Taking a Cruise with my sister


Taking a Cruise with my sisterI wanted to write a fictional story so I asked Kaye what I should write about. She was looking at a travel brochure for cruises, so she suggested a brother and sister taking a cruise….. And thus, this story!!Please comment at the end. I have a bunch of stories to release this weekend and I want to hear from you whether you like them or not!! Thanks!!*****************************************************************************When my wife of 10 years left me, I decided that I was still going to go on the cruise that I had planned to celebrate our anniversary. Since it was also the same spring that my little sister Becka was graduating from college, I offered to take her and she accepted at once! Now I really do not know Becka that well. She is 10 years younger than I am and was playing with Barbie Dolls when I went into the Navy for the first of two tours of duty. My goal had been to become a seal member, but I dropped out both chances I was given. So when I came home from the navy to look for work, she had grown from your typical 8 year old girl into a 14 year old young woman with curves, and a smile to die for. She wanted to play soccer that fall, so I helped her work out that summer and got her into shape. I can remember thinking then, that it was a little creepy, but she was hot!!! The job I landed was 1200 miles away, so when “the Bitch” finished her tour, we moved away and I rarely saw my family. Truth is, I rarely saw my wife too. I became “The Fireman” for our technology group and when issues arose and systems crashed down hard, it was nothing for me to work 80 hour weeks. So, somewhere along the line, “The Bitch” found out that her gynecologist liked examining her a lot and the next thing I know… I am single and pretty much friendless, 1200 miles from home. Mom called to check on me and after I had updated her on the divorce proceedings, she gave me a run down on her and Dad’s doctor visits and then asked if I would be coming in for Becka’s graduation. For a moment, I had to work out whether she was talking about her High School or College graduation!! I had a couple pictures of her in a stack of personal papers some place, but… I said, no, and Mom had just sat there all quiet. Then she told me that Becka’s fiancé’ had dumped her a couple of weeks ago and she thought it would be nice if I could spend some time with her. My calendar was booked. I had a billion dollar customer doing a huge fiber cutover that weekend in Georgia and was also on call for a couple of other private network installs in high rises in Chicago and New York. I was just about to tell Mom I was sorry to be such a disappointment, when I saw the envelope with the cruise tickets in it…. That was how I came to be walking up a gangway, with a 23 year old, head turner. She had made the high school soccer team and then had played three years in college. She had not played this past year because it conflicted with her “practical’s” in physiotherapy that she needed to graduate. She had softened the lean, no curves body that many female athletes have, and the results were impressive. Becka is about 5’4” tall, with long tanned legs that led up to the crisp white shorts that stopped only an in or two short of her crotch. The royal blue top was cut square across her chest and showed that at least a couple of the pounds she had added since leaving the soccer team had landed on her chest!! She has a dark complexion like our mother, whose mother was born in Palestine. Her shoulder length black hair had streaks of almost blue highlights in it that shone as she walked through the pools of sunshine. I was in my khaki cargo shorts and a red polo shirt. At just an inch short of 6 feet tall, I have friends that say I am built like a brick wall. I do work out every day, but my features are more like our Dad’s, who was lighter in color with wavy blonde Germanic hair. Think of a World War II recruiting poster for the Nazi’s with a lot thicker chest and you have me. “Mr. and Mrs. Tamgarden?” a steward called. I tapped my sister on her arm and she stopped and looked at me and then realized what was happening. The ship’s crew still thought I was with my wife on our 10th anniversary!!! “With compliments from the captain and the whole crew, we hope you enjoy your cruise.” The young man spoke to me, but his eyes barely left Becka. He handed me an invitation to dine with the captain that night. There was also a coupon for $50 worth of items in the duty free store. Things were looking good!! “So what did we get, lover?” Becka said as she took hold of my arm and looked at the envelope I had gotten. I turned to look at her and found myself looking past her smiling face to the shadow of cleavage that was so evident as she leaned around me. Without warning then, she leaned up on her tip toes and kissed me lightly on the cheek. Then she whispered, “They think we are married, you might want to play the part!” A huge smile crossed my face and I turned and looked down into the most mischievous face I have ever be held. “It looks like the captain would like us to join him tonight for dinner. I hope you brought some clothes suitable for it.” We laughed and walked on into the ship, arm in arm. Becka felt right! She fit against me as we squeezed through halls and past knots of other passengers seeking their quarters. We finally