The Cheerleader’s Diary Ch. 02


This is a story with practically everything – incest, first time, oral, anal, group sex, erotic couplings, loving wives, lesbian, fetish, voyeurism and exhibitionism. It’s the story of an innocent girl who just made the cheerleader squad, her sex starved teammates, members of the football team, her brother the geek, her voyeuristic father, her mother the real estate agent, her mother’s clients and all of their explorations of a wilder side they never knew existed. The story will unfold in several parts, each one as erotic as the next. Enjoy!

Chapter 7 – Gang Bang Bus

Sunday night Gloria went up to Sarah’s room to have a mother to daughter chat. Jim was working the evening shift at the hospital and Russ was studying at a friend’s house. When Gloria walked in to her room she was writing in her diary. Sarah quickly slammed it shut.

“Hi sweetheart. How are things with you? You know when I was a girl your age I kept a diary. I think it’s important.”

The two of them talked mother to daughter stuff. Sarah was very careful what she said about boys and how she was enjoying being a cheerleader. Her mother kept telling her it was perfectly normal to have sexual feelings about boys. It was learning to control those feelings that were important. She also said it was okay to experiment and that she shouldn’t feel guilty about it. Sarah listened, but mostly had an image stuck in her mind of her mom sucking her father’s cum coated cock after he had fucked her.

Sarah finally said she wanted to take a long hot bath. Gloria told her she was glad they talked. As Sarah started getting ready for her bath, Gloria saw the diary on the bed. When Sarah left for the bathroom Gloria sat down and opened it. It was only right for a mother to know what her daughter was up to she told herself.

It didn’t take her long to find the passages outlining her recent sexual exploits. Gloria smiled as she read about the night with Brad. It reminded her of her own youth. She was shocked to learn about Sarah’s exploits in the pantry, but then she remembered a particular frat party where she got drunk. Jim still didn’t know about that. Even Sarah’s lesbian adventures she accepted. Gloria had similar feelings about her roommate but never acted on them.

What shocked her most were the entries about Jim fucking her friend Jill right in their own house, and her sexual experience with her brother Russ. She quickly forgave Jim because of what she was doing with Jason. In fact, that made it even in some ways. But her own brother. That wasn’t right.

Gloria should have been upset enough to confront her daughter immediately. Instead her pussy was leaking copious amounts of cream into her panties. She realized that she wasn’t angry with Sarah. She was envious of her daughter’s sexual appetite. Gloria also knew that she had harbored impure thoughts about her son on more than one occasion. The thought of Sarah with her lips wrapped around his cock had her heart beating fast.

Gloria took a deep breath to regain her composure and opened to the last entry which was only a few days ago. She was almost afraid at what other gems might be in store for her.

September 27

Diary, I’m becoming someone I don’t trust. And it’s not just because of my date with Brad, what happened in the pantry, the night at Jill’s or even what I did with Russ. I think about sex all the time. It consumes me. This weekend it was all around me. It started at the big game on Saturday. I was really disappointed that my father couldn’t be there. I adore my father and wanted to make him proud to see me in front of everyone in my cheerleader outfit. That’s part of the problem, Diary. I know he finds me attractive because of the looks he’s been giving me lately, and it makes me feel sexy. I’ve had impure thoughts about my father ever since that night I saw him with mom, and even more so after watching him have sex with Jill. It scares me.

Anyway, after the game, which we won, I got to ride on the team bus with the rest of the girls. Normally the coach didn’t let us, but this was a big victory over a powerhouse team. For some reason the bus I was on was only for students over 18. Jill, Susan, Rachael and Gina sat in the back two rows of the bus. I sat one seat up with Brad and across from Sasha and Carl who had been going together for a long time. It was late afternoon when they started the long journey home. I felt Brad put his arm around me and pulled me close. I looked across at Carl and Sasha. They were already kissing each other as if they were alone. I was a little self conscious when Brad kissed me, but realized only my friends in the back could really see. Besides, I liked kissing Brad and the bus was a good safe place to do it. When his hand moved up to my breast I pulled it away. I told him we should wait until later because someone will see. He said I should tell that to my friends in the back of the bus.

