The Bra Salesman


The characters and organisations in this story are purely fictional, and are not intended to represent any actual persons, alive or dead, and organisations, past or present. All characters are above 21 years of age.

“Why won’t any of them fit?!”

Kayla cried in exasperation, as the 3rd bra she tried on snapped at the hook and fell to the floor, defeated.

“Maybe it’s time for some new bras Kay!”

Her roommate yelled, from the adjacent room. She could hear Kayla struggling to fit into her bra from her room.

“I don’t know Liz, I just bought these bras 3 months ago, and if you’re telling me my boobs grew that much within 3 months, there’s got to be an issue somewhere.”

Liz let out a loud sigh, and strolled into Kayla’s room, and stared at the three 38F bras lying on the floor, in a crumpled mess, and immediately shifted her gaze to Kayla’s impressive bosom.

“You know, many girls would consider that a good thing, getting bigger boobs without lifting a finger. Kayla, look, take a day off from work today, head down to a lingerie store, and get some proper bras.”

“I guess you’re right, I could use a day off anyway.”

Kayla sighed as she knew how much bras cost, and definitely wasn’t looking forward to yet another expense this month.

Throughout the conversation, Liz couldn’t take her eyes off of Kayla’s massive mammaries, and how they jiggled ever so slightly whenever Kayla gestured. Liz truly couldn’t understand why Kayla was complaining, her full, soft breasts were, in her opinion, sized perfectly, and her large, tan nipples perked slightly upwards, creating a bountiful bosom that men lusted after and women envied. Kayla and her used to play volleyball, and Liz remembered how the other girls would stare at Kayla as she brushed her blonde hair aside and removed her sports bra in the changing room, freeing her huge hangers from their sports bra prison. She would stare too, amazed by her best friend’s twin treasures. Liz snapped out of her daze when she heard keys jangling, and saw that Kayla had put on an over-sized hoodie in an effort to mask the fact that she was going bra-less.

“You coming Liz?”

Kayla asked and Liz nodded her head enthusiastically, throwing on a cardigan and cheerfully skipping behind her.

Kayla pulled into the mall’s parking lot, parked, and slowly got out of her car, with Liz following behind her. The two of them walked towards the entrance of the mall, and Liz couldn’t help but notice that Kayla’s over-sized hoodie was useless at hiding her breasts, with her every step making her boobs jiggle uncontrollably, announcing to the world that she was not wearing a bra. They eventually stepped into illegal bahis the mall, with the cold blast from the air conditioning system leading Kayla to exclaim in shock about how cold it was. Liz turned her head and nodded in agreement, and immediately noticed Kayla’s now rock hard nipples poking through the hoodie.

Kayla saw that Liz was staring, and immediately blushed and changed the subject;

“I think I see the lingerie store, let’s go.”

Kayla walked towards the store that proudly read “LINGERIE PARADISE” above its entrance, and gestured towards Liz, asking her to follow her inside.

“Hi welcome to Lingerie Paradise, I am Jack and I will be at your service,” the service staff named Jack chirped.

Kayla looked around the store, and noticed gorgeous bras lining the shelves, and for the first time today, felt that this trip wouldn’t be such a waste of a time.

“I am looking for new bras, as all my old bras are too small for me,” Kayla explained.

“Okay sure, our bra fitting service should be able to assist in figuring out your right size. Follow me.”

Kayla followed Jack into a fitting room and shut the curtain behind them, while Liz waited outside.

“Ok I’m going to need you to remove your hoodie,” Jack said, and Kayla complied.

“Nothing wrong with his request, he’s a professional and is just doing his job,” she thought to herself.

Kayla pulled her hoodie over her head, and freed her massive melons.

“Wow that is truly an impressive bosom ma’am, may i know what your previously measured bra size was?” Jack queried, hypnotized by Kayla’s gorgeous nipples.

“I was a 38F,” she replied.

“You definitely aren’t a 38F now, that’s for sure. Now let’s get you sized up.”

Jack proceeds with the bra fitting, and starts to take the necessary measurements. When his fingers felt Kayla’s supple breasts, Jack began to quake inside. He knew this pair of boobs was something special, and while cupping Kayla’s breasts from below, he was certain he heard her elicit a slight moan. He let his fingers graze over her large, firm nipples, and felt them perk up instantly.

“Okay all done, you’re not going to expect this but your new bra size is 38H!”

Jack exclaimed with a chuckle, and Kayla broke out of her daze, and was surprised, that her boobs were an H cup.

“Not to worry, we do have plus sizes in our store, and we have bras in your new size. Give me a moment, while I return with some bras for you to try on.”

Jack pulled back the curtain and left the dressing room, allowing Liz to catch a fleeting glance of Kayla and her once again stiff nipples.

