The Doctor Diaries Ch. 05

Adriana Chechik

Be warned that the main subject of this story, Dr. Martin has sex with woman/women that he is not married to. If you are offended by this premise, don’t read on … go read something else.

I never expected that I would be writing a Part 5, but you – the readers – urged me in your feedback to write some more. Then I found I had to anyway, because the saga that I thought was complete, had another twist to it.

The government department that oversees the issuing of licenses to practice medicine decided that Dr Martin might have a case to answer for improper conduct with a patient…

Chapter Fifteen

I am Dr. James Martin … a respected member of my community … a G.P. – that’s a general practitioner, the sort of doctor who has to know the symptoms of nearly every disease and how to treat it. That doesn’t make me an expert in anything … I leave that for the highly paid specialists. Me … well I collect my $65 per ten minute consultation and I squeeze in about 30 patients a day. That’s close to $10,000 per week, but I do have costs – staff wages, rent. But you do the math … in a career spanning almost 30 years, I am doing all right.

I am married to Jane, have been for 25 years and we raised a couple of fine kids, one already married and the other maybe sometime soon.

I have been a very good doctor all these years, only ever acting with decorum and treating my patients with the utmost respect. However, something went amiss after I turned 50, my morals seemed to derail and I began to look at my female patients with carnal desire and lust.

If a woman presented to me in my surgery with a problem that necessitated me touching her vagina, then I would have this incredible urge to do more than touch it. I became crazy with intense arousal, my cock would spring up and my hands would want to insert my fingers and bring her on.

Considering I see 30 patients a day and 20 of them would be women, I actually did control myself most of the time. But there were those moments when I totally lost it. They were the rare episodes of indiscreet dealings with patients that I related to you in this story’s earlier parts … the episodes that were all capable of bringing my medical career to a screaming halt. I did predict – to you, the reader – that my having sexual encounters with my patients could return to bite me in the bum one day.

Do you remember the first incident, with Julie Jackson (in Part 1), the patient that started it all. She was a new mum who came to me because her milk ducts were blocked. I have to say that I used some unconventional methods to start her breast milk flowing again … but no harm done, we both enjoyed the experience of my drinking from her bulging nipples. Then we had to compound matters by each masturbating the other. She swore she would never tell anybody.

A week later, Angela came to visit me. She and her partner were having trouble with some pain and discomfort while having sex. I looked up inside her and discovered that she had some lesions, caused by rough sex, on the roof of her vaginal passage, very near her g spot. Diagnosing it was fine, but treating her by applying the soothing cream with my own fingers did lead to some complications in our doctor-patient relationship. “Please don’t tell anyone,” I implored Angela after we each sucked the other to completion and she willingly agreed for it to remain our dirty little secret.

Then in Part 2, there was 19 year old Stephanie, not long out of high school. Her mother came with her … what a great pair of good lookers. It seems that Steph’s boyfriend had botched their first fuck together and left her as half a virgin. It was up to me – the good doctor – to finish the job by whatever means necessary.

Fixing Stephanie’s little semi virgin problem was a simple breakthrough, but I found that her mother Victoria wanted to make her relationship with the family doctor one that you wouldn’t read about in the Medical Journal. One Wednesday afternoon when I should have been playing golf, she lured me to make a very long house call, even introducing this innocent unsullied doctor to the carnal delights of anal sex.

Speaking of good looking women’s arses (which we almost were), I must not forget Diana who was married to a man with a small dick – well, his name was Richard. It was so small that his cock barely touched the sides of her vagina, so they had long ago agreed that he would do her in the arse where his midget cock would seem to be more tightly held. The problem was that when a neighbour put his real sized cock in her arse, she really got a workout. How that could lead to her doctor fucking her is completely beyond me … but of course it did (in Part 3).

The last straw was when my good wife Jane even became complicit in organising for me to father a child for a patient whose husband was infertile. No test tubes for us, I got in there and gave her one every time she was on illegal bahis heat … and that was often, much to her husband’s frustration and jealousy.