I looked behind me and was shocked at what I saw. Gina, who was right behind us, had her top up over her breasts. illegal bahis The guy she was with was sucking on them and had his hand in her panties. Across from her Rachael was stroking the penis of the guy sharing her seat. She had her legs spread and wasn’t wearing panties. He was pushing his fingers into her. In the very back Susan’s head was bobbing up and down on the lap of the boy she was with. Jill was facing me and bouncing up and down in one of the player’s lap while he fondled her naked breasts. I told Brad that I couldn’t believe they were having sex right here on the bus in front of everyone. He said that the coaches up front knew exactly what was going on in the back and that they wouldn’t bother us.

I continued to stare in disbelief at my friends. I watched Gina open her seat mate’s trousers and pull out his penis. She slid over onto his lap, lifting up and leaning forward holding onto the back of the seat. Gina’s face was less than a foot from mine. Our eyes locked. I watched Gina slowly lower herself. An expression of pure lust spread across her face. She started talking while looking at me… “Oooohhh… oh god… oh god that feels good… aaaaahhhhh…” Gina continued to stare into my eyes. She was moving up and down, grinding herself against him. I knew he was inside her. Her partner’s hands smothered her large breasts. I tried to imagine what she was feeling. I reached out and put my hand over Gina’s as if that would give me a closer connection. She continued talking dirty looking right at me… “Oh god …his cock feels so good in my pussy. It’s so hard and big. I can feel it pushing up into my belly, filling me, thrusting, fucking… oooohhhhh… I’m going to cum.”

Gina put her hand on my arm. Her fingers dug into my flesh. Short gasps escaped from her throat. She bit her lower lip. Her eyes pleaded with me. Gina’s entire body started shaking. She tried to suppress her squeals to little avail. A loud grunt came from her partner as he slammed up into her and jerked her body upward. Gina was still talking dirty… “Oh fuck… he’s squirting his cum inside me… I can feel it… oh god…. UUUNNNGGHHHH… AAAAHHHHHH…” Gina’s was out of control. She continued to squeal and bounce up and down until she was drained of energy. She finally slid off him. He stood, adjusted his trousers and headed up front.

The guy with Susan stood and was zipping his jeans as he walked forward. Three new guys went to the back of the bus. Billy, a great big tackle, slid in next to Gina. I was leaking like crazy. My panties were soaked. It was almost as if I had lived the experience with Gina without reaching my peak. I was on my knees facing the back of the seat. I looked over at Brad who was smiling at me. He could see the lust in my eyes. His hand touched the back of my thigh. His fingers curled around it and slid up between my legs. I knew this was all wrong but I was helpless to stop it. I was aching to be touched. My legs spread apart inviting his hand to go higher.

Through the haze of my mind I heard Jill cry out and someone roar in a loud grunt. I saw Rachael pull the guy she was sucking from her mouth. He sprayed her face with ribbons of semen. Brad’s fingers slipped under my cheerleader skirt and peeled my soaked panties down over my cheeks until they were stretched between my thighs. He rubbed his hand across the creamy skin of my bottom tracing his fingertips down the crevice between the two spheres. His fingers slid between my legs until they touched the searing flesh of my moist opening. I held my breath. I gasped when one Brad’s finger pushed between the moist folds of my sex and dipped into my opening. The tension in my tummy was electric. I gripped the back of the seat and squealed when his finger pushed up into my steamy chamber. Every nerve ending in my body felt like it was exploding.

Through the haze of my release I saw Rachael move to the back of the bus and slowly impale herself onto the boy below her. I could see clearly as his hard shaft disappeared into her body. I gasped when I realized that it was her backside that had been penetrated. Standing in the aisle in front of her was another boy who stepped up and pushed into her sex from the front. Next to her Susan was bouncing up and down on the boy below her and sucking on another boy standing on the seat in front of her. On the other side of Rachael, Jill was on her knees facing the back of the bus. A tall football player wedged himself in behind her. I heard these shocking words from her mouth… “Fuck my ass. I want it up the ass”

I was on the edge of another huge explosion from Brad’s finger which slowly moved in and out of my juicy passage. Every nerve ending in my body was alive. My legs were shaking. I was holding on to the edge with each gasp, afraid to let the pressure building in my belly rip me apart. Gina pulled her mouth from the huge meaty shaft she had been slobbering all over. She moved over onto Billy’s lap rubbing him up and down between her legs as she wrapped her hand around his huge girth. She looked at my contorted face and illegal bahis siteleri saw the desperation in my eyes. I barely heard her words… “Ooooo… someone’s about to cum. Do you mind if I slip Billy’s cock into my pussy while I watch?”

