The Blonde Beauty


“Mr. O’Brian, can I come in?”

“Of course, Wendy, come have a seat.”

Jeremy O’Brian directed the 18 year-old, blonde bombshell to the chair in front of his desk. Jeremy was looking forward to the meeting with his teenage pupil—not only so he could look over her bodacious curves and beautiful legs, but mostly so he could gawk all over her ridiculously huge tits. Wendy DeLores was a walking wet dream, and her tits pushed past the limits of respectability. Jeremy was always thinking about the young woman during his masturbatory fantasies; he would even imagine fucking her while having sex with his wife. He couldn’t help himself; the young woman was a knockout. Wendy asked her gym coach for this early morning meeting to discuss some personal problems. The horny coach had no problem agreeing to do so.

Wendy sat down in front of her coach, and crossed her legs. Her perfectly smooth thighs were hugged tightly by a pair of navy blue shorts and a tight baby blue-T, touting the school logo, squeezed her huge tits together. She was simply gorgeous; no doubt modelling would be in her future. O’Brian already found his erection becoming an issue. Sitting down in his own chair, Coach, as the girls called him, started things off.

“So, Wendy, what happens to be the problem?”

“Well,” the busty blonde responded, “I’ve feelings for somebody—and I’ve had them for a while now.”

Jeremy was having a hard time listening while her tits stood out so firmly from her body. His dick was already getting harder.

“Wendy, I’m sure this can’t be the first time you’ve had feelings for another boy. What’s the issue this time?”

“It’s…a little inappropriate.”

O’Brian’s ears picked up instantly. He leaned forward in his chair.

“You know you can trust me, right, Wendy? You can tell me anything in strict confidence…Now, what is so inappropriate about the feelings you have for this person?”

“I guess…” Wendy whispered, “they are older than me, and have authority over me.”

O’Brian’s heart was racing. Was she talking about him? Wasn’t that utterly inappropriate and wrong? He had to stop it in its tracks.

“Well, you know, Wendy, those feelings are alright to have. They are perfectly normal. What types of feelings are these?”

Wendy uncrossed her legs and jumped up, her titanic titties bouncing.

“It’s complicated. Since they are in this position of authority, I can’t do anything. But I’m not used to that—with men—not getting what I want. But I can’t help myself. I love seeing them smile. I love hearing them laugh. I want them. I want them so bad. And I get all these feeling inside…” Wendy took a few steps towards her coach. “…and when our eyes meet, I get all awkward and speechless.”

She paused. She was now right next to the coach as she stood over him.

“And I keep looking at them and I start thinking about how they look naked. And I like it when I catch them staring at my breasts. I want to touch them. I want to feel them inside me.”

O’Brian was utterly stunned, and his cock was rock hard. Wendy was standing next to the coach and her breasts were at eye-level. His eyes fell from her face down to her tits as his mouth fell agape. He couldn’t believe how stunning they were.

“…well…Wendy…ah…I…” O’Brian could barely put a sentence together. But then, Wendy swung her leg up and over him, and was soon quickly settled, facing him, in his lap. Her sweet ass stuck as she took his face in her hands and held it still.

“It’s you Coach O’Brian—Jeremy—” Wendy began to grind against her coach, “—I want you.”

Coach O’Brian couldn’t believe it. He was in utter shock. Here was his hottest student, grinding up against him, her tits up against his chin, confessing her deep feelings for him. He had to stop this, right now, didn’t he?

Wendy gasped as she felt the coach’s strong hands grabbing her ass.

“Coach, do you feel the same way? Cause your hard cock seems to agree with me.”

O’Brian pulled in Wendy as he kissed her hard on the mouth. Her lips were perfect, and she smelled incredible. He couldn’t believe what was happening, but it didn’t matter as his greedy hands ran up her back. Her body was pressed up against his as the coach kissed Wendy down her neck. She let out a deep moan while beginning to dry hump him.

