Taught Some Lessons By an Older Couple.


Taught Some Lessons By an Older Couple.This is the story of an event that happened along time ago — 1994 if my memory serves me right. It was when I was about 21, at University, and exploring my sexuality. This event was a quantum leap in that exploration, like Columbus discovering the new world. I had a regular boyfriend at the time, his name was Chris. We had been dating for about eight months and had been having sex for about six of those. I had been on the pill for most of those six months as Chris didn’t really like wearing a condom. We had been getting more and more adventurous in our sex life and two weeks prior Chris had fucked my virgin asshole. While it certainly hurt at first, he was patient and I started to like the feeling before he came inside me. We had anal sex again on a number of different occasions and on the last occasion I had cum as he fucked my asshole from behind and I rubbed a vibrator over my enflamed clit. While Chris and I were not living together, we spent most nights together at either of our abodes. Chris shared his house with a much older guy John, he was in his late forties and had been married and divorced three times. John now had a number of what he termed “part-time girlfriends”, a collection of about half a dozen women that he seemed to successfully juggle and who seemed under no misapprehension that they he was their one and only. I did notice that one woman Yvonne seemed to be there a bit more than the others. She was short and a little bit overweight, but she had a big chest and dressed very elegantly. Chris and John’s bedrooms had a common wall and on a number of nights that I was there, the sounds of vigorous fucking emanated from Johns’ room. I found this disconcerting at first, but after a few nights I admitted to Chris that I found it arousing. Nonetheless, I felt a bit self conscious at my tender age then and when Chris and I had sex there I tried to do it when John was out. On this particularly Friday night, Chris and I had been out to see a band. Chris was really into the live band scene, and while I liked it, I wasn’t into it as much as Chris. I generally took it as opportunity to get thoroughly sloshed. This Friday was no different. I had managed to drag Chris way from the live music at about eleven. He was a bit reluctant at first, but when I whispered into his ear that I wanted to suck his cock and then fuck him, his reluctance vanished quickly. A few drinks had made me as horny as hell. As we arrived home, it appeared that John wasn’t there. We went inside and I grabbed a few things from my bag and headed to the shower. I had some new and rather expensive (for a student) lingerie that I wanted to wear for our lovemaking – sheer black stockings, delicate black lacy panties, and a frilly but stylish bra that pushed my average sized breasts up into smooth alabaster mounds. I felt hot and sexy. I glided into Chris’ bedroom, pulling the door too, but not closing it properly. Chris had already disrobed and his cock was standing to attention. It was average size, but he generally stayed hard for a long time and there was never any problem bringing me orgasm. As I moved over near him, I sensuously cupped my breasts, squeezing them and pushing them up even further in their already tight restraint. I placed myself between Chris’ parted thighs and slid my nubile young body up along his, and then passionately kissed him, grinding my covered vulva against his bare rock hard cock. Our lip lock was long and luscious, until Chris fumbled with the clasps on my bra and I squirmed and wriggled until I had removed the bra and then pressed my bare boobs against his hot and muscular chest. I was well and truly lost in the moment. I could feel that my panties were sodden and the aroma from my aroused pussy was starting to drift through the room. I slid down Chris’ body until my face reached his groin and I delicately lifted up his cock and then simply devoured, taking the length right to the back of my throat and sliding my flattened tongue along it as I slurped and bobbed my head up and down. Then without warning Chris shrieked and leapt upwards, nearly sending me well and truly off the bed. As I caught myself and rolled over, it all became clear. There was John and Yvonne both stark naked at the now open door staring at us. Yvonne had a hold of John’s cock and was tugging on it. I tried desperately to cover myself but to no avail. I was speechless as this old couple just stared at us. John broke the most awkwardness of pauses”Sorry, we just couldn’t help ourselves,” he said, smirking”I.. I.. thought you weren’t home” said Chris”You both look hot, so fucking hot.” said John, ignoring Chris’ response. Neither Chris nor I knew what to say. We just lay there, sort of sprawled where we were. I was panting with shocking as these two middle aged people stared at us shamelessly. Yvonne’s large and saggy breasts were just hanging there and the top of her pubic triangle was visible below the folds of dimply stomach as she continued to stroke John’s cock which I now clearly saw was big. Not freakshow big, but big, much bigger than average and rather fat. Eight inches I guessed. Although my glance at his member was only brief, I had been caught out looking at it. “Do you like the look of it.” Yvonne cooed. “It feels so good inside my cunt, we were hoping you wanted to try it out too. Don’t worry