I found myself staring at Gina’s naked sex which had been completely shaved of all hair. It swelled from between her legs like two halves of a peach. She raised up until she could guide Billy’s bulging manhood to her pink petals. I watched as Gina’s swollen mound split apart from Billy’s enormous girth pushing through the opening. I couldn’t hold back much longer, particularly as I watched Billy slowly disappear inside Gina’s body. Brad chose this precise moment to push a second finger into my quivering sex hole. He twisted them around inside me creating a pressure that couldn’t be contained. The explosion started deep in my belly and quickly rippled through my body. A high pitched squeal burst from my lungs. I could feel the walls of my sex clench Brad’s fingers. Juices started squirting from inside me almost as if I were peeing.

As I was catching my breath, I surveyed the scene in the back of the bus. Rachael had her legs wrapped around the guy on top of her who was steadily pounding into her body from above while the boy below her pushed in and out of her backside. Susan was still servicing two boys at the same time and Jill had a boy doing her in the butt. Across the aisle Carl had Sasha pinned to the back of the seat with her legs up over his shoulders. I could see his hard penis repeatedly sliding in and out of her body while they kissed. In front of me Gina was grinding hard on Billy while pulling on her nipples. Susan got her face sprayed from the boy she was sucking. White goo dripped from her nose and chin. Another boy climbed into the seat in front of her and slid his manhood between her lips.

Jill screamed out when the guy behind her grunted and filled her with his stuff. The boy on top of Rachael pulled out quickly and shoved his shaft between her lips just as he started to spray. She swallowed every drop of his semen and started rubbing her sex. Rachael screamed and thrashed around on the boy in her backside. He grabbed her breasts and grunted. I could see the veins of his manhood pulsing as his creamy essence filled her dark passage. Several more players scrambled into the back seat. This time Jill took on two guys, one in each of her holes. Susan was now sucking two guys at the same time while a new one slid under her and entered her body. Rachael stood in the aisle with one player in front of her and one behind. She bent over and sucked a penis into her mouth. I watched as the boy behind her pushed into her backside which was leaking her previous partner’s stuff. Just then Sasha shrieked as she lost control. Carl slowed his pace until Sasha caught her breath then continued thrusting into her.

I looked over at Brad and realized he had pulled his swollen manhood out of his jeans. Did he expect me to do something? I certainly wasn’t going to have sex with him. Not here, not like this. After all, I was still a virgin. If we were alone I would gladly do him with my mouth, but I was too embarrassed even though everyone else was having sex. I looked away and out the window in an attempt to hide hoping the situation would go away. Then I heard Gina’s voice… “Come on Brad, get up here. I’ll help you with your little problem.” I wanted to put my hands over my ears and hide. This wasn’t right… none of it. Still I was incredibly turned on. My body still tingled from my earlier explosion. Watching all my friends having sex had me throbbing between the legs. I felt this strong need to be filled. I felt Brad moving beside me. I knew what was going to happen. Maybe if I didn’t look it wouldn’t happen.

When I heard the loud sucking and slurping sounds, I could no longer pretend. I opened my eyes and slowly turned my head. Brad was standing on the seat and holding on to the luggage rack. Gina had his hardness firmly planted between her lips with her hand wrapped around the base stroking and twisting it. I stared with my mouth open wishing it was my mouth around him and pissed that I didn’t have the nerve to do it. Brad didn’t last long. I watched the veins bulge from his hard meat as it swelled between Gina’s lips. He grabbed her head and grunted. I saw his manhood pulse each time it blasted seed into Gina’s mouth. A bead of white dribbled down her chin when he finally pulled out. Gina opened her mouth and looked at me. A pool of semen filled the bottom and covered her tongue. I couldn’t believe what she said next… “Wanna share?”

This is crazy, thought I, but yes… yes I did want to share. I wanted to taste Brad’s spunk in the worst way. I moved my face closer to Gina’s and opened my mouth. Our lips met. She was so soft and sensuous. I pushed my tongue into her mouth and swirled it around as I tasted Brad’s bodily fluids. Gina used her tongue to feed me. Then I fed her back. The kiss continued on and on as we shared Brad’s taste. She started canlı bahis siteleri moaning into my mouth. I heard Billy roar like a lion as he slammed up into her hard. Gina was shaking and jerking but clamped her hand behind my head and kept my lips pressed to hers. She finally pulled away gasping hard in short quick breaths.

