Sweet 18 Ch. 04


There’s the distinct possibility that I went a little bit overboard with this one. Not saying it’s good or bad – it is what it is (spoiler: it’s bad). Anyway – this concludes the first chapter of Terry Evans’ journey into the world of futadom; have lots of ideas for this universe, hope I can explore it further.

As usual: a triple dose of incest, a futa-on-male fest and English that’s almost-but-not-quite adequate. And in the name of all that is holy: keep this out of the reach of your children!!

* * * * *

“One snicker. One giggle and you’re dead.”

His sister’s voice was filled with menace, but it was actually not called for. She might have felt ridiculous in that Bavarian dress, but she looked absolutely stunning. The green dress left her wide shoulders bare, revealing a good bit of luscious cleavage. It was very short, its frilly hem revealing her thick, shapely thighs almost all the way up to her ass. She wore white socks, each with a tiny red ribbon on top, and high-heeled black shoes that made her tower above her little brother by a good 5 or 6 inches. The set was completed by a small, white apron that did a very poor job of concealing her mountainous bulge.

“Wow, sis… you look really good!”

She looked at him suspiciously, scanning his face for a hidden smirk. Satisfied that he wasn’t messing with her, she shrugged nonchalantly. “Hey, I’d look good in a sack, right? But this really is ridiculous…!”

She twirled, her dress blowing upward, exposing her voluptuous ass and heavy balls, swinging free without the hindrance of any underwear. Terry, sitting on her bed, felt his cock stiffen at the sight. Damn, it was almost 8 and they needed to get downstairs, otherwise… damn!

“So, what’s the idea? You look like a sexy German farm girl or something…”

His sister smiled. “Hey, I feed you some cock and you start acting like a human being! That IS nice!”

It was actually true. He has always had the hots for his sis, but tried to cover it up by baiting her, always giving her a hard time. Having sucked her cock and swallowed quite a large amount of her cum, it felt a bit ridiculous to continue with that game. His sister was fucking sexy, and he had no problem telling her that!

“Anyway, it’s grandma and her crazy shit. We dress up like this for special occasions…”

“And my birthday…”

“Very much a special occasion, yes.”

Terry scrunched his face. This had been puzzling him. “I don’t get it. I’m just a guy – a male – what’s the big deal? We didn’t have all this excitement when you turned 18…!”

His sister picked up a lipstick, started applying it. “Not just any male. Males of the direct line – Oma Eberhard’s line – are pretty rare. Fertile ones are even rarer. Those tiny balls of yours hold quite a treasure…”

He bristled at her putdown of his testicles. “Hey, I’m normal sized for a guy!”

She gave him a sly smile. “Precisely.”

“Yeah, fuck you too.” Seems like their old dynamic would still get some play, after all… “seriously, sis – what’s the big deal? What makes me so special?”

She finished with the lipstick and put it down. “Don’t let it go to your head, half-pint, it’s just your sperm. Anyway, crazy grandma will probably give you the whole story over dinner. She LOVES talking about that shit…” she extended her hand. “Come on, she hates it when people are late.”

Terry hesitated. Sex with his mother and sister had turned out to be insanely satisfying, and he wanted more – LOTS more. But grandma Ursula was waiting in the dining room – grandma Ursula and her monster cock…



“Grandma… she… she’s going to fuck me, right?”

Sara looked at her kid brother, sitting on her bed all dressed up, looking worried, biting his lower lip in that way that drove her so mad with desire that she had to stop herself from whipping out her cock and ravishing him on the spot. She sat down next to him and hugged his shoulder.

“Yes, squirrel, she will. But you can take it; we’ll stretch you before that and I’ll be with you every step of the way, I promise. And, really, once you get used to it, it’s like nothing else in the world! Ask dad!”

He looked up at her, and smiled hesitantly. “Well, gotta try anything at least once, right?”

She smiled back at him. “That’s the spirit! It’ll be great…!” At least once… Ha! Well, no point scaring the kid more. “OK, birthday boy – time to party!”