fethiye escort found our cabin and I unlocked the door and opened it and said, “Welcome to our home for the next seven days!” Becka went in ahead of me and rushed to the little side table. A vase of roses was sitting there and a pale with ice and champaigne chilled next to it. “Damn, you must have gotten some sort of special package when you bought these tickets!! This says we will get fresh flowers each day throughout the trip!!” Her eyes then followed mine. The only bed in the room was the full bed. Becka looked slowly back at me and then giggled. “Oh this is going to be fun!!” and then she scampered over to a small door that led to a tiny bathroom.. She pushed the door closed as I looked over a couple of note cards that had been left congratulating me on my marriage. I was starting to feel melancholy about the whole thing. I was supposed to be here with my wife, not my sister. Then Becka called out, “Hey, can you bring me my carry on. I want to change.” I picked up her bag and walked over to the door and flipped the door open. There sitting on the toilet was my sister, folding her blouse and naked as the day she was born. She looked up at me with a smile that could have launched a thousand ships and said, “Thanks, hubby!! You are wonderful!!” I just stood there staring for a second before she laughed and said, “You look like you haven’t seen a woman naked before!” I turned to walk back to the bed when she caught my hand. “ “I haven’t seen many; Certainly not in the last decade.” I confessed. Becka flushed the commode, stood and faced me and said, “Look as much as you want. And if you pour me a glass or two of that bubbly, who knows what will happen!!” She then leaned up to kiss me and I turned and gave her my cheek. She giggled and turned around to wash her hands. She had no tan lines!!! I remember walking over to the dresser where the bucket had been slid into a special fittng and locked into place. With each step, I could feel my cock hardening as my mind replayed the seemingly millions of images of Becka it had captured in the previous minute! My sister was hot, sexually aware and flirting with me!!! No matter how I replayed the conversation or looked at her face, her breasts, her ass….. The conclusion I reached was the same. Becka was smoking hot, and she was smoking hot for me!! I assembled the two plastic glasses and filled them with the champagne, once I got it open.. I was just turning around offer her a glass when she whispered in my ear. “Why don’t you sit down? I have something to confess.” I looked over my shoulder and saw that she was serious, so I turned and sat down on one of the two chairs in the room. That was when I realized she had changed into a skimpy bikini and a wrap around skirt that only went three quarters around starting at mid thigh!! She took a big swallow of her alcohol and then looked down at me. “I always hated your wife. She always acted like I should be her errand girl when she was at our house. But more than that, I blame her for you leaving home. That summer that you were home and ran with me was the best of my life.” “Did you know I kept a 5X9 picture of you in my locker all the way through High School? Even in college, I would tell people that your picture was of my white knight!!” She paused and took another drink and then walked back toward the bath. I did not know what to say. I was completely stunned. I was also completely mesmerized by the site of her curves and the way her hair played on her shoulders. She moved so deliberately and gracefully, it was like watching a poem in motion. Her ass was perfect, and even with her back to me, I could see glimpses of side boob if she turned just a little.“After we worked out, I always ran to the bath, to get a shower. Do you know why?” she asked. I shook my head. I had always assumed she did not like being sweaty or her bro. “Working out with you made me so hot and so horny. I had to feel the warm water play over my pussy. I had to lock the door so I could pull on my nipples. I had to turn on the exhaust fan to cover my moans!! God, how I wanted you!!” I was completely speechless! “Becka, I had no idea….” I started, to say, but she held out the palm of her hand and quickly took the few steps back to right in front of me. “I know you didn’t. I was just a k**. I was just your little sister. That’s why I wanted to say this first thing today. I am no longer a little girl. I am a woman. And this time, I am not going to let you walk away without you knowing that I want you.” I sat there not quite believing what my ears were hearing. I sat there stunned with a cock that was twitching and straining to reply!! I looked at my glass of champagne and then I downed the whole glass in a single swallow. Her voice was thick with emotion and ready to break when she said, “I just figured since everyone on here already thought we were married, that it might be fun… . “ She turned and started back toward the bath and I heard her say, “I am so stupid.” I jumped up out of the chair and caught her by the arm just before she entered the bathroom. She turned and looked up at me with tear filled eyes. “I would never marry a stupid woman.” I said, and then I smiled and tilted my head and leaned down to kiss her, this time on the lips. Her lips tasted of strawberry lip escort fethiye balm, but her breath tasted of passion as it spilled across my lips in waves of