She sat back and looked down between her legs… “Look, Billy’s cum is spilling from my pussy.” I looked down. Billy was still buried deep inside her body. The lips of her sex were spread wide from his girth. Out the sides white goo was oozing down his shaft and over his thighs. She reached down and scooped up his stuff with a finger which she licked clean. She scooped up some more and offered it to me. I sucked Gina’s finger into my mouth. I loved the taste of it. My body was on fire. All shame had dissipated. I was ready to do anything. Thoughts of two and three guys ravishing my body had me dripping with need.

Fortunately the bus pulled in to the school parking lot just then or god knows what I might have done. The girls quickly pulled their cheerleader uniforms back in place and cleaned themselves the best they could. As they stepped off the bus the head coach thanked each of us for our tremendous support of the team. I waved at daddy and ran to get in the car. That’s when the trouble really started. I don’t have time to write about it now, but I have to tell you about it Diary. I can’t keep it all bottled up inside me.


Gloria was exhausted. She didn’t have time to think about the references to Jim. Her panties were completely soaked. Her nipples pressed into her bra. She needed to get fucked and soon. She closed the diary and left Sarah’s room just before she emerged from her bath. Gloria ran downstairs and called Jason.

“Hi. It’s Gloria. Look, there’s something I want to check in the house just to make sure it won’t be a problem. Do you think you can meet me there? Twenty minutes? Okay, I’ll see you then.”

Twenty minutes seemed like an eternity. She decided to get there early and be waiting for him naked in the round bed.

Chapter 8 – Like Sister Like Mother

On Monday night Russ was doing homework in his room when Sarah opened his door. He hadn’t been alone with her since she gave him the blowjob last Thursday. She was still wearing her cheerleader outfit because of team pictures that afternoon. She didn’t beat around the bush about what she wanted.

“Look, Russ, mom and dad are downstairs watching a movie so I think we’re safe if we do it fast. Take off your pants and get up on the bed.”

Sarah stepped out of her panties. She straddled Russ’ head and lowered her pussy to his mouth. Then she leaned forward and sucked his cock into her mouth. Russ licked and slurped her pussy as she humped his face. His nose was pressed between her ass cheeks. Sarah had her lips pressed to his pubes and was massaging his cock with her throat. After a minute or so she pulled off him and stroked him with her hand.

“Put your fingers in me… oh god yes… now lick a little lower… right there… aaahhhhh… yeeeessssss…ohmygod… ooohhhhhhh… lick me big brother.. lick my pussy… oh god I’m gonna… oh god… UUUNNNNGGGHHH…”

Juices gushed from Sarah’s pussy into Russ’ mouth and over his lips and chin. She bucked hard against his face mashing her pussy into his mouth. At last her orgasm passed. Sarah hardly lost a beat and immediately engulfed Russ’ cock back into her mouth. She attacked it much more aggressively sucking it hard and deep. Her face bobbed up and down in a flurry. Her spit coated his cock and drooled from his balls.

Russ felt his balls tighten and his cock swell. He could feel all his energy concentrated in his groin. He thrust up into her mouth. A flood of cum splashed against her tongue. Sarah clamped her lips tightly around him and sucked copious quantities of cream from his cock.

She loved the taste and feel of thick cum. When he was spent she sat up with a mouthful of his creamy seed and let it drool over her lower lip. She looked right at Russ as several beads drooled onto her cheerleader top. She wiped her lips and swallowed the rest then kissed her brother on the mouth. She felt him start to grow hard again and was tempted for more but it was too dangerous.

“Got to go, brother. Next time we can… you know… fuck.”

Sarah grabbed her panties and ran out the door. Gloria barely ducked out of sight. She had come upstairs to get some slippers when she heard them in Russ’ room. Gloria watched everything through a crack in the door while rubbing her pussy. She drooled over Russ’ cock as it slid in and out of her daughter’s mouth.

Visions of Sarah’s pussy pressed against her lips also excited Gloria. She knew it was all wrong, but thinking about it didn’t hurt anyone… did it? She did know one thing. When she went back downstairs Jim was going to get fucked. She desperately needed a cock in her pussy.

The next afternoon Russ came home from school and changed into gym shorts to go running. As he passed by Sarah’s room it dawned on him that no one else was home. He was dying to read more from Sarah’s diary. It was in the lockbox, but he was able to break the code with a little patience. He sat down on the bed and started to read.

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