Teacher Ch. 3


When I returned to school on Monday after the amazing weekend at the Principal’s house, I thought there might be a degree of awkwardness, particularly as I had young Jennifer in my class first up, but she behaved as if nothing had happened at all. She was neither too forward nor too reserved, and the only thing that told me I hadn’t really dreamed the whole incident was the quick wink she threw me as she departed the class at the end of the line of students. But I couldn’t help myself, my eyes dropped to her tight sexy ass, and I twitched in remembrance.

Harry himself treated me just like he treated all the rest of the staff, so it was clear that the incidents were going to be regarded as par for the course in this school, and I smiled to myself. During the following week I saw lots of examples of Harry’s concept of ‘action responsibility, rather than punishment’, although none quite in the league of Jennifer and her mother on the weekend!, so it was clear that the whole staff supported, and had adopted, that strategy, and it certainly made a difference to the whole culture of the school. I had never seen a happier or more relaxed school in my life, and there was the sort of respect between staff and students that I’d always dreamed of, but never thought possible.

The other thing that both surprised and amused me was the attitude of the female students towards me. In a large City High School there was always a constant turn over of staff, and invariably each year there’d be a sprinkling of fresh faced teachers straight out of College, and these were always the focus of female student attention. Many is the crush I’ve seen develop, and many is the time I’ve had to counsel those young Teachers to keep their heads on straight. Now, here I was at age 35, being the recipient of those self same crushes! Most of the other staff had been at the school for many, many years and the closest to me in age was a married female teacher that was 44, so it was little wonder, I guess that the girls seemed to flock around me wherever I went. I didn’t let it go to my head, of course, well … not much, anyway! .. but it was intensely flattering after the difficult emotional times I’d been through.

There was one student in particular that seemed always to be around, her name was Denise. She wasn’t a stand out student in looks or in academic performance, but there was a certain energy about her that set her apart from the others, made me notice her more than most of the others. Within days she had almost become a personal secretary of sorts, always there to help with packing up, always there first in line whenever there was an activity proposed. And that did not go un-noticed by Harry and the other staff, but there was no censorship and none of the subtle words of caution or advice that I’d often given to young teachers. Perhaps they all assumed that at my age I’d be able to handle it … or perhaps they just didn’t see it as a problem at all.

It was Megan Lee that actually explained the reasons behind that. I hadn’t seen anything of her since that first weekend, but at the end of week three when I arrived home from School I found my front door unlocked. Positive I had locked it when I left that morning, I moved inside very quietly and cautiously, expecting at any minute to confront a burglar or at least to find my belongings spread all over the place. Instead, what I found was a very relaxed and smiling Megan Lee sitting at the kitchen table, cool drink in hand, with another on the table directly opposite , which she directed me to. “But How?” I said, glancing all around.

“Who do you think cleaned the house up before you arrived?” she said, laughing, “Guess I must have forgotten to hand the spare key back to the owners…or maybe I got another set made up for emergencies”

I laughed with her, “Oh, and is this an emergency?” I asked.

She pouted, “Well, Harry’s had to fly off for a Principal’s congress this weekend, so I was feeling lonely, isn’t that enough of an emergency?”

My eyes lifted in surprise, “I would have thought you’d have gone along for the trip” I said.

She smiled, “Oh, he took Bernice along this time ( Bernice was the 44 year old married teacher I mentioned earlier ), for the experience” she said.

I guess I must have looked surprised again, because she tossed her head back and laughed, “All the girls take it in turns to go to these conferences, it adds some spice to their lives” she said.

“You mean? “ I spluttered.

“Oh yes” she said, grinning, “It’s all part of the school bonding”

“And you don’t mind?” I asked.

“Of course not … grin .. it was me that suggested it, few women get to be principals, so they need all the experience of these conferences that they can get … and, of course, there are the side benefits … grin …” she said.

“Side benefits?” I asked.

She nodded, “Yes, they all get to share a sexy weekend with their Principal, and as you saw for yourself, Harry is very caring…and very horny!”. Then she rose up from her chair and ataşehir escort bayan sauntered around the table to stand right in front of me, “Miss me?’ she asked, teasingly.

