THE CREATURE WITHIN 16: DOLPHIN CONTACTCHAPTER 16: DOLPHIN CONTACTOnce again I find myself sitting next to the water looking over the vast expanse of the ocean and wondering what could happen next in my life that has turned so crazy. This time I am sitting on an isolated beach on a small island off the Southwest coast of Columbia, roughly halfway between Buenaventure and Tumaco. The island is uninhabited, primitive and secluded. The significance of the island and the reason I find myself sitting on this particular beach, alone, is: this specific location on the island is a cove very similar to the one identified in the mission parameters; the surrounding area is known to have active dolphin sightings; and, equally important, it is located only 8 miles from the mission target.All that and much more was explained and discussed with me when I was called back to Agency. Sam explained that nobody in mission strategy came closer to developing a mission plan that appeared to be successful and still give the appearance of a small independent and possibly rival group. As a result, my suggested plan rose back to the top of consideration. If that wasn’t surprising enough, the meeting was attended by an agent of the Columbian Intelligence Group and a Captain from the US Navy Seals. It was clear to me that despite their attitude that my plan was rife with problems, it still remained the best possible plan they had available to them.Sam asked if I really thought I could get the dolphins to do what needed to be done. I told him I never said ANYTHING about me doing anything on the mission. Surely, there were professionals who trained dolphins to do any number of things. He agreed, but not in the time frame they were talking. Suddenly, the time frame for the mission was not quite two weeks. I asked him why he even thought I could do something like that and he said he had talked to Jenna and she said something about the cove at the resort and that I might have … damn, loose lips …Then the conversation got real. He turned me to him, “Look, Annie, this mission has a chance to go or it doesn’t, and Columbia loses a great opportunity to get rid of a major underworld boss and cripple his organization. We’re talking d**gs, extortion, money laundering, prostitution, and sexual slavery. He will be at that retreat and when he is, he runs his organization from there. Everything will be in one place. What we miss is getting inside his defenses.”“So … you want me on this mission. And, you want me to influence dolphins in order to accomplish that.”“This is big, Annie. I know what you can do with a****ls. Wolf and Preta. And, Jenna said you have … what, some success with a dolphin …”“Shhhh! Sam, you know darn well what all that was about. Now you think I can use that to get five dolphins to do what we need?”Needless to say, that led to me agreeing to try. But, the first step, the step that everything else depended on, was to see if I could wrangle five dolphins and get them compliant to my thinking. I’ve only had limited success with this and a lot was riding on it now.Which was how I ended up here, sitting on the beach looking out over the cove and the ocean beyond. I was dropped off at this location by a charter boat that would begin setting up ‘dolphin watching’ excursions and their route would pass by the inlet to the mission target cove. The operators were US Navy Seals. There were five in the team: one to operate the boat and four to make the assault and return to the boat, hopefully with everyone intact and with the target.I was given a tent and some supplies for week including more than enough fresh water and food. After the last time with the dolphin, I mentioned the problem of controlling breathing while being so … occupied. It turned out the Seals had a new breathing apparatus which Mary and Steve made some quick modifications to. It somehow pulled water through the apparatus and filtered out the oxygen to breath. It had a limited timeframe, but they increased it to 15 minutes. Replacement filter canisters could be easily replaced, even underwater. It allowed swimming underwater without the heavy and bulky tanks on the back. Perfect for my needs. I was also provided with other diving equipment like long fins, weight belts if staying under water the entire time was necessary.I had my camp together and a week to finish, or the mission would be called off. If that happened, they would be forced to wait and hope to find a better alternative, perhaps at a different location. They believed this was the best and most isolated opportunity, however.So, here I was with only one way I had any success in dealing with a****ls. Of course, that was not discussed with anyone outside of Agency. I was not so naive to think, however, that it could remain a secret for long, especially if I was successful. One thing at time. For the time being, I would be on my own and to my own devices. What happened in this cove, stayed in this cove. Yeah, fat chance of that!I swam in the cove three times that first day on the island. The IST deep sea scuba fins and mask the Seals use made swimming much easier. I seemed to glide through the water compared with the effort of swimming without them. I saved the breathing apparatus for when I might need them, but I did have it around my neck for easy access. Like a belt with slots for bullets, I also wore a strap on my upper arm with two spare canisters.The next morning brought a new resolve that surprised even me. I made some coffee over the single burner camp stove I was provided and nibbled at two protein bars while musing at the scene before me. I was still naked after waking up in the tent, making the decision bakırköy escort without