* * * *

The others were all in the dining room when they got there, drinking their aperitif. Sara made a beeline for the drinks trolley, and Terry tried to follow, but one warning look from his mom stopped him. Apparently he was now old enough to take her cock, but not enough to taste a freakin’ thimble of alcohol! But he didn’t stay grumpy for long…

His canlı bahis mom looked stunning in a black and red dress with all sorts of white frills all over it, exposing a lot of tanned and toned skin. But when in the same room with Ursula Evans, not even his mother could commandeer his full attention.

His grandmother was HUGE. Like his sister, she was 6′ – much taller with the added inches of her high heels, of course – but she was MASSIVE. Broad, powerful looking shoulders, large breasts – he figured she was at least a DD – almost spilling out of her red and white dress. Thick, muscular thighs showed below the fairly moderate length of the dress – but any thought of modesty was instantly wiped away by the sight of the dark-pink mushroom shape hanging casually underneath the white-frilled hem of her dress.

Jesus fucking Christ… That thing was larger than his fist!

She turned to him and smiled, sending shivers down his spine. His grandmother was a very beautiful woman – it was really hard to believe that she was 67! She had that whole ‘sexy librarian’ thing going on – cold, blue eyes glinting behind the fashionable glasses, silver-blonde hair tied in a severe bun. The Bavarian-beer-maid look was a bit disconcerting – she usually went for conservative suits – but he found it to be almost irresistibly sexy. He spoke up, timidly. “Hi, grandma, I’m… I’m looking forward to… well…” Yeah, he had no idea, really, what was on the menu, tonight. He drew back a little as her gaze turned to him. She was smiling, but that predatory glint was lurking behind her eyes.

“Young Terrance. Our birthday boy. Come give your grandmother a kiss.”

He walked forward, gingerly, as always feeling intimidated by the imperious futa. He expected her to bend down for a short kiss, as she usually did; not this time. Before he knew what was going on her hand was underneath his butt, and he found himself being lifted up to meet her waiting lips. His body crashed into hers, her large, soft breasts cushioning him, and he felt the giant cock hidden underneath her dress rubbing against his thigh. His own cock responded immediately, making for quite a nice bulge in his pants, a thing that was not lost on the old futa, who smirked at him, the lines around her eyes deepening.

“I see you are getting into the spirit of the thing, young man. Good.”

He looked up at her face, a few inches above him, seeing the deep lines around her eyes. She was smiling, but there was a cold light behind her eyes that terrified him.

“So, your mother and sister have had their first taste of you. They have nothing but the highest praise…”

He nodded dumbly, not knowing what to say.

“But – we shall see.” Her hand was feeling his bottom, strong fingers testing his buttocks. “You are a very desirable young man, Terry…” She looked at him speculatively. “You seem to have inherited the best traits from your parents.”

He blushed. “Yeah, well, I AM kinda short…”

She smiled, coolly. “As I’ve said – the best traits.”

“Err… thanks?”

She chuckled softly. “Oh, yes indeed. But…” her gaze grew more intense. “We futas have lots of desirable young men to serve as our ‘cumdump’, as the youngsters call them; there are bigger things in store for you…”

She turned around and walked away from the small group, carrying him with her. He turned his head, giving his mom a questioning look. She smiled reassuringly, but he could feel her nervousness. Well, their earlier tryst had raised many questions – perhaps he was going to get some answers?

* * * *

“So – your mother tells me that your initiation was a success. Did you enjoy it?”

He could feel her Anaconda rubbing lazily against his side as she walked. Jesus, just the head – the light purple, spongy mushroom – was bigger than his fist! How the fuck was he supposed to take it in his butt??! His mother’s was considerably smaller, and she had to pound at him for 5 minutes just to get it in!

“Terrance. Eyes up here. I asked you a question.”

He lifted his eyes, hastily, and looked up at her, blushing hard. “Yeah, it was fun, sure… really fun!”

“Fun.” She gave him a hard look, and for a moment he worried that he might have gotten his mom in trouble. But his grandmother just shook her wide shoulders, her heavy breasts bouncing enticingly. against him. Damn, she was stacked in ALL the right places! He gulped. Oh, man, just don’t start drooling in front of her…!

“Do you have a girlfriend? Boyfriend?”

He looked up, confused. “Uh – what?”

She repeated her question, patiently.

“Oh. Uh, yeah, I mean, I HAD a girlfriend, we broke up earlier this week.”