warm, deliciousness. I pulled back and looked into her eyes and I saw the relief, the joy and the desire fill the beautiful eyes of my Becka. We both leaned back into the other, and her lips parted easily as my tongue followed her warm breath to the source of all goodness. Her teeth were smooth and clean, her tongue soft and playful and her lips sealed perfectly with my own! I would have thought that the taboo nature of the moment would have made it all the more hot and steamy, but in truth, nothing had ever felt so right. What I had not confessed was that during those days of working out with her, Becka’s youthful body and innocence had bewitched me as well. In the days and weeks that passed while I lived there with her and Mom and Dad, she had often filled my own fantasies. And even after my wife joined me, it was Becka’s face, Becka’s round breasts, Becka’s perfectly balanced ass that filled my mind’s eye as I screwed the Bitch. But none of my fantasies could match the reality of that moment. When we broke that embrace, it was as if all of the world had shifted and was now spinning around us as its center. I was aware of almost nothing but the warmth of Becka’s nearly naked body and the ache of my own crotch as my eye drank in the wholesome beauty that I held. Her hands came up to my face and lightly, her fingers played over the stubble on my chin, and the line of my jaw. Down my throat her fingers played, and I found it nearly impossible to breath. I picked up one of her hands as the other came to rest in the V opening of my shirt. I kissed the sensitive tip of each finger, all the while staring into her eyes that spoke volumes of unrequited love and desire. When I had kissed her thumb, she brought her other hand up and with my right hand in both of her delicate little hands; she guided my fingers to her mouth. She skipped my middle finger as she passionately kissed the end of my fingers. Then she folded my fingers into a fist, with the exception of my middle finger. This she guided into the dark abyss of her lips and I felt my heart skip a beat, as she sucked on my finger and I felt her tongue passing like a feather over it within her warm grotto of a mouth. When she pulled my finger out from between her glistening lips, it shown with her spit and her lust. She held my hand up between us, with the middle finger extended like a trophy. My eyes flickered to the swell of flesh that formed the tops of her breasts. I could see the skin dance as her heart pounded out a cadence deep inside her ribs. I took my now moist finger and slowly, deliberately placed the tip of it against her sternum, just above the start of her cleavage. Then I drew a wet line from that point toward her right nipple. When I encountered the little fabric triangle that cover her flesh, I caught it with my finger and pulled it aside! I then leaned down, and starting with the same spot, I traced another wet, slippery path, from the top of her sternum to her other breast. Only this time I did it with my tongue, savoring the flavor of her skin and tugging the light fabric of her top to the side with my teeth. I have always been a big boob man, ever since seventh grade when one of the girls in my class flashed the football team. I have lived by the mantra, “The bigger the better!!” But as I tasted Becka’s apple sized forbidden fruit, my views changed. She cooed as I flicked my tongue across her tiny, dark areola that was barely larger than her nipple. When my lips sucked in her nipple and I felt the decadent deliciousness of it elongating into my mouth, she groaned. When I released her breast and playfully slapped her other breast three quick times, her breath caught, and her eyes rolled back in her head!! I moved to capture each wobbling orb of flesh in my hands, but she pushed me back onto the chair. She then sank down on my thigh, and with her hands on my shoulders, holding me back, she began to quickly grind her barely concealed pussy against my bare thigh!! It was so very hypnotic. Her head bowed forward and I lost sight of her face because of her hair. Then she threw her head back and arched her body toward me. I saw the look of a b**st intent on its quarry etched into the lines of Becka’s face. There was no denying her, the destination she was so intent upon! So I managed to lift my hands to her breasts and at first tentatively squeezed her warm, perfect breasts. “Pinch my nipples!” she panted from the void of her passion. “Pinch them hard!” And I did! I slapped and pulled and pinched and twisted. Then I grasped her by her nipples and I shook her breast meat by just her nipples in the same rhythm and tempo as she rubbed her sex on my leg! It only took a few seconds, but from somewhere deep inside of her came a b**stly sound of primal pleasure as she slammed her body down into me and shuddered with an orgasm that tore through every cell in her body! I felt her juices running down my thigh, and I wanted so badly to lift her up and taste her nectar! Instead I held her and ran my hands through her hair and down her back and across her nearly bare ass. She would begin to quiet only to suddenly convulse again, as at least a half dozen orgasmic waves crashed through her. fethiye escort bayan Finally, she relaxed and dreamily pushed back from me and looked at me in the eye. “It has been like that in my dreams for over a decade!” I gulped as she leaned in and we