Sunbathing PT 1


Sunbathing PT 1Sunbathing PT 1I was feeling particularly naughty today. I do everyday but today I was flat out horny. I didn’t see getting fucked in the near future so I put on a little more then a micro bikini. The top tied at the back of my neck and back. There are small triangles covering my nipples. The bottom tied at the hips and barley covered my pussy lips and none of my ass cheeks. Just a small fabric that ran up my butt.I’m a few pounds overweight, well lets say ten to twelve. OK honestly probably closer to fifteen lbs. I still liked what I saw in the mirror even though I’ve got a bit of a pouch on my stomach. However that makes for a bit more meat on my big tits and ass.I went downstairs to tell my older br(o)ther I was going in the back yard and get some sun before I go to the beach this weekend with my friend Alison.Mhhh go ahead and go.As usual my br(o)ther didn’t even look at me.Do you like my new bathing suit?He looked and did a quick double take.Holy shit Courtney you can’t wear that to the beach.Why not?Don’t you have a mirror in your room? Most of your nipples are showing not to mention your ass and it barley covers your box.So.Dad won’t let you wear that.Dad isn’t going to know.Guys are going to be staring at you like….. like….Like what?You’re some sort of an easy slut.Obviously that’s the look I’m going for. Since when do you care?Well…. I don’t but if you want all the guys staring at you then go ahead.Maybe I do. I’m going outside.I put some baby oil on my fingers and dripped a few drops on my pussy. I was rubbing my pussy and stopped when my br(o)ther came outside. He was wearing a speedo. A speedo I thought. I was going to say something but decided that would chase him back inside.I turned on my stomach and handed him a big bottle of baby oil.Oil my back for me.He took the bottle and started to rub oil on my back.There you go.Silly you need to get my legs and butt too.He rubbed my legs stopping well short of my pussy. It was if he was teasing me but I thought he was being respectful. I wished for him to get closer and touch my pussy. As hard as I can make myself cum it’s just not the same as a guys touch. Now my butt.Are you sure?Yes, it’s all exposed I don’t want to burn.He squirted baby oil on my ass. As he worked the baby oil in my ass I moaned a little, that’s it. I like that.I slid a bit when I turned over. As I hoped the triangles of my top covering my nipples moved and my nipples were fully exposed.I could easily tell through his speedo my br(o)ther was getting hard.My br(o)ther used a lot of baby oil on my tits. His palms rubbing lightly across my nipples. My nipples became more erect with his touch. I reached back and konak escort untied the top of my bikini. My br(o)thers cock now fully erect and sticking out of his speedo.I love to see that I’m turning you on.Let me help you out with your hard cock. I pulled his speedos down and I untied my bikini bottoms.His balls shaved and cock nicely trimmed and nice and hard for me.I licked my lips and offered to help him out with his hard cock.My br(o)ther moaned oh fuck Courtney that feels so good.I love to suck cock. That combined with my br(o)ther moaning and telling me how good my sucking his cock and balls feels was really making my pussy soaking wet.I wanted to see how far he’d go so I told him I always dreamed of sucking your cock.Really? I would beatoff at night thinking about what it would be like to fuck you.How come you never told me?I was afraid.Of what?Me perving on my si(s)ter.Tell me your fantasies about me.I particularly like the days you don’t wear a bra and a light colored top. I can make out your nipples and I like to watch your big tits jiggle as you move. Even better are the evenings when you wear your sleep shirt. Sometimes I can see the little bit of hair you have on your pussy. I have to go beatoff so you don’t see you made my dick hard.I turn you on that much?Yes. I often wished I could pin you down and take you right there. Then at night I dream I’m naked and I sneak into your room at night and lift your nightshirt. You’re not wearing any panties so I start to eat your pussy out. You’re still asleep you probably think it’s a dream.Tell me more.You spread your legs so I can eat your pussy out. I keep tonguing and sucking on your clit. You’re moaning and I make you cum.I can’t tell what you’re saying except for again. You rub your pussy and say again.Show me.Here?Yes show me how you would fantasize about eating me out as I spread my legs for him.My br(o)ther was actually really good at eating me out. He was gentle and took his time. His tongue danced around my clit and I came for him.