much debate in my mind that I would probably remain so. The island was separated from any other land mass and the cove I was located in was on the opposite side of the island from the mainland, a distance that still made any indication of land on the horizon questionable.In my musing, I made the connection of this cove to the one on the resort island. Although not identical, there were similarities and those similarities provided an additional psychological support and calming influence for the task at hand. It was in these quiet musings that my attention was interrupted by the very sign I had been so actively seeking yesterday during my swims into the cove. At the entrance to the cove, rising and falling in its swimming across the opening, was a single dolphin. I stuffed the remaining portion of the protein bar into my mouth as I searched around me for the fins, mask, and mouthpiece, finding them inside the crate where I had replaced them for the night.I had devised a plan during the night. It was to be seen if it might work with these a****ls and if I could hold myself to the plan.I sat in the shallow water, rinsing the dried sand out of the boot part of the fins, then putting them securely on. I put the mouthpiece over my head and hanging from my neck. With the mask over my face, I waddled out into deeper water until I could push off and beginning swimming. I swam directly for the inlet, periodically raising my head enough to look ahead, searching for any sign of the dolphin anywhere ahead of me. I stopped when after a couple of looks I didn’t see anything of the dolphin. I tread water as I gazed out through the inlet, then 360 degrees around me. Nothing. I put the mouthpiece into my mouth, curled, and stroked beneath the water, kicking with the oversized fins once my feet felt under the water. I swam down further, then came vertical, holding my position under water, using my arms to keep me under. As I did, I turned slowly seeking any sign of the dolphin.A shadow passed over me from the left and I looked up in that direction. Above me was a single dolphin gliding just below the surface. He seemed to be intent on watching me as I watched him, then he curled his body and kicked with his powerful tail and dove straight down in front of me, looping well beneath me and rising in back of me, but I turned to follow him. As he came to my head level, he adjusted his body to horizontal, his face at the level of mine and five feet apart. For a moment, we just watched each other.Since my previous encounter with the dolphin, I did more research on them. I found they can be quite sexually aggressive and they seem to enjoy sex for the sake of having sex. I could certainly vouch for that. Also, sexual encounters with human females have been known to happen when the dolphin was the aggressor. I am not sure I can vouch for that, however. We may both have been aggressors in that previous encounter. I hoped the same would be true this time, too. In fact, I hoped it would be true for the next few days, if I was lucky. But, another thing I learned is that groups of male dolphins have been known to isolate a single female and use her repeatedly … a dolphin gangbang, so to speak. Who knows … I mean, I need to attract and somehow control five dolphins for the mission.It wasn’t as if I could read all that in this instant of encounter, but the thoughts were dominant and ever present in my thinking. The whole plan began and depended on dolphins as a diversion and mode of entry. And, we each needed one for appearances to be proper. Four Seals and me. Five. First things, first.Remaining vertical in the water, I used my hands and arms to move slowly to close the five feet between us until I could reach out and touch the side of his face, which is what I did. He allowed the touch and I moved to his side, sliding my hand along his side. I then moved my hand underneath him, rubbing his underside. I felt the water shift around us slightly as he moved both his flippers and his tail slightly, moving a short distance before turning around and facing me, again. We stayed in this position for a moment, as if he was assessing me and my intention.Without thinking about the action, I realized I had moved one hand to my breast and was fondling it while the other worked to hold my position in the water. It was then that I saw his head move just enough to give the impression that he was looking over my entire body, my face, down, and back to my face. I wanted to move to him, again. I didn’t, though. I held my position. I waited. I wanted to mate with him. That was why I was here. Then a thought came to me and I wondered why I had made the leap. Was this even a male? I hadn’t been far enough back on its body where the slit would be.That thought was interrupted by his movement, though. He moved to me without even seeming to move. I could detect no movement in him, yet he was closer and closer. His beak came to my face and he gently touch me, then he lowered his entire body in the water, touching my chest, my breast, my stomach, my mound … I realized I was holding my breath as he hovered at my crotch. Was there a scent or flavor in the water from me? I was excited enough, there was no question about that. Fascinating! What was he picking up? Was he picking something up?I bent my head down, gazing along my body, watching his snout not quite touching me at my crotch. I spread my legs a little more, took a breath, waited … My God! When his beak touch me between my legs, I wanted to cry out. If I did, there was nothing coming out but expelled beşiktaş escort air.I didn’t know how long I had been underwater, which was a mistake I needed to correct in the future by wearing the