The Big Tease


Philip Johnson

Chapter One

“Miss Janet Hammond front and center.”

“Logan how are you?”

“Great, where have you been keeping yourself?”


“How the hell did you end up there?”

“I was transferred down there, but when I quit my job I moved back up here to Dayton. What are you up to now?”

“Same job as before but I have my own office now plus an assistant.”

“So you’re moving up.”

“Inch by inch.”

“Do you still have to go out of town like you used to?”

“I do but I get to stay at nicer hotels now. Jan you look better than ever.”

“Thank you, do you have time for coffee or a drink?”

“With you? I’d make time if necessary, how about Gabe’s for old time sake?”

“Perfect.” Janet and Logan were seeing each other for almost two years but school and other forces had encouraged them to go their separate ways.

They went to Gabe’s and slid into a booth and she looked at his left hand and asked, “Not married?”

“Not even close, how about you?”

“Same with me, not even close. I guess I scare the guys off.”

“Now I can’t believe that, I remember how it was when we were together and I’ll bet you haven’t changed that much.”

“Probably not.”

“Damn we did have some fun too.”

She smiled and said, “We sure did. Looking back it seems funny that we just seemed to lose interest.”

“I’ve thought about that different times too. I think we lost interest in a lot of things, not just each other.”

Bored with everything was my diagnosis.”

“That could be. Have you seen Don since you’ve been back?”

“No how is he?”


“That’s too bad, has it been rough for him?”

“Yeah kind of. I don’t know what the circumstances were but I guess it doesn’t matter now.”

“I should get in touch with him.”

“He’d like that, he always thought you were special and that I was crazy for letting you get away.”

“How long has it been since the divorce?”

“It was final a couple of months ago…no maybe more like four months now.”

“That marriage didn’t last long, has he moved?”

“No he kept the house.”

“I’ll give him a call Saturday and maybe go see him.”

“Speaking of Saturday how about dinner, say about seven.”

“Sure, want to meet at Henley’s Pub?”

Perfect, I don’t think I’ve been in there since we split.” They talked about what had gone on in their lives since they separated and then as they walked out Logan said, “I’m really glad we ran into each other.”

“I am too. See you Saturday night then.”

He kissed her lightly and said, “I just had to do that.” She just smiled and waved as she walked away.

She waited until about nine Saturday morning and called Don. “Hello?”

“Hi Don.”

“Is this Janet?”

“It’s me.”

“You sweet beautiful woman it’s good to hear from you.”

“How are you Don?”

“Getting along, where are you calling from?”

“I’m back in town.”

“Awesome can you come over for coffee?”

“I’d like to if it’s okay?”

“Of course it is.”

“See you in say thirty minutes then.” She smiled as she combed her hair and made sure she looked nice and then drove out to see Don. She didn’t even make it to his front door when he ran out and scooped her into his arms.

They held each other close as he said, “The next time you run away let me know okay?”

“I will.” They went inside and spent the next hour talking over coffee including the divorce and the way that she and Logan had parted company about a year


“Jan why did you two go your separate ways?”

“Oh immaturity for one, boredom I guess played a part in it, just things I guess.”

“So you’re going to see him again?”

“I don’t know, we’re having dinner tonight is all I know for sure.”

“Maybe the three of us can get together soon.”

“I’d like that. Don is there anything I can do to help you?”

“I guess not. I’ll be okay it just takes time. I’m already dealing with it a lot better than I was.”

“Good, I hate to see you unhappy.”

“Just seeing you and knowing your back in town makes me happy.”

They talked for the next hour and then she got up and said, “I’ll talk to Logan about us getting together soon.” They shared another embrace at the door and then she left. As she drove back to her new apartment she experienced bittersweet emotions. She was glad to be back home and it was good to see Don. But it saddened her to know that he had to deal with divorce. She didn’t know what to think about Logan. It really was good to see him again and being with him felt so natural and comfortable. He had matured in that short time and he seemed more upbeat than she remembered him being. Maybe there was something there for them.

When Logan saw her approaching him Saturday evening he had to smile. She walked up to him and he kissed her lightly and said, “You left here a very pretty girl and came home a beautiful woman.”

“Thank you Logan that was sweet.”

“It’s amazing what changes a year can illegal bahis bring.”

