The Bet Ch. 03


M_Y_Erotica, my editor, thank you, thank you, thank you. This last chapter has become my favorite with your help.

The Bet, Ch. 03

We carried our bet out to the end of the regular season and continued it through the playoffs. Each sexual adventure getting better with our added practice. But the wager was almost at an end, for the Super Bowl was upon us. This time each of us chose a different team. Winner takes all.

I sat on the couch watching the game – New England Patriots vs. Carolina Panthers – no longer sure if I wanted to win or lose, since I scored either way. So far, though, it was a close game, and I looked forward to the ending with great anticipation. One last time he was going to be mine, and as it did whenever I thought of being with him, my pussy swelled with anticipation.

Needless to say, I lost. Needless because I had completely tanked the playoffs. I couldn’t understand how I had managed to do so well during regular season, yet managed to bomb so badly now. But there it was. Not that losing had necessarily been a bad thing. So far I had been enjoying the hell out of it, and I was sure that this last time I would enjoy it once more.

Since Sean’s norm over the last few weeks had been to email me messages with instructions regarding where I was to meet him and when, I was surprised to see him waiting at my desk when I walked in Monday morning.

“Hello,” I said with a smile, pleased to see his happy face first thing in the morning.

“Good Morning. Disappointed that you lost?” He leaned one hip against my desk, folding his arms as though daring me to say that I was. He looked relaxed and comfortable, and I felt as though something had changed between us. However without confirmation of that belief, I was unwilling to let myself trust the instinct.

“Maybe a little. After all, it’d be nice to go out on top.” I looked at him from underneath my eyelashes and caught him as he rolled his eyes and choked back surprised laughter.

“Perhaps you still will… come on top, that is.” A smile twinkled in his eyes.

I felt my heart squeeze with emotion as I watched him. It would be difficult to let him go, but, since our relationship was still hidden from general knowledge, I held no belief that he felt the same way. Familiar with the strictly sexual relationship from experience, I simply prepared myself to say goodbye as best I could.

He cleared his throat, and I looked up at him. “Now, for those instructions. I’d like to pick you up at your apartment at seven o’clock, Saturday night. I was thinking that maybe we could go on a date or something. Celebrate the end of a beautiful football season.”

I looked down quickly, attempting to squelch a sudden feeling of depression that swept over me. Looking like the end of a beautiful, orgasmic friendship too, I thought. Forcing a smile, I glanced up at him and nodded, then looked back down again, attempting to appear busy organizing the work that had piled up on my desk overnight.

Sean’s arms were suddenly wrapped around my waist from behind, and I felt his head rub the side of my neck. I giggled in response to his nuzzling as he said, “Hey, don’t be so glum, chum,” his voice dropping to a deep, husky whisper. “After all, I think you’re really going to like what I have planned.” Then with a kiss and a tiny little nibble on my neck, which sent a shiver down my spine, he left.

It was going to be a long week.


I spent all Saturday getting ready. Wanting to please and surprise him, I shaved from head to toe. Well, if I wanted to be technical about it, I suppose I should say I shaved from underarm to toe, but the end result was the same. I was bare and baby smooth in every spot that counted. Finally, pushing the envelope just a bit, I chose a short mini skirt and white form-fitting sweater to wear, leaving off my bra and underwear. I wouldn’t need them anyway, and I hoped the sight of my hard nipples through the fabric would fuel his desire. I also, just for fun, added a flavored nipple cream to the mix and added a few light spritzes of perfume in mysterious places he could have fun finding. Two, I had learned over the weeks, could actually play the game, even if only one of us could have control of it.

At precisely 7:00 p.m., Sean’s car pulled up in front of my apartment building, and I watched through the window as he made his way to the door. He was dressed simply, jeans and a sweatshirt, but it was a look I loved on him. Made me want to simultaneously cuddle with him and rip off his clothes. I groaned. Already, just with the sight of him, I was hot, wet, and ready, that effect he had over my body never fading after all these weeks.

