Summer Fun Ch. 04


It was Thursday evening, two weeks after Kitty’s wedding, that I received a phone call from Kim. This was unusual. She told me that Laura had arranged a ‘welcome home’ party for Kitty and Albert the coming Saturday, and I had been invited.

I noticed a little tension in Kim’s voice. “Anything wrong?” I asked.

“No, it’s fine,” she snapped back at me. I knew that her family was home and so she couldn’t really talk. I made a mental note to ask her again at the party. I had had to work on the previous two Wednesdays, so I hadn’t fucked Kim for over two weeks. Maybe that’s her problem, I thought.

So on Saturday afternoon I rolled up to the address given to me by Kim. I was expecting Albert’s house to be palatial, with extensive grounds. In fact, I had wondered why the wedding hadn’t been held there. I soon had my answer. The house, while impressive, was hardly palatial. And the grounds were fairly small, big enough for a party, but certainly not large enough to accommodate two hundred wedding guests. Perhaps Albert isn’t as rich as I had thought, I mused. I wonder if Kitty knows.

I mingled with the guests. I saw Roger smoozing to some of the men. I didn’t know what it was that Roger peddled, but he obviously saw this as a golden opportunity to relieve some of these affluent-looking guests of their spare cash.

I went looking for Kim, and I found her talking to Kitty. Kitty kissed me demurely, and quite properly, on the cheek. I subtly steered them away from the other guests so that we could talk.

When we were alone, I said to Kitty, “So, how was the honeymoon?” “Exhausting!” she said. “Albert is a lot friskier than I thought. My pussy feels worn out.”

We all laughed. Kim seemed to brighten up a little at that statement. Odd, I thought.

“I have to get back to our guests,” said. Kitty. “Kimmie, why don’t you show Tim around the house?”

“Good idea!” said Kim enthusiastically.

Kim took my arm, and as we walked towards the house, canlı bahis she said, “So, Tim, how is it that you know Laura?”

I was surprised by her question, but then the penny dropped. Kim was jealous!

“I met her at the wedding,” I said.

“And have you fucked her?” she asked, with acid in her voice.

Careful, Tim! “Well, yes,” I said quietly.

“When?” she spat out the question.

“We sneaked away during the ceremony, and went for a swim in my pool. She didn’t have her suit, so we skinny-dipped, and … well…”

Kim looked as though she was going to cry. “Now that Kitty is married, I thought that I would have you all to myself,” she sniffled.

“Kimmie,” I soothed. “Don’t be jealous, sweetie. There’s plenty of me to go around. I’ve really missed you these last two weeks.”

“Really?” she said, looking a little better.

“Really,” I said. “And anyway, you don’t think that Kitty is going to let a little thing like being married slow her down, do you now?”

“I guess not,” she said.

We walked in silence up to the front entrance of the house. And then suddenly a familiar voice behind us said, “And just where do you two think you’re going?”

We spun around and were greeted by Laura, a big smile on her face. She hugged each of us. “Hello again Tim,” she said, kissing me on the cheek.

I thought that Kim was going to explode. “Ummm, Kim was going to show me the house,” I said. “Good idea,” said Laura. “But let me be your guide. There are a few places that Kim might not know about. Besides, if anyone sees the two of you together they’ll think that you have been up to no good. But if they see the three of us, they’ll think that we were just looking around.”

Makes sense, I thought.

“Either that, or they’ll think that you are a real stud, Timmy,” Laura giggled.

Kim shot daggers at Laura, but she said nothing as Laura led us into the house. “Let’s start upstairs,” said Laura. “Bedrooms are the most interesting bahis siteleri part of a house, don’t you think?”

We climbed the impressive staircase and walked to the end of the hall. Laura unlocked the door. “This is my room,” she said, leading us inside.

“You mean, you live here?” asked Kim.

“Oh, no, I have an apartment,” said Laura. “This was my room when I was growing up. And I still use it when I stay over.”

Kim and I looked around. It was certainly a very girlie room, with lots of pillows and stuffed animals.

Laura opened a closet. “This is the dress that I wore to a ball last year, Kim,” said Laura. “Isn’t it beautiful?”

Kim was clearly impressed. “It’s lovely!” she exclaimed.

“We’re about the same size, Kim,” said Laura. “You should try it on.”

“But… Tim…,” said Kim hesitatingly.

“Kim, I know that Timmy’s seen you naked,” said Laura.

“Tim!” exclaimed Kim. “You told?”

“I know that Tim’s fucked you, and I know that he’s fucked Kitty, and you probably know that he’s fucked me. Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with me. Can’t we all be friends?” said Laura.

A huge look of relief appeared on Kim’s face. She moved over to Laura, and they embraced. “After all, we are related now, aren’t we?” said Laura.

Kim wiped a tear from her eye. “Now, about that dress…,” she said.

“Tim please lock the door so that we are not disturbed,” said Laura. I walked over and locked the door, and when I turned around, Kim was naked except for her panties. My cock started to respond as she reached up and slipped the dress over her head.

Laura zipped up the back of the dress, and helped Kim to adjust it. Kim looked stunning, and I told her so. She smiled, very pleased with herself, and paraded around the room.

Laura looked critically at Kim. “You know, that dress is really designed to be worn without panties,” she said. Then she reached up under the dress and pulled down Kim’s panties. Kim gasped with surprise, bahis şirketleri but didn’t try to stop her.

Kim was actually a little larger than Laura in the bust area, and she stretched the dress to its limit. “You have such a nice figure,” said Laura. “I wish that my titties were as big as yours.”

A look passed between them, a look that I had seen women use before. I knew exactly what it meant. It was an invitation!

Kim walked around for a few minutes more, admiring herself in the mirror. “Will you unzip me, please?” she said to Laura.

Laura unzipped the back of the dress, and it fell below Kim’s tits. Then Laura did something that I knew would happen – she reached around and squeezed Kim’s tits. Kim moaned in response, and Laura took one of Kim’s tits in her mouth. Not wanting to be left out, I started working on her other one.

Laura pulled down the dress, and then pushed a completely naked Kim back on the bed. Then she plunged her face between Kim’s legs and started to eat her pussy. Kim moaned and wriggled in ecstasy as her pussy was devoured. I guess what they say is right – women can eat pussy better than men because they know exactly what they like.

Laura wriggled her ass at me and I didn’t need to be asked twice. My cock was really hard, so I lifted up her dress, pulled down her panties, and slammed it into her. I had a moment of deja vu. The last Doggy fuck that I had enjoyed was with Kim, in Jason’s room the night of Kitty’s birthday party. Suddenly, that seemed a very long time ago.

I fucked Laura hard, thinking only of my own pleasure, as I knew that the two girls were pleasuring each other. Then when I came, Laura let out a muffled squeal as I filled her cunt with my cum.

The girls cleaned each other up and Kim got dressed, and we returned to the party. Kitty saw us coming and ran over. “There you are!” she exclaimed “What have the three of you been up to? Has Tim been taking care of both of you?”

“No, just me,” said Laura brazenly. “I took care of Kimmie.”

Kitty gasped with surprise. “Then I can’t wait for you to take care of me, while Tim fucks both of you,” she said.

Oh my aching back! What have I got myself into?

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