The Day that Zaaz Got Good Exercise


The Day that Zaaz Got Good Exercise*This is a fictional story about the Swedish professional gamer.* This is the english translate of: eL Día en el que Zaaz hizo un buen ejercicio* This is a story that I’d already uploaded on another page.Zaaz would have to attend an important tournament next week. So he had been training more than usual, which produced a great adrenaline rush, to get rid of that adrenaline he went to a gym.In the gym she did a little bit of everything, which worked for her, as she managed to reassure her.This gym was also attended by a boy of about 19-20 years old; he could not help but look at her and fantasize about it, especially when she went with leggins, since they marked her ass well.The owner of the gym couldn’t help noticing, so an idea had come up, he was going to offer him a deal he had in mind. So when the boy was about to leave the gym this one called him to offer him the deal he had thought.The owner said, “Boy, come here.”Boy: Yeah, what’s happening?Owner: First, what’s your name?Boy: Jasper. Yours?Owner: my name is Patrick. Now tell me, what do you think of her (pointing to zaaz), do you like her?Jasper: Of course, she is really beautiful.Patrick: Would you like to fuck her?Jasper: Of course, I can’t avoid fantasizing about her.Patrick: Then I have a deal to offer you that I think you’ll love.Jasper: What deal?Patrick: I propose one day to close the gym but not to tell her anything, so we can be alone with her and have fun.Jasper: All right, but don’t forget to bring condoms and. Mind if I invite a friend? Cause he’s a virgin and I think this could be a great opportunity for him.Patrick: It’s ok , no problem at all. Is it okay if we leave it for this every day of next week. Is that a week from now?Jasper: I think it’s perfect.The big day had arrived; Jasper had arrived at the gym with his friend.Jasper: Hi Patrick, this is my friend Lucas.Lucas: Hi, nice to meet you.Patrick: You too.Jasper and Patrick told Lucas about the plan in detail, once they finished explaining it and made sure he didn’t have any questions about the plan, they set out to wait for zaaz, each one in his place.After a few hours Zaaz arrived at the gym, when Patrick greeted her as on any other day, then she went to the exercise machines, there was Jasper, who stopped her and started asking her some simple questions with the idea of distracting her.Zaaz that day had dressed himself in a short-sleeved T-shirt, leggings up to a little more than the knees long, white trainers with little black socks.This made it a little difficult for Jasper to concentrate, as he often distracted himself from watching her.While tuzla escort Jasper and Zaaz were chatting, Patrick sneaked up behind Zaaz and grabbed her from her tits; Zaaz couldn’t help but scream a surprise, while Lucas blocked the gym door to make sure she didn’t escape.Zaaz: what are you doing? Release mePatrick: No, it’s time for you to do some exercise. But not the traditional.Zaaz: What, what are you referring to (she actually knew exactly what it was about).?Patrick: I’m referring to this (as he stroked her tits a little on the top of her shirt).Next thing you know, (while Patrick was kissing Zaaz’s neck a little bit) Patrick grabbed Zaaz’s shirt from her neck and started to push himself to break it, after a few seconds he did it and was able to take it off more easily. Patrick then ordered Jasper to take off her bra, Jasper began to play a little with Zaaz’s tits, taking advantage of the fact that she was now without a shirt, he put his hands inside her bra and squeezed her tits, until he grabbed her bra in the middle and broke it in half with a strong pull.Zaaz shouted to them in a desperate tone that they should please release her and she would pretend that nothing happened (even though part of her didn’t want that to happen).The response to her request resulted in Patrick and Jasper starting squeezing her tits.Jasper invited his friend to join him as Lucas continued at the front door of the gym. Lucas quickly joined them by squeezing Zaaz’s tits.Zaaz in a tearful tone asked them to please stop (She didn’t believe those tears, and she didn’t believe them).Patrick ordered her to go to lie down. He had to push her down a little bit, since she was somewhat denied (but not too much). Once he got her to lie on the floor he knelt down and began to break the front of his leggings, thanks to this he could see her underwear.Zaaz crying asked her to please stop, to leave her alone, she wanted to go home (She knew that wasn’t true. She wanted to stay).Patrick started playing with his thong, while ordering Zaaz to suck the jasper’s and luca’s dicks, one act after another broke Zaaz’s thong with a strong pull.Jasper and Lucas pulled their dicks closer to Zaaz’s mouth, she was disgusted (but no much), but Jasper gave her slight blow to one of his cheeks and said, “Start or the next one will be stronger” (That made her more excited).Zaaz took Jasper’s dick and began to masturbate him clumsily, until very slowly she put it in her mouth and began to suck it, meanwhile Patrick sucked her pussy and introduced some fingers to her (She was needing that so she could end her negativity and finish getting excited), luckily tuzla escort bayan for Jasper and Lucas, Patrick was a veteran, so after a time that