“I’ve noticed changes in you too.”

“Really, I feel the same.”

“No you’re more confident now and happier.”

“I am happier I guess. Not much has changed in my life though.”

“You look a little leaner too.” “Yeah I did lose a few pounds.” They went in and over dinner continued to talk and he said, “It’s like you never left except things feel so much better now.”

“I’m surprised too at how things work out.”

“I’ll ask you right now can we get together again Jan?”

“I’d like that. Oh and Don says hi and he wants us to get together.”

“We’ll have to do that. I haven’t talked to him in two or three weeks, how is he?”

“I think that under the circumstances he’s doing great. He just needs a little time.”

“Was he glad to see you?”

She laughed and said, “He almost hurt me he hugged me so hard.”

“Yeah I knew he’d like seeing you again. I predict that he’ll be married within a year from now.”

“Why do you think that?”

“I don’t know, I guess he’s just not the bachelor raise hell kind of guy.”

“But you aren’t either.”

“I am more than I used to be.”

“Is that right. I guess I better keep an eye on you then.”

“Why do I get the feeling that you’re more…what’s the old expression…devil may care than you used to be.”

“If you mean I don’t worry about every little thing anymore you’re right I don’t. It leaves me with more time and energy to think about the important things.”

Logan got a more serious look on his face and said, “Ever since last week when I first saw you I’ve been remembering things that we did.”

“Like what?”

“Oh just different things, the time we went to Cleveland to see that play.”

“That cost us a fortune.”

“Yeah and turned out to be awful.”

“And going canoeing and hiking in the state park…and making love.”

Jan smiled at the last one then and said, “I wondered if you would remember that or mention it.”

“Of course I remember it.”

“It wasn’t very memorable.”

He had to laugh and said, “I know things didn’t exactly go according to plan but I still remember it.”

“I’ll bet you still remember the poison ivy all over your ass too.”

“I still have scars from that mess.”

“I remember smearing that chalky stuff all over your ass for you all the time.”

“It didn’t help the poison ivy a bit but I sure liked to have you do that.”

“We did have fun for awhile.”

“We did. Oh and remember when you flashed that truck driver? I thought we were going to get killed when he quit watching what he was doing.”

She laughed again and said, “I did that not long before I left town.”

“I know.”

“Have you flashed anybody else since then?”

No but I still remember him trying to stare at my chest.”

“I’ll bet he still remembers that and even talks about it.”

Chapter Two

When it came time for them to part he said, “Next Saturday?”


“Let’s go see Don and then do something.”

“Like what?”

“I’ll come up with something by then.” They were by her car when he took her in his arms and they kissed. As she pulled back slightly he said, “Wow. I’ve really missed kissing you.”

“I’ve missed you too, more than I realized.”

“I’ll call you in a couple of days.”

“Okay.” Janet went home feeling pretty good about life. Her new job was a lot better than the one in Missouri and her new apartment was better. Now she was seeing Logan again and that felt like that was going to go better than before.

Over the next few weeks Janet and Logan saw each other frequently and got together with Don a few times. Then one night as they were driving back to Janet’s Logan said, “I dare you to take off your bra and wave it out the window.”

“But there’s traffic.”

“I know.”

“You don’t think I’ll do it do you.”

“Nope.” She calmly undid her bra and slid it off without removing her blouse and proceeded to hold it out the window like a flag and the cars started honking their horns. They turned right and left the honking cars behind and the two of them laughed until they hurt. That was the beginning of their little games. One of the first ones she came up with was, “Okay Logan here’s an easy one. I dare you to wear a pair of my panties to work.”


“Wait I’m not done. When you get to your office you have to drop your pants and take your own picture with your phone and send it to me.”

“I’ll have to time that just right or get caught.”

“Are you going to do it?”

“Of course.” She gave him a pair of her panties, which of course were too small for him and he held them up. “They won’t look nearly as nice on me as they do on you.”

“I’m sure you’ll look charming.” Logan had forgotten that he was going to the health club to play racquet ball with Bob, his supervisor after work. When Logan changed his clothes in the locker room Bob saw the panties and before it was over Logan was red faced and Bob was illegal bahis siteleri on the floor laughing.