He had of course SEEN her cock, many times, on the beach, but he had forgotten how fucking THICK it was… And bahis siteleri there was a large, hard nipple, digging into his side… “Yeah, mmm… I dunno, it just seemed… Well, I just wanted to move on, I dunno.”

“Indeed.” She stopped at the entrance to the dining room, and her face grew serious. “You understand that the path you had chosen entails total commitment to the clan?”

He squirmed. ‘Total commitment ‘. Wasn’t that a bit much to ask of an 18 years-old? “Well, yeah, sure… it’s, you know…”

She looked at him expressionlessly. “Commitment is a very scary concept.” She suddenly smiled. “Well, it doesn’t really matter. Men who taste a futa’s womanhood rarely go back.”

He stared at her dumbly. Was she saying that he was hooked? He brought up the memory of his mom’s cock pounding his ass, massaging his prostate, her hard-nippled breasts digging into his back, her breath hot in his ear… He could live without it, right? He missed that feeling, sure, he would have loved to have her impaling him right now, but it wasn’t like he was addicted or anything like that, was it?

It wasn’t, right?

“I understand that your mother has explained to you what futa are.”

“Errr… yeah, well, a bit, I guess…”

“Do you know who Oma Eberhard was?”

Man, she was jumping all over the place…”I saw her picture at the hotel, in the dining room…” thinking back to the black between the 3 of them they produced a total of only 22 futa. My sister and cousins were, sadly, equally unproductive.” She looked back at him. “I, on the other hand, have sired 186 futa over the last 53 years. NOT including your mother and aunt.”

She was silent for a moment, allowing him to digest her bombshell. But she was not done.

“Your mother, sadly, has not been as active, but she had still sired 18 futas. Even your sister has had her first, earlier this year.”

What. The FUCK.

“There are currently 376 of your aunts, sisters, cousins, second and third cousins in this country. But only the direct descendants of Oma Eberhard enjoy the full extent of the longevity and the strength that her genes have blessed us with. Which is what makes YOU so important.”

Terry tried to speak, but no words would come out. His grandmother’s eyes were boring into his, her beautiful, cold face filling his world.

“As a direct male descendant, you have great power stored in your loins.”

He finally managed to speak. “You… you mean, like… like a… superhero? I’m, like… the chosen one?”

She smiled briefly. “In a way, child, but not quite the way you meant. Your seed is superior, yes – any futa impregnated by you will give birth to a pure-blood futa. As a male born into Oma Eberhard’s direct line, you have the making of a whole race of superior beings in your pathetic little testicles.”

She looked at him, amused at his shock. He closed his eyes, trying to think. The giant python that was pressing against his side was NOT helping. “How… How can you know all this? Cousin Erik – he doesn’t have any kids, right?”

“Erik is, sadly, sterile. It happens a lot in Oma Eberhard’s line. But my brother, Amos – before he was killed in Vietnam, he had managed to spread his seed around quite liberally, impregnating several of his cousins.”

Terry squirmed in her strong hands. Jesus, she had been holding him up for minutes, now, showing no sign of tiring! Just how strong WAS she?! “Getting your cousins pregnant – just how safe IS it? I mean, genetics…”

“Genetics work a little differently when it comes to futa.” Her eyes burned into his soul. The pitch of her voice did not change, but there was now a cold, almost sinister undercurrent that froze his blood. “Everything you hear in this house today is not to leave those walls. The penalty for betraying the futahood is death.”

He started to speak, but then caught her eye and thought better of it. He cleared his throat. “Ah… yes, I understand, yeah. Makes sense. Sure.”

“Good.” She looked at him in silence, and he squirmed under her gaze, feeling truly terrified. The giant meat pillar resting against him was throbbing steadily; yes, she was definitely going to rape him… Why was this thought exciting him? What was WRONG with him?!

She finally spoke. “The genetics lab at Chapel is a world leader, though some of its most important findings will remain hidden for a long time. Two of your aunts and two cousins – and now, of course, your sister – lead the research team. They are making great strides in understanding the futa gene, and their findings are nothing less than astounding. You yourself have contributed much to that research.”

Terry’s eyes opened wide in shock. “Those tests – 2 years ago? They were for this?!”