“Uhh…Coach…” canlı bahis Wendy moaned, “I’m ready. I want you to fuck me. Right now.” The buxom blonde hopped off her coach and slid down her shorts and all. The coach followed suit as he whipped of his shorts and boxers, his cock springing out into the cool, office air. He wasn’t even thinking…he was married…how could he? It was then that Wendy peeled off her shirt and revealed her helpless sports-bra.

“Holy shit…” whimpered the coach. His hands immediately reach up and grabbed her huge tatas. She climbed back on top of him, squeezing each leg between him and the sides of the chair. He felt the wetness of her pussy lips slide against his rock-hard member as she continued grinding up against him.

Her massive tits were far too big for his hands to contain. He felt out her nipples clearly jutting out from beneath her sports-bra and pinched them between his thumbs and forefinger. The young blonde let out a small scream; she was getting too loud.

The coach thought he should stop the noise until, unexpectedly, Wendy slid her perfect pussy down Coach O’Brian’s fat cock.

“Aahh!” screamed Wendy. “It’s so big!”

The coach was in shock. She continued to moan as she slowly started to ride up and down the coach’s dick. She brushed his hands off her tits and grabbed the bottom hem of her sports-bra, stretching it to its limit before her massive tits spilled out. There was no going back now. The coach hollered as he finally felt her bare tits tumble into his hands. He mauled her breasts while she continued to scream and ride him. He had always dreamed about fucking his blonde, busty student, but he didn’t ever think it would actually happen!

‘Ooah!…Ooah! Coach!…I…I wwaanted this so…so…badly! Uhh!” Wendy had a devilish grin quickly slide across her face. “This was so easy…ughh…Oh my God…I love how you are playing with my big fucking titties!”

The young coach couldn’t believe the dirty fucking mouth on this young woman, but he was even more astounded by her awesome breasts. No woman had the right to tits like this, let alone a teenager. They ballooned out, and each had serious heft to it. But both remained firm and soft; they were fucking filthy. And they were huge! He jostled them between his hands and gaped at their overwhelming mass. He had jerked off countless times thinking about them, and now they were bouncing in his hands! He squeezed and released each breast to his dick’s content, feeling her nipples press into his palms. He brought each breast to his face as he moaned loudly, taking the blonde’s giant knockers in his mouth, sucking on them and nibbling them, causing the school girl’s moans to rise in pitch. O’Brian began rapidly rising his hips, drilling into her pussy harder. He moaned into her breasts as he smothered them in open-mouth kisses, dragging her hard nipples across his face. He then took turns taking each perky nipple in his mouth, sucking on them and gently biting down on them, sending shocks of pleasure throughout Wendy’s body.

Coach Brian finally stopped sucking on her monstrous tits.

“OH MY FUCKING GOD, WENDY!” the coach bellowed, “Your titties are fucking unbelievable!”

Wendy grabbed the back of O’Brian’s head as she really started to ride him. Her forearms pushed together her massive titties, taking up the lower half of O’Brian’s field-of-view, while her gorgeous face rose over top. She fucked him while her tits bounced in his face. For a brief moment, both locked eyes and both saw within the other the same passion coursing through their own body. Wendy bounced up and down the coach’s dick, pushing herself closer and closer to the edge of ecstasy.

“Yeah?..oh fuck..fuck!!…you like my big titties?”

“I fucking love your huge fucking titties!!”

“Show me how much you love me knockers…I want to feel you get harder while I ride your enormous cock!”

Jeremy reached up and pulled hard on Wendy’s nipples, and soon took each breast in hand and began squeezing them like stress balls. He rolled her titflesh through his fingers. This drove Wendy to desperation as she bounced in her coach’s lap. She moaned his name as Wendy was overcome with pleasure.

“Oh god, JEREMY—oooohhhh…jeremy, jeremy, I think I’m going to cum! I can’t..I…I…can’t bahis siteleri believe…I’m cumming so fast!”