kissed. It was a tender and sweet caresses now. She was recovering and I did not want this moment to be ruined for her. Then Becka began nibbling her way down my throat. She only paused long enough to allow me to pull my shirt off. She untied the string that still held the fabric around her chest and cast the bra top into the corner. The wrap-around skirt already lay in a puddle at our feet. She sucked and nibbled on my nipples. In all of my years and all of the women I had been with, none had given my nipples more than a passing peck. Becka, had both a thing for and way with my nipples though. She bit, down until I almost screamed and then she flicked her tongue over it. I do not have any idea if it was 30 seconds or 30 minutes she spent sucking on my chest, I just know that by the time she continued moving down my body, my cock was jumping like a marlin in a fishing boat!! I stood up when she began to tug at my shorts. In a second, they were tossed to the other side of the room and I was sitting back down as Becka gazed at my cock. “I always knew about how long you would be, but … damn, you are soooo thick!! I don’t know for certain I can swallow all of that, but I sure am going to try!!” She began by running her tongue up and down the length of my shaft in a way that kept her tongue soft as silk and sent shivers up my spine. I looked down at her to see her watching my face intently. She looked so sexy as my balls and cock overflowed her hands and she fought to control my cock with her tongue. Then, while she was looking me dead in the eye, she began to feed my cock down her throat. I watched as my head, shiny with pre-cum, was wiped clean by her tongue and then went between her lips. My sensitive ridge was wrapped by her soft lips and I shuddered. Then I watched, mesmerized as slowly she continually pushed more and more of my fat cock into her small mouth. With probably two inches of cock still outside her lips, I felt my cock hit the back of her throat. It was about the same as it was with the Bitch. But Becka was not the Bitch. Becka took a deep breath, closed her eyes and then slid the rest of me into her in one smooth motion!!! My eyes almost bugged out of my head and I grabbed the chair arms to keep from pounding my hips into her face! Her throat lodged my cock in a perfect velvet glove and then to top it all off, she did this little humming thing and I damn near died!! All too soon, she pulled back and gasped for air. She started to go back down on me when I stopped her. “I want to be in you!” I managed to whisper. I knew if she did that to me again I would be wasting my load down her throat and I wanted to do more with it than that. I helped her to her feet and we stood and kissed. I could feel my cock trapped between our bellies. Her breasts pressed firm into my body, with an insistent urgency. Her tongue had the flavor of my cock mixed with the lust of her breath. The combination was intoxicating. I picked her up off of the floor and she pulled herself up above my hips. Her hand worked its way between our sweaty bodies and then I felt the bulging head of my cock rub against the wet, soft folds of her pussy. I was just telling myself, “Slow, big boy. Take it easy” when she rotated her hips into me and slammed my cock into her nearly to the hilt!! She bit down on the meat of my shoulder as she realized how my thicker cock filled her in ways she had never felt before. She was so tight, my eyes crossed and I stumbled forward, slamming her back into the wall. We both fought to gain control as our bodies pumped sensational waves of pleasure through our nerves to explode in our brains. Slowly she lifted herself us a little and then Becka dropped herself down all the way onto the root of my cock. For the next couple minutes, we kissed and she massaged my cock with her tight pussy by slowly rotating her hips just a little. With one hand helping to support her weight, the other squeezed and kneaded the perfect breasts that sat high on her chest. It felt too perfect to ruin or to rush. But each little movement shoved me closer to the abyss. I leaned close to her ear and whispered, “I can’t take this much longer. Fuck me baby. Fuck me hard!!” Her response was to quickly build her strokes further and further up my shaft, always slamming back down into me. I was seeing stars and the room was spinning now. My balls felt so tight and hot that I knew my load was going to rip through me. And then it started as she furiously pumped her naked pussy against my body!!! I turned with her, still impaled upon my cock and carried her to the bed where I dropped down on top of her, ramming my cock as deep as it could go into her. I felt the shiver build to a crescendo and every muscle in my sister’s body tightened in an effort to milk the last drops of cum out of me! I caught a hard nipple in between my finger and thumb and squeezed. Again, she bit into my flesh, and I roared as the last wave of my own mind bending orgasm threatened to turn me inside out!!It was maybe 5 minutes before we quit twitching and giggling. Streams of our cum made their way across my scrotum and down the crack of her ass. We kissed, and laughed. Finally I said, “My bride, I think this is going to be the trip of a lifetime.” She just giggled and flexed her pussy around my now softened cock. I moaned in response

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