about Chris, üsküdar escort he’s not going to miss out. We may be old, but we can fuck both your brains out. What do you say?” Yvonne asked matter of factly. We were still in some shock, but rather than just a flat no, I found myself looking at Chris for an answer, and as I did so I noticed his cock was still hard. “Umm” was as much as he could say. “You can fuck me wherever you want Chris…You can put that cock in my ass… I like it in my ass Chris,” said Yvonne. Another toneless “Umm” escaped from Chris’s lips. “Why don’t you just watch for a little while Chris, while we ravish Carmen?” It wasn’t so much a question from John as a statement. Chris looked at me and gave the slightest of nods. Thinking back, had we both been stone cold sober and not already overheated sexually, I am sure we would have both resisted. But we didn’t. The uncertain danger of it all was itself intoxicating and there was that big fat cock that I kept sneaking glimpses at. “Come into our room,” said Yvonne, and they turned around and headed that way. Without comment, Chris and I shuffled off the bed and followed. As I walked through the door of John’s bedroom, he put his hand out and I took it. “Why don’t you sit in the bedside chair for a little while and watch,” said Yvonne to Chris. Chris obliged and then both John and Yvonne bent down and each took a nipple in their mouths. I felt forbidden lust shoot through me as my breasts were stimulated by this old couple. Both my nipples were on fire as they were licked and sucked and ever so lightly bitten. After what seemed like an eternity, Yvonne relented but John continued. Yvonne went and stood behind me and started to massage my neck and shoulders, firmly and sensuously, pushing her boobs against my back as she did so. She continued for what seemed about ten minutes as John moved from one breast to the other. Yvonne then ceased the wonderful massage, and from behind me grasped both of my breasts, lifting them up, squeezing them and pulling them forward ever so slightly, offering up a nipple to John’s busy lips. Yvonne’s body was now pressed very firmly against my back, her boobs mashed against me. Involuntarily, I whimpered and then moaned, staring at Chris as I did so. He was sitting back in the chair, his cock the hardest I’d ever seen it. He was paralysed with lust, just sitting there with a big grin on his face, staring at the three of us. Yvonne had a vice like grip on my tits and would periodically apply more pressure before relenting. John continued to try and devour my nipples. This stimulation was delectable, as it walked the fine line between pleasure and pain, but never crossed it. John finally removed his lips and mouth from my boobs and in unison Yvonne also released her grip. John stood perfectly upright in front of me and Yvonne clasped her hands on the side of my head and pushed me down towards John’s cock. It looked even bigger up close and I could see the precum that had dribbled out and ran down the shaft. I grasped the rigid rod at the base and licked along its length, up and back. I felt John tense as I did so. I gave his cock a real workout to begin with, but then it was he who gave my mouth and throat a workout. I sucked and nibbled the engorged head, licked it like a lollipop, lapped at his peehole, slid my lips up and down the sides of penis at a break neck speed. As I was slurping on his cock, John carefully grasped the sides of my head and started to fuck my mouth. Holding my head still, he pushed his cock deep into my mouth and then slowly withdrew, taking control of me. I heard lust filled moans and groans from Chris. Although I could not see properly, I knew Yvonne had moved over to Chris, and I glimpsed her kneeling between his legs, obviously sucking his cock. I caught the slightest peep of Chris flail forward and then slump back in his chair, wailing in orgasm as he did. Yvonne had made him cum in no time at all, which was hardly surprising given the circumstances. John was starting to moan as well, sliding his cock faster and more firmly into my mouth. I didn’t know how much more I could take without seriously gagging and retching, but then he whipped it out of my mouth and started to jack off inches from my face. I was going to get a facial, no two ways about it. John’s hand was a blur and then he grunted. The first blast of cum exploded from his cock and hit me so hard that I twitched, and then spurt after spurt erupted and covered my lips and cheeks. John started shaking and squeezing his cock to extract more which bubbled out and landed across my forehead and in my hair. I knelt there as John breathed deeply and grinned. “My, my, aren’t you a cum-covered cutie now Carmen,” said Yvonne. I looked at her and saw that her face had trails of cum that had run down and over her breasts. Chris was still sitting in the chair, he hadn’t moved or said or word, but despite cumming just before, his glistening cock was still three-quarters erect. “Why don’t us girls have some fun now, stand up Carmen and spread you legs,” cooed Yvonne. I obliged. I still had my panties and stockings on as I stood in front of Chris and John and Yvonne moved behind me. Yvonne started to probe and rub my pussy through my panties and stimulate my innermost thighs. For the next fifteen heavenly tuzla escort minutes, Yvonne toyed with my pussy. She was constantly changing the stimulation, tormenting me with pleasure — one second