dive watch the Seals gave me. I kicked for the surface. When my head broke the surface, I took off the mouthpiece over my head and checked the gage on the front. I had only been under for four minutes. It had just seemed to be longer. I had at least fifteen minutes on each canister. I replaced the mouthpiece over my head and insert it. I looked around me to find the dolphin and suddenly cursed myself if I startled him and he left. But, he didn’t.I found him swimming in a loose circle around me, keeping behind me as I turned, as if he were playing with me, teasing me. When I found him, and tracked him, he dove underwater, slapping the surface with his tail. I dunked my face into the water to follow him and was watched him as he made a tight circle below me near the bottom, turned onto his back and glided around one more time. I looked along his body, as if that was what he was intending by the presentation. I found the slit and any doubt of male or female was dispensed. Although, his penis wasn’t completely out of the slit, the curled member was visible, though barely protruding. Then I saw him smoothly change his glide into a vertical approach. I held my position, using my arms for control, and watched him rise slowly and effortless to me. I was again holding my breath, not believing what might happen if he continued like he was and I stayed exactly where I was. But, as he rose, it seemed inevitable and certain. He was aiming between my legs and I saw them part more as he got closer. I gasped and moaned around the apparatus when his beak poked me directly on my pussy. My head went back and I cried out, a muffled cry, but cry none-the-less.The warm lagoon water moved gently with the incoming tide. I have always loved the feeling of water over my naked body, a primary reason for preferring to swim naked, even in the pool. The feeling of the water was only a small part of the sensual feeling my body was experiencing at the moment, however. I was in full anticipation now of another sexual encounter and a step toward my plan.After poking my pussy, unbelievably, the dolphin sank back down, swam in a circle around me, then up to the surface before going back down. I watched him glide down near the bottom and returning to mid-depth. He stayed there, stationary in the water. I curled and kicked, propelling myself down, gliding myself to his level. He came within inches of my face. I reached out with my hands to each side of his head, then moved my face to his beak and planted a kiss on his mouth. He pulled back and looked at me, then turned to the side and swam away. Did he leave for real this time?I lost sight of him in the distance, but I was confident. Something in the interaction told me that there was a connection. I continued to watch in the direction he disappeared, watching for a change in shadows or reflection of the sunlight from above. I was not expecting what did happen, though.I didn’t feel any movement of water around me or shadow change in the water or on the cove bottom. What I did feel, though, was the dolphin silently gliding past me on the left, turned on his side, the bottom of his chin grazed my hip, first. I looked down sharply, flinching to the right in response. He compensated, however, and was touching my hip quickly with his smooth, slick underside. I put my hand out, allowing it to slide along his side, hitting his flipper, which he had raised up so as not to bump me. As he moved by me in constant contact, I felt a change on his underside, a pronounced bump protruding. I looked down and saw that it was his slit and the curved penis was still partially protruding, the tip and most of its length still inside.I used my hands to push myself deeper while remaining vertical and he responded. He turned, dove deeper himself, then curled up so he would now rise in front of me, his underside within a foot of my body. He swam up this way, giving me a close-up view of his slit and the partially exposed penis. He swam to the surface, blew water from his top hole and returned down. I remained where I was. It seemed as if we were now somehow in an erotic inter-species dance, and I was happy to let him lead.As he came up in front of me, this time, he slowed as his underside came to my eye level. I looked up at his head and saw him looking down at me. I refocused on his smooth belly as he continued to rise, but he was rising slower and slower, until he seemed to stop in front of me. In front of my eyes was his slit. I put my hands out, but pulled them back. I looked back up above me and saw he was still watching me. I smiled, though the mouth piece made that impossible to show on my face. I reached my hands out and touched his belly on either side of the slit. I saw the penis before, but … the penis curls inside the body. I could see a portion of it curved outside the slit while the base and top were still inside. My fingers moved to the portion exposed. I was transfixed by what was before me. I was too curious. I was too needy.I moved my fingers to the slit and the penis partially protruding. It was right in front of me … right there. I moved my face to his body. No, I moved my face to his penis. There was no body in my view, any longer. It was only that curled penis in the slit. My fingers of each hand were on either side of his slit, touching the slit, touching the folds of the slit where the penis was curled. My face was within inches. I tilted my face, removed the mouthpiece beylikdüzü escort and kissed the exposed penis.He moved slightly. I pulled my face back slightly, replacing the mouthpiece. My eyes never left the slit, though. I saw the penis move slightly, then more. Before my eyes, it came out of the slit, it uncurled