“Again” I told him.He eagerly obliged. If I had known he was this giving I would have seduced my baby br(o)ther years ago. Lay down. I poured baby oil all over my br(o)thers cock and balls. I mounted my br(o)ther reverse cowgirl and slowly lowered myself on him feeling his cock head invading my pussy, slowly opening my pussy accepting his nice hard cock.Oh fuck yeah John my pussy needs your cock. Spank me. Harder, slap my ass harder.I was riding my br(o)ther slowly.Holy fuck Courtney I can see your pussy devouring every inch of my dick. You’re pussy is so tight and wet.I rode my br(o)ther slowly letting him enjoy watching his cock disappear konak escort bayan in my pussy. I really wanted to ride him like a bucking bronco, pound the cum right out of him.I leaned back and squeezing my big tits and I saw my neighbor and BFF Alison watching us.Alison had one strap of her cami crop top down her small cone shaped tit exposed her shorts untied down around her thighs and her hand busy rubbing her bald pussy.Alison was the opposite of me. She’s tall and thin, so thin I could see her hip bones and her ribs. She has a little thigh gap, nice pussy mound and meaty pussy lips.I know this because occasionally when we were both so horny we would masturbate together. We’d talk dirty telling each other how were getting fucked. A big cock stretching our pussy, a cock cumming on our tits or face. We never touched each other but I was hoping to change that today.I rode my br(o)thers cock faster, squeezing my tits and telling Alison how his cock felt invading my pussy, stretching my pussy open.Alisons shorts were now down around her ankles. She was standing practically bull legged I could see her roughly finger fucking herself. She had no mercy for her pussy. When we masturbated together one of her fantasies was one day she would like to be DP’d and try to see if two cocks fit in her pussy. She talked about a guy who would would fuck her brains out like an escaped prisoner who hadn’t had pussy in years. Coming into her room grabbing her, ripping her clothes off, roughing her up a little, pulling her hair, fucking her over and over again until she passed out. Even passed out she wanted him to keep on fucking her leaving her laying there in a pool of his cum.That’s it slut fuck him hard Alison told me. Make him give you his hot sweet cum.I’m gonna cum Courtney. Careful I’m close my br(o)ther cried out.Ride him Courtney. Ride him till he cums in your pussy.I had no intention of getting off my br(o)ther, I wanted to feel his hot sticky cum in my pussy as much as Alison wanted me to get a creampie.Ahhhh fuck Courtney I’m cumming, oh shit, oh shit, ahhhhhh ohhhhh ooooo that feels soooo good. Holy fuck your pussy feels so good. I’ve never cum that much.I raised myself up a little bit off my br(o)thers cock to see if some of his cum would drain out of my pussy on to his cock and balls.Is this the first time you came in a girls pussy?Yes they always want me to pull out. I’ve had a lot of handjobs or blowjobs. Your pussy is so much tighter and wetter it was incredible.I got off of my br(o)ther, Alison still finger fucking herself.I was going to tell her to go suck his cum off of his dick. I didn’t have to Alison was all over his cock escort konak like a k** whos ice cream cone was melting licking his cum off his shaft and his balls.I saw Allison bent over my br(o)ther her tiny tight ass her bald pussy already red and her thin legs got me to thinking. I wanted her pussy.I could hear Alison gagging on my br(o)thers cock. Is he hard already or didn’t his cock go soft?I bet you’d like to fuck me like a dog right here in front of your si(s)ter Alison told my br(o)ther as she bent over the picnic table.I walked up behind my br(o)ther pushing my tits in his back grabbing his hard cock. I whispered to him fuck her hard Johnny fuck her anyway you want. Anything you’ve ever seen in a porn film and wanted to try do it to Alison. We walked up behind Alison me still holding my br(o)thers cock. I rubbed his cock up and down Alisons pussy. Fuck me, fuck me hard and deep.You heard her. Pound her as hard as you can with your hard cock. Beat her pussy up.With that my br(o)ther slid his dick in Alisons pussy and pumped her hard.Each stroke of my br(o)thers cock I could hear my brother and Alison grunting. Today Alison had her shorter hair in a french braid. My br(o)ther grabbed her french braid pulling her head back.Drool was running from Alisons mouth. Oh fuck yeah you little bastard hurt me. It feels so good. I wish you could get your balls in my pussy.I’ll do better then that my br(o)ther told Alison.You little bastard not my ass.Fuccckkk Courtney I’ve got your br(o)thers cock at my ass, Your br(o)thers going to fuck my ass.Oh you mother fucker shit, shit, shit your cock is so big in my ass.I watched as my br(o)ther slowly fuck Alisons ass deep. He began to pick up the pace and I could hear his body slapping against her ass cheeks. Make me cum you ass fucker, make me cum. I saw a gush of either pi(s)s or Alison squirted all over her feet. She was practically jumping up and down yelling Courtney I’ve got your br(o)thers cock up my ass. I’m a three input girl now.I’m going to cum. Holy geez I’m fucking cumming my br(o)ther told Alison.Give it to me. Cum in my ass, make me a cum slut. Holy shit I can feel your hot cum shooting up my ass. That’s it empty your balls in my ass.My br(o)ther just stood there with his cock in Alisons ass.Holy fuck Alison you are a great fuck. You took my dick in your ass like a dirty girl.He pulled his half limp cock out.Courtney come look at your br(o)thers cum in my ass.I thought it was a strange request but my br(o)ther not only just fucked her ass he took her anal virginity.Look at me. I’ve had cum on my face, in my mouth, on my tits, my pussy and now my ass. Your br(o)ther fucking my ass made me squirt. I actually squirted can you fuckin believe it?I don’t know what came over me. Looking at Alison thin body and legs, her asshole open I started out to stick my thumb in Alisons ass.We heard my fathers car pull into the driveway. We grabbed our clothes and ran into the house…….

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