I let my eyes roam over her, God but she was gorgeous! She was wearing a tight pair of shorts and a loose blouse top that showed clearly that she wasn’t wearing a bra over her magnificent breasts, and my cock started to swell, “Oh yes” I whispered, “I’ve missed you like hell” and I drew her down onto my lap and kissed her deeply.

She responded wildly and willingly, writhing down onto my burgeoning cock, then pulled back, “Well, that’s not what I’ve heard” she said laughingly.

“Oh, and what have you heard?” I asked, nibbling her ear and causing her to shudder.

“Oh, I’ve heard that you’ve got yourself a girlfriend already” she said.

“Me?. you must be mistaken, I’ve been too busy to even look at a woman in the last two weeks” I said, heatedly.

She laughed, “Oh, and what about Denise?” she said.

“But…but…she’s just a student” I stammered.

“So was I when Harry and I first got together” she said, “Look at us now”

“Oh, but it’s not the same, I mean she’s nice and all that, but she’s only helping me out with things” I said.

She grinned, “Men … huh … sometimes they’re as blind as bats! Well in this community we don’t believe people learn from being deprived, but from being fulfilled! Denise obviously needs your attention in order to grow, are you going to deny her that?” she said.

I sat there quite stunned, hell this was so different from the attitudes I’d grown up with, attitudes that drove a wedge between teacher and student, created a barrier that no one stepped over, and here was Megan Lee actually encouraging me to step over it.

She was watching me carefully, almost reading the thoughts that were flitting through my mind, then she kissed me, “Just think about it” she whispered, “A young girls feelings are very fragile at that age, we have to support them as much as we can, don’t you agree?”

“Of course” I said, not really sure I understood what ‘supporting’ meant in this context.

Then she was staring deep into my eyes, “You know, I’ve always shared with Harry … everything … I’ve never been with another man alone” she said.

I felt a fire rush through me, “But, you said, Harry …” I stammered.

“Oh yes, Harry goes with other women, and I don’t mind, it’s just that I’ve never found a man that I wanted just for myself … until now!” she said.

And the fire just exploded inside me! I eased her off my lap and stood her up and stood up with her, taking her into my arms and kissing her gently, “Megan Lee, you are the most beautiful, exciting and amazing woman I have ever met, and I’ve wanted you every day since that first time, hungered for you at times so hard that it hurt” I said.

“Do you really, really mean that?” she whispered, and for the first time I saw the uncertain little girl that still lurked below the surface.

“Oh yes, I mean it, I want you … just for myself tonight” I whispered, kissing her ear, and letting my tongue run around it.

She shivered, “Oh yes” she whispered, “Oh. yes”

I led her into the bedroom and slowly disrobed her, marveling once again at her magnificent long legs, her tight sexy ass, her sensuous hips, and her amazing, large, firm breasts with their perky nipples. I kissed them all softly and gently, starting around her ears and moving all the way down to her feet and back up, not missing one single spot, and she moaned and writhed. My hands constantly stroked her with feather like brushes, and my tongue trailed and flicked around her nipples, before I took them into my mouth and sucked them gently, bringing a shuddering groan from her. Then I stood back and disrobed, letting my big hard cock spring out to hover, bobbing and shaking above her. She took it gently in her hands and began to run her tongue teasingly up and down and around it, making it stiffen and swell even more. Then she lifted it aside and took each of my heavy balls into her mouth and sucked them gently, causing me to shudder, and my knees to almost collapse.

Then she was lying back on the bed, smiling up at me, “Now David, fuck me … please…fuck me like I’m the only woman in the world … the only woman you’ve ever loved” she whispered hotly.

Well, no one could have resisted an invitation like that! not from a woman as beautiful as Megan Lee! So I slipped between her legs and slowly brushed my cock head over her pussy lips, feeling them part slightly, feeling her juiciness. Then her fingers were holding me, guiding me, slipping up and down my thick stem as she fed it into her steaming pussy … and she moaned .. and I moaned, loving the hotness and the tightness as my cock went deeper and deeper.

Everything seemed to be in slow motion …until my cock hit bottom! Until my balls kissed and caressed her tight ass cheeks! Then … it was like we both exploded into motion … and we were ramming escort kadıöy into each other like wild animals! “Oh yes, yes, Megan, Oooohhh you are so tight, oh god you are so amazing” I cried.