I knew, as each episode with another female patient unfolded, that my career would go down the tubes if only one of these women, who may have wanted more from me – or who maybe felt cheated in the cold light of day, blabbed. Just one of them could wreck my whole, previously ethical, career by complaining to the Medical Tribunal.

Well, what do you know, someone has. I don’t know who it was, the authorities so far won’t tell me. I received a letter from the Medical Tribunal, advising that they have received a complaint that I have dealt with a female patient in a less than professional manner. They have asked for my response. Of course, the problem is they won’t tell me just who it is that has complained or the nature of the complaint.

My lawyer says that they are on a fishing expedition. In other words, they don’t have enough to hang me yet and they’re hoping that I will be stupid enough to panic and ‘fess up every indiscretion that I may have had with a female patient. Goodness me, have I got enough paper for that confession?

Her (my lawyer is a woman – so what, I like women a lot) legal advice is to be aggressive in my defence. She suggested that I should immediately start a petition going at the front desk of my surgery, asking all of my female patients to sign if they agree with the following statement:

“The Medical Tribunal is investigating the manner in which I (Dr Martin) deal with my female patients. There is some veiled suggestion that I may not have been completely ethical with some. Would you please sign below if you consider that Dr James Martin has only ever treated you honourably, ethically and with total respect to your body’s privacy.”

What a great idea that was. My patients were all eager to sign. After all, of the more than 500 female patients on my books, I had always treated the majority with decorum. No, I didn’t check the petition pages to see if it had been signed by Julie or Angela or Stephanie or Victoria or Diana – or the beautiful new mum Natalie, who has a baby that looks like me.

Every Wednesday, I play golf with some of my medical buddies. One of them is Dr Andrew Griffin, our city’s leading gynaecologist. Not only a golf partner, but he and his gorgeous second wife, Alicia, regularly come to our house for dinner parties, and Jane and I reciprocate to their place often too.

I had discussed my problem with him without daring to admit that there could be a fabric of truth in the allegation. I had told nobody of my indiscretions, although Jane of course knew about my providing my sperm for Natalie to make her baby … she was my good wife who had encouraged me to procreate in that way.

Andrew had tut-tutted about the perils of our dealing with female patients, many of who nurtured this romantic fantasy of getting it off with their doctor. He even confessed to me that he had experienced several close calls, particularly in the field in which he dealt, looking at vaginas from morning till night. He didn’t go so far as to say whether any of the allegations against him might have had some foundation of truth.

What did spook me out though was the visit I had from his wife Alicia in my surgery late one afternoon. I tell you that she always looked a million bucks, but this day, the 30-something blonde was dressed to kill.

“Alicia, to what do I owe this pleasure? You may well be on my books as a patient, but I don’t often get the opportunity to ogle you and your luscious body.” All right, that may have seemed a bit forward, but Alicia and Andrew were among our closest friends and I had been flirting with her ever since Andrew married her some five years ago. He was on the rebound from his first wife who left him for a younger man.

While we considered her a patient of mine, I recognised that being married to a gynaecologist would negate the need for her to come to me for anything that required taking her clothes off … damn it!

“James darling, Andrew told me of your problem, so I came to offer my help. What have you been up to, you naughty man?” She did sound a bit pretentious when she talked.

“Alicia, how could you even suggest it … you know me, as scrupulously ethical as the day is long.”

She giggled a response that implied she doubted that.

“Ah come on now, Alicia … I might make some lewd suggestions to you when we’ve put a few wines away over dinner, but I am the essence of the honest family doctor.”

“James, you’ve convinced me.”

She had not sat yet and her hands came up and began unbuttoning her dress down the front. “Goodness me, what are you doing?” I asked, curious.

“Isn’t this what a patient has to do when they come here to be examined by their good doctor?”

“Well yes, but doesn’t Andrew look after these things illegal bahis siteleri for you?”

She had unbuttoned all the way to the waist and I then saw that she was wearing a smartly styled two-piece suit. She grabbed the lapels and her top half was gone, falling off behind her, leaving her body clad above the waist in only a sheer tan bra through which her nipples pressed out against the material.

