Thanks for Giving


Thanks for GivingHappy Thanksforgiving,This past holiday was looking to be a great day. I was working an early shift and my wife was cooking dinner for some friends that were joining us for the night. All things looked good, until I had a call out. The late cook couldn’t make it in and no one else picked up. So I covered the shift and my wife was all but pleased with that. Night was now sucking, and I knew by the time I finished up, most of the guest would be gone. But nothing I could do, so I worked the night shift. When I finally cleaned up, and checked out; I called my wife. A friend picked up, and we talked a minute. He tells me the wife is in bed, as she had way too much to drink. Friend PJ, mentioned that him, his wife, and Morgan were just finished cleaning up the dishes. I respond with a thank you and be there soon. PJ said he will hold the fort until I am home. Cool to have friends that help out in times like this. I get home, and walk into the kitchen. I see all the dishes drying and the kitchen is all cleaned. I turn into the living room and see PJ, his wife Heather, and Morgan watching a Christmas movie. I say hi, and thank them all again. I head to the main bedroom and see my wife. She was in bed, dead to the world. I grabbed my bed clothes, and some clothes for the next day. I stuff my clothes in the second bedroom and place my night clothes in the bathroom. I walked back to the living room, and said thank you again. All three were getting ready to leave, and I said goodbye. PJ and Heather were already heading out the door. Morgan was getting her shoes on, and really watching the movie. I said good night and went in to the bathroom. A hot shower, and moments of peace were a welcome thing at the moment. I was bothered by the call out but since all the work was done, I felt like I could relax all night. I got the surprise when I walked out with my clothes in hand and in a towel. Morgan was still here, and she had set herself up a nice spot to watch TV. I stopped and was going to turn back, when she said “Oh I am sorry, I got so into this movie, I wanted to see how it ends”. I said Its cool, and turned away. Just as I took a step back to the bathroom, my towel caught on something. Next thing I know, my ass was showing, and then I was naked. I hurried up back to the bathroom, and got my shorts on. Soft knock at the door and I opened it up, thinking it was my wife. Stepped in was Morgan. She was smiling, and looking at me; undressing me with her eyes. I apologize, but she remarked my ass was so fine, she love to see it again. I could not tell if she was joking or being real. She stepped closer, and then I felt her hand on my cock. She was playing it, feeling me out, and her smile grew with wickness. I will admit, she was one hot woman who low cleavage shirts got me allot but I know that if I got caught, I would be on the streets. Then her hand let go, but she took my hand and pulled me into the second bedroom. Without me saying anything, Morgan started to kiss my chest, then moving up to my lips. I resisted as much, but her hands too hold of my ass and started to push my shorts down. When she kissed my neck and then bit down on it, my body took over. I let her take my shorts off, and Morgan dropped down to her knees. She used her fat hands to stroke my cock. Her eyes were glued to me as she took me into her mouth. Looking down at her light blue eyes, and her dirty blonde hair, it felt like a movie I watched once. She had her way with my cock, and then she stopped. Getting back on her feet, Morgan stripped down. She took her shirt off, it was low cut and hid only so much. Then she took her pants off, exposing her matching black bra and panties. She then teased me with her bra, slowly taking it off, and holding it up as the last strap was unlocked. I walked up to her and kissed her lips. I moved down to her bra and had her let go. I seen the boobs but from a looking down view. The moment I took the bra away, I took hold of her big boobs. They were much bigger then I thought, and they were illegal bahis so natural. But I didn’t stop there, I pulled her panties off, exposing her hairless pussy. We moved over to the bed so I could go downtown on her pussy. She was wet, and that just added to the pleasure of being down there. I worked my tongue around, licking and sucking all that I wanted. “Fuck me, stick that hot rod in this hot oven”, Morgan said in low voice. Stopping myself, I turned to the small end table and pulled out some condoms. I had couple different ones, each one my wife picked out, and yet had not tried most of them yet. Morgan cracked a joke about the glow in the dark condom. I found one that was thin but tough as nails. I put it on and climbed on Morgan. I slid it in and we started to fuck. Yet that was over in a second, when she pushed me off her. I thought maybe she changed her mind. Nope, Morgan pulled the condom off me, and took the rest into the trash can. Before I could say anything, she said “I want to fuck you, but I don’t like condoms, so fuck me sexy man, and pull out when it is time. Shoot your load onto my big boobs babe.” Then Morgan pulled me in, and I was back on top. Her legs wrapped around me, hanging onto my ass, she was helping me thrust in her pussy. Condom was good, but my word, her pussy was so wet, so warm and so good. We fucked for a good while. When Morgan wanted to switch, we moved to her on top. She