Teasing Twins.


Teasing Twins.~Just something I thought up last night after reading sooo many sex stoires. Hope you like it. And this is complete fantasy.~My name is Emily, and I want to share the wild summer my twin sister Emma and I experienced 2 years ago.  We are both 21 now, but this happened when we were 19.Both Emma and I are identical twins, and both 5’2, 110 pounds, and both with long brown hair and green eyes.  We both come from good families, and are parents are both in the medical profession. And like our parents, we are both quiet and basically no nonsense.  But unlike our parents, both Emma and I are about as two-faced as they come. When we were younger, we used to fantasize about having sex with older men. Old men used to speak to us when we were out walking or jogging, but we were always snobs and never spoke back.  We later would stop and laugh and say, “if that poor old man knew how much, he would go crazy.”I think a lot of this came because of our mom. She is no doubt the biggest snob in the area, but was always upset if a man looked at us, whether at a ballgame or in a movie. Of course she had no idea what was going on in our dirty little minds.  Her hating older men looking at us only turned us on.We lived in Roanoke, VA, and one evening as Emma and I were jogging, we ran into this older black man, who spoke, and of course we jogged on. But when he yelled and asked if we were track stars, we stopped and told him that we ran track. He was a little man, about 5’8, 150, but very well built and in excellent shape. He was from North Carolina and was spending the summer with his 34 yr old nephew.  He did not look a day over 40, and Emma and I were shocked when he said he was 58 yrs kurtköy escort old. His name was Will, and soon he was flirting with us, and really freaked out when he learned that we were still virgins.  We told him that we liked older men, but that our mom did not like older men around us.  When he asked if we liked older black men, we told him yes, but not to tell our parents. We saw him again this next evening, and afraid that someone would see us with him, we met in a secluded pine tree patch, and he told us that he could make us feel good, and better than any man we would ever meet. We told him that sounded great, and we did think a lot about sex with older men, but it was mainly just talk, and that we wanted to remain virgins as long as we could. That is when he said, “I didn’t mean intercourse, girls.  My big 8″s dick would ruin your little tight pussies. I met oral sex. I have been told that I give better oral sex than any man alive.” As Emma and I looked at each other in shock, he continued with, “I would love to lick and suck your 2 little sweet virgin pussies.”  Wow!  We had never heard anything like this in our life. We just told him okay, and that we would see him around. When the shock wore off, we both agreed that this old black man really wanted to suck our pussies. We liked the idea too.  Kind of like our dreams were coming true, but where was the problem.He was out again the next evening, and he continued to not only tell us how good his tongue would make us feel, but that he was addicted to licking vagina.  He asked if we could meet him at a motel up the road, and we told him that we would think it over.Emma and I thought it over alright, but we were not aydıntepe escort about to meet some strange old man alone in any motel.  We liked the idea of him sucking our vaginas, and were also curious of seeing his big black dick, but not alone in any motel.  When we saw him the next evening, we told him of a woods behind the housing development, and that Emma was not sure, but I wanted to try it.  He said that he would bring the blankets and see us at 7 pm. We had plenty of second thoughts the next day, but we met him in the woods that evening, where we removed our green tops and sweat pants, and he said that he liked our nice bodies, little tits and said that his mouth was watering looking at out little shaved pussies.  Emma, the chicken, told me to go first.  As he pulled off his shirt, we were both amazed at his muscular chest. As I laid down totally naked on the blankets, this black man, much older than our parents began kissing and licking my vagina. And I had no idea that it would feel this great.  I’ll skip a lot of details, but in no time I reached the best and wildest orgasm of my life, and this hungry black man did not back away either.  Emma went next, and he worked the same magic on her. As we told him how good it felt, and were reaching for our clothes, he dropped his sweat pants and out flopped the biggest and hardest dick we had ever seen.  Old or not, it was awesome and soon, both Emma and I were feeling it, then to return the favor, I stroked him off.  He told us that he was too old to shoot like he used to, but boy was he loaded, as he must have oozed a pint on the blanket. We didn’t keep a diary, but we met this old black man at least twice a week tuzla içmeler escort for the rest of the summer.  And did he give us a tongue bath, even on our butt holes.  And finally one night, I sucked him.  And old, or black, I liked it, and so did he.One evening, he brought his nephew, Lucky.  Emma seemed to like him better, but I liked the old uncle, and soon we were all in 69’s having dinner.  Lucky only came back one more time, and Emma kind of got tired of it, but not me.  And what l liked and made me so hot was what our snobby and prejudice mom would think, say and do if she saw how Will and I enjoyed giving each other oral sex.  I never allowed him to cum in my mouth, but loved the taboo of his cum all over my naked body.  And believe it or not, we never had intercourse.The last month was the hottest. It was just Will and I, but we did such hot role playing.  One evening when he was licking me out of my mind, I was moaning. “Mom, I am sorry, but I am addicted to this old black man.”  I was so hot that I did not care if she caught us or not. And one evening, while I was on my knees sucking his big black cock, Will was telling me how hurt my dad would be to see his little girl enjoying and pleasing an older black man.  I love my dad and I know it was cruel, but still it made me so hot as I thought of him watching me suck this old black dude.  I really feel bad about that part now, but back then it made me so hot.The summer finally ended, and Will returned to NC.  What we did was risky, but luckily Will was a safe and sane old man, but I ask that no one try this without really knowing your partner.A month later, we were shopping with mom and she gave us a dirty look when we spoke to a older black man in the mall.  If only she knew how we really were with old men. And someday when I marry the white guy of my dreams, I guess I will have to tell him that I have never sucked a white man, only a old back man.  Wow! ~Just a Fantasy~

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