The All-Over Tan



I first met Mark at the beginning of our freshman year in high school. He had just moved to south Florida from Canada. His older sister received a scholarship to the university in town to study architecture so the entire family, mom, dad, Marissa and Mark packed up their entire lives and moved from Vancouver to sunny Miami.

We met during tryouts for the high school baseball team and were both selected as starters for the junior varsity team and first alternates for varsity. No small feat for two freshmen players. I had been playing baseball as long as I could remember and I kidded Mark that I thought all Canadians played hockey.

“No, we have baseball too, we just run the bases the other direction, so our first base is your third base.” he replied.

“Really?” I was shocked.

“Of course not, you dope, we play exactly the same way you do, well, not exactly, we play better!” This began a long friendship of jokes about the differences between Canadians and Americans. It was another of these differences that would change the nature of our relationship forever.

It was the spring semester of our senior year and the beginning of baseball season. Mark was team captain, an ace shortstop, first team all-city all star and entertaining scholarship offers from a dozen different colleges. I was starting catcher and was on track to set a state record for my career .816 slugging percentage. We had even been scouted by a couple of Major League teams during last year’s state championship (we won, of course), but both of us decided to go to college and get a little more experience before making the leap to the pros. I had already accepted an offer from a university in California.

One afternoon, after a decisive victory over our cross-town rivals Mark and I and a few of our teammates were gathering our gear in the locker room. Most guys just wore their uniforms home after practices and games so it was rare to hear the locker room showers being turned on. I glanced around and saw Mark walking towards the steamy archway leading to the showers. Saying my goodbyes to my teammates as they were leaving I walked towards the showers to find out what was going on.

“What are you doing, I thought we’d go grab a pizza with the team.” I turned the corner in time to see Mark stepping into the shower jets, his back to me.

“Sorry, Rob, I have to work on my American History project. It’s due next Tuesday. I’m going from here to the library so I figured I’d scrub up first.” Mark began to lather up with his shower gel.

“That’s cool.” I replied, swallowing hard. Watching Mark soaping down, I couldn’t help but notice how well built Mark was. His well-defined arms lead to a muscular back and core, sculpted legs looking every bit as though he had been chiseled from marble by one of the great masters. I worked out and was in good shape but Mark’s physique was something out of the exercise machine advertisements. It was at that point I decided that I was spending an inordinate amount of time studying Mark’s body when I noticed something unusual.

Mark had no tan lines. Living in south Florida, everyone was a sun worshiper to some degree and I spent my fair share of time hanging around backyard and public pools, a year-round activity here. I spent most of my summer breaks at the pool when I wasn’t at some baseball camp or clinic checking out the bikini clad girls hoping to catch a glimpse of a tan line from a fallen shoulder strap or bottom that had ridden down a bit. But I’d never seen anyone with so seamless a tan as Mark. I swallowed hard again and turned towards the lockers.

“I’ll catch you tomorrow.” I grabbed my duffle bag and headed for the door.

“Tomorrow then, eh?” Mark replied in his typical Canadian question-that-wasn’t-really-a-question style.

All during that evening I couldn’t get the image of Mark’s soapy body out of my mind, especially the all-over tan. How did he manage it, or better yet, when did he manage it. We hang out together all the time, even going to the pool together and I never noticed it before. I suppose the only way I’d find out is to ask.


The next day I met Mark before we headed into our Physics class. I simply couldn’t blurt out my question here in the hallway, especially in front everyone else hanging around. I would have to bide my time.

“Did you finish your history project?” I needed to change the subject.

Mark spat, “No, goddamn Truman and atomic bombs. It makes no sense. Good thing Canada doesn’t have the bomb so we don’t have to worry about that crap.” Mark struggled with American history not having the background that growing up in the U.S. and having American history shoved down your throat in every grade level.

“No big deal, I can help you with it. After all, I’m an expert what with being an American and all. How about I come over after practice today?”

“I thought we were going out tonight. I asked Cheryl and she and Karly already decided that they wanted to see that animated illegal bahis penguin movie.” Mark and Cheryl had started dating at the beginning of senior year and Karly and I had been going out off and on since middle school.

“Oh, shit. I forgot to tell you. Karly’s grounded for two weeks. Her dad found a pack of cigarettes in her purse.” I had only just found out myself last evening.

“So. We’re all eighteen, it’s legal now,” Mark replied.

