We wake up in the morning naked and are just all intertwined. We are attending a teacher’s convention and there is a class that I want to go to and you are just going to take the morning off. We both want to go to the same class that afternoon. So as we cuddled, we made a plan. I’d go to class and you’d pick us up something to eat, then pick me up and we’d go someplace quiet for lunch. After we would go to the afternoon class together.

We just lay there together in each other’s arms, stroking each other, until I had to start running or miss the class. It was a hard decision but since the union was sending me – I really needed to go to this class. So after a final, wet, passionate, kiss – I jumped up and ran off to the class. I just made the class and it took about 20 minutes before I really heard anything that the instructor was saying. You were taking too much space in my mind.

The class was very informative, but towards the end I kept starring at the clock begging the hands to move faster so that we could again be together. It was just going to be a pleasant lunch, but I wanted to be able to touch you again – hold your hand, graze your arms, and maybe if we can find an out of the way place, kiss your beautiful face. We don’t want to be too obvious in a public place.

When class is over I go running out of the room. When I get outside your right where you said you’d be. Marie, I can see you smiling from all the way across the street. I jump into your car and you ask me if I’m ready and kind of giggle. You have kind of a funny look on your face but I say ‘Yes I’m ready – What’s up? Did you find a place for us to eat?’ You put the car in gear and take my hand – we are again ‘in touch’. You tell me you found the perfect place.

While you are driving I’m just watching you. Your hair is draped around your face and you still have that funny look on your face. But you’re smiling. You’re wearing some kind of a summer dress. Loose and cool looking for a hot day, that buttons down the front. I watch your chest rise and fall as you breathe – you are kind of breathing kind of fast illegal bahis as if you’re nervous or excited. While holding your hand I keep rubbing that soft patch of skin between your thumb and your index finger.

When I start paying attention to where we are going I realize that we’re somewhere behind one of the dormitories on the campus. There are fields out there, soccer or football. We park the car and grab our stuff. Instead of sitting down right there near the car, you insist that we walk all the way across the field. There’s woods on the other side and we can sit in the shade of the trees 50 – 60 yards from the car. You sit with your back to the car and the road facing the woods. There is no one else around. You ask me about the class and I tell you about the high points that I was able to pay attention for. We’re both eating as we chat.

At one point I look up and notice that the top two buttons of your dress have come undone. As I begin to wonder what might have happened, you put your hands on the third button – you look into my eyes, smile, and undo it. You open the dress and I realize that your not wearing a bra as your left breast comes into my view, and you ask, ‘Are you ready for dessert?’

You and I both look around at the same time. We are totally out in the open – but there is no one in sight, and even if someone did come by – we are so far from the road no one could tell what’s happening, as you look totally dressed from the back. As I start to come closer you undo the next button and your right breast also comes into view. My mind is racing, my heart is again pounding, and you have amazed me once again.

We move together and I can feel your chest against mine. I kiss you on the lips and you are very hot! You push your tongue into my mouth and I play with it sucking on it and fighting it with my own tongue. It’s like we are trying to see how close we can get. We hug and seem to be trying to unite our bodies – we are touching everywhere. You seem to be trying to see how far into my mouth you can put your tongue. I respond by inserting my tongue into your illegal bahis siteleri mouth as far as I can.

My hand has dropped and is now massaging your right breast. It’s like I’m pushing it into your chest – I can’t get close enough to you. I am trying to touch you all over all at once. We finally break for a breath and you again smile (I love your smile) and you ask ‘Did I surprise you?’ I respond that I was flabbergasted. You giggle and say ‘Watch this!’ I lean back for a moment and you slowly unbutton the rest of your dress and you’re not wearing any panties. O MY GOD!! I pull the dress to your sides but your back is covered and still look dressed from your back. I lay down in your lap with my face looking up at you. You lean slightly forward slightly and drop your right breast into my mouth. I play with your breast and nipple with my tongue, teeth, and lips. I lick all over your breast, and finally lick the tip of your nipple with my tongue. I grab the nipple gently with my lips and gently pull – nothing too strenuous. I bite and scrape your breast all over with my teeth, but gently, no marks.

You eventually pull your nipple out of my mouth but quickly replace it with your left breast. As I’m playing with your breast – we hear a car. We both freeze. We know that no one can see what we are doing – we’re just two people who are close together but if the car stops. . . we’ll have to stop. We hold our breaths and the car continues and eventually is out of sight. We laugh in relief, and I lift my head to again grab your nipple with my mouth. My mouth is in ecstasy and you are moaning in delight.

I switch my position and put my head between your legs. You lean back and rest on your hands behind you. As I put my mouth on your pussy, I find you’re sopping wet. Your anticipation has really gotten to you. You moan so loudly that I lift my head to see if anyone can hear. There’s no one around and you use one of your hands to push my head back. I lick up and down along your lips, and poke my tongue in and out of your vagina. You are so smooth and slick from all your juices. canlı bahis siteleri You continue to moan in obvious enjoyment.

I smile and continue. I lick your clitoris and grab it with my lips. I then take my right index finger and insert it into your vagina. I slid it in and out, then twist it all around while my tongue and lips are continuing to lick and suck on your clit. I eventually add my middle finger and continue to work them in and out, and in and out, and all around inside your vagina. I take my other hand and grab your breast and massage it. As I begin to pull on your nipple with my fingers, with my tongue on your clit and my fingers in your vagina, I feel you tighten around my fingers and you cum with a loud shuddering moan. You hold my head against your belly for a minute.

After a minute of rest you get me up and we switch positions. You put your hand up under my shirt and rub my chest. At the same time you start to undo my belt. I help you out (being a good guy) and undo my shorts and pull down my zipper. You then pull my shorts down a little and pull out my penis, which is throbbing. You begin to stroke it and at the same time lower your head to my penis.

It’s now my turn to beginning moaning. You lift your head quickly and smile at me, and then again lower your head. You work over my penis with your tongue, teeth, and lips. Swirling and licking and sucking. I am ready to burst; you lift your head and finish me with your hands. I spurt all over my belly. And you look up and smile once again at me. I pull you up and we kiss, both spent. We stay in each other’s arms for a little while and then realize that we can still make our afternoon class. We clean up a little, get dressed and laughing and holding hands, walk back to the car.

We go to the class and as we sit down and I realize what no one else in the class knows – that you still don’t have any underwear on! It dawns on me that I’m going to get very little out of this class. I can’t help but stare at you, and you give me this smile which seems to say, “I know what you’re thinking!” I bet you do!! Oh well – even if I don’t learn anything, at least I’ll enjoy my afternoon.

I hope you enjoyed the story. Please vote and leave a comment. I would appreciate your reactions. This was written for ‘Marie’ on her first day back to school in September!

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