The Book of David Ch. 03



— CHAPTER 3: Delayed Arrival —


PRE-COLLEGE (September 1998)

“That’s right, baby! Grab my tits! Squeeze them! Fuck, yeah, I love your hands on me! Don’t ever stop touching me! Fuck, fuck, FUCK! I’m cumming!!!”

Doggy-style had become a favorite position for Ellie and me. Personally, I kinda liked it better when she was on top, riding me cowgirl style. That way, I had a wonderful view of all my favorite things. But that was for the few occasions we just wanted to take our time, to make love slowly and sensuously. That kind of sex was still a new thing for us. We were much (MUCH) more practiced at teenaged, hurried screwing.

Ellie was in a screwing mood today. And so I was hunched over her back, plugging her pussy from behind while my hands wrapped around and mauled her swaying breasts. And at her moment of climax, Ellie’s arms collapsed and her upper torso crashed downwards onto my bed as she howled in delight, oblivious to anything but her monster orgasm.

Our bodies went toppling forward and I instinctively splayed my hands to the sides to brace against the mattress lest I crush her. But even though my mind stopped concentrating on holding my own orgasm at bay, my dick still pumped into her tight love canal while her inner muscles spasmed and squeezed my rod.

That was all it took, and I actually felt the recoil in my cock as it fired away. I closed my eyes and pictured each volley of cum rocketing up the shaft and exploding outwards, splashing against the inner walls of Ellie’s pussy. I imagined millions of tiny sperm pushing their way through Ellie’s teenaged cervix and into her womb on a futile search for an egg.

My own teenaged brain probably wasn’t developed enough yet to comprehend the consequences. But in that moment, with this gorgeous girl beneath me, I decided I wouldn’t really mind so much if by some miracle she got pregnant. While we’d only been romantically together for less than a year, I’d known Ellie since first grade.

True, I’d thought she had cooties and waged a war between the sexes with her up until we turned 13. But already I could envision what my life might be like with Ellie permanently by my side.

It was an idea I could never have thought of with Monica, whom I lusted for but never really loved. I’d always known in the back of my head that Monica and I would eventually go our separate ways. But with Ellie… maybe things didn’t have to turn out that way.

And so as we cuddled together in the aftermath of our lovemaking, I circled my arms a little tighter around her naked body and actually hummed happily. She craned her head around and looked right at me with luminous eyes, letting me see my own happiness reflected back at me. And then we came together for a kiss, lightning bolts as always shooting through us and giving me an electric thrill as our souls touched for just a brief moment.

“Elemis…” I started to say in a quiet voice. And then the phone rang.

Mentally, I cried “SHIT!” I think my mouth mimed the word as well as soon as I broke our kiss. No one called the house during the daytime. All the telemarketers knew to call during dinner. So the call was probably for me.

It rang twice more before I got to the receiver. “Yeah?” I answered in a gruffly annoyed tone. Ellie just smiled and snuggled deeper into the pillow, still in recovery mode from our intense sexual session.

“David, I’m assuming Ellie’s there?”


“Yes. Is she?”

“Well, yeah.”

Cherys sighed. “Well, you’d better get her back. My parents are home and they’re wondering where she is.” Her tone was a warning. Crap, we were in some sort of trouble.

I turned and told Ellie, who whined, “It’s only four o’clock. What they hell are they doing home?”

My eyes went wide and my eyebrow arched as if to say, “Why the heck are you asking ME?”

Ellie just rolled her eyes and reached to grab the receiver from me. Doing so exposed a firm breast to my eyes and I was momentarily distracted before she got it out of my grip. I made to paw at her but she just slapped my hand away playfully as she asked, “Cherys, what’s going on?”

I couldn’t hear the other end of the conversation, so I occupied myself by dragging my fingers along Ellie’s naked spine.

“Uh-huh. Well, what do they expect? We’re leaving for college in less than a week. Of COURSE I’m going to be spending the day with my boyfriend…” Ellie shook her head in exasperation. “Fine, fine. I’ll be home in ten minutes.”

She hung up and without saying another word, she tackled me onto my back and pressed her lips to mine. I moaned happily into the kiss and we lay there making out for a good two minutes.

When we finally broke for air, Ellie sighed. “Okay. Show’s over. Time to head home.”