“Eighteen don’t mean shit to her dad. The worst part is they’re not even hers. She doesn’t smoke. That stupid bitch Tina slipped them in to her purse so she wouldn’t be caught with them. You and Cheryl can still go though,” I offered.

“Hell no, If I never see another animated penguin again it’ll be too soon. I’ll reschedule with Cheryl and you come over after practice. Bring your swimsuit; we’ll study out by the pool.”

As Mark finished speaking the bell rang for class to begin and we made our way into class. Of course with that last statement my mind immediately raced back to Mark’s all-over tan. Maybe I could find out how he does it this afternoon.

The hours ticked by painfully slow and baseball practice seemed to go on forever. I had no idea why Coach Nickles was pushing us so hard, we were undefeated and well on our way to another district, region and probably state championship. When practice was over I told Mark I had to stop by my house and then I’d be over. I changed into my swimsuit and a clean shirt and flip-flops and walked the two blocks over to Mark’s house.

“C’mon in.” Mark met me at the door wearing only his board shorts which hung loosely on his hips highlighting his well-defined abs.

I followed Mark through the house to the back patio and set my backpack on the table, kicked off my flip-flops and pulled my shirt off. I dove into the pool to cool off from my walk and when I resurfaced I saw Mark walking towards the lounge chairs on the other side of the pool.

“If you don’t mind,” Mark started, “I’m beat from practice and wouldn’t mind just catching some sun and relax for a bit, eh?”

My throat caught. “Sure.” I managed.

I followed Mark with my eyes as he made his way around the pool to the lounge chairs. I had to bite my lip to keep from gasping as he swiftly dropped his shorts and kicked them off of his feet. When seen from the front, Mark is even more spectacular than from behind. The closest thing I can think of to compare it to is the scene in Troy when Brad Pitt is putting on his armor, but even that image doesn’t do Mark justice. I had never been interested in looking a naked guy but the sight of Mark standing there in all his glory was something I couldn’t tear my eyes away from. I began to feel flush and more than a little aroused as my cock twitched in my shorts when I noticed that in addition to an all-over tan, the area around Mark’s cock was completely devoid of hair. Mark grabbed a bottle of tanning lotion from the small table between the lounge chairs and began to apply it to his body. It was at that point he noticed me staring.

“Oh, sorry, bud. I should have warned you. I sunbathe nude, always have.” Mark ignored my uninterrupted staring and continued to apply the lotion.

I stammered out, “I wondered about that… I saw you in the shower the other day and wasn’t sure… Well, you know. I just wasn’t expecting you to… you know…with me here.”

Mark laughed, “Again, you Americans with your obsessive modesty and puritanical notions of the body. Explain to me again how you managed to become the dominant power in the world.”

“Nuclear weapons,” I replied. My cock continued to thicken as Mark rubbed in the tanning lotion down his abs and into his pubic region. He carefully rubbed in a generous amount of lotion onto his cock and scrotum and continued down his legs. Once finished he sat down in the lounge chair and closed his eyes, completely relaxed in my company while I could barely contain my nervousness.

“Hey, you should try it. It’s really cool and Cheryl goes crazy for the all-over look. She’s even been out here with me a few times. Still has a light tan line, but we’re working on it. Karly probably won’t leave you alone if she saw you with an all-over.”

“What? Here? Now?” I babbled.

“Why not? I have some lotion with a higher SPF. You know, until you get a base down then you can go with a lower SPF.” Mark seemed perfectly nonplussed by the whole situation. I slowly dragged myself out of the pool keeping an eye on Mark’s closed eyes hoping he wouldn’t see my shorts tenting out from my half-hard cock. I walked over to the lounge chair furthest from Mark and untied my trunks, lowering them slowly to my ankles then off. I toweled off a bit and then began to apply the tanning lotion to my body already tanned naturally. With my back turned to Mark I grabbed the high SPF lotion and began to work it into my skin, skin which I’m pretty sure had never seen the sun before. I startled at Mark’s voice.

“Be sure to get plenty on your cock and balls. By God, illegal bahis siteleri you don’t want those burnt.” I turned to see Mark looking over at me and he reached for the lotion on the table and began to re-apply a large glob of white lotion directly to his cock. The small moan escaped my lips as the metaphor was by no means lost on me. Mark’s cock began to stiffen as he rubbed in the lotion and I realized that I was gently stroking the lotion into my own cock with the same rhythm as Mark.

