Swimsuit Optional


It was an unseasonably warm Tuesday afternoon in April when I decided to slip into my new light yellow string bikini and head out to the pool. I’d only lived in this apartment building for about a week and was anxious to meet some of my neighbors before I started my new job the following week. I grabbed my towel, a book, and a big glass of ice water and headed out the door.

The pool was in the center courtyard of the building. The water sparkled as it lapped against the blue tile. Unfortunately, no one was around. I guess people actually worked on weekday afternoons. I selected a chaise and began to rub oil into my barely tan skin. The scent of coconut and warm caress of sun on my skin made me remember an unbelievable afternoon I’d spent on a beach in Maui with a surfer and a friend the year before…

It had been my senior year of college, and my sorority sister, Justine, and I had decided to spend it soaking up the sun in Hawaii. We’d been sipping drinks all afternoon and had a pretty good buzz going when a tan Adonis of a surfer set up his towel next to us. We’d talked for a little while, the conversation turning as it tends to do toward sex. He asked if the things he’d heard about sorority girls were true. Justine and I exchanged glances, nonverbally agreeing that we should play along and blow his mind.

“Like what?” I’d asked.

“Oh, lingerie pillow fights…”

“Of course. We just had one last night,” Justine said.

“Drunken frat parties…”

“Every weekend.”

“Exploring your sexuality…”

“You mean our BIsexuality?” I asked. I took Justine’s hand and nibbled one of her fingers. She giggled and rolled closer to me on the towel.

His eyes grew wide. Noting his reaction, she slid her hand over the top of my bikini and teased my nipple through the thin fabric. Justine was bi, but we’d never actually done anything together sexually. We were pretty drunk and had talked before about my curiosity. We were in a pretty secluded spot on the beach. I looked into her eyes, wondering how far she was wanting to take this. She winked at me as she toyed with my nipple.

“Do you like to watch, Jason?” she asked the surfer.

He gulped and nodded. I noticed his cock twitch under his board shorts.

“Ashley, why don’t we take this thing off?” Justine’s fingers slipped beneath my blond hair, untying the neck strap of my top. She peeled it down and untied the back, revealing my 34D tits. They were very white compared to the rest of my body, except for the bright pink areolas. Her hands slid over my tits, bringing my nipples to hard peaks. She leaned in and ran her hot tongue over my lips. I’d opened my mouth, accepting her soft kisses as her hands explored my flesh, my hands covering hers, leading them, urging her on. She kissed down my neck and took one breast to her mouth, teasing my throbbing nipple with the tip of her tongue. Then she took canlı bahis şirketaleri it in, the hot, steamy kisses drawing my tit in as she sucked and nipped. I was so hot, I was going crazy. I knew that my bikini bottom was soaked already. I sat up and turned her around to face Jason, kneeling behind her. I swept he dark hair to the side and undid her top, licking the side of her neck as I reached around to caress her tits. She was much smaller than me, and much more tan all over due to her Italian ancestry, but her little nipples were rock hard and perky as hell as I ran my hands over them.

I looked over at our surfer friend, who was watching intently, one hand stroking his obviously stiff cock through his shorts. “Jason, hand me that suntan oil,” I said. He did as he was told, his cock standing straight out from his body, making quite the pop tent. I poured the oil into my hand and began a slow, sensuous massage of my friend, covering nearly every inch of her… Shoulders, long strokes down the arms, then back, over her firm tits, her flat stomach…

“My turn, Ash,” she murmured, taking the bottle of oil. “Lie back, honey.” She slipped her fingers under the sides of my bikini bottoms and slid them off. She dribbled the oil over my naked body. We were both glistening in the hot sun. I moaned a bit as she expertly rubbed me from my shoulders, down my tits, then up my legs, my thighs. She teased me, her hands gliding closer and closer to my dripping wet cunt. Finally, she parted my pussy lips with her slick fingers and caressed my swollen clit. I gasped and quivered. “Not yet, baby girl…” She slipped her bottoms off into the sand and positioned herself between my thighs. She kissed down my stomach, taking time to tug on my belly ring with her teeth. Then she licked downward, over my shaved outer lips and then began to lap at my dripping cunt. Her tongue flicked into me as she rubbed my hot button with one finger. I was shuddering and bucking as she plunged a finger in, then two, finger fucking me on my towel, in the sand, as the surfer looked on. I came hard, my pussy clamping on her fingers over and over again, my back arching as the longest, most intense orgasm I’d ever had rocked me. As I lay there panting, she slid her oily body up mine, our tits brushing, her unshaved pussy aligned with mine, the hairs tickling my still sensitive snatch.

“Now, surfer boy, what do you think of sorority girls?” She asked with a wink.

“I think I’m tired of watching,” he said.

“Then come here, big boy,” I said.

He slid off his shorts, revealing a rock hard 9 inches, the tip glistening with pre-cum.

