The Barn


Lacey looked at her watch. It was about 8:30. She knew that her husband was well on his way out of town, and wouldn’t be back until late tonight. Staying at home on the farm had its perks, but at the same time, it got very lonely on cold, rainy days like this. She finished clearing the dishes from breakfast into the sink, and restarted the dryer. There really wasn’t much to do.

Soon, she heard tires crunching on the gravel of the driveway. She peeked out the window to see Ryan pulling into the driveway. Her pulse quickened. Ryan was one of the employees of the farm. He had worked for Lacey’s father for a few years before she took over the farm. He was rugged, fit, and strong. They had always been friends. There was a history there, and Ryan enjoyed the “fringe benefits” of his job, which was probably why he stayed. Lacey went outside to meet him, falling into his embrace. He kissed her quickly as she smiled at him.

“We can’t stay out here like this, Lace” Ryan warned, pulling back from her. “Someone might see us.” Lacey looked up at him and smiled. “Follow me” she said as she started for one of the barns. She walked briskly, her blonde ponytail brushing across her back. Ryan felt a familiar twitch in his jeans as he watched her walk. She had a fast pace and a long stride. The more turned on she was, the faster she seemed to walk.

Lacey turned sideways and slid through a door that was barely open. “Come here” she said, leading Ryan into the dark barn. As his eyes adjusted to the lack of light, he felt Lacey’s hand reach out. She pulled him up against her back. As he wrapped his arms around her, her left hand reached down, gently brushing across the front of his jeans. She could already feel his hard shaft, and she giggled as she stepped away. “Someone’s looking forward to this.” She said playfully.

She walked around a corner, and then stopped. She twisted a wood bar and popped open a small door. She crawled up and into what was once an old oat bin. She held her hand out to Ryan and pulled him in.

“You’ve been planning this, haven’t you?” Ryan asked as he looked around. There was a pile of blankets and throw pillows set up as a makeshift bed. “Possibly” Lacey replied as she grabbed the box pendik escort of matches she had placed on a beam. A guilty smile spread across her face as she struck the match. “So what if I was? Are you going to punish me or something?” she asked quizzically as she lit the candles that were placed around the bin.

“I just might” Ryan growled playfully as he grabbed her around the waist, pulling her close to him. “Naughty little girls deserve it.” He grabbed her hips and pushed his hardness against her. She reached up and kissed him, sliding her tongue into his mouth. His hands cupped her face as he slid his tongue into her mouth. As their tongues wrestled, he reached back and pulled her ponytail loose. Her long blonde hair fell messily around her face.

Lacey reached for his belt buckle and unfastened it, undoing his belt and reaching for his zipper. As she slid the zipper down, she reached into his jeans and felt for his bulging manhood. Ryan’s hands left her face and pushed them down. Lacey reached for the band of his boxer briefs, sliding them down and letting his impressive erection spring free.

He pushed Lacey to her knees and pointed the head of his cock at her face. “Suck on it.” He commanded. Lacey looked up at him as she took the head slowly into her mouth, wrapping her right hand around the shaft. She slowly sucked and stroked him as she worked her tongue all over his head, and down the shaft. She reached down and cradled his balls in her left hand, causing Ryan’s cock to pulse in her mouth as a low groan escaped him. “Oh fuck, Lace.. that feels amazing.” He said quietly.

Lacey lowered her head and slowly ran her tongue around the base of his cock, and down onto his balls. As she licked lower, Ryan groaned again. She circled them with her tongue, before taking each one into her mouth and sucking slowly. Ryan held her head with his hands, savoring the feel of her skilled tongue.

Soon, she had worked her way back up his shaft, and was taking his entire length down her throat. She started slowly, working it down. He could feel the back of her throat against the head of his cock. She would occasionally moan around him, the vibrations pushing him closer to climax. She began to pick maltepe escort up intensity, nodding her head slightly as she sucked faster and harder. Ryan moved his hips some to accommodate her. He began fucking her mouth as she began sucking faster.