I drove the entire way with my right hand on Ellie’s thigh. Her own hands absently played with my fingers or stroked my forearm. Then we turned the corner onto her street and saw it.

“Holy SHIT!” Ellie was squealing, clutching my arm.

Ellie’s güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri parents and Cherys were standing on the street, out by the curb. And parked in the driveway behind them was a cherry red Volkswagen. I’ve seen Ellie absolutely glow during a fantastic orgasm. I’m sad to admit that the look on her face now was even more thrilled than that.

She was screaming at such a high pitch I’m sure that neighborhood dogs were cowering in fear. And as soon as I pulled up, Ellie bounced out of my car and went running to her parents. She jumped at them and grabbed both parents in a big hug. And then she went running to Cherys to hug her before laying herself on the hood of the car and hugging it as well.

I parallel parked on the street and took a good once over on the car. Based on some key model distinctions I recognized, it was maybe 4 or 5 years old. But the wax job and gleaming paint sure made it look brand new. And Ellie didn’t look like she cared one iota. I couldn’t say anything. My high school hunk of junk was already past a decade old.

“Holy shit! I should have known!” Ellie exclaimed.

“Elemis. Your language,” her dad rebuked.

“Sorry, daddy. But THANK YOU! Argh! I should’ve known! But Cherys didn’t get her car until the day before she left! You’re early!”

“Well,” Cherys interrupted. “We had to do something to make it a surprise.”

“You!” Ellie pointed a finger at her older sister. “You KNEW on the phone and you didn’t even give me a hint!” She made to tickle or otherwise attack Cherys, who backed away, laughing all the while.

“Elemis,” her Dad’s voice cut in. “Leave your sister alone. Don’t you want to take it for a spin?” He held up the keys, which chimed nicely in his hands.

Ellie immediately turned around and swiped them from his hand. “Thank you daddy!” She hugged him and pecked him on the cheek. Then she stopped and hugged her mom. And at long last, she turned to me, leaning against the hood.

“Whaddaya say? Wanna go for a ride?”

My mind immediately went to a different definition of ‘ride’. And from the look on Ellie’s face, she might have had a similar idea. But I schooled my features so as not to give anything away in front of her parents. And I just nodded slightly. “Let’s go.”

Big sister Cherys stopped me before we got in. She held my shoulder and looked straight at me. “Looks like this is for real. Ellie’s an adult and she has her own wheels, she’s independent. You two off to college and I won’t be able to watch you guys all the time. So promise me you’ll take care of my baby sister.”

I felt momentarily awkward by the serious tone in her voice, but I managed to say, “I promise.”

Cherys smiled and hugged me. “I know you will. You’re a great guy David.” I glowed at the praise from my eternal dream girl.

Ellie and I got in the car, Ellie in the driver’s seat, of course. I was surprised at the huge amount of interior space and head room the little bugger had. I was already feeling around the passenger seat controls to decide how best to have sex in this car. Probably if I reclined all the way and scooted the seat back a few notches.

Ellie grinned at me just before she flipped the key. “I know a great place to park.”


Tomorrow. That would be the day.

I sat in my desk chair, looking around my room. Most of my bags were packed, all the important clothing and personal affects already cleared out. I left my posters and other decorations behind. My parents would pretty much leave my room the way it was until I came back for breaks or various vacations. But it still felt so… weird. This was only bedroom I really ever knew.

Tomorrow, I would leave my world behind and embark on a new adventure. At least I had someone to share the journey with.

Ellie would be coming by to pick me up. Ever since she got her new ride, we’d both wanted to tool around town in it. Hey, it was newer and definitely a cooler car than mine, and she was a good driver besides. I didn’t even mind the emasculating notion of not being behind the wheel, although we did find it was physically much easier for her to blow me while I was driving rather than the other way around.

We had plans for our last night: A little food, a short walk in the park, maybe a little lovemaking underneath the stars. She’d kissed me so tenderly last night. I could still taste her on my lips even now.

The thing was, she was supposed to pick me up at seven. It was already 7:30. Not a big deal. Ellie often ran late, it’s just a common hazard when dealing with beautiful women. But she usually called to let me know why.

As if on cue, the phone rang. The receiver was in my hands immediately.

“Hey! Where the hell are you?”

“David,” came the male voice.