I hammered my big cock into her over and over again, and she arched and bucked and screamed, crying out for more, “Yes David, harder, faster, oh yes … fuck me … oh god yes … FUCK MEEEEEEEE!”

I don’t know how long our lovemaking lasted, we sped up and slowed down a number of times, taking each other to the brink, then holding back, teasing, arousing, exciting each other. Alternately screaming and whispering hot words of love and lust, building and building and building, until … Finally I couldn’t hold back any longer, and with a roar that would have done a lion proud, I EXPLODED!! shooting copious amounts of hot cum into her writhing , shuddering pussy! And she was CUMMING too, wildly, and equally loudly!

God the orgasm we were sharing seemed to go on for ever! and left us both totally exhausted, and we both slipped into a light sleep. When we awoke it was late .. too late for her to bother going home … anyway, as she said, now she’d broken the ice of being alone with another man … why waste it! So we didn’t! we fucked the whole night away!!

When she left the following morning, it was with the promise that we’d be together again …with or without Harry, grin! .. and the reminder to think about what she’d said about Denise.

Well, I have to admit, Denise didn’t feature much in my thoughts that weekend! Just this gorgeous creature with a magnificent body .. and even more magnificent breasts! Although I did wonder if Harry was having as much fun with Bernice? I allowed my mind to dwell on Bernice for a while, she didn’t have the impact of Megan Lee, but was still pretty attractive, and I wondered …Mmmmm … Damn I was turning into a sex maniac!!

I think Megan Lee’s words must have worked themselves insidiously into my brain, because on Monday and Tuesday of the next week, I became more and more conscious of Denise and her almost puppy like devotion. I even started to wonder …then I’d stop myself, or dash off and make myself very busy. As I said before, Denise wasn’t a stand out in looks, but there was something about her, something I just couldn’t put my finger on .. an aura, perhaps. I did, however, start to notice that it was her clothes that were unflattering, always loose and bulky, giving little hint of what might be underneath …but that didn’t matter, I kept on trying to tell myself! I mustn’t even think of that.

On the Wednesday a surprise turned up, a new computer for me to use at home. Had we left it in the box, it would have been easy to carry home, but we had to take it out and put it together at school to load on all the necessary programs that would enable me to connect with the school from my home. Consequently, when it came to home time, I was struggling to carry lots of bit and pieces to my car. It was not a great surprise when Denise suddenly appeared and started to help, but I initially balked when she suggested riding home with me to help at the other end. It was Harry, passing by at that moment, who just opened the passenger side door for her and smilingly helped her in, then winked at me as he walked away, humming! There was little I could do but drive home and just hope that we’d get everything unloaded quickly and she’d head off. In fact, quite the reverse happened! disaster struck totally unexpectedly in the form of a sudden torrential downpour just as we started to carry the computer gear from the car to the front door. Although I tried to hurry, the door key got stuck, then I dropped it, and all the time Denise was standing behind me trying to protect the computer screen with her body … and getting totally soaked!

When we eventually got inside, we both looked like drowned rats! Yet Denise insisted on making another journey out to the car to get the remainder of the gear. By the time we had it all inside, the disaster had turned into a joke, and we were kicking water at each other as we sprinted the last few yards of the last journey, then standing in the kitchen dripping water all over the floor. I looked at Denise, her bulky jumper was saturated and plastered to her body, revealing a shapeliness I hadn’t seen before, her hair was a total mess, and water was running down her face in streams.

I quickly pointed the way to the bathroom and told her to get out of that wet gear and put on a robe before she caught pneumonia, then darted into my bedroom to do the same. When she came out, freshly showered and wrapped in one of my long bath robes, she was giggling because it was far too large for her and trailed all over the floor. “Well at least it will keep you warm and dry” I said, “Better give me your clothes and I’ll run them through the dryer while you ring your parents and explain that you’ll be held up for a while”

She stumbled back into the bathroom, giggling as she nearly tripped over the robe, and came out to hand me her clothes maltepe escort which I took and began to feed into the dryer along with mine. It was as I was doing that … seeing her bra and panties among the pile … that I realized that she wasn’t wearing a damn thing under that robe! …and a sudden heat raced through me.