she would be gently tracing her fingers tips along my thighs, right to the edge of my panties, the next pushing up against my enclosed pussy so hard that I thought she was going to lift me off the floor, then rubbing my pussy through the fabric so fast that I could feel the fabric heat up with the friction. Finally she reached around and slid my panties off. “Get up on the bed,” Yvonne said in an imposing tone, tinged with excitement. I did so and spread my legs, revealing my shaven pussy to a woman for the first time. Yvonne bent over and whispered into my ear “Open your legs wider darling. Give the boys a show. ” I stretched my legs wider, both Chris and John peered into me. Yvonne placed a single finger on my slit and proceeded to stroke my pussy, slowly, lovingly, teasingly; and then circling my clit with her digit. Up and back, around and around she went caressing the core of my womanhood. I pushed my pelvis up hard, dying for more stimulation, but Yvonne’s finger rose with my thrusts, denying me the extra stimulation I was craving. Yvonne then used two fingers on my slit, and started rubbing faster and slightly firmer. I was starting to cum, whimpering and squirming, my toes curling. Yvonne drove her two fingers straight into my slick vagina and started to finger fuck me hard and deep, and pushed me over the edge, I descended into a deep orgasm, the like of which I had never had before. As I recovered my equilibrium, Yvonne’s face descended upon mine and she kissed me deeply, her fingers deserting my vagina. I could taste semen in her kiss from the cumshot she had received from Chris. Yvonne delicately broke of the kiss and whispered into my ear, “It’s time for me to be fucked hard Carmen. Watch me get fucked.” With that, Yvonne got herself off the bed, knelt on the floor and beckoned both of the men over to her. After watching me bought to orgasm, both their cocks were hard again. She directed them to stand either side of her face and she took each cock in her hand and pulled them to her mouth. I watched as she sucked one and then the other. Slurping and swallowing each cock. She even rubbed the two cockheads together before inhaling them at the same time, slobbering all over them. She didn’t suck the cocks for long; she wanted Chris to fuck her. Yvonne arranged herself on all fours, John sat in front of her so she could suck his cock and Chris moved behind her and started to push and probe her pussy with his cock until it slipped in. I had a perfect view of things, sitting up on the bed and looking down at my boyfriend’s cock sliding in and out of this plump and well aged woman’s pussy. Chris basically just knelt there as Yvonne rocked, with lustful vigor, back and forth on his cock. All the time her mouth was filled with John’s. I should have been appalled by the depraved situation that I seemed to have found myself in, but I simply wasn’t. It was a combination of the alcohol I had imbibed as well as what I came to learn was my voracious appetite for edgy sex. As Yvonne’s fucking grew more urgent, Chris started to meet each thrust, with perfect syncopation until Chris started to groan, his thrusts became ragged and then he slumped forward release an a****l grunt and a load of semen into Yvonne’s pussy. Chris swiftly withdrew his cock and came straight over to me, beckoning me to suck it and clean it off. His pubic hair was matted with cum and pussy juice. I took the slick and spent cock in my mouth, cleaning the gooiness from it before releasing the rapidly deflating member. As I was doing this, John had moved around and wedged his cock into Yvonne’s already used pussy. John had a fierce grip on her hips, his fingers digging in as his cock ploughed into her. Yvonne started to cum, her legs twitching and her banshee screams building to a crescendo. John echoed with baritone pants as they both slumped forward, John’s asscheeks tightening as he emptied his load into Yvonne. After a short pause and some deep breaths, he whipped his cock from Yvonne’s vagina and moved over to me. I dutifully cleaned it off as I had done with Chris’. As I finished cleaning John’s cock, Yvonne asked me to lick her pussy clean. She was sill kneeling on the floor and she asked me lie down and put my face between her legs. As I did so, Yvonne lowered her pussy towards my mouth, she clenched her vaginal muscles and globs of cum were extruded from her pussy coating my lips and chin. She then firmly planted her pussy on to my mouth and I lapped the cummy folds. Eventually Yvonne removed herself from me and then helped me up. John and Chris had gone to the kitchen to get some drinks. The room reeked of sex, acrid and primeval. We both went back to the bed and languidly laid down, our bodies resting against each other. John and Chris eventually came back with a round of drinks. We chatted for about half an hour, John and Yvonne talked about sex, about the group sex they had had at various times and with various people, and how they had fantasised about us joining in with them. John asked me rather ineloquently whether “I took it up the ass.” I nodded and he smiled. Yvonne started cupping and lightly squeezing pendik escort Chris’ balls and stroking his cock, which despite already cumming twice was springing to attention. “I want this up my bum,” whispered Yvonne to Chris. Yvonne got up from where she was sitting and went to a drawer in the dressing table removing a tube of