“Uh, hello?” I wondered. Was somebody calling for one of my parents?

In a very soft voice, he continued, “This is Ellie’s father.”

I don’t know exactly why, but the instant he used the nickname ‘Ellie’ I knew something was terribly güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri wrong. I could actually hear the mini-pause as he forced himself to use that name for my benefit. And all of a sudden, I couldn’t speak.

All was quiet for another two seconds before he realized I wasn’t going to say anything. And then came the words I was dreading. “Ellie was in a car accident an hour ago.”

I felt a chill run down my spine. A cold so bitter and so intense it wrapped around my heart and began squeezing. Still I said nothing, but I think a wailing groan began somewhere beneath my stomach and sort of creaked out of me.

“We needed something from the grocery store. Ellie grabbed her keys and immediately volunteered to pick it up. The other driver had been drinking, and he blew through the red light at sixty-five.” Her father’s voice, so soft, now choked up.

I still said nothing. I could hear in his voice that he wasn’t finished yet, and I dared not interrupt. But that wail was growing in my throat. And I felt the first tear rolling down my cheek.

“His truck hit squarely against the driver’s door. She never had a chance to get out of the way.” He went quiet again, and I heard him sniffling on the other end of the line.

After another moment of silence I finally croaked, “Where is she?”

“We’re all at the hospital.”

“I’ll be right there.”

“David,” his voice came urgently and intensely. “You can come. But you should know. Ellie was killed instantly. They can’t bring her back.”

Hearing his words confirmed it, but I already knew. It had been in his tone of voice. Nothing else was said as I dropped the phone into the cradle and ended the call. And then the weight of my world sank down onto my shoulders and I felt like I’d shrunk three inches.

I don’t know how long I sat there staring at the phone. But as soon as I could move I moved with a purpose. I paused only once, to wipe the tears out of my eyes. Then I grabbed my car keys and I was headed downstairs.

I was halfway out the door when my mom saw me and barked, “David!”

I came to a dead stop, but I didn’t turn around.

“Where are you going? Isn’t Ellie coming to pick you up tonight?” she asked.

“Ellie’s dead.” And then I walked away,


Cherys was waiting for me by the front doors when I got to the hospital. For the first time since I can remember, a little sexual thrill did not go through me upon seeing her. Her makeup was smeared and she looked ready to start crying again.

Once she saw me she did start crying. And we came together in a tight hug that was about nothing but support in our grief. I clutched her intensely, crushing her to my body for a few moments, my mind racing because she smelled so much like Ellie. Me? I couldn’t cry any more. My emotions had just shut down until I was a walking robot.

Eventually, Cherys got control of her sniffles. And after wiping away the tears she offered to lead me to her parents.

When I came upon Ellie’s mother and father, I wanted to say something poignant… or at least tell them I was sorry. But I couldn’t say anything. And somehow, looking at the pain on the faces of parents who have lost their offspring, I realized there were no words.

Her mom hugged me. And then I actually hugged her dad.

And so the four of us stood in the waiting room. Somewhere behind the double doors lay the lifeless body of my girlfriend. It was explained to me that the doctors had checked to make sure that she was completely gone, and that there were no chances of reviving her. Shortly, they would move her body to the morgue.

I interrupted at that point. “I want to see her.”

“Are you sure? Her body is pretty beat up.”

I stared straight at the doors. “I want to see her.”

So I did. It’s something I hope you never have to experience.


I didn’t leave for college the next day. Cherys didn’t either. In fact, neither of us left for college the rest of the week. I spent every day over at their house, in Ellie’s bedroom, living in a half-catatonic state.

For some reason, Cherys was handling it better than I was. Perhaps it was because up until recently, she hadn’t been very close to her sister. Ever since Cherys had come out as a lesbian, she’d been separated from her family by some invisible wall. Only since the past Winter Break had the two begun forming a close bond with each other. In any case, Cherys was the one coming to console me.

I barely noticed her presence. I’d be sitting on Ellie’s bed, staring at her things and remembering all the good times when Cherys would check in on me, touch my arm or my back and ensure that I was still breathing.

I’d dated her for less than a year, but I’d begun to fall in love with Ellie. And having her wrenched away from me just as we were about to embark on our great journey together had crippled me, as if one of my two legs had been taken away. I’d like to think I wasn’t overreacting. After all, I wasn’t suicidal or anything. güvenilir bahis şirketleri But I couldn’t move on. And each little inkling inside of me that tried to move on was smothered by guilt at dishonoring her memory or something.