In the dressing room, Kayla felt different. illegal bahis siteleri Jack’s expert touch and delicate fingers left her craving for more, and she realized her cotton panties were damp. Kayla now had a naughty idea, and exclaimed,

“Jack, could you hurry back, I’m running out of time.”

“Your wish is my command!”

Jack quipped, and rushed over to the dressing room. Meanwhile, Kayla had removed her joggers, and was standing in the dressing room in her now wet panties. As Jack pulled the curtain back and stepped into the dressing room, he was stunned by the sight of Kayla standing there in only her underwear.

“Uh mi-miss, you’re not wearing any pants.”

“I know, now, assist me with the bras.”

Liz saw all of this, and was taken aback herself. However, the sight of her best friend aroused turned her on too, and Liz hatched a plan of her own. She waited until the dressing room curtain was drawn, and she proceeded to shut the door of the store, and put up the “Closed” sign. She then walked over to the dressing room, discreetly opened the curtain a little, and sat down on the bench facing the dressing room, pulling down her pants at the same time. She could now see everything that was going on in the dressing room, and she began to feel her nipples harden underneath her bra.

In the dressing room, Kayla began to run her fingers over the front of Jack’s pants, feeling his bulge harden slowly. The thought of what she was doing made Kayla even more wet, and eventually, Jack was at full mast.

“Mi-Miss, how does this bra feel?”

Jack asked, blushing as his penis stood erect underneath his pants. Kayla produced a bright smile.

“Let’s worry about the bras later, why don’t you pull down your pants as well, Jack.”

Jack looked at Kayla at disbelief, but when it became obvious to him that Kayla wasn’t bluffing, he slowly pulled down his pants, revealing his erect cock underneath his boxers.

“Pull down those boxers too, Jack.”

Jack complied, as the both of them watched his stiff throbbing cock spring up when he pulled his boxers down.

Liz, who at this point of time, was just seated in her bra and panties, couldn’t believe her eyes, and she let her fingers travel down south, feeling warm, wet lace at her crotch.

“Now, slowly jerk that cock off for me Jack.”

Jack nodded his head, and proceeded to stroke his rod.

Kayla slipped her hands into her now dripping wet panties, and began to rub her clit slowly, maintaining eye contact with Jack. Liz, too, was having the time of her life, with one hand squeezing her left nipple and the other fingering her wet pussy.

“Come suck on my canlı bahis siteleri nipples Jack.”

Jack proceeded to latch onto Kayla’s juicy brown nipple while he furiously stroked his cock.

Kayla’s eyes rolled backwards in ecstasy, as the combination of her clit being rubbed and her nipples being sucked drove her closer and closer to the climax. Liz, too, was approaching peak ecstasy, and she began moaning softly, increasing the speed at which she fingered her soaking pussy.

“I’m about to cum!”

Jack’s cock twitched, and Kayla reached for one of the bras Jack brought and placed it in front of his stiff cock.

Jack let out a satisfied grunt, as he shot out jet after jet of hot cum into the massive cup of the bra. Upon seeing this sight, Kayla’s fingers sped up, and soon after, she too, shrieked the magic words:

“I’m going to cum!”

Her legs began to quiver and her cotton panties transformed into a warm and wet mess, filled with her cream. Kayla began to feel her cum drip down the side of her shaking thighs, and felt electricity through her body. The sight of her best friend cumming was too much for Liz to handle, as she hit the pinnacle of excitement, gripping the bench tightly, and allowed pleasure to course through her entire body. Her lacy panties, too, becoming soaked with her love juices. Liz pulled her fingers out of her throbbing pussy, and sucked on them, relishing the taste of her cream.

Kayla looked at the cum filled bra she was holding, and looked at Jack. He sheepishly grinned.

“I could get you a new bra if you want to buy it.”

“It’s alright Jack, I quite like this one actually,”

Kayla whispered with a cheeky grin, putting on the bra and spreading Jack’s hot load all over her.

There was simply too much of cum, and it began to spill out of the bra, but Kayla didn’t care.

“Shall we proceed to make payment?”

Kayla asked Jack, but he shook his head and replied,

“It’s on the house miss, enjoy your new bra!”

Kayla smiled as she pulled her hoodie over her body, and her melons, and soon, the cum began leaking out onto the hoodie as well.

Jack just smiled as the both of them walked out of the dressing room, and saw Liz sitting on the bench, now fully clothed and pretending like nothing ever happened. But Kayla noticed a trail of thick liquid going down the bench, between Liz’s thighs, and Kayla knew what had happened.

“Alright Liz, let’s head home!”

Kayla chirped as Liz smiled, nodded her head and followed Kayla out the door.

“How about the payment Kay?”

Liz queried, and Kayla merely replied with a smile:

“Don’t worry, it’s been taken care of.”

Liz chuckled to herself as she knew that payment had indeed been settled.

“Thank you and hope to see you again soon!”

Jack chimed as they walked out the door, and Kayla thought to herself:

“I most definitely hope so too!”

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