“Sorry, but that happens sometimes. Don’t sweat it. Besides, it’ll keep you cock off your body so you won’t have a spot covered, eh? Mark continued to stroke the lotion into his cock until he was fully erect. He sighed contentedly as he lay his head back and said, “There, now we both have hard-ons, no one has to be ashamed.”

Not that either of us had anything to be ashamed of in that department. My erect cock measures 8 inches long and 4.8 inches around. Karly measured it one time so she could brag to her friends. Mark’s cock in my estimation was a bit shorter, maybe 7 or 7.5 inches but much thicker, maybe 5.5 inches.

Despite my initial nervousness, seeing Mark’s beautiful erect cock calmed me down and I was able to lie on the lounge chair and enjoy the wonderful south Florida sun. I must have fallen asleep because I had a vision of Karly stroking my cock and fondling my balls with her other hand. Then I realized that it was not simply my imagination, someone was stroking my cock and balls. I opened my eyes slightly, squinting in the sun to see Mark applying more sunscreen to his hands and then returning to my cock, stroking it back to fully erect.

“Oh, hey man. So, you were flagging a bit there and I thought I’d help you out, you know, reapplying sunscreen, keeping the shadows at bay.” Mark offered, acting as though this was a perfectly normal activity for one guy to do to another guy, as though he’d expect me to do the same.

“No, man, that’s cool. I understand, thanks.” I noticed that even during his explanation and my response, he never stopped massaging the lotion into the skin of my cock and ball sack. My initial shock passed, I laid back and reveled in the feeling of my hard cock being stroked. All at once, Mark released my now throbbing hard-on and returned to his lounge chair. “All set,” he concluded.

About 10 minutes later I was startled awake again by the sound of the sliding glass door opening and I looked up to see Mark’s sister Marissa come bounding onto the patio. I leap up out of my chair to scramble for the nearest towel to cover myself when I heard Marissa laughing.

“Don’t break a leg or anything, Robby” I hated it when she called my Robby as it made me feel like a little kid. Despite the fact that she was 21 and a senior in college she still lived a home to reduce her college expenses, it didn’t occur to me that she’d show up today. I looked over at Mark and noticed that he had not moved a muscle but only laughed a bit along with Marissa at my desperation to cover myself.

“How’s it goin’, eh? Don’t pay no attention to the Yankee over there, he’s still living in the Victorian era.” I was shocked at Mark’s nonchalant attitude towards his sister walking in on us, nude and with our cocks standing at full attention.

“Oh, that explains it,” Marissa replied, glancing my direction and giving me a slight wink, “mind if I join you?” With that she slipped off the short, terry cloth robe she was wearing to reveal that she too had an all-over tan. I stared openly as she began the same slathering ritual with the tanning lotion as Mark had remarking silently that perfection must run in the family. Marissa was about 5′ 6″ and couldn’t have weighed more than 115 pounds. Her long brunette curls traced down over her shoulders ending at what can only be described as a spectacular pair of breasts. I was paying particular attention to her breasts, probably a 34C as Marissa herself was paying close attention to them with the tanning lotion. She continued down her flat belly to highlight another family proclivity, she also had shaved the hair from her gorgeous pussy. Parting her legs slightly as if reading my mind, she worked the lotion into her thighs and down to her calves. I glanced at Mark to make sure he hadn’t caught me ogling his sister when I noticed he too was taking in the display of pure femininity Marissa was putting on. Marissa then parked herself on the lounge right next to Mark. Both closed their eyes and continued to bask in the late afternoon sun.

I carefully picked my way back to my lounge and managed to steel myself back into a recumbent position, my cock still hard as a rock from the events that had just taken place. Moments later I heard something that would once again unnerve me.

“You’re flagging a bit, baby brother.” Marissa whispered as she reached for the tanning lotion. She applied a liberal amount to the palm of her hand, rubbed her hands together and reached out for Mark’s cock which had deflated a bit. She gingerly began massaging the lotion canlı bahis siteleri into Mark’s skin starting at the base of his cock stroking gently upwards. My heart pounded in my chest and my cock throbbed as I watched on of the most beautiful women I had ever seen casually stroke the cock of one of the most beautiful men I had ever seen back to full tumescence.