She nodded. He could feel her dick moving slowly, up and down, nudging bahis şirketleri against him. There was a fire burning deep behind those cold blue eyes, and he was suddenly thrown back to a beach in South Carolina – his grandmother towering over him as he laid on the sand, her giant phallus stretching her tiny bikini forward, large nipples straining against thin Lycra, smiling that predatory smile. “Why, young Terry! You look good enough to eat!” She had said. His mother was lying next to him, reading a book, and he remembered her putting her hand over him, drawing him close to her warm body, making him feel safe again…

But his mother was not with him, and he felt exposed and unprotected. He looked squarely at the terrifying old woman. “You are going to rape me now, aren’t you?”

She smiled that familiar, terrifying smile, the creases deepening around her eyes lending her face extra menace. “A futa takes what she wants, child. That had always been the way. I was made to wait many years to taste your delicious body, and my womanhood hungers to ravage you, but I can wait a little more. You ARE part of the clan now and I WILL have my fill of you – ” her face softening, her smile warmer – “but it will not be rape, and you will enjoy it as much as I. That is my promise.”

She put him down on the floor, but kept her hands around his torso. She looked at him, smiling. “You chose to join us because of your love – and lust – for your mother and your sister. And because of your desire for our cock.” She let go of him, crossing her arms underneath her generous breasts, her smile disappearing. “You made a decision today to join the family of futa – to serve, and in return be loved and protected – and pleasured. That is part and parcel of our pact.”

He stood, his mouth agape, waiting for her next words. But there were no more coming. Her face was set, impassive. He was now left on his own, to try and process the implications of what she told him – like all the sisters that he had no idea existed…! Good lord, did that rabbit hole he tumbled into this afternoon HAVE a bottom?! Did he WANT to find out?

The others were coming up, and without thinking he rushed to his mom. She hugged him as he buried his face in her cleavage, holding her close, feeling her cock stirring against him. He found it comforting, reassuring, a familiar friend… She was murmuring softly in his ear, the words not penetrating, just the feeling of being safe in his mother’s bosom.

Ursula looked at him, amused. She turned to John who was coming up with his father-in-law, biting his lips. “Your son seems to be quite highly strung… reminds me a lot of you.”

John sighed, looking up at the terrifying woman towering over him. He knew there wasn’t much of a point to it, but he had to at least give it a try. “He’s just a boy, Ursula. You’ve got to take it slow with him, he just got started today…”

She laughed. “Trying to save some for yourself, John? Not to worry, there will be plenty of cum to satisfy all comers, this weekend.” She picked the smaller man up in her arms, lifting him to eye level. Her gigantic cock was now semi-erect, lifting her dress up, exposing an expanse of thick, veiny girlcock that banged against the growing bulge in her son-in-law’s pants. She looked at him for a moment, enjoying the mix of fear and lust that she was so familiar with.

“He’s a male, John, and as such born to satisfy the needs of the superior sex. You have made me wait long enough – I will NOT be denied my pleasure.” She smiled, feeling the slight trembling in the smaller male’s body. She didn’t visit her daughter’s house nearly enough – she should make the most of this weekend, pound her son-in-law any chance she gets…getting him to cry in pain, all while begging her to give him more – there was nothing quite as satisfying as that…!

Her husband snuggled up to her. The poor dear was getting jealous, what with all the attention she was lavishing on his younger, tighter-assed relatives! She bent her head to the side, kissing him softly on his lips. “Yes, dear, time for dinner. You’ll be getting your fill, soon!”

She let her son-in-law slide down, making sure he felt her mighty cock all the way. “Yes, we are ALL going to get our fill, tonight!”

* * * *

His dad was a pretty good cook, but he was not very imaginative; his one nod to the Evans family German roots was breaded schnitzel – not the most adventurous of dishes – but the grown-ups (the over 21 grown-ups, anyway) had imported German beer to go with it, so no one was complaining. His grandfather had a bit too much, at one point disappearing under the table, spending a few moments crawling underneath it, trying to get one of the futas to allow him to suck her cock. His wife finally had to get up and drag him out. She didn’t seem too pissed off about it – grandpa Tom wasn’t exactly demented, but almost 50 years of taking grandma Ursula’s monster cock had definitely had some effect on his mental faculties. She smiled and kissed him on his pouting lips.

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