Wendy’s body was tensing up while her bosom continued to fly everywhere. The coach couldn’t believe how beautiful of a fuck she was.

“Ooo…ooo…Coach, suck on my breasts, please!!”

The coach latched on to her perfect tit, and Wendy’s entire body seized as she slowed her movements to a crawl. Wendy let out a series of deep cries, squeezing the coach close as she came all over his massive dick. Coach O’Brian wasn’t surprised she came so quickly; he himself was eager to cum. The coach increased his own tempo while one giant titty bounced in his mouth.

“No, no…slow down,” the blonde begged. She pulled his face from her breasts and kissed O’Brian hard on the mouth while she rode out her orgasm at her own leisure.

To anyone watching, it would have been a beautiful embrace.

She finally pulled away. “Oh god, coach. This is amazing. Just like I thought it would be.”

The coach was once again obsessed with the massive tatas in his face, and continued to play with and suck them while she came down from her orgasm. He needed to cum-bad.

“Oh dear God, Coach, I love how you touch me. Let me touch you. Let me show you how much of a total slut I can be.”

O’Brian couldn’t believe his ears. Did she just call herself a slut?

“I’m just a whore with big-titties. I know how much you like them. I always catch you looking at them.”

O’Brian’s dick was still buried in Wendy’s snatch, and his heart was racing at the words coming from her dirty, slutty mouth.

“I can feel you get harder inside me, when I say these things. As I rub my giant boobs all over you.”

The coach was now really plowing into her tight pussy, still licking, kissing, and sucking her bodacious breasts.

“I think I know what you want. You want me to hold my tits together while you fuck them with that big, beautiful cock of yours, don’t you—Coach?”

The coach humped up into Wendy furiously and proceeded to respond in desperation.

“Oh please, oh god, fuck ya!!”

With a hard shove Wendy had the ravenous man back up against the chair. She let out a disappointed moan as she slid off the coach’s dick.

“You know, I can be pretty slutty, but only with the right guy,” Wendy reminded him, as she fell to her knees in front of the coach. “I want you to cum all over my pretty face, and then I want you to coat my giant tits with your huge load. I want to show you how much I like you, and I want you to show me how much you love my big girls.”

With one hand, Wendy grabbed hold of her coach’s throbbing cock, and with the other she pulled her tits together. Guiding his cock into her cleavage, Wendy began sawing his dick back and forth over her massive boobs.

“Holy shit, WENDY!!”

Jeremy took hold of Wendy’s huge jugs, taking hold of their sides, and pulled them tightly around his raging hard-on. He slowly slid his dick through Wendy’s chest, seeing it disappear completely, before his head popped through her cleavage. Then he bucked his hips up into her tits, sending them flying into her chin. And then he did it again. And again. Now Jeremy was losing it. Nothing existed except Wendy DeLores’ perfect rack and his cock buried between them. His dick was still slick with Wendy’s juices as it slid furiously between her bodacious boobies. O’Brian lustfully squeezed two handfuls of the blonde teenager’s mega-rack while his pelvis slapped up into Wendy’s perky titties. Wendy ran her hands through her hair, tossing it, before grabbing both her coach’s hands and her own tits.

“Wendy! You are so beautiful! And your tits are fucking ridiculous!”

“Thanks, you can be really sweet. I can tell you really like them.”

“uhhhh…and you are such a total, busty whore…WENDY…uuuhhhhhh!!…”

O’Brian was in heaven as the young, stacked woman continued to jerk off his sizable cock with her massive tatas. Wendy held his rough hands with her soft and gentle ones, while her heavy tits bounced in Jeremy’s lap.

“I’m such a naughty girl, Coach. You would lose your job if someone finds out about us…uhhh…having sex with a student and blowing your load all over her face…that’s liable for termination.”

