SuperBowl with Stepdad


SuperBowl with StepdadThis is my first post here, just wrote this story this morning. Hope you guys like it, I welcome all feedback. ThanksDear Diary, Today I finally did it… I finally got to ride my step dad’s big long dick. It’s been two years now since I have had to listen to mom moan loudly and the headboard of her bed hitting against my wall. You know I have often masturbated to the sound and always wished he would just look at me one day and fuck the shit out of me but for those two years, I am glad I waited this long.We were sitting on the couch, the four of us, Me, Mom, Stepdad and Mike watching the super bowl. The three of them were drinking a lot. There were many bottles of beer all over the place and three big empty bottles of Gin. My stepdad as you know is not a lightweight when it comes to drinking but this was the first time I have seen them drink so much. Mom was already past out on the floor next to his feet by halftime and Mike was snoring loudly on the loveseat. I watched him drink one more beer as he continued to cheer for his team. I laughed loudly when Mike fell of his chair and Dad giggled a bit. A few minutes later Dad started to snore, I was left alone to watch the game and I didn’t feel like going to my room. I walked over to Mike and tried to get him off the floor but he was too heavy and that didn’t stop him from snoring loudly. I checked on mom to make anadolu yakası escort sure she was ok and laid her down on the floor putting one of the cushions from the sofa under her head. When I looked over my stepdad, his team shorts were pulled halfway up and I could see the tip of his dick hanging out, as if to get some air or to say hello to me. I stepped over my mom on the floor and stood there staring at it for a good minute. I felt goose bumps come over me; I looked at mom again and at Mike than at him and than at it… gently I pulled the side of the shorts higher to get a better view. My eyes grew as big as his dick was. “No wonder why mom screams so much” I said to myself. I compared it to my forearm and it was a bit thicker and almost as long. Shaking, nervous I gently held on to it. I felt his heartbeat through his thick dick; I slowly jerked it keeping my eyes on him and mom. Mike was still snoring loudly so I paid him no mind. My heart was racing and my pussy started to get wet. After a few seconds of jerking his dick, he started to get hard in my hand; I could barely hold the stiff thing. I giggled at what I was doing, looked at mom again and said to myself “Tonight is my turn mom”. I rushed to my room and got my bottle of wet, took off my panties and rubbed as much on my pussy as I could, as you already know I have never ataşehir escort fucked anything as big as that before. Since I already had on a mini skirt I kept it on in case if mom wakes up I could quickly get off making believe I was going to get a drink. When I got back mom had switched over to her stomach, her skirt up showing her bare ass in the black thong she wore. Mike was still in the same spot and my stepdad started to snore louder now. His dick started going down, I pulled the short up and picked up where I left off, jerking it gently again, it only took a few seconds for it to rise again, I was looking at all the veins on his hard dick, I rubbed my pussy one more time and looked at mom again. I turned the volume of the TV a little higher, with my back to him I slowly bent over his hard dick, OMG Diary.. it took many tries to finally get the tip of his hard dick in my tight pussy, when it finally got in, I felt a sharp pain between my thighs, my pussy was being stretched, through the pain I smiled… I kept trying until I took half of it. I sat on it for a few seconds wondering if I should keep going, I looked at mom than him and thought of the two years wait. I gently started to move up and down his hard dick. I looked down and could see a little blood on his dick, I knew I was going too far but I wanted it so bad “If mom can take it, so ümraniye escort can I” I said to myself and continued on. I took a deep breath and sat lower on his dick until I felt my ass touching his body. I felt his dick deep inside of me, through my stomach, I held on hard to his knees praying he doesn’t wake up than I started again slowly riding his long cock. After a few up and downs, my pussy felt relaxed and I started riding him faster, I was moaning but tried my best to keep it low. Looking at mom again, I bent over and held on to the table and started fucking his big dick as hard as I could trying not to touch him so he doesn’t wake up. My legs started to feel like jello but I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to. His dick felt so good inside of me, for the first time Diary I came all over the floor… I was shaking; I knew I screamed loud cause mom switched from her stomach to her side. I jumped off him very quickly until I realized she was still sleeping. After a few seconds I went back to riding it again, this time my pussy felt really relaxed, I took his dick all the way down to his balls and slowly wining on it. I must have fucked him the entire third quarter. When he finally came, I could felt the warmth of his sperm flowing inside my little body. His snoring had gone slightly down and I stayed on his dick until I felt it soften inside then I got off, I cleaned my juice off his dick with a napkin and wiped my legs and pussy to remove his sperm that ran down on them. I kissed his dick and looked at mom again, she was still sleeping. I wiped Mike’s mouth with the same napkin as I giggled.Diary, I can’t wait for the next time they drink as much. This time I will try to take it in my ass. <3

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