Patrick used his skills Zaaz began to enjoy, which caused him to lose her clumsiness and start sucking Jasper’s cock with more intensity and security.After a while, Jasper asked Zaaz to suck Jasper’s cock, Zaaz spat Lucas’ cock to masturbate him a little bit later she began to suck his cock, Lucas couldn’t help but sigh, because that was a new sensation for him, since he was a virgin.Lucas: Oh yes, what a pleasure, don’t stop.Zaaz: You like it?Lucas: Yes, I love it.Patrick: It’s my turn, Jasper; I’ve come to replace myself.Patrick stood up and waited for his turn to get his cock sucked, while Jasper lay down on the floor and started sucking Zaaz’s pussy.After a while, Jasper put on his condom, spits the Zaaz’s pussy and began to slowly insert his cock into Zaaz’s pussy, while Zaaz was sucking Patrick’s cock, repeating the same procedure as Lucas, spitting, masturbating and sucking.Her pussy was pretty tight, sign that her sex life wasn’t the best. Jasper couldn’t avoid moaning, he had to spit her pussy a little nore bit to help himself, because of how tight it was.Soon after jasper came up with an idea, he decided to leave the job to his friend, so he told Lucas to replace him, Lucas put on the condom, Zaaz spat his cock with the condom on and then masturbated it a little to expunge the saliva to lubricate it, then she continued sucking Patrick’s cock.Before Lucas started, Jasper asked Zaaz to kneel; when Zaaz kneels Jasper caressed her and squeezed her ass a little over her shoe, then broke the back of her shoe, letting he see her ass.Zaaz: Mmm. You wanted to see my ass?Jasper: Yes, but I also want to break it.Zaaz: But, my ass is virgin, that’s going to hurt a lot.Jasper: At first yes, but then it will be very pleasant.Zaaz: Ok. But please be careful.Jasper spit out Zaaz’s ass and sucked it a little bit, sticking his tongue up her ass a little bit.Zaaz: OH YEAH, that delights, that good tongue, don’t stop.Jasper began to dip one of him fingers into Zaaz’s ass, she shouted a silent cry, then he introduced the second finger, Zaaz closed her eyes tightly while she clenched her teeth to try to put up with the pain, until he introduced a third finger, there she could no longer bear the pain and began to scream at the same time that some tears escaped.Jasper decided it was time, so he pulled his fingers out of Zaaz’s ass, spat it out and spit his saliva out of her ass with one finger, followed by the act of slowly penetrating Zaaz’s ass, he found it a little difficult escort tuzla to penetrate it as she was a virgin, when finally he succeeded, Zaaz let out a loud scream, so loud that it almost stunned them.Zaaz would not stop screaming and crying because of the great pain it caused her, and when she could say some things.Zaaz: Shit, it hurts so much, please stop.Jasper wouldn’t listen to her and kept pushing her. So they stayed for a while, until Zaaz slowly began to enjoy the anal.Jasper lay down on the floor and asked zaaz to reverse mount it upside down with her ass, so Lucas could finally get her pussy in.When Lucas introduced his cock, he couldn’t avoid throwing a slight sigh, as that was a new sensation for him.After a few minutes Lucas felt he was about to ejaculate, so he pulled his cock out of Zaaz’s pussy, took off his condom and ejaculated on Zaaz’s pussy and belly.Patrick when he saw that Zaaz’s pussy was free, he put on the condom and started to penetrate it, Patrick was much more experienced, so he knew what to do.For Zaaz this worked out well, as she was now enjoying much more.Zaaz: Oh yeah, fuck me harder; show me how manly you are.They started fucking her as fast and strong as they could.Zaaz: Oh yes, what a pleasure oh, how well ah it feels, don’t stop.Zaaz did not stop moaning and screaming, to the point that she began to gasp.Jasper: I’m going to finish.Zaaz put himself in the dog’s position so that Jasper could get out and Patrick could penetrate it up her ass.Jasper took off the condom and started ejaculating in her face, while Patrick was fucking her in the ass.Zaaz: Yes, come on, break my ass, and give me hard.Patrick: Do you like it, whore?Zaaz: Yes, I love it. come on boy, fuck me.Patrick: Boy? I’m 38 years old, now you’re going to see a whore.Patrick grabbed her by the waist and began to penetrate her faster and harder.Zaaz: AH, WHAT A SON OF BITCH.Patrick: What do you think?Zaaz: That’s all there is to it?Patrick fucked her as hard and as fast as he could.Zaaz: AH, come on, more harder.Patrick began to finger her pussy as hard as he could.Zaaz: Yes, by doing so, don’t stop, make me finish.Patrick: I’m almost cum.Zaaz: (squirming with pleasure) I’m going to finish too.Patrick pulled his dick out of Zaaz’s ass, took off his condom, and started to ejaculate on Zaaz’s ass, at the same time Zaaz started to end up too, she was having the most intense squirt of her life.Zaaz was bathed in semen.Zaaz: (gasping) This was very good, I hope we can do it again some other day.Then they went to the showers and took a shower all together, they repeated it again while bathing, and this time Lucas could taste Zaaz’s ass.When they were done, they got dressed. Zaaz had to borrow clothes, because her clothes were torn, so they lent her clothes, then, when everyone was dressed, they left the gym and went home.The end

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