He knocked on the door, and I went to open it, suddenly nervous, excited, and saddened all at the same time. Was this really to be our last time together? With no more inspiration to fuel us on, I didn’t know if he’d want to continue our… What? Hell, I didn’t even know what to call it. Was it a fling? A relationship? illegal bahis Sighing, I came to the conclusion once again that it probably didn’t really matter. I’d simply commit as much of it to memory as I could. To savor. To relive. To masturbate to. The last thought brought a grin to my face, and I knew my eyes lit up with it.

“Hi” I said happily.

“Hey there, you sexy little thing,” he grinned and I could feel myself start to glow. My nipples were already stiff peaks of excitement and I waited for him to notice them through the sweater. It didn’t take long.

“No bra?” His eyebrows rose. “That’s not playing fair. I wonder… is there anything else I should know?”

I spread my legs just a tad and watched as his eyes drifted down to my legs. I hoped he would take the bait I was offering and go exploring with those long, sexy hands of his. “Maybe. Maybe not. I guess you’ll just have to find out for yourself.”

He chuckled and I jumped as I suddenly felt his hands on my mound. His eyes instantly darkened with desire and I hid a smile as his breathing became heavy.

“You shaved,” he said with a groan. “And no panties either. Tsk…tsk…tsk…Just what, I wonder, should we do about that?”

Saying nothing, I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of his fingers pulling me apart to sink into the heart of me. But it was over too soon, and I sighed.

“Soon. It will happen soon enough,” he chuckled. Sounding chagrined he added, “Mostly, because I now have a hard-on that is getting more painful by the moment.”

He looked down at me smiling and I smiled in return, nuzzling his neck with my nose, loving the scent of him. He grabbed my hand, and together we left.

Game time.

******* Every year after the Pro Super Bowl, the high school alumni association challenges the current football team to a lesser version of the match. Fanfare and celebrations perk up the little town, and for one night people leave the warmth and sanctuary of their house to revel in it. Cars line the streets for blocks, and students urge people to park in the lots for a small fee to support various activities. As I watched Sean maneuver the car into one of the lots closest to the high school, I couldn’t hide the look of surprise that came into my eyes. After weeks of hiding our relationship we were going to the one place guaranteed to grab the attention of all who saw us. He turned and grinned at me. After grabbing a blanket from the back seat, we were off.

It had been fifteen years since I had graduated from this high school and yet it looked exactly the same as it had when I was a student. The only change to the football field was the addition of covered bleachers. With Oregon’s tendency toward rain, I couldn’t help but think that this was one of the best improvements imaginable.

The bleachers were full to busting and people milled around on the sidelines as they waited for the teams to charge onto the field for the beginning of the game. As we climbed the stairs to find seats we called out to friends and neighbors we knew, talked about various local happenings, and I started to question my decision to go bare, as anyone looking up at us from below had a full view of what I wasn’t hiding. As we neared the top of the stands, we both stopped and turned at the sound of a very familiar voice coming from below, our boss.

“It’s about damn time you two realized you’re perfect for each other.” He said happily. “Have a good time tonight, you two.”

We watched him walk away and I leaned toward Sean whispering, “If he only knew.”

Sean laughed and replied, “Honey, from his position below you, I’d imagine he does know.” Sean winked at me and as I caught his meaning my face heated with embarrassment. Tugging on Sean’s hand I urged him, to his laughing delight, to hurriedly continue our climb. Finally, we found seats on the very top bleacher overlooking the field and Sean spread the blanket over us. It was an easy togetherness, especially now that I wasn’t showing myself to my boss, I thought ruefully.

The game started and Sean whispered in my ear, “First quarter… and first base”.

I laughed. “First base? I think you have your games confused.”

He grinned and grabbed my hand jostling it a little bit. “First base.”

We held hands through the first quarter, only separating them to clap and cheer. It was cute and sexy at the same time. I was amazed that the simple act could make me so giddy with excitement. Almost as though I was a teenager in high school and had just realized that the boy I liked seemed to feel the same.

By the end of the first quarter, the kids were ahead of the adults by 14 and the temperature had dropped about five degrees, but, cuddled under the blanket with Sean, holding hands, I didn’t care about either. I snuggled closer, wanting more of him. Yet, it was at this moment that he withdrew his hand from mine. I looked up into his eyes only to be greeted by his smile.

“We can’t stay at first illegal bahis siteleri base forever. After all, it’s the start of the second quarter. It’s time for second base.”