“Looks yummy,” Justine said. I took a bit of the oil and began to rub it up and down his pole. He was pretty big, my hand barely fit around his rod. Justine and I began to tease the tip of it with our tongues, then took turns sucking him, rubbing him, fondling canlı kaçak iddaa his balls. She was on her knees in front of him, deep throating it. I took the opportunity to lie between her spread thighs and started licking her wet pussy. I’d never done it before, so it was a pretty interesting experience. The musky scent mixed with that of the oil, the taste of her, slightly sweet and again like the oil pushed me to explore more as he pounded into her mouth. She was moaning like crazy and bucking on my face as I thrust my tongue into her pussy deeper and rubbed her swollen clit.

I was so involved in what I was doing to her hot little snatch that I didn’t notice Jason until his big, slick cock was pushing apart my pussy lips. He was big, but I was so wet, and the mix of saliva and oil allowed him to push into me pretty easily, burying himself. Justine was riding my face as he began to slowly slide into and out of me, picking up speed, his thrusts causing me to buck harder into my sorority sister’s pussy. She finally came, her cunt convulsing. She rolled off and gave me a long, deep kiss. “You sure that was your first time eating pussy?” she asked with a wink.

Jason was pounding into me harder and harder. I wrapped my legs around his tight body, taking him in as deep as possible. Justine whispered something to him and he pulled out, flipping me over to do me doggy style. She slipped her head beneath and licked my clit and his cock as he pounded my dripping pussy. I moaned louder and louder, the combination of all the sensations bringing on an earthshattering orgasm. My pussy clamped down rhythmically on his cock as he thrust deep into me and shot his load. Justine licked me clean, and we all collapsed into a sweaty, oily heap on the towels.


“Having a pleasant dream?” A very masculine voice asked, bringing me back to reality. I was no longer on the beach in Maui, but lying on a chaise by the pool at my apartment building. And I was no longer alone. It must have been pretty obvious that I was having an erotic dream – I was breathless, my nipples rock hard beneath my bikini top, and I was so wet, I was sure it was apparent through the fabric of the suit.

“Um, yeah, I was,” I said, trying to right myself. I looked up at a beautiful specimen of masculinity. He was muscular, tan, toned, with striking blue eyes and thick dark hair. A tattoo coiled around his impressive right bicep, a tribal looking band.

“I’m Rick,” He said. “I live in 402.”

“Ashley,” I said, shaking his hand. “I must be below you.” Another erotic image danced through my mind at that comment.

He must have caught my thought. He winked. “I guess you’re in 302?”

“Yep. Just moved in.”

“Yeah, I saw you the other day carrying up some stuff. I was going to offer to help, but I had to go to work. Sorry. Maybe I can make it up to you sometime?”


A canlı kaçak bahis few seconds of awkward silence followed.

“I’m a little warm – I think I’ll take a dip,” I said.

I walked to the edge of the pool, noticing that his eyes stayed on me appreciatively. I dipped a toe in. “A little cold,” I said.

“Always is,” he said. “Hardly anyone uses it. I’m usually here all by myself.”

“Well, you’ll probably catch me here a lot.”

I entered the water, the cool blue lapping up my skin as I descended the submerged stairs and and took a seat on a lower step.

“Are you getting in?” I asked.

“Sure,” He said, removing his shoes and then plunging in, a graceful dive into the deep end. He swam underwater to a few feet away and then broke through the surface. He looked good dripping wet… Gee, that daydream had really left my mind in the gutter.

“It’s still a little cool,” I said, making lame pool conversation.

“So I see,” he said, his eyes dipping from my face. I glanced down. Oh my god! My yellow swimsuit was pretty much transparent when it was wet! My very hard nipples were clearly visible poking at the scanty fabric. I blushed and slid deeper, letting the water cover up my breasts.

“Oh my God, I’m so embarrassed. I haven’t gotten it wet yet…”

“Don’t be embarrassed. I hardly saw a thing.” He grinned. “And from what I did see, you have nothing to be ashamed of.”

“Well, thanks. I think.”

He swam up next to me. “You’re very beautiful. And I think you did get it a little wet before I came in…” His hand brushed my crotch under the water. I moaned involuntarily, all the erotic images from earlier flooding back. “What was the dream about?”

“A year ago, a vacation in Hawaii.”

“Hawaii is nice. What part of the vacation were you remembering?”

I looked at him. He was so hot, and I was so horny. Why not? “A little encounter on the beach.”


I nodded. His hand brushed my crotch again, more deliberately. This time his finger sought out my slit and rubbed it through the fabric. “Tell me about it.”

So I did, recounting the details as his hands explored my body. When I told him about Justine licking my pussy, he slid the bikini bottom to the side and slid his fingers into my hungry, waiting cunt. I gasped. “Shhh, no one can see.”

He turned, bringing me to straddle him. My bottoms were off to the side, and I could feel his cock straining at his trunks. I slid them down, revealing his good-sized cock. He pulled me into position and I let him enter me, the pool making me nearly weightless. He took off my top and rubbed my tits as I bobbed up and down on his pole, all the fantasies of the afternoon rushing through my head. I was so turned on that it took almost no time for me to cum. As my pussy clamped down on his cock, he squeezed my ass, guiding me up and down as he thrust in deeper and deeper, finally pulling me off in time to shoot his load into the pool.

“Wow,” I said, panting. “I can’t believe I just… I barely know you…”

He gave me a deep kiss, holding me tight. “You’re going to get to know me very well,” he whispered.

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