itself from within and sprang out in front of my fixed gaze. It was curved, the tip/head being pointed and much thicker at the base where it disappeared into the slit. I pushed my face forward, bumping it with my mouthpiece. I felt embarrassed at the clumsiness, removed the mouthpiece and returned my lips to it, making contact with the surface and running my tongue up the length. It was about nine to ten inches and I licked the entire length.I pulled back. I was still looking at his cock when it occurred to me that he was probably still watching me. I looked up and he was, indeed. For some reason, that embarrassed me, again. Caught staring at another cock.I kicked hard for the surface and he turned and swam to the side. At the surface, I quickly changed out the canister, and prepared myself for what I hoped was following. We had both teased and shown our obvious interest. I hoped it was time to act.I looked around on the surface and found nothing. I put my face in the water and searched the water and found him to my right. He was well below me and when he turned to rise in front of me, his protruding cock was obvious and unmistakable. It seemed it was time and I was so turned on to once again experience this magnificent a****l. We were at the same point in our interest, our anticipation, our expectation. I used only my arms to tread water as I watched me glide up to me and I saw my legs opening. I didn’t have long to wait for his response to that action. I first felt the touch on the insides of my thighs. As his head reached mine at the surface, my thighs were forced further apart by the width of his body. His flippers hit my legs and I pushed them further apart, bending my knees. Instinctively, my legs encircled him and his body rose and went horizontal on top of the water, lifting me with him, watering running off both of us. His body felt like wet leather and I reached for his flippers as I lowered my front down onto him, my legs now dragging behind me on either side of him. I slipped on him, moving further back. As I secured my grip on his flippers, I felt him bump into me at the junction of my thighs, his penis, his pointed penis bumping, probing at me. And probing it was! Maybe during my first encounter, I was too overwhelmed by the experience and the fear of the potential from drowning when in the water with an a****l capable of remaining underwater for extended periods. But, I didn’t remember this … this movement of his penis!The canine and feline jam their cocks in pursuing the pussy. A man uses his hand to guide it. This was entirely different. I lay on his belly, his erect cock head touching my crotch … and it was moving up and down, side to side, pressing but not jamming against me. I remembered in that instant what the research I found had said. The dolphin has a prehensile cock that allows him to consciously manipulate it like we do with our fingers. Although, they don’t use them for grasping, they can direct their cock to move where they want, even to curl or bend as is required to enter their slit when not erect. I felt it find my slit, then moved along it until it found my hole and it went inside with a flip of its tail driving his cock into me. With a couple powerful kicks of his tail, he surged his body forward in the water and me backwards onto his cock more fully.He swam in a wide circle, his tail propelling us and at the same time humping his cock into my pussy. Once again, the act of swimming turned into an act of fucking. But, even in the haze of sensual bliss overtaking me, I knew he couldn’t swim like this for too much longer. Dolphins breath only through their blowhole on top of their heads, they cannot breathe through their mouths like land mammals. But, this thought was already worked out, so when he rotated to his side and then putting me on the bottom, hanging onto him with my legs around his body and my arms around his neck, the breathing apparatus came into use. I adjusted and tightened my hold on him and remained on his cock.This was completely wild and different from the one previous time. I was relaxed with the ability to breath and not having to hold my breath and tensed about getting my next breath of air. I hung onto him as he dove underwater, his tail moving us and the action driving his cock repeated into my pussy, the water rushing over my body as I clung to his.He turned, again, this time still underwater so I was again on top, my naked body pressed against my aquatic lover, holding him tightly, pressing my breasts into his underside, pressing my pussy back against his curved cock buried deep inside. And, not concerned with any of the other issues of before, I felt his cock move inside me. Not just the fucking motion of his cock in and out as his tail propelled us through the water; but, his cock wiggling inside me, moving to one side and then the other of my pussy. It curled and seemed to stroke my wall, then extend straight out and a new jolt hit me. His cock was long and the tip pointed. Extended, he sometimes found my cervix and managed to press the tip just inside, just inside my womb.I was beyond control at this point, but was in complete trust of the breathing apparatus given to me and I allowed myself to completely release to the sensations and pleasures being given to me. He curled and kicked for the surface. Even if I didn’t need air, he did. He broke the surface and rotated 180 degrees, clearing the surface with half of his body and falling back with me riding him as we crashed back into the water.The jolt sent me to heaven … and he climaxed with me.* * * CHAPTER 17: DOLPHIN TRAINING will follow * * * Thanks for reading

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