rode me slow pace, which made the sex amazing. Then we moved to the floor, and in front of the door. I had squatted over Morgan as I eased my cock in her pussy, doggy style. I held her firm hips to keep steady thrusts. Then I switched to being on my knees, but still fucking her that way. As she started to moan, I heard the sound of a door opening up. Before I could react, I saw the foot and leg of my wife. Morgan all but stopped her moans, but she kept on tugging at my cock. While I stopped moving, she was now slowly fucking my cock. My wife walked right up to the bathroom, and opened the door. Morgan and I was in nearly complete darkness, but the bathroom light would expose us enough to draw the eyes of my wife. We couldn’t move yet either, and movement would have made a sound. Any sounds would draw my wife in. As she slowly closed the door to the bathroom, I pulled out slowly. Bad thing about it was as I pulled out, my cock felt the surge of cum ready to release. Tried as I did, a little of me squirted out into Morgan’s pussy. She had to hold her mouth shut, and grabbed a pillow to cover it. I took my shorts and put them on. I told Morgan quiet climb into bed, and tell my wife that you were spending the night. Morgan as she got herself dress, said oh joy, spending the night with a smile. I made my way out to the living room. The wife came out of the bathroom and checked up on me. But she was clearly still drunk, even from her walking. I helped back into the bed and kissed her good night. My next stop was the bathroom, so I could release myself of my stuff. As I opened the door, I saw Morgan right at the door. She asked if my wife was OK, which case I told her that she still drunk. That was a green light for Morgan. She took hold of me and we were making out in the hallway. We moved back into the bedroom. Morgan wasted no time stripping me down again. “Come fuck me, finish what you started” she said. I whispered that I was already to cum, that I might need to stroke it out. That was a no go, Morgan pulled me down on her and told me to stick it in. I last couple minutes before I started cum. I really wanted to get off her, really really wanted to not desire to cum in her, but when I started to cum, I wanted to just fuck Morgan. And she wanted that too, never telling me to pull out and her moans were adding to the idea of us doing bareback sex. It been a while since I had sex like that, so I was not in a rush to pull out. Neither was Morgan who held me close to her body. I finally pulled out and sat up against the wall. Morgan played with her pussy. The darkness of the room felt comfortable illegal bahis siteleri after what just happened. Feeling a bit naughty, I took Morgan’s feet onto my lap. I took her right foot and started to lick her arches. Her feet felt soft as my tongue moved to her sole. I worked myself up to her toes, licking each one, and cleaning her between toes. Morgan said “I never knew a guy who would do that, I want that other foot cleaned just like that sexy man”. I did as she pleased and worked her left foot as she played with her pussy more. I had a thing for Morgan’s feet, in part because her toes were small for her body and quite cute with her colorful toes. When I was all done, she used her feet to play with my cock. That helped get back to hard form. Next Morgan sat up and climbed on my lap. She eased my hard cock in her pussy and started to fuck it. I watched her body shake from her up and down movement. Morgan also used the wall to keep herself in pace with me. Then she did as before and slowed down her body. This slow thrusts were adding more to the feeling of my cock in her pussy. We only stopped when she and I came right after each other. I felt my cock lost in her pussy. Morgan sat on my lap for awhile, we both made out. Morgan moved off me and laid back down on the bed. She played with her pussy, sticking her fingers inside and pulling out the cum mix. Thinking we all done, I got up and went into the kitchen. I got myself and Morgan a bottle of water. I turned to walk back, and Morgan was already walking into the kitchen. There was a glow about her. Maybe it had to do that we just fucked and she was holding allot of my cum in her. We both took some sips of water. Then Morgan took the bottle and spilled some water on her boobs, then said oops. I guess I have to clean that up as I went into lick her boobs dry. Some way after my boob job, we were back to fucking. She was leaning on the counter, and I was ramming her pussy from behind. We moved from the kitchen to the table. She hopped on and pulled her legs back. I held her legs as I went back into her again. We fucked until I came once again in her pussy. I picked her up and carried Morgan to the bedroom. We both were tired and after this last bit of sex, each were need of a recharge. Morgan asked me to lay with her even for couple minutes, but understood why I couldn’t when I said no. I told her that I will sleep in the living room. The night ended like that, me asleep in the living room. When I woke up the next morning, Morgan and my wife were talking in the kitchen. I walked in to get some coffee. My wife giggled as I smiled at her. I then saw Morgan do the same thing. I was left interested in what was going on. My wife then took my hand and pulled me away. We went right into the bedroom, and closed the door. Before I knew it, she was stripping me naked, and lead me onto the bed. My