Ryan groaned loudly as he felt himself breaking. The first shot of his load went into Lacey’s mouth. She swallowed it, and sucked him harder, pulling the rest of his hot load into her eager mouth. But his load was too much for her to handle, as his come spilled out of her mouth as she bobbed her head up and down on his spewing cock. Trails of his seed ran down her chin and onto her chest. She scooped up a fingerful and licked it clean. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, wiping away the traces that she missed.

“You are such a dirty girl.” Ryan said as he pulled Lacey to her feet. He grabbed her around her waist and held her in place. “Don’t move.” He ordered as he started to unbutton the top of her shirt. “Screw it.” He said as he finished undoing the third button. He grabbed each side of the shirt, ripping it apart, exposing her soft pink lace bra.

Ryan grabbed her breasts hard, causing Lacey to gasp at the sudden pain. He pulled her bra down, exposing her soft skin and perky nipples to his mouth. He trailed kisses around her neck, down her collarbone and around her nipples before taking one into his mouth and biting down on it. Lacey jumped and tried to pull back as he flicked his tongue around it. “You like it, don’t you?” Ryan whispered as he pushed her back against the wall of the bin. Lacey moaned as he kissed and bit gently up and down her neck. He pulled her hair, tilting her head back as he continued his assault, feeling Lacey writhe and shake against him.

Lacey’s fingers dug into his shoulders as she struggled to hold the last of her composure. She felt Ryan’s hands reach down and tug her belt free. He undid her button fly jeans and pushed them down. She stepped out of them, letting Ryan catch a glimpse of her matching thong.

By now, Ryan’s cock had recovered from its earlier performance and was rock hard again. He sat down on the blankets that were in the corner. Lacey straddled him, her pussy in his face. Ryan kartal escort reached out, sliding the thong to the side and flicking his tongue over her wet slit. She was so ready for him. He slid a finger inside of her, covering it in her juices. She moaned as he traced around her clit.

Lacey pushed Ryan back onto his elbows. She couldn’t take anymore. She slid the thin lace of her pink thong to the side and lowered herself onto his waiting prick. She cried out as he slammed himself up into her, filling her with his thick hardness. His fingers dug into her hips as she rocked back and forth on top of him.

He could feel her approaching her climax quickly, and held her as she reached her peak. As she quivered and shook around his hard cock, he slid her hips back and forth, grinding her hard clit over him, prolonging her orgasm and making her whimper as she continued to shake.

When she was done, he pulled out of her. He pushed her to the side, and flipped her over onto her knees. He grabbed a handful of hair and pushed her face down onto the blankets. With her ass up into the air, he positioned himself behind her and slammed his throbbing cock inside of her. He held her down as she bucked against him, crying out.

Her cries became moans of pleasure as he pumped in and out of her. “Harder, Ryan… Harder” she panted as he pounded her. “Oh yeah, yes.. yes!” she screamed as she arched her back, giving him deeper access into her soaked pussy.

He couldn’t hold out much longer as she came again. He felt his release coming as he pounded her as hard and fast as he could. “Oh fuck Lace…” he groaned as he filled her with his load. He felt like he wasn’t stopping as he emptied his balls deep into her eager pussy.

As he pulled his spent prick from her, she collapsed forward onto the blankets in a sweaty, panting mess. He pulled himself together, shrugged his shirt back on, pulled up his jeans, fastened his belt and left her there in the bin. He pushed the door closed behind him, and went to work in the shop.

Lacey laid there on the blankets until she caught her breath. She got dressed, pulled her hair back into a messy ponytail and snuck back to the house. She hopped into the shower to wash the events of the last hour off of her sweaty, dusty body, and went about her day.

About 4:30, she watched Ryan’s truck pull out of the driveway. Thinking of their little secret, a smile spread across her face as his taillights faded from view.

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