The brother I masturbated about…After Party


The brother I masturbated about…After PartySo since our parents left for the wedding my brother decided to throw a party. Lots of his friends came, got drunk and now most of them are sleeping in the living room. I just came from the night out with the girls, I was supposed to sleep at a friend’s house, but didn’t feel like it, so came back home. Hmm… you can barely call it a party, if there wouldn’t be bottles of beer rolling around, I wouldn’t even guess it was one, but everyone is passed out and it’s only 3am. My brother like a king is lying on the couch. He’s all rolled up in a ball and looks so cute. I come closer, making sure step over his friends carefully and not to wake anyone up. I touch softly his face, and barely touching, not even really touching, just tracing the form of his body in the air, maybe a mm away from the actual skin. As my hand passes and slightly touches his arm, I realize that he is cold. So I fetch him a blanket. But covering him like that… I feel like replacing the blanket. I wish my body would be on top of his. I can’t resist. I carefully try to step over him, to lay down behind him. Thx to whoever made this couch this wide. As I finally find myself laying down behind him… I softly get with him under the blanket. His shirt is slightly undone…one button seems to be missing completely. I snap my fingers in front of his face a couple of times, just to check how deeply he is sleeping, but he really seems to be passed out. So I open the rest of the buttons and place my hand on his chest. So wide and flat compared to mines… it makes me want to place my head on it. Suddenly my hand touches his nipple. I can’t help but softly rolling my finger on it, the same way I usually touch mines. He slightly moves and my hand freezes…shiiiit…please dont wake up. I am going over a thousand excuses in my mind… got cold he had the blanket, saw he was missing a button wanted to check it out… ok…well a thousand is exxagerating, more like no excuse is coming to my mind. But his eyes are still shut, but now he is facing me…I’m scared to even breath properly. My body is burning with desire. I have never experienced such a quick turn on…from bakırköy escort fear to wet between thighs in a blink of an eye. I have to bite my lips from moaning. I have to think about something else… but all I can think about is him touching me. I want that…I want it so badly. I lift my shirt up a bit and very carefuly place his hand on my breast. It takes forever before his hand reaches it, since I have to do it all very slowly in order not to wake him up. Ok that’s it I can’t anymore… my body has lost control…I am literally humping his leg and making his hand caress my nipple this time. I don’t care… I am blinded by the desire…I want him…him…his hands…his skin…his body…his cock…I want it all. Suddenly a freaking friend of his, pulls a crazy snore. I shut my eyes, pretending I am asleep. My brother woke up. I can hear it by his breathing, I can feel it by the way his body shifted slightly. I have to breath calmly…I’m asleep…I’m asleep. Fuuuuck…his hand is still under my shirt…it’s still on my breast. I am waiting…I can imagine him, push me away now… pull his hand away and rush away. -Hey…are you asleep?-I hear his voice whisper. Of course I am asleep…I’m asleep…I’m asleep… oh fuck…he probably figured out that I’m not. I should respond…should I? What should I do. I can’t think of anything to do. As he calls my name twice, I can’t gather any courage whatsoever. I can’t even bring myself to open my eyes. If anything I feel paralyzed. Suddenly his hand tightens around my breast. I think I am goin to cum. I must be dreaming. Now my job is twice harder, I have to keep breathing calmly. But my breath speeds up automaticly. Ok wtv… at least I have to make sure I don’t moan. Just now I realize…that his friends are all over the place. What a hell is he thinking? If one of his friends wakes up, they will see us. But instead of freaking me out, it’s just turns me on more. My brother’s hand is on my breast, quizzing it tightly. It moves away from the nipple and I feel cold…too cold…and then warm again…way warm…and I feel sucking sensations. He is sucking at my nipple. beşiktaş escort My brother is sucking at my nipple, without any restraint. My cunt is overflowing, my brain unable to keep up. I carefully look down through my eyelashes. His head is on my chest, lips enclosed around my left breast. I feel like I am going to die from this pleasure. I see him retrieving and close my eyes fully, my body still throbbing with the sensation of his mouth. I want him to come back, I feel like grabbing his head and push it back to my nipple, but I’m afraight that this will be all ruined and I don’t dare to move. I feel his hand again, it is now on my stomach. Fuuuuck I can’t even suck it in, it will be obvious I am awake. This is so embarassing. As his hand is roaming on my belly, I feel uneasy. I want to push his hand up, back to my breast and not for it to be on my tummy. Almost by magic my wish almost came true. His hand left my stomach… Huh?!?!…IT IS NOW IN MY PANTIES…I can’t anymore.I truly can’t. He is killing me. What a hell is he doing? What a hell is he thinking??? And why da hell do I enjoy this so much? His fingers sink between my lips and find my clit. I find myself frowning in anticipation. Damn I have to relax my facial expression… but instead I moan. His hand takes over. His my pupeteer I am his puppet. He is definitely skillfull at playing with me. His middle finger and his thumb are spreading me, as his index is flicking my clit. My body has a mind of its own. My body can’t help but respond I wanted this so muuuch. My hips move closer to his finger, my hands…oh shit my hands are holding on to his open shirt. I can’t bare that…he must know I am awake. I can’t face him, I pull myself closer to him and hide my face in his chest. My lips touching his chest. My nose smelling his fragrance. He is everywhere around me. He is pulling me close with one arm and playing with me with the other one. It feels so good, tears are running down my eyes. I can barely feel my hands and feet. All of my blood is rushed to the clit that he is teasing. My body is pressed against his, all except my lower body that is open for him to touch. beylikdüzü escort One orgasm follows the other. I can’t stop cumming. I am exploding, explosing, cumming, over and over. I can’t even hold back my moans anymore. I dont even know if anyone else woke up. His hand seems to be my universe…his chest my shield. And suddenly it all stops… I can’t hold my disappointment. I still can’t look at him. My hands eased on his shirt, he is pushing them away. My eyes are shut. I can’t bare to look at him. Did he find me too wet? Maybe …it’s the way I smelled? What is it??? The couch shifts. He got up. I hear his footsteps. He walked away. I feel used and abandoned. What did I do to deserve so much pleasure followed by so much pain? I stay this way for a little while, but my body is aching already from being in the same position. My cunt still hasnt calmed down. It is still burning with the sensation of his fingers. Those were some of the most powerful orgasms I have ever experienced, and they probably were to be the last as well. I slowly open my eyes…ppl still sleeping. My brother isn’t there. I slowly get up and fix my shirt. I’ll go to my room, before I have to face him. But first I have to wash myself in the bathroom…but someone seems to be there. Then just by instinct, I slowly open the door slightly… my brother is there. He is standing with his shirt on the floor, his shorts dropped down and his huge cock pulsating as his hand is going up and down on it. The other hand is in his mouth… the hand that was in my cunt is now on his lips… he is licking my cum of his fingers. And he is so into it, that he doesn’t even notice I am there. My heart is thumping…at this rate it will escape from my chest. My cunt is pulsating with it. And as I see my brother cum, I cum without even touching myself…the cum is flowing out of me, just by watching my brother’s sperm fly out. I can’t stay like this though. I quickly escape to my room, before he sees me. You never know whever the alcohol will wear off…and I dont want to find out. I am once again on my back…my legs spread widely. I will finish what he started. This time I take my brush and insert the handle inside of me. I push it deeply inside, forcing the cum out. I accelerate… it’s his cock… I picture his cock… I picture him… doing me, entering me, penetrating me. Mmmmm… more… I want more…and as I play flashbacks of my brother cumming, my knees get week and my cunt explodes with pleasure.

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