I shook my head and replied with amusement. “You’re nuts.”

I felt his arm wrap around my back, and heard his soft laughter, his warm breath cascading down my neck in waves as he leaned toward me. At the soft touch of his lips to my neck, I turned my head towards him and raised my eyes to his, only to find him watching me. His hazel eyes were warm and full of expectation, and my stomach flip-flopped as I watched his gaze leisurely and seductively lower to my mouth. Instinctively I moistened my lips. The noise of the crowd faded away.

His mouth descended to mine, and his lips caressed more than kissed. The softness of their touch moved languidly back and forth over mine as they parted in response. His tongue poked out to trace the outside edge of my lips before finally nudging its way into my mouth.

I wanted him so much, always and still. I couldn’t be too close or have enough of him. It was as though he fed something deep inside of me that had been starving until I met him, and the realization of that hunger filled me with desperation. Opening my mouth, I hungrily drew him in and devoured. The coarseness of his tongue, the contours of his teeth, the lingering taste of mint. I savored them.

I felt his hand creep beneath the blanket and the soft touch of his palm brushed upward along my bare leg. Higher and higher it climbed pausing to toy with the hem of my skirt, lifting it. His fingertips crept between my thighs and gently nudged them apart. Trembling, I grabbed for the sides of his sweatshirt for support and, ever so slightly, parted my thighs. Cool air rushing up from below toyed with the moisture seeping from my hole, adding to the awareness of my yearning for him. His fingertips softly brushed against the outer lips of my womanhood before slowly parting them and caressing the folds hidden inside.

Finally, we broke apart and ended the kiss and I drew in a shaky breath. The heat reflecting in his eyes mirrored the heat racing through my body. I took a moment to look away from him in an attempt to calm my racing nerves and caught the eye of an older couple that had been looking on. They both smiled a knowing smile, and I returned it, feeling a mixture of companionship and silent understanding. They had once been in this position too, I thought. They knew passion, and it made me feel good sharing their secret. I looked back at Sean to see if he had witnessed the exchange and was met with a slow, sexy smile. Without speaking, Sean grabbed the blanket, grabbed my hand, and together amid a few cheers from the people that had seen our kiss, we made our way down the bleachers.

“I have a surprise for you.”

I looked at Sean, still a little dazed from the intensity of our kiss, curiosity on my face. This evening was full of surprises so one more definitely wasn’t going to hurt anything.

“Not going to ask what it is, huh?”

I shook my head, a smile toying at my lips. I was content to wait and actually be surprised but amused at the little kid in him wanting to spill the beans early.

At the bottom of the stands, we started toward the opposite side of the field where the visitors usually sat. When the school added the covered stands they chose to move the old seating area, complete with announcer’s booth, to the other side, viewing it as an improvement to the old visitor seating area. It was full of people as well, and when we arrived, we repeated the hellos and conversations of earlier as we made our way to the top. Instead of locating seats, however, Sean went up to the vacant announcers loft and opened the door, guiding me inside.

It took a moment for my eyes to adjust to the darkness inside but when things finally started to come into focus, I noticed that on the floor of the loft lay an inflatable mattress. Sean stepped towards it and covered it with the blanket. A few fat pillows were dropped in various spots and on the desk below the bank of windows sat a bottle of champagne and two glasses. Warm air caressed my skin and I realized that someone must have turned on the small space heater prior to our arrival. The corners of my mouth twitched in amusement and I made a mental note to ask if he had ever been a boy scout. As prepared as he was, he probably earned his patches early.

Cheers, loud and sudden, broke through the night, and I turned as the closing of the door suddenly muted them. I heard the click of the lock and watched as Sean tested the door to make sure of its security. Unexpectedly, nervous knots tied themselves in the pit of my stomach.

“So…” I hesitated unsure if I should ask the question. “Is this my surprise?” I looked around the 8-foot by 10-foot space of building with what I hoped was a look of appropriate pleasure. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to be happy that we were now enclosed in the home of a few dozen canlı bahis siteleri creepy crawly things. I attempted a wide smile and looked at Sean for an answer.

With a look of amusement from beneath his lowered lashes, he shook his head with exaggerated slowness. “No.”