“I need you to check for lumps in my breast, just in case.”

She appeared to now be serious, so I took on my more professional bedside manner. “Oh sure, please sit down here, Alicia,” and I directed her around behind the screen, pointing her to sit on the side of my examination table.

I stepped up in front of where she sat up high, “Have you any reason to suspect that you may have a lump?” I asked.

“No James, not at all, but I’m always asking Andrew to check, but you know how it is, he starts out checking and the next thing he’s feeling me up and then we’re going at it in bed.”

“Yes, life’s a bitch sometimes. You just can’t trust your friendly gynaecologist.”

“James, you’re the one under investigation, I should watch myself with you. Fancy me coming here and asking you to check out my boobies … I must be mad, what with your reputation.”

I nervously tore my eyes away from her breasts that she had now released from the confines of that bra that had struggled to keep them contained. “What reputation, what do you mean?”

“Every woman my age that I meet and talk to, it seems they all have you as their doctor. I say where there’s smoke, there’s fire … wouldn’t you say that, James? You must have every good looking woman in this city on your books.”

My eyes descended back down to ogling those near perfect breasts, must be D cups, there was a lot of them. I lifted my hands and placed them on the bare smooth skin of her breasts.

She flinched, “Ooh, bit cold … you should have warmed them first.”

“Nowhere to do that in here, Alicia, I don’t have a heater.”

“You could have warmed them down here, darling,” she said, her eyes giving me a sultry look. But what totally caught me by surprise was the sudden lifting of her thighs up in front of me, her knees bent as she perched her heels beside her hips on the edge of the examination table. As my eyes looked down toward her knees, she parted them as far as she could, spreading them further as her hands pushed the bottom of her skirt back to her hips. I found myself looking straight down into the vee formed by her spread thighs and I could now clearly see that her panties were a satiny beige, a camel toe clearly evident to show the way.

“Down where?” I feigned naivety.

“In here silly, it’s so hot down here,” she said, a mischievous glint in her eye as she used her own two hands to take mine off her breasts and she pushed them down between her thighs. “That’s where you can get your hands really warm.”

The backs of the fingers on one of my hands was touching her pantie covered pubic mound and I saw her close her eyes and take in a deep breath from my feather-light touch.

“Whoa, I’m not sure if I’m comfortable where this is heading, Alicia. Andrew is one of my best friends.” I tried to pull my hands away from where they rested at the tops of her thighs, but she placed her own hands on my arms and forced my hands to stay where they were.

“Oh dear, James, this is so awkward. Where do I start…?”

“You can start by telling me why you’re coming on to me here in my surgery.”

“I could say it seemed as good a place as any … you know, the scene of the crime.”

“What crime, Alicia? What are you going on about?”

“Whatever the Medical Tribunal says you did … they’re probably right you know, if there’s been a complaint. I was thrilled when I heard about it … sort of makes you seem human, philandering around like most other men, doing sex stuff with one of your female patients. Was she good looking … I bet she was, most of your patients are.”

“Is that what you think, Alicia? Do you think I really did do something?”

“Darling, I’m new to this town, new to your group of friends…”

“You’ve been here five years.”

“Yes, but you and Andrew go back a long way … you know, doctors together. You two have been through a lot. Andrew tells me that many doctors do get to enjoy some side benefits from the women patients. You know, all these women are living some fantasy about their doctors.”

I needed to keep protesting, but she had the floor. “I have always liked the older men, James.”

“I know that, you married one.”

“Yes, I know, I did, but he’s only just over forty, Andrew is only ten years older than me. But James, you’re … what, fifty now?”

“Yeah, about that!”

“I have fancied you since I arrived here, since I married Andrew. I love really older men, they look to be so mature, so much more experienced. I lost my canlı bahis siteleri dad when I was quite young, I’ve probably been looking for a father figure ever since. I love the way that you flirt with me whenever we’re all out to dinner.”

“But Alicia, that’s all it is, flirting. It’s just a bit of harmless fun that does something for the ego. But it shouldn’t do anything for other parts.”