Logan and Janet sometimes went for three weeks and more between stunts or other times it could be two times in a week. The locker room incident aside, their dares and pranks were harmless games that injected fun and excitement into their lives. Dayton, Ohio, their home town wasn’t exactly large and it certainly wasn’t a place for adventure. Even the terrain was flat and boring to them, but they had found a way to make their own fun adventures. The bar was raised on Saturday when Logan called Jan from Charleston, West Virginia. “Hi love.”

“Hi Logan, how is the project going?”


“You coming home next week?”

“That’s the plan so far. Okay, just so you won’t forget me I have a dare for you.”

“What is it?”

“On Saturday call Don and work out a time for you to go to his place.”

“Okay then what?”

“Simply follow the instructions waiting for you there.”

“That’s not fair, I should know what I have to do.”

“After you read the note you can think about it as long as you want or for one hour, whichever is shorter.”

“Cute. So if I refuse I’ll never hear the end of it because Don will be in on it.”

“Well that is possible. If you can’t go through with it call me.”

“You do know that you’ll pay for this don’t you?”

“I’m sure I will but remember the rules. I’m not to get arrested or fired or injured. Besides you’ve already seen to it that my boss has seen me in your panties.

“I’ll keep all of that in mind.”

Jan called Don Saturday morning and when he answered she just said, “Traitor.”

laughed and said, “Hey I’m like Sweden, I’m neutral in all of this. I’m just an instrument of your games.”

“If you’ll remember your history Sweden wasn’t always as neutral as it claimed it was. So what time works for you?”

“How about after lunch? Better yet come for lunch and I’ll make you my famous chicken Caesar salad.”


“Well it will be one day I’m sure. I’ll even serve a nice white wine to help you through your trials. Then when you’re ready you can face the challenge.”

“How long has this been in the planning?”

“I’ll answer all of your questions after it’s all over.”

“So about twelve?”

“Twelve works.”

“So if in the future I need your assistance to get him you’ll be happy to help.”

“Absolutely. My entertainment comes from watching you two try to do each other one better.”

Okay I’ll see you at twelve. Don all the other craziness aside, thanks for inviting me to lunch.”

“It’s my pleasure my sweet.”

Don was waiting for Jan and gave her a nice embrace and a peck on the lips. “Hungry?”

“I can’t wait to taste this salad and wine.”

“Excellent, want to go right to it or have a taste of wine first.”

“Wine first sounds good.” He poured two glasses of wine and raised his glass saying, “To my very pretty and very good friend.”

“Thank you and she tasted the wine. “Oh that is so smooth.”

“I’m glad you like it.” “So do you have a lady in your life yet?”

“Of course I do, I have you.”

“Don you’re so sweet but I’m serious.”

“No and I’m not looking yet.”

“Well at least you said yet and not something like I’ll never look.”

“I just need a little more time.” When her glass was nearing empty she said, “Okay I’m ready for lunch.” He took her arm in his and walked her to the kitchen and seated her. “This is pretty royal treatment. Are you giving me my last meal?”

He laughed and said, “Not at all.” He served her and then himself and they had lunch of salad and more wine.

“You’re right, this might be famous one day. It’s very good.”

“I’m glad you approve.”

“Any time you want to invite me for this salad I’m all yours.”

“I’ll remember that.”

After lunch he put their dishes in the sink and topped off her glass and she said, “Trying to get me drunk?”

“Oh no that might spoil everything.”

“Are you sure you’re not on his side?”

“I promise you I am not. This is all his creation.”

“I know you’re just an instrument that he’s using.”


She put her wine glass on the counter and said, “Okay, give me the information.” Don handed her a large manila envelope and she opened it to find a long satin obi or sash and the note. “My pretty Jan here is the challenge. You will stand behind Don and unfasten his pants and let them drop to the floor. Then you must take the obi and put it around you and around Don’s lower hips and tie it tightly in front of him and finishing by tying a nice bow. Once Don is in his skivvies and the two of you are bound together the test is over. It’s that simple.

Just be sure the obi is tied tight and it’s around Don’s lower hips and not his waist.”

She looked at the note and the satin obi and said, “He can’t be serious. Don I can’t take your pants off of you.”

Don shrugged and said, “Well I’ll have my back to you and besides I’ll be in my canlı bahis siteleri boxers.”

“So you will be wearing something. I mean this isn’t a stunt where you’ll be bare assed.”