“Ohh…fuck..” Coach O’Brian took bahis şirketleri his thrusting up another gear, “…fuck you, you whore…”

Wendy removed her hands and ran them along the coach’s legs. Jeremy had certainly dreamt of this, but now it was unbelievably actually happening—he had his hottest student’s rack sliding up and down his swollen cock. O’Brian became speechless as Wendy quickly took him into her mouth while her tits bounced in his lap. She enthusiastically sucked the head of his cock and O’Brian almost came instantly, but before he could she returned his dick back into her cleavage. Coated in her saliva, he pounded away at her smooth, teenage titties, relishing their feel between his fingers as her unbelievable tatas were taking him to a level of pleasure he never knew.


“Oh god, Coach, cum for me, give me all your sweet jizz you fucking freak!—”


“I want you to blow your load all over my big ass fucking hooters!”

Jeremy’s grip tightened as he titfucked his busty student. He was struggling to get out his next string of smut.

“—WENDY—I can’t believe…UGH…UGH…UGH…you’re such a fucking slut!!”

“—Do it! Mr. O’Brian, cum all over my giant, teenage titties!—”


O’Brian tightly squeezed Wendy’s massive tattas around his thrusting cock as two quick, sequential streams of cum flew up and across Wendy’s beautiful face.


O’Brian continued to scream in pleasure as Wendy’s tits remained wrapped around his cock, her huge, perky tits overflowing his hands, while cum continued to streak across her face and hair. Her diamond-hard nipples dug into his palms while he bounced her tits in his lap.

“Oh yes! Jeremy, cum all over me!! Cum on my big ass titties, honey!!”


Wendy’s gorgeous face now was covered in O’Brian’s spunk as he sprung to his feet. The busty blonde squeezed her tatas together and encouraged the coach as he jacked-off all over her universally lusted-after, prized rack.

“—yes, baby, ooooohh,—give me all of it…”

O’Brian’s groaning grew much more desperate, as he continued to release streaks of hot cum across Wendy’s knockers. His focus was solely on the huge tits constantly taking his ropes of jizz.


“Yes! Give my titties all your dirty fucking cum you fucking pervert.”

“JESUS CHRIST, you dirty…fucking…BITCH!! “”

Roughly grabbing one cum-covered tit with his left hand, he jacked all over it, rubbing the head of his cock up against her nipple as he struggled with the pleasure surging through his body.

“Fuck you, your huge cock was made for my massive titties!!”


Wendy’s jugs were absolutely plastered in his cum. O’Brian started to aggressively slap Wendy’s jugs with his cock, whimpering as the last of his cum sprung up into Wendy’s face. O’Brian had never came nearly so much.

Jeremy collapsed back into his chair. He gasped for breath as Wendy ran her hands up his legs. She ran gentle kisses up his thigh, and then up the underside of his cock.

“mmmm…yes…yes,” she whispered.

“Oh my God,” Jeremy panted, ‘”fuck, thank you, oh god…”

A naughty smile spread across Wendy’s face as she stared up at her gym teacher.

“You seemed to really like that. I really liked it to. Especially when you came all over my face.”

O’Brian smiled back and admired the work he made of her face. Vertical streaks of cum ran from her chin to her hairline, with big gobs across her plump lips.

“Oh fuck, your beautiful face looks even better with my cum all over it.”

“And what about my titties,” Wendy teased, rubbing her hands up and down her cum-glazed tits, “how do they look bathed in your cum?”

An involuntary moan escaped Jeremy’s lips. Her chest stood out proudly, as she modeled her massive jugs. Despite their enormous size, no area had remained untouched by his load. As she squeezed her tits together with her forearms, cum flowed from her cleavage and dripped down and over her breasts.

“They look fucking fantastic! In fact—”

O’Brian reach across his desk for his cellphone, and smiled as Wendy gave him the sluttiest look she could muster—which is pretty slutty, given she was covered from her chest up in semen.

“Can we do it again?” she asked.

“Of course. Now, smile for the camera, you whore.”

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