock. Ashley and her kissed passionately while this was happening.Now, I had been worked up all night and I knew it was going to be sooner rather than later when I wouldn’t be able to hold back. I was trying to get her to slow down but she was bouncing on my shaft so aggressively that there was little I could do. I wanted to warn her but couldn’t At the last possible second, I lifted her up and blew was felt like the biggest load all over her back. It felt like a gallon of cum had been released. I rolled off to the side and the two beauties got into a 69 to lick at one another until they both came in each others faces.We cleaned up and said our goodbyes. As we were doing so, the girl realized her panties were to wet to take with her so she left them with us, soaked and everything. After she left, I fucked Ashley again with the dirty, juice-soaked panties between our noses, smelling the girls scent as we made love.By the the time we finished up, it was almost 6am and the sun was beginning to rise. The two of us gathered up our belongings and closed the door to room 919, leaving behind memories and good times. This moment marked a change in my life in many different ways as well as Ashley’s. We never seen the girl again, yet she has a special place in the both of our hearts, and, I hope a special place in hers as well.Thanks for reading!

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