“Oh no I can promise you my sweet butt will be covered.”

“And you won’t suddenly turn around or something like that.”

“Nope, I won’t move and in fact I can’t even help you tie the obi.”

“This is all his idea.”

“One hundred percent and if you ask me for ideas to help you get back at him I won’t help you.”

“Okay. Let me think about this one because it can’t be as simple as he says it is. There has to be a big surprise or scare involved.”

“Take your time.” Jan looked at the obi and even tied and untied it to see if there was any way that was rigged. Then she read the note again. She just couldn’t find any reason not to do it. And besides it was just Don and her so it wasn’t like she had to worry about being embarrassed in some way.

“Okay Don I just can’t see any reason not to do this. I sure don’t want to listen to the two of you crow if I were to back out.”

“I’m neutral remember?”

“Yeah like you wouldn’t say something. Okay let’s do it.”

“I need a minute to get ready myself.”

“Now you promised you wouldn’t be naked or whatever.”

“And that promise still stands. Make yourself comfortable while I go into the living room. I’ll call you in five minutes or less and when you come in I’ll have my back to you.”

“So all I have to do is walk up behind you.”

That’s right.”

“And remove your pants.”

“That’s right too.”

“Then tie the obi around us.”

“At my lower hip level and tightly with a bow at the end.”

“Right, bow at the end.” Don kissed her cheek and left the room.

Chapter Three

He called her a couple of minutes later and said, “I’m ready Jan.” She went in and stopped as soon as she saw him. Just as he had said he was standing with his feet slightly apart and his back to her.

“Okay stud are you ready?”

“The stud is ready for you my sweet.” She was a good six inches shorter than he was so when she walked up behind her all she could see was his tee shirt pulled tight over his muscular back. Even though she couldn’t see anything just the idea that she was going to take Don’s pants down had her pulse jumping. She reached around him very cautiously and found his belt buckle.

“This should be so easy but I’m shaking a little.”

“No need to rush.” She pulled on his belt and unfastened it and then found his zipper.

“My God Don I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

“I have to say I love this but it would have more meaning if I could be looking into your pretty eyes.”

“Oh God Don stop saying those things.” With the zipper down she found the hook at his waist band and undid that. “Can you feel my hands shaking?”

Don put one of his hands on hers and said, “They really are shaking. Haven’t you ever taken a man’s pants down before?”

“Well of course…oh God this is just too much.” His pants didn’t just drop so she had to give them a little tug until she felt them start to slide down his legs. She saw his boxers and the contour of his butt and then his thighs as the pants dropped to the floor and her heart went even faster. Jan had the obi around her neck so she pulled that down and put it around behind her and brought the ends out in front of Don as far as she could reach. She carefully tied a half knot then and with it around her waist and his lower hips she pulled it as tight as she could and then started the bow. She formed the two loops then and as she tried to keep the half knot tight pulled the bow tight and felt to make sure it was secure. It was then that she almost screamed. Instead she froze and her hands moved slightly. “Oh my God Don. Oh my God, oh my God no. “Oh damn it, damn him…”

“Jan honey it’s okay, it’s okay.”

“No it isn’t okay Don, you don’t understand.” He twisted until he could get his arm around her and pulled her close to him.

“Honey relax it isn’t what you think it was.”

She grabbed his waist and buried her face into his side and said, “I felt your…your hardness…your…”

“No you didn’t Jan.”

“Damn it Don I did.” She was really upset then and reached to his front and found the hardness. “See it’s right here…”

“See it’s just warm rubber Jan honey it’s not me.” Her hand moved down and felt the underside and then felt the harness that held it in place. But she also just happened to feel Don’s real hardness too. She jerked her hand away and pretended that hadn’t happened.

She finally said, “Oh my God Don my heart is about to jump out of my chest. She grabbed his hand and put it to her chest just above her left breast and said, “Feel that, I feel like I could explode.” The obi was still tied around them, so he untied that and pulled her against him. He looked at her and saw that her face was flushed a bright red so he pulled her close against him. He put the side of her face to his chest and tucked his head over hers in a very close and protective embrace as her arms pulled them together even closer. “Oh damn him.”

He caressed her face and kissed the top of her head and said, “You’re okay now. I don’t think he ever expected you to react so strongly and I didn’t either.”

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