The boards creaked as he walked toward me, and I could feel a blush spread over my arms and face. I was amazed that I could feel so insecure only an hour after feeling like a little sex kitten. “Oh… okay. What’s my surprise then?”

“Patience. You didn’t want to know earlier, so now you have to wait.”

I pursed my lips into a pout and felt the warmth of his as they covered mine for a fleeting second, then felt a tingling of excitement in the pit of my stomach as his fingertips traced their way down my arms. They paused at the cuffs of my sleeves, toying with the fabric. I looked down as his breathing warmed my skin. With painstaking slowness, he brought his lips to mine again and this time rested there, nibbling on my bottom lip with his teeth.

I felt his touch at my waist and pulled away from his mouth as my sweater was drawn up over my head. I felt the softness of my hair brush against my back as my head dropped backward opening up the expanse of skin on my neck. He took the hint, and his lips and teeth descended to nibble and kiss, sending tingles down my spine.

The fabric of my skirt brushed my skin as it fell away from my body and landed at my feet. I stood naked in his arms. I pulled my arms in and cuddled into the coziness of his sweatshirt, feeling protected and sexy as his fingers once again traced down my skin sending electric currents racing through me.

On tiptoes I placed my lips on his, greedy for another taste of him. I felt my feet leave the floor as he lifted me up to straddle his waist, and then without warning we were both tumbling down on the blanket beneath our feet. His body pressed intimately with mine, his clothing against my nakedness and the thrill of the naughtiness of the act making me wet with anticipation. He ground against me and I moaned with pleasure wanting and needing to feel him inside my body.

His mouth left mine once again and I whimpered at the feeling of abandonment, but then I realized his destination. My legs opened as he kissed his way down my body, pausing to bite on each of my nipples eliciting a cry of mixed pain and pleasure. I writhed on the blanket, the anticipation of the moment doing nearly as much for me as the actual act would have. But even in that, I realized, I was wrong. He had a patience that far out-weighed mine, and I nearly died when I discovered that he was still minutes away from final capture.

Suddenly, his fervor gentled and he paused. He seemed thoughtful for a moment and I felt him move back up to my breasts. I looked down as his tongue stroked broadly over my breast and then retreated into his mouth.

His brows drew together and a look of confusion crossed his face, “What the hell?” he whispered to himself.

My stomach bounced with the force of my quiet, responding laughter. I had completely forgotten about the flavored nipple cream. His eyes darted upward to meet mine and the look of puzzlement sent my giggles upward. As I struggled to control myself, he finished licking off the flavoring from my left breast before moving over to the right.

“Mmm… Strawberry.”

I waited for him to lick the flavoring off of the right nipple, still stifling laughter, but instead he chose to close his entire mouth around my breast and suck hard. I gasped in response and moaned with appreciation of his suckling. Momentarily leaving my breasts he launched himself up for a quick kiss before heading further south. A heaviness expanded in my chest. A force of emotion born from the joy in knowing that he could make me feel such happiness and pleasure almost simultaneously. Simple delight in just being with him. It took over and sent a rush of adrenaline crashing upward making me lightheaded and dizzy.

I felt his hands beneath my knees as they lifted and pulled, placing my feet on the ground and spreading my knees apart. His fingertips touched my baby bare skin and pulled the lips of my pussy apart exposing all of my hidden treasures to his eyes. Cool air hit places that had never felt the chill before and I felt my clit swell in reaction as the moisture from my cunt trailed its way down to my asshole tickling me.

He massaged my pussy lips with his thumbs gently moving up and down from the top folds down to the thin folds guarding my slit, over and over in a slow gentle motion as his breath caressed my skin. One finger found the moisture and used it to circle around my hole until finally easing its way inside me, circling inside the tightness of my body. But that wasn’t enough. I wanted his mouth on me!

I grabbed onto the blanket above my head for leverage as I attempted to arch my hips toward the heat of his mouth and I cried out in triumph as the broad stroke of his tongue swept up my pussy from the base of my cunt to my clit, circling there and then receding back downward in a slow circling motion. His tongue once again found my hole and I felt it poke itself inside, slowly fucking my pussy in a sweet stabbing motion.

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