She ignored my explanation for flirting and somehow shifted her arse around where she sat on the examination table. It caused her mound to rub against my knuckles that were still wedged tightly up against her panties. “I bet you’d be good if we got to do it.”

“Alicia, this is crazy, I’m in enough trouble without getting involved with my best friend’s wife.”

“So you did do something, I knew it. What did you do? Who with, James?” Her eyes had lit up, “Oh, this is so exciting.”

“It’s not exciting, it’s very serious, Alicia, my reputation is on the line.”

“James, I didn’t really intend to go this far with you when I came here today … truly! I was just going to flirt a bit with you, like we always do. I actually came to sign the petition … and I also wanted to extend an offer. I want to write a letter to the Tribunal … I write good letters, James. I want to write saying how moral and ethical you’ve always been with me and that I, as one of your patients, take great offence that they would even suggest that you might have done something untoward to one of your patients. Sort of throw the allegation back at them. That was all I intended, really. But then I came in here and I joked with you a bit. Asking you to feel my breasts for lumps just sprang into my head as a means of making it seem like I was seriously here as a patient. Then I saw in your eyes the way that you looked at my breasts. That look was … oh, I don’t know, it was probably just raw lust, but I liked that. I got so excited that there was a chance that you might do it with me, a quick no commitment fling … a few dirty sex episodes in exciting risky places. And then we’ll both move on, you back to Jane and me to Andrew. I only need a little diversion like that with someone I really want, then I’ll be content with Andrew again.”

“Wow, that was some speech.”

“Yeah, how about that. So, how do you feel about it? I’ll bet if I put my hand down on your cock right now, you would have the biggest boner … am I right?”

She was right and she knew it, “Yeah, you’d be right,” I admitted.

“I turn you on, don’t I?”

“Of course you do, I’m looking straight down at the outline of your labia lips in your panties.”

“Damn doctors … God, why can’t you just call it a cunt like everybody else does?”

“I think my hands are warm enough now, Alicia. Do you still want me to examine your breasts?”

“Of course, that’s officially why I’m here, isn’t it?”

She released her hold on my arms and I drew my hands back out of her crotch, moving them up to place them on the smooth skin of her ample breasts. I did the examination in my most professional manner, touching her all over her breasts. All the while, I was conscious that her eyes never left mine, she watched my eyes intently.

“You’re fine, Alicia, I am happy to say … not a lump anywhere. They are a great healthy pair of breasts.”

“Would you like to suck them … before I put them away, I mean.”

I gave her a look of exasperation, but when I looked into her eyes, I could see she was deadly serious. She really wanted me to suck on them. So I did … I lowered my head, parted my lips, took her right nipple into my mouth and sucked … and licked … and nipped with my teeth. She threw her arms around behind my head and tugged me tightly to her bosom. When I tired of her right breast, I switched to the left.

When I came up for air after about five minutes, Alicia was moaning in delight. “You’re good … that felt great! Now, let’s plan a time and place to do it because you probably have a string of patients outside and I need you to last long enough for me to cum when we do eventually fuck.”

I couldn’t believe it, the woman was determined, she really did want us to have a brief affair … well I hoped it would be brief – and secret.

“I don’t know about that,” I was still making a pretence of protesting.

“James, that’s nonsense, of course you want me, I can see it all over your face.” Her hand suddenly shot down and grabbed a hold of my hard cock through my trousers, “And I can feel how much too.” She rubbed along its length a couple of times, “Umm, that feels nice, James. I’m going to enjoy this, I can tell.”

I picked up her bra and handed it to her and she let go of my cock. I watched Alicia as she manipulated her breasts into the cups of her bra in that sexy way that women do. “You and Jane are coming to dinner this Saturday, aren’t you?”

“Yes we are,” I confirmed.

“That’s perfect, it’s a dinner party for ten, you know … so we won’t be missed if we cut out for a ten minute quickie after dessert.”

“What? You’re crazy, we can’t do it there … with all your guests around … and particularly not in the same house with Jane and Andrew there.”

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