Perhaps I would get some closure on Saturday. The funeral was scheduled for then. Quite a few of Ellie’s friends had already made plans to return home.

Monica and Nate flew back. Most of our High School clique showed up. I’m pretty sure everyone expressed their sympathies to me, but I don’t remember much from that day.

One thing I do remember was how beautiful and peaceful Ellie looked in her casket before they closed the lid. Up until then, the lasting image in my mind was that of her mangled body, covered in drying blood, while she lay dead in that hospital bed. Somehow, seeing her cleaned up and at peace managed to wash away some of the pain inside me. I knew, at least for a moment, that I would be alright in the end.

But it was just a moment.

And then I went back into emotional shutdown. I didn’t come out for months.



It was a tradition for incoming freshman to be assigned to the school dormitories. Almost all of our parents followed it. So Danielle and Cherys before me went into the dorms. Ellie and I were assigned to dorms, as well. We’d already been planning discussions with our respective roommates for various signals to get some private sex time.

Ellie, obviously, wouldn’t be attending.

And after what happened, my parents decided tradition didn’t matter that much. Actually, they discussed the matter with the school administration and my enrollment was deferred by a quarter. I didn’t go to school until January and my dorm bed was given away to someone else.

I would be living where someone could keep an eye on me.

After their obligatory year in the dorms, Danielle and Cherys had gotten a two- bedroom apartment together just off-campus. This had been known and accepted for months. Perhaps Cherys’ parents liked to convince themselves that the girls would have separate bedrooms. But now I would be in that second bedroom. That way, my big sister Danielle could keep a watchful eye on me and Cherys’ parents understood.

And so I finally got to college, albeit with a delayed arrival.

When I pulled up to the apartment in my beater car, Danielle came down the stairs to greet me. Cherys waved hello from the front door on the second floor and went back inside after I waved back.

“Hey squirt.” Danielle reached up and hugged me.

For some reason, the nickname had stopped bothering me. There was just something about that big sisterly love in the way she said it. “Hey Dani.”

“How’re mom and dad?”

“They’re fine.” I let her go and took a deep breath, looking around. “So? You here to help me move in?”

Danielle snorted. “Hell, no. You’re a big boy. You can’t have that much stuff in your car!” She laughed and then went back up the stairs empty-handed.

I grumbled loudly and then turned around to start unpacking. But by the time I got the first heavy suitcase out of the trunk, Danielle and Cherys were both already fishing some of the lighter items out of my backseat and carrying them up.

“Hurry up, squirt. There’s a cold six-pack in the fridge and you’re not getting any till this car is parked.”


And so in the cold of January, I began my college career a quarter late.

The transition wasn’t easy. All of my classmates already had a few months of experience under their belts. I’d missed out on the mass open-adjustment period, when all the freshmen were friendly with one another since cliques had yet to form. I’d missed out on the upper-classmen patience period, when they would willingly answer any dumb question a froshling asked because they knew the youngster didn’t know any better.

Everyone else had their friends well established. I was the new guy and I had to play catch-up. So in an instant, I’d gone from the top of the social pecking order to the lowliest outcast freshman. Not even football could save me this time. I’d already missed the Fall Quarter and with it the football season. No matter, I would have just been a walk-on anyways.

In retrospect, my emotional turmoil had a small silver lining. I barely even noticed how I went from hometown big man on campus to lowly freshman at a big state University. I don’t know how my ego would have reacted if I’d been paying attention.

Danielle and Cherys were my saviors, in more ways than one. At our new home, Danielle was constantly hovering over me, like a second mother. Most guys would have hated it, especially little brothers. But I felt fragile enough inside that each time she checked in on me felt like a gentle touch of family love. I was alone often enough through self-imposed isolation and having her around reminded me that there were other people in this world.

Secondly, without her, I probably would have starved. At home, my mom constantly made sure I was fed. I had a habit of losing myself into video games and completely forgetting to eat. In our apartment, Danielle was the master chef and ensured I took at least moderate care of myself. If she hadn’t taken care of all the little details keeping me alive, I don’t know how I would have ended up.

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