lubricant. John came over to where I was sitting and started to fondle my breasts and then started kissing my neck and lightly nuzzling my earlobe. He paid exquisite care and attention to me, more than Chris had ever done, the wisdom of experience I guessed. I placed my hand on his magnificent penis and started to stroke into a full erection. Meanwhile, I glanced over to see Yvonne fully coat Chris’ cock in lubricant before getting on to all fours again. I heard her say to Chris, “Work some fingers into me first”. He squirted some lubricant onto his fingers I saw them disappear into Yvonne’s more than ample backside, obviously starting to probe her anal opening. I continued to stroke John’s cock which was now rock hard. He was nibbling on my earlobe and ever so softly whispering into my ear how he was going to fuck me in the ass. Nice and slow, long and deep. I relinquished his cock as he lifted me up on all fours right next to Yvonne who was still having her anal cavity probed by Chris’ fingers. John wasted no time in moving behind me, and slowly sliding his big cock into my pussy. I felt full as my pussy expanded to take the wicked girth. John slowly rocked his cock back and forth inside me and I felt his fingertip circle around my puckered asshole. Slowly he probed my asshole with his finger, dipping it inside me before withdrawing. My face was inches away from Yvonne’s, who looked at me with eyes lolling around and said, “Your boyfriend’s cock is in my ass”. Yvonne’s tits were flailing around as she was being fucked in the asshole by Chris. She had hooked one arm around and was furiously rubbing her clit. John had worked his finger into my asshole and his cock was still delectably filling my pussy. I felt my asshole fill more; John had squirmed another finger in and was sliding them in and out, rapidly but smoothly. I could feel him apply more pressure against my sphincter, pushing outwards with the buried fingers. He kept up his efforts for what seemed like a blissful eternity. Next to me Yvonne, collapsed forward in orgasmic throes, her guttural groans subsiding to whimpers. She lay there seemingly spent, smiling like a contented cat. John was now sliding his fingers slowly all the way out of my anus and then pushing them back in. I could feel that my asshole was now very relaxed, remaining momentarily open even when John withdrew his fingers. His dick was still buried in my vagina and he was gradually starting to fuck me more forcefully, still smooth and steady, but pushing hard against my pelvis when he thrust forward. Finally he slipped his dick out of my pussy and rubbed the head around my asshole. He squirted some more lubricant on my anal opening before grabbing my hips firmly and applying unyielding pressure on my asshole with his cock. I yelped and John groaned as his cockhead finally breached my anal ring. He stayed patiently still inside me, and let go of my hips, moving his hands around to spread my asscheeks wide, no doubt savouring the ribald view of my young asshole grasping his big middle-aged cock. John then started to push forward, slowly embedding the length of his cock in my colon. Fuck I thought, this felt nothing like having Chris’ cock in there. I groaned deeply and my eyes started to water, the extra length and girth of John’s cock was painful at first, but John didn’t rush, hadn’t rushed at any stage of his anal efforts. Gradually the pain subsided to tingly bliss, my pussy was as wet as hell. John started to move his cock in and out of my bum smoothly, all the time keeping my asscheeks spread. My anus was more easily accommodating the big cock now. He buried it to the hilt and then slowly withdrew it, popping it back out of my asshole before plunging it back in deep. He kept doing this over and over again, stretching my anal opening until I felt it staying wide open of its own volition — gaping obscenely. I was savouring each rapacious plunge of his cock into my anal tunnel. I reached around and slithered my fingers around my squelchy pussy.Once I had been thoroughly opened, John started fucking my bum really hard, plundering my asshole. I thought he would never stop the relentless buggering. But finally, he lurched forward, his pulsating cock spurting a load of semen inside my bumhole. He left his cock inside me as I started to cum a moment later, clawing at my clit like a woman possessed, then collapsing forward in a whimpering mess, simply overcome by orgasm. I just lay there perched where I was as John eventually withdrew his softening cock from its anal nest. I could feel that my utterly fucked asshole still hung open slackly. I had been well and truly gaped. I had forgotten all about Chris and Yvonne being in the room, completely losing myself in the anal workout I had just received. They had a perfect view of my anal tunnel, and the rivulets of cum that I could feel sliding down my leg. As I looked over both were smiling at me, Yvonne was stroking Chris’ thighs. We were all exhausted. Yvonne went and got us another round of drinks and after that Chris and I showered again and slunk off to bed, thoroughly satiated. We woke up the next morning all dreadfully hung-over but with no regrets of the debauchery from the evening before. My bumhole was still sore and it was a bit difficult to walk properly, but that was a small sacrifice to pay for a night of fantastic fucking…

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