wife started off with sucking my cock, which is rare for us. She got me hard as a rock and then turned over. I took her pussy into my mouth and she still worked my cock. It became a race to make the first one to cum. I of course one that, licking my wife’s pussy right into her filling my mouth with her stuff. I had her move down a bit and climb behind her. My hot rod slid in her pussy so easy and I wasted no time to fuck her. I held her ass, while thrusting her pussy fast. As much as I was fucking, I was enjoying the view of my wife’s boobs sway back and forth so fast. All seemed different this time. She was begging me to fuck her like an a****l. She even talked sexy, telling me to fuck her pussy, and even begging for me to cum. It was a new turn on for me. I got into the sex with her, that I felt the first shot of cum hit her pussy. My wife was also caught up in it, until she felt my load slowly coming in her. She pulled me out and begged me to shot my load on her boobs. I did as she wanted, even though I wanted to fill my wife’s pussy up with my stuff. I did a nice cover of her boobs, even some shot up on her chin. The moment we stopped, I had canlı bahis siteleri to ask about why stop and hit her boobs with my cum. She reminded me of a deal we made about not cumming in her, even if she was on the pill. She never gave a reason why that was the rule, but I never turned down sex with her about it. So this time it was different after the night with Morgan. I guess she spoiled me and I wanted to share that with my wife, well the nature way of sex. Even with me a bit sour about how we finished, my wife pushed for more sex. After about a good solid hour of sex, and the last 10 minutes of me just eating her pussy, she fell asleep after her orgasm. I grabbed some shorts and went for the door. I slowly and quietly opened it up, and started to walk out. Soon as I looked in the hallway, there was Morgan again fully nude with her hand in her pussy. I mentioned to her “I thought you left?” Morgan took her fingers and stuck them in my mouth while telling me she was going to leave, but over heard us fucking, and of course that got her hot. “Also, hearing you beg to fill your wife’s pussy up with your cum, that had me sad for you, so I decided to stick around in case you need a place to stick that cock of yours and fill up a hot wet pussy.” I started to walk pass Morgan but she grabbed my shorts and pulled me back, well I let her. Morgan kissed me fast and then dropped down to pull my shorts off. Her mouth was on my cock so fast that I didn’t react at all, just leaned against the wall. She was kinda of right, I needed a place to shoot my load, one that I had held off with my wife. I had the idea of watching porn to take care of that. Then Morgan let go, got up and led me into the spare bedroom. She climbed on the bed, and spread her legs. “Come sexy man, fill this pussy with you cum, I want you so bad in my pussy”, Morgan spoke in stern tone. I was going to say no, and yet the idea of whacking off to porn instead of a hot woman was a waste. So I climbed on Morgan, and shoved my cock in her. She welcomed me so good and was begging to fuck her like I did with my wife. We did, first with me on top, fast and hard thrusts. Then we moved to her on fours for a nice around of doggy sex, but then she wanted me to finish with her on top. I laid down and she climbed on. Morgan leaned back a bit, that made her boobs firm and look bigger. And the time came to cum, I sat up with her and worked with her body to dump my load into her again. Morgan slow moaned the moment, and gripped my head hard. Each shot of cum had her shake from the intense moment of sex. When I finally stopped, she held me tight as ever. Now I was drain, well so I thought. Morgan after hold me for a while, let me go. She laid down and lifted her legs back. She exposed her pussy for me and made a comment about how much cum I had, as she squeezed some out. I admit, I love my wife but doing that with Morgan felt natural….the cumming in a pussy. I got my shorts on and got a spare shirt. Morgan came out of the room, walking over to me. She kissed me goodbye. Then said “I want to so fuck you again, I enjoy when you cum me, my ex never did for the last 7 years, and you know you enjoyed it too”. I walked her to the door, while telling her that I did enjoy it all, and the feeling of cumming in her was so amazing worth it. Morgan said back “Thanksforgiving”. I took a moment to think of what she said, until she pointed it out. She was thanks for me giving her a great night but more for the cum I gave her. When she finally left, and I was watching her walk away, my wife walked out of the bedroom. She asked about Morgan and if all was OK. I said she had left already and it was all good. This holiday was so worth it, but wish it had happened. See I did come home, and the wife was passed out. Morgan did stay around awhile, I did get some feet time with her, but just a massage, and we did joke about sex. I let it out to her the wife doesn’t like me to cum in her, and Morgan did say…..I would love if you did cum in me. It turned out my wife had talked about our sex to Morgan and she knew that I had some skills. Morgan did say that her ex was simple minded with sex, and our talk about it has stroked a fire between us….and both said we shall see if one day we can full fill that fantasy.

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