Mark let out a quiet moan and leaned back. “Thanks, sis. You’re the best.” His tone of voice carried the implication to my ears that this was certainly not the first time Marissa had helped her bother out while tanning. Marissa seemed lost in the rhythm of her stroking and a slight smile crept across her lips. This was almost more than I could take.

“Excuse me, I’d better leave.” I was comfortable enough to simply stand and walk towards my swim shorts without grabbing my towel. I slid my shorts up over my painfully erect cock not really caring about the huge tent it was making. I stepped into my flip-flops and grabbed my shirt and backpack and headed for the door.

“Wait, buddy.” I could hear Mark standing up and walking towards me so I turned just inside the door leading to the kitchen. “What happened back there, eh? Oh wait, I know. Listen, you need to get over this hang up you have about sex.”

“It’s not that…’s….” I couldn’t muster up the words.

“I know,” Mark continued, “you’re freaked out about all the touching, it’s no big deal.”

“No, it’s not that either…. I…”

“Oh, it’s cause she’s my sister, you’re hung up about that. It’s not like we were doing it, right.”

I glanced out the patio door to see Marissa sitting quietly on the lounge chair looking in a Mark and me talking in the kitchen. “No, that’s just it….. it’s…..” I faltered again.

“What is it then?” Mark pleaded.

My voice came out in a breathy whisper, “That was so fucking hot!” I pointed down to my uncomfortably confined cock. “I gotta take care of this,” I hissed.

Slowly, a faint smile crept across Mark’s lips and grew larger as he put his hand on my shoulder. “C’mon, we’ll take care if it for you.” I trembled as Mark slowly led me back to the patio where Marissa was waiting, still nude, her tan skin glistening in the sun. Taking a visual cue from Mark she inched forward in her seat to reach up and catch the waistband of may shorts and pull them gently down over my swollen cock.

“I know just the thing for this.” Marissa purred, “Sit down and lie back.” I did as I was told as Marissa stood, walked around my lounge chair and grabbed the tanning lotion. She sat on the outstretched leg rest of the lounge chair facing me. Mark stayed standing next to the chair so we were both facing Marissa, me sitting and him standing. Marissa squeezed the lotion onto her hand putting more there than she had any other time. She transferred some to her other hand and with deliberate slowness, reached not only for my cock with her left hand but her brothers still throbbing member with her right and gently began jacking us both off.

A very audible moan escaped both my and Mark’s lips as Marissa expertly stroked our cocks. My eyes were glued to her delicate hand as it slid all over Mark’s amazing manhood, scarcely aware of the magic her other hand was doing to my own. My mouth hung open as she gripped the shaft of his cock and pulled slowly up to the bulbous purple head, allowing her palm to stroke his sensitive organ. Mark sighed and closed his eyes, reveling in the sensation.

I screwed up my courage to repay Mark for the brief stroking he provided me and reached my hand up to gently cup his heavy ball sack. Using the lubrication from the lotion my hand slid easily over the clean-shaven scrotum. Feeling bolder now, I reached up to wrap my hand around the thick shaft of Mark’s cock. Marissa made a small cooing sound and removed her hand allowing me full access to Mark’s beautiful member.

I had jacked my own cock often enough to know what felt good and what felt really good and I did my best to give Mark the best handjob he’s ever had. It seemed that Marissa was intent on doing the same to me. Mark must have noticed the difference in styles as he opened his eyes to see me mesmerized by my own actions. Mark raised his right hand to stroke Marissa’s long brunette hair and let his hand run lingeringly down her shoulder.

Mark abruptly sat down hard on the table holding the tanning lotions. I was thankful for the position change as reaching up for his cock was beginning to take its toll on my shoulder. Mark scooted his perfect ass to the edge of the table giving me full access to his shaft and balls. I turned slightly onto my side and brought both hands to Mark’s manhood, cupping and fondling his balls with one and stroking his cock with the other while Marissa performed the same technique on me. Marissa let out a little sigh.

“What about me?”

Mark smiled and shifted himself forward to reach out for his dazzling sister gently cupping her breasts in his hands. He massaged her breasts and pulled slightly on her beautiful hard nipples causing her to moan deeply. Marissa shifted in her seat to spread her legs and Mark, needing no further encouragement, reached down her smooth belly across her shaved pussy and slid a finger down her warm, wet slit.

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