I moved slowly back into the lounge in time to hear her tell her parents what had happened and that I was drying off her clothes in the dryer and she would be home as soon as everything was finished. I was a bit surprised that she’d told it straight, because they would know she was here alone with me in what could only be described as a compromising situation, but they didn’t seem to mind, and when she came off the phone she was smiling, and looked … well, positively radiant!

I made a cup of hot chocolate, then decided to make sure the computer had survived in a better state than us, so got a cloth and made sure everything was dry, and started to put it together. Immediately, Denise was over helping, putting jacks in here and wires in there as if she’d been doing it all her life, I sighed, How I envied the students of today with their familiarity with new technology, I found it all such a struggle to master. I was standing up fiddling with the keyboard when I looked down at Denise, plugging in the printer .. and sucked my breath in! as she knelt and leaned forward, the robe was tenting out, and I found myself staring at the most beautiful, succulent pair of breasts imaginable! And it wasn’t a brief glimpse either! everything was on view, including her strawberry nipples!

She glanced up and saw where I was looking, and flushed, her hand half coming up to pull the robe together, then hesitating and falling away again. I blushed furiously like a kid caught with his fingers in the cookie jar, “Uh … I’m sorry” I mumbled, “I …I didn’t mean to stare … but…god…they’re so beautiful”

She didn’t answer or respond in any way, just knelt there letting me look. I turned quickly and dashed out to the kitchen, standing by the sink, trying to stop my trembling, trying to stop the fire that was rushing through me, trying to will my cock to go down! I rattled around in the fridge, preparing a couple of cool drinks half filled with ice, I wasn’t sure if she needed one, but I sure as hell did!

I was still rattling around, playing for time when she called out, “It’s all fixed, David, all ready to go, do you want me to turn it on?”

Damn, I still hadn’t got used to students calling teachers by their first name, but it was part of the way the school operated, so I had to go along. I took a couple of deep breaths. Willing myself to stay calm, picked up the two drinks and walked back into the lounge. Denise was sitting on the chair in front of the computer, smiling, looking very pleased with herself, and as I walked over she turned away and pressed the on switch, and the computer screen lit up.

I handed her the drink and stood back a little, watching all the bits and pieces come up on the screen as it worked its way through the program preparations, making sure I wasn’t in a position to look down her robe top again. Then she was working the mouse, clicking this and that and jumping from place to place, completely losing me in no time at all! “There” she said, finally, “Now you’re onto the net, you have to be in that to connect with the school”

I grinned, “Well, that much I did know” I said, “but you lost me with all the other stuff!

She laughed, “Oh. I was just testing the modem, and seeing how fast it would pull things up. So, now we’re in, where do you want to go? Back to school?” she asked.

I laughed, feeling a little more relaxed, “Hell no, I think I’ve had enough of that for one day” I said.

“Me too, thank god we don’t get too much homework” she said. Then she half turned and grinned impishly at me, “So, do you want an adult site perhaps?” she asked, and as my chin was still dropping in shock, she turned back to the computer and clicked a couple of times … and filled the screen with a naked man embracing a naked woman!

I guess I must have gasped out loud, and she laughed, “Oh, do you think she’s beautiful?” she asked, “Do you think she has nice breasts? …and she half turned to look at me …as nice as mine?”

I think I turned brick red! and almost spilled my drink, “I … I … I …” my throat just seized right up.

The look she gave me was so hot it would have peeled paint from a wall! “You haven’t forgotten already, have you?: she almost purred, then lifted her hands and drew the robe aside, revealing her high, firm breasts with their strawberry nipples.

“Oh god!, Oh god!” I blurted out, my eyes almost popping from their sockets.

She turned her head and glanced back at the screen, “Mmmm, I think my nipples might be a little larger, don’t you?” she asked.

I tried to speak, but my vocal chords seemed to have decided they couldn’t handle the English language, and all that came out was a muted growl, and the front of my robe was starting to look like a tent. Just as she turned back to look at me, the robe finally gave up the uneven struggle to contain my rampant cock, and it popped out, almost in her face, and her eyes widened, and it was her turn to gasp and flush bright red!!

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